Sat, Nov 10, 2012

John Hawkins | November 10, 2012

Let's not sugarcoat it: we got our teeth kicked in on Tuesday. Sure, we added governorships and held our ground in the House, but we went backwards in the Senate and lost to an out-of-touch, incompetent, petty man who centered his campaign around Mitt Romney's bank account and Big Bird.

John C. Goodman | November 10, 2012

The morning after Tuesday's vote, there is one thing every commentator agreed on. The election of Barack Obama guaranteed that his signature piece of legislation — health reform — can now go forward. Republicans are powerless to stop it.

Andrew Marcus | November 10, 2012

Many of us woke up the morning after the election in a daze and I imagine quite a few of us thought, okay…we lost, it is a new day…WWBD-What Would Breitbart Do? None of us can speak conclusively for him, but many of us were so deeply influenced and impacted by his leadership that in different ways his ideas live on inside of us.

John Ransom | November 10, 2012

In the interest of fairness, there is one guy who needs to be taxed, and taxed at the same rate they he has taxed our patience for nearly four years long.

Harry R. Jackson, Jr. | November 10, 2012

This election cycle has been one of the most interesting in modern history. Most observers agree that the nation was split down the middle on their opinions of the character and vision of the candidates.

Kathryn Lopez | November 10, 2012

"Why was Chris Matthews on the dais?" This remains the most frequently asked question I get about the presidential election. It refers to the Al Smith dinner, an annual event that raises money for Catholic charities, (many of which are threatened by Obama administration policies), just weeks before the big day. Both presidential candidates attended the dinner, hosted by the Archdiocese of New York.

Paul Greenberg | November 10, 2012

Business hasn't been all that great the past four years in America. But, never fear, our president has noticed -- even if it's taken him a while. His solution: a new U.S. secretary of business.

Cliff May | November 10, 2012

Our enemies will learn them. Will we?

Steve Chapman | November 10, 2012

On Wednesday morning, sober conservatives pondered an election defeat, swallowed their disappointment and turned their attention to things that truly affect their lives, such as work and family. But there are other conservatives, who were profoundly affected by their collision with reality.

Night Watch | November 10, 2012

NightWatch judges that there are so many contradictions and fault lines in the jerry-rigged communist system that violent, revolutionary upheaval could begin with little additional warning at almost any time.

Steve Deace | November 10, 2012

New York Yankees great Yogi Berra once famously observed, “When you come to a fork in the road—take it.”

Mark W. Hendrickson | November 10, 2012

I have awakened on November 7 to learn that your bid for the presidency was unsuccessful.

Fri, Nov 09, 2012

Gina Loudon | November 09, 2012

Did Obama start his re-election campaign with an overwhelming technological advantage in data gained legally or illegally, from his allies in Silicon Valley?

Larry Kudlow | November 09, 2012

Over time, if the GOP remains the party of free markets, private enterprise, individual initiative, and rewarding success, it will triumph over a Democratic party that favors greater government welfare dependency and income redistribution, and mocks the benefits of successful business.

Ben Shapiro | November 09, 2012

In the aftermath of the reelection of the worst president since James Buchanan, the question must be asked. Clearly, the Republican Party is on the downswing. But why?

Ed Feulner | November 09, 2012

“If you can read this, thank a teacher,” reads a popular bumper sticker, with some versions adding: “If you can read it in English, thank a veteran.”

Justin Owen | November 09, 2012

There’s no doubt the American economy is in a world of hurt. Until last month, we had failed to drop below an eight percent unemployment rate since February 2009, we have a record $16 trillion (and growing) national debt, and we have an incontinent federal government that is making matters worse by the hour.

Tim Phillips | November 09, 2012

Tuesday night was truly a bitter, disappointing result. There is no way around it.

Rich Galen | November 09, 2012

During the Q & A section of my speech to the Chamber group here last night, someone asked what I thought about the concept of a third party to counter the influence of the right wing of the Republican Party.

Tabitha Hale | November 09, 2012

The war that the Republican Party lost last night was much more than a political war. It wasn’t simply lack of turn out, lack of money or a bad campaign. What was lost was a culture war.

