Sat, Jun 02, 2012

John C. Goodman | June 02, 2012

Everyone knows that ObamaCare will discourage employment. Everyone who stops and thinks that is. Yesterday's job report was genuinely awful. Here is a congressional hearing on why ObamaCare is making things worse.

Ken Blackwell | June 02, 2012

The Obama administration refuses, time and again, to say that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. Victoria Nuland, speaking from the State Department, recently repeated over and over that the status of Jerusalem is subject to final status negotiations.

Caroline Glick | June 02, 2012

Defense Minister Ehud Barak has done it again. Speaking on Wednesday at the Institute for National Security Studies in Tel Aviv, Barak warned that if Israel can't cut a deal with the Palestinians soon, it should consider surrendering Judea and Samaria in exchange for nothing.

John Ransom | June 02, 2012

Now would be a really good time for Obama to re-think the Keystone Pipeline. And Dodd-Frank. And Obamacare. And ANYTHING the EPA rules against outside of its own cafeteria.

Kathryn Lopez | June 02, 2012

I turned on my television Thursday morning and heard a beating heart.

Steve Deace | June 02, 2012

Much has been made about the in-fighting and feuding within the Republican Party, and not only is it accurate but if anything it’s probably under-reported by the mainstream media. Should Mitt Romney lose in November, you will see the political equivalent to Antietam within the GOP leading up to 2016.

Night Watch | June 02, 2012

Now the North cannot agree to eliminate its nuclear weapons in any negotiating forum without a constitutional amendment. This action signifies North Korea's determination to remain nuclear armed.

Jeff Carter | June 02, 2012

It’s amazing that this epic financial scandal gets no consistent main stream media coverage. Over a billion was stolen. Corzine is in Madoff territory.

Night Watch | June 02, 2012

Now the North cannot agree to eliminate its nuclear weapons in any negotiating forum without a constitutional amendment. This action signifies North Korea's determination to remain nuclear armed.

Jeff Crouere | June 02, 2012

The Mayor’s soft drink attack follows his earlier proposals to ban food products containing too much salt.

Nathan Slaughter | June 02, 2012

For the past several years, demand for this metal has been so high and supplies so thin, the market has had no choice but to tap a strategic Russian stock pile to cover the deficit.

Fri, Jun 01, 2012

Larry Kudlow | June 01, 2012

It’s the Obama model. And it has produced such an anemic recovery that frankly, at 2 percent growth, we’re back on the front end of a potential recession.

Harry R. Jackson, Jr. | June 01, 2012

Last Wednesday and Thursday, (May 23-24, 2012), 175 Christian leaders from around the country gathered for a 24-hour marriage summit in the DC metro area. The small group represented nearly 100,000 individual churches and several denominations. The purpose of the summit was to strategize how we would respond to President Obama’s endorsement of same-sex marriage.

Michael Brown | June 01, 2012

As of today, it is legal in California to give hormone blockers to an 11 year-old boy in order to delay the onset of puberty, but it could soon be illegal for a 17 year-old with unwanted same-sex attractions to receive professional counseling, even with parental consent. This is an absolute travesty.

Hugh Hewitt | June 01, 2012

Mitt Romney and his team have gotten ahead of the curve being drawn by thousands of new name using new platforms to force an old elite to concede.

John Hawkins | June 01, 2012

Any illegal alien caught in this country should be forever barred from legally visiting this country, working here, or becoming an American citizen.

Thomas Sowell | June 01, 2012

Attorney General Eric Holder recently told a group of black clergymen that the right to vote was being threatened by people who are seeking to block access to the ballot box by blacks and other minorities.

Michelle Malkin | June 01, 2012

Six-term entrenched incumbent Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, is attacking his conservative challenger, Dan Liljenquist, over his alleged support for tax hikes in Washington. My sides ache.

Brent Bozell | June 01, 2012

Ed Schultz is the kind of shameless liberal hack who can go on air standing in front of screaming labor-union crowds in Madison, Wisc., calling for Gov. Scott Walker's head on a platter, and then turn around and announce that "Fox News is an arm of the Republican Party."

