Dave  Karle

We have a very long way to go, but the first stage of the surge has resulted in decreased violence in Baghdad and progress in political reconciliation. It is a small but welcomed sign of hope for Americans that believe in winning.

General Petraeus’ plan of moving soldiers off the bases and into the population, living and working closely with their Iraqi counterparts will certainly help the security situation as well.

And most importantly, it will forge an even more effective mentoring relationship between American and Iraqi forces.

The Stakes

While some have argued for wholesale retreat in Iraq, Senator McCain understands that we must not leave Iraq, and the region, in disarray. John McCain understands that if we just pick up and leave Iraq it will certainly be a security problem for the United States for many generations to come.

Abandoning the Iraqis will result in chaos, genocide, and leave al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations a safe haven from which to regroup and launch future operations in the region and beyond. I know this because I’ve seen it with my own eyes.

There is a good option for an American victory – surge the troops, let General Petraus do his job, and support leaders like Senator McCain who to continue to do the right thing.

With today’s partisan political grandstanding, John McCain has shown tremendous courage and resolve in continuing to stand up for victory in Iraq. He has been on the front lines in advocating for a more comprehensive strategy for a long time, and it is encouraging to see him choose policy over poll numbers.

John McCain has said that he would rather “lose a campaign than lose a war” and I believe Americans would rather elect victory than ensure surrender.

Dave Karle

Dave Karle was a Staff Sergeant in Operation Iraqi Freedom from November 2003 to April 2005.

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