Brian and Garrett Fahy | November 09, 2012

Stockholm syndrome is a psychological phenomenon where hostages develop and express empathy and positive feelings towards their captors, sometimes to the point of defending them.

Mark Davis | November 09, 2012

These are days of hindsight and second-guessing for Republicans, which is human nature after a trauma like this election loss. These are days of hindsight and second-guessing for Republicans, which is human nature after a trauma like this election loss.

Michelle Malkin | November 09, 2012

President Obama promises to move the country forward with his recycled pledge of five million green jobs. But in the real world, small businesses are struggling to stay afloat as they deal with the fiscal wreckage of this administration's disastrous venture socialism.

Brent Bozell | November 09, 2012

The television industry loves to claim that all of the sex, violence and foul-mouthed language it displays has zero harmful effects on children.

Jonah Goldberg | November 09, 2012

The Progressives won on Tuesday.

David Limbaugh | November 09, 2012

Has the nation gone irreversibly blue? Did intraparty disunity sabotage Mitt Romney's presidential quest?

Mona Charen | November 09, 2012

The pundit world will now eviscerate Mitt Romney, a man who, had he garnered just a few hundred thousand more votes in a few key districts, would have been hailed as political genius. Instead, his every fault will be examined, his mistakes magnified and his defeat decreed to be, in retrospect, inevitable.

Oliver North | November 09, 2012

This is the hometown of U.S. Special Operations Command -- at nearby MacDill Air Force Base. This headquarters dispatches our military's special operators -- Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines -- on missions in the most difficult and dangerous places on earth.

Pat Buchanan | November 09, 2012

After its second defeat at the hands of Barack Obama, under whom unemployment has never been lower than the day George W. Bush left office, the Republican Party has at last awakened to its existential crisis.

Suzanne Fields | November 09, 2012

"How to Win an Election" is a little primer, published by Princeton University Press, that flew out of bookstores just in time for the Nov. 6 election. The bright red cover reminded some older purchasers of Chairman Mao's famous "little red book" of a generation ago. Several hundred copies seem to have found their way to President Obama's election headquarters in Chicago.

Linda Chavez | November 09, 2012

There may be no single, simple explanation why Mitt Romney lost the election this week -- but clearly the perception that the GOP is anti-Hispanic didn't help. For years, I've been warning my fellow conservatives that their position on immigration would be costly, not just politically but for the economy as well.

John Ransom | November 09, 2012

We need an alternative to Government Lite or Goverment Big Gulp. For every Obamacare that’s out there, there is an equal and odious Romneycare. For every Dodd-Frank, there’s a Sarbanes Oxley. For every McCain-Feingold bill… well, there’s a John McCain and Russ Feingold. Gulp.

Matt Towery | November 09, 2012

Many a pundit, such as yours truly, wrote columns explaining the fact that so many polls in the presidential election were skewed in the direction of Democrats and thus not reliable.

Diana West | November 09, 2012

If Election Day is about picking winners, the morning after is for post-mortems. That's when we slice open the losing campaigns, set aside the hundreds of millions of dollars that gush out, and pick apart the cause of death.

Paul Greenberg | November 09, 2012

The old boy walked the bike out the door of his house in Little Rock and into Heaven, aka autumn in Arkansas. In all its burning-tree glory.

Donald Lambro | November 09, 2012

President Obama has proved he can win re-election without a second-term agenda merely by demonizing his opponent and appealing to voters' fears instead of our hopes, dreams and aspirations.

Kyle Olson | November 09, 2012

The Illinois Education Association chose an odd location for a party in Washington, D.C. in July: the National Museum of Crime and Punishment.

Bill Tatro | November 09, 2012

When it comes to the larger actions of a U.S. President, they’re usually subject to interpretation, but it’s the minor endeavors that are usually the true measure of the man.

Night Watch | November 09, 2012

On Wednesday Iran's leadership dismissed president Obama's reelection, suggesting that Tehran was not in the mood to start negotiations over its nuclear program any time soon.

Heidi Harris | November 09, 2012

The same women who have a baby (a permanent decision) with a loser without thinking about the long term consequences are Obama supporters.

Stewart Scott | November 09, 2012

A widely propagated myth would have us believe that Mexican drug lord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman Loera and his Sinaloa Federation are less violent than many of their competitors.

