David Cortman

Such unequal treatment of religious groups is stunning in the 21st century. And I wonder if the regents and administrators at San Diego State and other universities who use nondiscrimination policies similarly have given any thought to what the ramifications of their policies would have been had they been in place during the 1960s? Do they understand that such a misapplication of similar policies would have barred a hypothetical student chapter of Martin Luther King Jr.’s civil rights group – the Southern Christian Leadership Conference – from securing official recognition if it wanted to require members to adhere to its Christian beliefs?

Can’t we see that things are out of whack when Martin Luther King, who is best known for his fights against wrongful discrimination, would be discriminated against by San Diego State because of his and his group members’ religious convictions?

Just think of it: Martin Luther King and his band of co-religionists go into the San Diego State student union with the fire of freedom in their veins. They follow all the procedures and turn in all their forms to request recognized status, only to have an administrator look at them and say, “No, because you require your members to share your religious beliefs.” Welcome to the world of political correctness run amok, where the greatest proponent of non-discrimination our country has ever seen is discriminated against because of the religious beliefs that inspired his fight.

Welcome to the 21st century public university campus.

David Cortman

David Cortman serves as senior legal counsel with the Alliance Defense Fund at its Atlanta Regional Service Center in Georgia, where he heads litigation efforts to defend and reclaim the First Amendment rights of public school students across the nation. Cortman joined ADF in 2005, and is admitted to the bar in Georgia, Florida, and the District of Columbia. He has practiced law since 1996 and graduated magna cum laude from the Regent University School of Law, where he earned his J.D.