David Harsanyi

And if you're interested in a rape case that was eminently prosecutable in Colorado, revisit Kobe Bryant's time in beautiful Eagle in 2003. As Greg Pollowitz of the National Review Online points out, "when you ask yourself if Ken Buck is anti-woman, also ask if Buck went on to honor the alleged rapist in his home."

President Barack Obama did.

Do I believe the president is anti-women? Of course not. And neither has Buck done anything to suggest misogyny, other than disagree on left-wing social policy.

Admittedly, I comprehend precious little about women. Yet it remains a mystery to me why more women aren't offended that a small group defines what real "women's issues" are, or dictates to everyone which words and ideas they should all find offensive.

Unless, of course, we are to accept that women walk in ideological lock step. Which seems like a pretty misogynistic position to me.

David Harsanyi

David Harsanyi is a senior editor at The Federalist and the author of "The People Have Spoken (and They Are Wrong): The Case Against Democracy." Follow him on Twitter @davidharsanyi.