Fritz Pfister | November 09, 2012

Instead of a Romney who would have empowered the individual in a free enterprise system we will now get federal control of the private sector.

Crystal Wright | November 09, 2012

Wednesday wasn’t “good morning” in the GOP. President Obama won a second term. Republicans deserve the shellacking we got because the party of Lincoln is running candidates in 2012 like it’s 1860. Old white men just don’t cut it anymore and are not reflective of the changing demographics of the country. America is browning up not whitening up, as evidenced by the US Census findings that minorities will make up 54% of the population by the year 2050.

Thu, Nov 08, 2012

Lisa De Pasquale | November 08, 2012

For the next few weeks pundits, political consultants, activists and everyone else will be offering their reasons for why Republicans not only lost the presidential election, but several important Senate and House seats. Republicans of every stripe lost, so I don’t see this as a tea party versus the establishment scenario. People smarter and with more experience in electoral politics will talk about the candidates’ flaws and demographic realities. However, in seeing the exit polls and talking to friends who are not politically-inclined, one thing became clear to me: The media defined this election.

Maggie Gallagher | November 08, 2012

There is no point in spinning -- conservatives need to face honestly what this election means.

Frank Pastore | November 08, 2012

So, what do you think happened last night? What does it mean for Christianity, for Israel, the Middle East and the world at large? For the United States of America, for your family, your kids and for your grandkids?

Victor Davis Hanson | November 08, 2012

Barack Obama won a moderately close victory over Mitt Romney on Tuesday. But oddly, nothing much has changed. The country is still split nearly 50/50. There is still a Democratic president, and an almost identically Democratic Senate at war with an identically Republican House, in a Groundhog Day America.

Larry Elder | November 08, 2012

Brandon, a 9-year-old black kid, attended a campaign rally hosted by Michelle Obama. A cameraman interviewed Brandon, who was there with his dad. "Why does (Obama) need to win?" he was asked. "Because if Mitt Romney wins," he replied, "we'll be going back to the crop fields. We'll be picking crops." Off-screen, his father could be heard laughing.

Michael Reagan | November 08, 2012

That’s what disappointed Republican spinners kept saying Tuesday night as they watched Mitt Romney’s hopes crash and burn in swing state after swing state.

Cal Thomas | November 08, 2012

Great nations and proud empires have always collapsed from within before they were conquered from without. President Obama's re-election mirrors the self-indulgent, greedy and envious nation we are rapidly becoming.

Jackie Gingrich Cushman | November 08, 2012

Nobody likes to lose. But defeats can prove advantageous if used as a learning tool. Newt Gingrich lost his first two congressional campaigns, but won his third. Twenty years after his first defeat, he changed the nation with the Contract With America.

Debra J. Saunders | November 08, 2012

President Barack Obama's re-election puts Republicans on notice. No matter what we do, the media will portray us as extreme, venal, stupid or anti-woman -- if not as individuals, then guilty by association.

David Harsanyi | November 08, 2012

Don't get too depressed, Republicans; the national decline will be divvied up justly. After all, in a liberal nation, there is no higher calling than fairness.

Paul Greenberg | November 08, 2012

Congatulations, Mr. President. You fought this election out on your principles and your ground -- the politics of identity, whether ethnic, class or partisan -- and prevailed.

Kyle Olson | November 08, 2012

Among the well-wishers for President Obama’s triumphant re-election is Chicago pal and domestic terrorist-turned-professor Bill Ayers. Writing on the website, Ayers writes: “Dear President Obama: Congratulations!

Emmett Tyrrell | November 08, 2012

Jimmy Carter is redeemed! The grinning dunce of yesteryear, who grew into the anile doddering figure of today, lecturing the civilized on all manner of statecraft, has been replaced by the saturnine gaunt prophet, Barack Obama. His sorry performance these past four years he lays to the administration of George W. Bush. The next four years will be a replay of the last four years, and an even graver crisis will confront us then with the domestic economy in a funk and foreign potentates all laughing at us.

Susan Stamper Brown | November 08, 2012

So, guess what? I'm disappointed, along with the other 57 million people who voted for Mitt Romney. Even still, disappointment and failure is never an excuse for any of us to give up.

Steve Chapman | November 08, 2012

Republicans are mystified that in a nation they know as fundamentally conservative, a president they regard as deeply radical has been re-elected. But Americans didn't vote for Barack Obama because they are liberal. They voted for him because they are conservative.

David Sterman | November 08, 2012

You can usually spot these unwanted stocks by checking how long they have been slapped with a "Buy" rating. These ratings often get quite stale, and analysts infrequently update their ratings on particular stocks.

Laura Hollis | November 08, 2012

I am already reading so many pundits and other talking heads analyzing the disaster that was this year’s elections. I am adding my own ten cents.

George Friedman | November 08, 2012

It is clear that the people have imposed profound limits on this government. Its ability to continue what is already being done has not been curbed, but its ability to do much that is new has been blocked.

Paul Kengor | November 08, 2012

Timing is everything in politics. For four years, I angered conservatives by insisting Barack Obama would get reelected. I figured that an electorate willing to elect a man with ideas and a record that far to the left in 2008 would do so again. I began changing my view, however, after the first presidential debate. Over the last three or four weeks, I became confident that Mitt Romney would defeat Obama.

Jerry Bowyer | November 08, 2012

You are used to thinking of America as a place that honors you and what you do, which thinks of entrepreneurship and investing as a noble thing. Wise up.

Wed, Nov 07, 2012

Ann Coulter | November 07, 2012

We spent billions of dollars and billions of words on an election to switch from President Obama, a Democratic Senate and a Republican House to President Obama, a Democratic Senate and a Republican House.

John Ransom | November 07, 2012

The animatronics that make up the Mitt Romney mechanism are good, but they aren’t gonna win too many popularity contests or act as a substitute for real conservative ideals.

Bob Barr | November 07, 2012

When I voted yesterday in Smyrna, Georgia, I exchanged pleasantries with poll workers, watched children waiting patiently in line with their parents, and shook hands with a local candidate I know. It was, despite the Rainy Day in Georgia, a thoroughly pleasant and uplifting experience – as voting in a free country should be. Unfortunately, but reflecting a clear trend toward confrontational voting, some voters in other communities and states were not so fortunate.

Jeff Jacoby | November 07, 2012

AS THE NATION'S ELECTORAL BRAWL drew to a close, I thought about a question posed by ABC's Martha Raddatz to vice-presidential candidates Joe Biden and Paul Ryan during their debate in Kentucky last month. She quoted "a highly decorated soldier" who was "dismayed" at the tone of the campaign. "The ads are so negative," the soldier had lamented, "and they're all tearing down each other rather than building up the country."

Rich Galen | November 07, 2012

Obama won. Not by a lot, but by more than enough. In the end it came down to the battleground states, and President Obama won most of them by slim, but decisive, margins.

Thomas Sowell | November 07, 2012

This country is at a historic crossroads, and the path we choose can determine our future far beyond the next four years. Our children and grandchildren may someday bless us or curse us for what we do this Tuesday. Against that background, it is painful to see the petty talking points and gross misconceptions that seem to dominate this year's election campaign.

Michelle Malkin | November 07, 2012

The next president of the United States must do right by our men and women in uniform. Our troops put their lives on the line to protect our right to vote, but untold thousands of them were unable to cast their own ballots on Tuesday. For shame.

John Stossel | November 07, 2012

I expect that by the time you read this, President Obama will have been re-elected. Get ready for four more years of Big Bloated Government.

Walter E. Williams | November 07, 2012

Here's one usage of the term gentleman: The gentleman helped the fallen lady to her feet. Here's another, one we might hear from a newscaster or a police spokesman: Tonight we report on the arrest of two gentlemen who raped, sodomized and murdered an 80-year-old woman.

Brent Bozell | November 07, 2012

Throughout the very long presidential election cycle, two trends remained consistent. The media lauded Obama no matter how horrendous his record, and they savaged Obama's Republican contenders as ridiculous pretenders.

Michael Barone | November 07, 2012

You know who won the election (or whether we face another Florida 2000), and as I write I don't. But whether Barack Obama is re-elected to a second term or Mitt Romney is elected the 45th president, the contours of their support during this fiercely fought campaign show that we live in Two Americas.

Jonah Goldberg | November 07, 2012

In the last week or so, an intense kerfuffle broke out over the poll-prognosticator Nate Silver and his blog at the New York Times, FiveThirtyEight.

Michael Medved | November 07, 2012

No matter who wins the presidency on Tuesday, one outcome is all but certain: Barack Obama will draw less support and fewer votes after four years as president than he did as an untried, little-known, freshman senator from Illinois. In other words, the more the American people know about this particular politician the less they seem to like him.

Terry Jeffrey | November 07, 2012

Almost every night I take a 2-year-old golden retriever on a long walk through a safe and sylvan suburban neighborhood. This is Champ's dominion, and he prances through it with the happy confidence of a not-so-long-ago puppy who now assumes he is undisputed sovereign of all he surveys.

Austin Bay | November 07, 2012

Veterans Day 2012 has me once again reflecting on 1942, the 70th anniversary of the year the tide of battle changed in World War II. A 70th anniversary may not seem particularly important until we realize that by the 80th anniversary, the World War II generation will be gone.

Paul Greenberg | November 07, 2012

It's over at last, Now we know. Or do we? The voting may have ended, but the counting continues.

Jacob Sullum | November 07, 2012

When Aldo and Franky sit, by contrast, they accomplish something important for their police handlers, signaling the presence of illegal drugs and justifying searches that would otherwise be prohibited by the Fourth Amendment.

Bill Tatro | November 07, 2012

As I write this article, any projection made now could be way off base. In that case the readers might think, why should I read this guy? Hasn’t he been watching what’s going on? What a moron, I’m not reading him again.

Ken Connor | November 07, 2012

The mystery surrounding the 9/11 terror attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi continues to deepen. One of the more recent revelations in the ever unfolding story about the attack involves the suspicious departure of General Carter Ham, commander of AFRICOM.

Christian Hudspeth | November 07, 2012

The duel over the candidates' investments got me thinking. What other kinds of investments do the candidates have? And what do their portfolios look like?

Night Watch | November 07, 2012

The Chief of Army Staff General Kayani issued a strong warning to the Supreme Court of Pakistan to stop meddling in Army affairs.

Ralph Benko | November 07, 2012

Americans just cast ballots for president, for the House, and for a third of the U.S. Senate, plus various local offices and referenda in our splendid Quadriennale. It is a moment for reflection … about our expectations of our elected officials. Our national political Narrative is fixated on the presidency while, Constitutionally, the House of Representatives is our key governing body. The presidency — as well as the campaign for that splendid star turn — turns out to be 90% theater and 10% substance.

Marybeth Hicks | November 07, 2012

Someone should take a poll asking Americans how they feel about polling. I’m pretty sure our shared distaste for it is one thing about which nearly all of us would agree.

Tue, Nov 06, 2012

Hal Scherz | November 06, 2012

The Democrats and their media allies want you to believe that this issue is behind us. Fortunately it is not, and we do have a choice.

John Ransom | November 06, 2012

Ask your kids a quick question: Arming Al Qaeda; good idea? Yes or No? It’s an easy question only Obama could flunk.

Donald Lambro | November 06, 2012

We heard some real whoppers in this year's campaign but the biggest of them all was President Obama's wildly exaggerated jobs claim.

Michael Brown | November 06, 2012

If Rush Limbaugh, Karl Rove, Dick Morris, Michael Barone and others are right and Mitt Romney is our next president, we moral conservatives cannot take our foot off the gas. We cannot let up in our advocacy for life and family. We cannot relax or shift into neutral as if some great victory has already been won. To do so would be to make a fatal mistake, and four years from now we will be kicking ourselves again, vowing once more not to sell our souls to the Republican Party, claiming that this time we have learned our lesson, only to repeat the cycle four years hence.

Katie Pavlich | November 06, 2012

During the second presidential debate of 2012, President Barack Obama said, “What I’m trying to do is get a broader conversation about how we reduce the violence generally. Part of it, is seeing if we can get an assault weapons ban reintroduced.” You can bet, he meant what he said.

Thomas Sowell | November 06, 2012

Among the objections to ObamaCare, one that has not gotten as much attention as it should is the president's power to waive the law for any company, union or other enterprise he chooses.

Chuck Norris | November 06, 2012

With the troubling devastation of Hurricane Sandy on our nation's doorstep -- and so many people in need of food, shelter and emergency services after the storm -- I encourage Americans to reach out to our neighbors and help them through this challenging time.

Mike Adams | November 06, 2012

Nearly ten years ago, I helped organize a lawsuit against UNC-Chapel Hill. The university was forcing Christians to allow non-Christians to run their organizations. It took me 18 months to find a plaintiff but I did. In case you were wondering, we took the case to federal court and we won.

David Limbaugh | November 06, 2012

Mitt Romney was very wise to pivot on Barack Obama's impromptu statement that "voting is the best revenge" and frame the campaign in the final days as a choice between that negative message and Romney's "love of country."

Mona Charen | November 06, 2012

"I don't know," a very wise and skeptical Washington political analyst confided to me on Sunday as I limned the Romney victory I foresee. "I'd like to believe it," she said, "but I have to overlook a lot. If you're right, then a whole lotta state polls have to be wrong."

Cal Thomas | November 06, 2012

Presidential elections decide only who wins the White House and a congressional majority. They don't by themselves solve the nation's problems. George W. Bush had a majority Republican Congress and did little with it.

Dennis Prager | November 06, 2012

I spent the last week of October speaking to thousands of Mitt Romney supporters in four "battleground" states: Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida and Virginia.

Pat Buchanan | November 06, 2012

Whoever wins today, it is hard to be sanguine about the future. The demographic and economic realities do not permit it.

Michael Gerson | November 06, 2012

On the eve of the election, Nate Silver -- baseball forecaster, online poker wiz, political handicapper -- placed President Obama's chances of returning to office at 86.3 percent. Not 86.1 percent. Not 87.8 percent. At 86.3 percent.

Debra J. Saunders | November 06, 2012

The government has the power to seize your assets for a crime you did not commit. That's essentially the argument being made in a Boston federal court this week.

Phyllis Schlafly | November 06, 2012

The current Congress hasn't finished its mischief. It still has the opportunity to do bad things in the upcoming lame-duck session, a period when members of Congress who are already defeated will have the opportunity to vote without concern for voter approval.

Bill Murchison | November 06, 2012

Before he touted "revenge" as a motive for supporting his reapplication for the presidential job, Barack H. Obama wished voters to appreciate how icky-yucky he finds "top-down economics." He renewed the theme in his closing electoral appeal. "The folks at the very top" (with Obama, it's always folks, never "people" or "citizens," but let that go), we learn, "don't need another champion in Washington.

David Sterman | November 06, 2012

companies are increasingly tempted to take advantage of share price weakness by buying back stock, but only if two conditions are met.

Lincoln Brown | November 06, 2012

David Williams of the Taxpayers Protection Alliance has uncovered a history of abuse of your tax dollars to fund “environmentally responsible” projects across the globe that have done little but fatten wallets and in at lest one case has resulted in the destruction of a village.

Mon, Nov 05, 2012

Larry Kudlow | November 05, 2012

In this election, I believe Mitt Romney is the optimist, and Barack Obama is the pessimist. It’s Romney’s election to win.

Byron York | November 05, 2012

"I think the intensity is on our side this year," said Ohio Sen. Rob Portman, perhaps the most effective campaigner for Mitt Romney, as he shook hands Thursday afternoon with volunteers and supporters in a suburban Cincinnati restaurant. "Theirs is not what it was in 2008."

Mary Grabar | November 05, 2012

Liberal media outlets presented President Obama as a competent and compassionate leader in the time of a natural disaster, last week’s Hurricane Sandy. Some attribute Obama’s slight bump up in the polls to the hurricane.

Celia Bigelow | November 05, 2012

As young Americans head to the polls tomorrow they should remember one thing: A vote for Obama is a vote for a bankrupt future.

Laura Hollis | November 05, 2012

I had the opportunity to be in the western Cook County suburbs of Chicago late last week. I have never seen so many political signs in my life. Signs EVERYWHERE: homes, businesses, parking lots, churches, farms. That stunned me. What stunned me more? I saw not one sign for Obama.

Robert Knight | November 05, 2012

Economic issues seem to be dominating the 2012 campaign, but a quiet electoral revolution is brewing. The “religious vote” is on the move, and it’s not going leftward.

Julie Borowski | November 05, 2012

The Obama campaign released its creepiest ad yet featuring HBO actress Lena Dunham who likens her first time voting for Obama to losing her virginity. My initial reaction to the disgusting ad was disbelief. Surely, I thought, the provocative 26-year-old actress filmed this video on her own without consulting the official campaign. No way that this kind of juvenility was approved by the campaign staff of the sitting president. They couldn’t have sunk this low.

Armstrong Williams | November 05, 2012

There’s a very cute Youtube video going around the internet of a little girl named Abigail crying because she’s tired of hearing about the presidential election. I imagine that she’s heard a lot less about it than those of us who are actually of voting age, which just goes to show you that everyone is sick of this presidential campaign. I know I am. Well we're all relieved that today is the day to make your vote count and wait in those long lines to make a difference in our once great nation.

Katie Pavlich | November 05, 2012

The 2012 election will be the first in 30 years where the country will see a large organized presence dedicated to the integrity of votes cast, all thanks to voter integrity group True the Vote.

Michael Barone | November 05, 2012

Fundamentals usually prevail in American elections. That's bad news for Barack Obama. True, Americans want to think well of their presidents, and many think it would be bad if Americans were perceived as rejecting the first black president.

Star Parker | November 05, 2012

The headline of a recent article by the Washington Post’s Peter Wallsten capsulizes, inadvertently, the supreme paradox of the Obama presidency.

Mike Adams | November 05, 2012

Tufts University, a private school in Massachusetts, has now officially ceased to be a university. Tufts has a national reputation for heavy handed suppression of free speech despite its close proximity to places where many of our nation's first great free speech victories were fought and won.

Wayne Allyn Root | November 05, 2012

It’s too late to play nice, to not tell the raw, unvarnished truth. If we don’t tell the truth (and fast), we are going to lose America, capitalism, and our children’s future.

Katie Kieffer | November 05, 2012

Blood is staining the globe. Not the blood of terrorists (enemies of America), but the blood of innocent Americans.

Lisa De Pasquale | November 05, 2012

For 15 months Perino interacted with the press on a daily basis. And if that wasn’t bad enough, during President Bush’s infamous press conference in Baghdad when a TV journalist threw two shoes at the him, she was injured by a microphone stand during the scuffle.

Terry Paulson | November 05, 2012

Trust is an invaluable asset for any leader. It's promised in every political campaign. But trust must be earned and reearned every day, and it's hard to regain once lost. President Obama came into office promising hope, change, and unprecedented transparency.

Bruce Bialosky | November 05, 2012

Every American who isn’t a zealous adherent of Barack Obama has a favorite reason why this President is a failure; God knows, there are certainly enough reasons to choose from. But there is one shortcoming that is, in the long run, the most significant – and regrettably so, because Obama is uniquely qualified, and could have vastly improved America as a whole, had he addressed the issue. It is to have confronted the destruction of the Black family that has been the hallmark of the Black underclass for the last 40 years. Yet as he approaches the end of his Presidency, he has done virtually nothing.

John Ransom | November 05, 2012

The scientists can’t actually prove their science, but that’s only because they are really great at speculating about it. Doesn’t implying their views very gravely to taxpayer supported journalists actually count as "settled" science still?

Brian Darling | November 05, 2012

Most Americans will focus on election results in Ohio and Florida to see who rides those states’ Electoral College votes into the White House.

Matt Barber | November 05, 2012

The jig is up. The news is out. Pastors across America have called the left’s bluff. The empty words “separation of church and state” – a phrase found nowhere in the U.S. Constitution – have lost their sting.

Dan Holler | November 05, 2012

Regardless of the outcome of Tuesday’s presidential election, Barack Obama will immediately become a lame duck. That is not to say he will be powerless, but he will never again have to face the wrath of American voters.

Kyle Olson | November 05, 2012

If the Indiana State Teachers Association had its way, 2011 never would have happened.

Chris Poindexter | November 05, 2012

The most typical reasons people consider buying gold and silver fall into three basic categories.

Mark Baisley | November 05, 2012

The complicity of the Obama Administration is reflected in the lack of a military response and the hard campaigning of the YouTube video to the American people.

Bob Beauprez | November 05, 2012

Unsurprisingly Barack Obama says the November jobs report from the Labor Department proves that "We have made real progress" with job creation and economic recovery. Really? Does he believe this, or did he watch another video with Hillary Clinton?

Shawn Mitchell | November 05, 2012

The absence of politics is partly an illusion, of course: there may be no Red way or Blue way to get the power back on, or comfort sufferers. But there are certainly differences of view about how to organize and prepare for the next storm, or how to shape the budget that supports public needs.

Brian and Garrett Fahy | November 05, 2012

Fellow citizens, As voters, you are the jury of this election. You must render a verdict on the president’s stewardship of this nation for the past four years.

Morgan Brittany | November 05, 2012

The division between the parties cuts so deep and is so close to hitting a vital organ that I wonder if we will accept the result and come together as a country like we always have.

Sun, Nov 04, 2012

Austin Hill | November 04, 2012

It’s “game on” for the politics of retaliation.

Doug Giles | November 04, 2012

Yep, I’m beyond ready for this ignoble thing called the Obama presidency to be officially finito. These past four years have been brutally lugubrious for this God- and country-loving rebel.

Derek Hunter | November 04, 2012

Well, this is it. Two days till we know who wins.

Cortney O'Brien | November 04, 2012

“Does a grocery store have to post a sign stating it doesn’t offer apparel?” asks Pam Cobern, the executive director of Austin LifeCare, a crisis pregnancy center in Austin, Texas. Then why, she insists, does her pro-life office have to post a notice stating it does not provide “medical services” such as abortion?

Debra J. Saunders | November 04, 2012

President Bill Clinton used his presidential pardon power in July 2000 to commute the sentence of Serena Nunn, who was sentenced to 15 years for a first-time nonviolent drug offense when she was 19.

John Ransom | November 04, 2012

Yeah. Another Obama "Great Moment in History" when he gets the Bloomberg endorsement just after the mayor fumbles the ball on New York City. Right now, the Hugo Chavez endorsement is looking like it will win more votes.

Steve Chapman | November 04, 2012

Last month, a New York Times story noted "an extraordinary event" in the former Soviet republic of Georgia. President Mikheil Saakashvili, whose human rights record is not exactly the gold standard, "conceded defeat in parliamentary elections," saying gamely that "democracy works in this way."

Kyle Olson | November 04, 2012

It’s becoming more obvious by the day that many teachers union activists are on the creepy radical fringe of American politics. They’re proudly on the outside and far to the left of the left-leaning Democratic Party.

Kevin McCullough | November 04, 2012

I don't know about you, but I can't wait for this election to be concluded. Maybe it's because I live in the New York City metro and we've been force-fed a dose of "real life"--right up in our face--this week, maybe its because we all need to focus on genuinely important priorities, but for whatever reason I have "2012 Fatigue."

Chris Poindexter | November 04, 2012

I advise most people against buying gold and silver as a speculative investment. We all like to make money and it’s great when your gold and silver goes up in value, but that’s not the primary reason for buying it.

Tad DeHaven | November 04, 2012

For all of the Times’ whimpering about cutting FEMA’s budget, the real problem is that the federal government has (once again) overstepped its boundaries.

Chris Edwards | November 04, 2012

In this case, the federal income tax exemption for state and local bond interest should be repealed. That could be matched with a reduction in general tax rates on capital income.

Randall DeSoto | November 04, 2012

The American people judge their Presidents by whether they succeed in meeting the central challenges of their Presidency. This is the case with Barack Obama.

Michael F. Cannon | November 04, 2012

Stopping the IRS’s illegal ObamaCare taxes could deal “a fatal blow to ObamaCare.”

Marita Noon | November 04, 2012

Benghazi isn’t the only White House cover up being exposed through leaked emails. State Department staffers aren’t the only career officials being blamed for President Obama’s inexperience, questionable judgment, and obvious cover up. A similar saga has just been exposed in the latest chapter of the green-energy crony-corruption scandal.

Paul Jacob | November 04, 2012

We're used to politicians at least pretend to want to do the right thing. But then there's President Obama.