Jonah Goldberg | June 01, 2012

It was interesting while it lasted. But it looks like the "green revolution" has entered the long slide into "What was all that about?"

David Limbaugh | June 01, 2012

The gubernatorial recall election in Wisconsin next week is important as an imperfect test case to indicate how Democratic propaganda will work against facts this election year.

Mona Charen | June 01, 2012

The Obama campaign may not be in panic mode yet -- there's still plenty of time for that -- but they must be stooping a bit under the weight of bad news that has come their way in the past several weeks.

Tony Katz | June 01, 2012

The Bureau of Labor Statistics agrees that reforms put in place by Gov. Scott Walker (R) and the Wisconsin legislature have resulted in a net gain of 23,000 jobs. This comes after Democratic candidate Mayor Tom Barrett and others accused Walker of "cooking the books" on the number of jobs created in the state.

Scott Rasmussen | June 01, 2012

The Obama campaign's early attempts to attack Mitt Romney's record at Bain Capital or present him as too extreme to be president have not worked out all that well so far. The early stumbles have created a flurry of commentaries wondering what's wrong with the team that performed so flawlessly in Election 2008.

Oliver North | June 01, 2012

The once highly touted Arab Spring has become the Arab Summer -- scorching hot, unbearably dry and very brutal and bloody.

Pat Buchanan | June 01, 2012

When Hillary Rosen said that Ann Romney had "never worked a day in her life," it was among the better days of the Romney campaign.

Suzanne Fields | June 01, 2012

A tiny incident in the life of a candidate can sometimes tell us more about him than a dozen speeches or television commercials. When Mitt Romney paused to rub his wife's aching feet after a tough and tiring day of campaigning in Michigan last fall, we got just a glimmer, but a bright one, of insight into the man who would be president.

Michael Gerson | June 01, 2012

What to make of Vice President Joe Biden? Sometimes he is gaffe-prone comic relief. Sometimes he is the possessor of the worst geopolitical judgment in Washington -- as when he opposed the Osama bin Laden raid or advocated the partition of Iraq. And sometimes he seems to be the last genuine human being in American politics.

Brian McNicoll | June 01, 2012

We’re talking a lot in Washington these days about limiting principles. In the healthcare debate, we wonder if government can make you buy health insurance, what stops it from making you buy broccoli or lobster or a Prius.

Diana West | June 01, 2012

Back in 2001, Britain's political parties signed a fantastic pledge. They agreed to say nothing to "stir up racial or religious hatred, or lead to prejudice on grounds of race, nationality or religion."

Linda Chavez | June 01, 2012

While much of the world's attention is focused on the Assad regime's appalling assaults against Syrian citizens, with more than a hundred dead in this week's massacre in Houla alone, another human rights atrocity occurring on a much larger scale garners far less attention.

John Ransom | June 01, 2012

Now that the election looms, watch out. Recovery Summer? No. Let’s just call it Discovery Summer, as in “Here’s your subpoena, better bring your lawyer too.”

Donald Lambro | June 01, 2012

WASHINGTON - The government says the economy is weakening yet again and unemployment claims are rising, but President Obama is going about business as usual.

Chris Poindexter | June 01, 2012

Even gold is coming off its worst month in nearly a dozen years and there doesn’t seem to be sanctuary for investors anywhere.

Fritz Pfister | June 01, 2012

Consumer sentiment polling is like polling on Obama likability. Why yes, he’s a likeable fellow. Consumer confidence polling is like polling on Obama’s job performance. What? Are you nuts? A good job?

Stewart Scott | June 01, 2012

This was the third incident in the Greater Phoenix area in recent weeks involving an IED concealed in a flashlight. Two explosive devices very similar to the May 24 IED exploded May 13 and May 14 in Glendale, Ariz., a city in the Greater Phoenix metropolitan area.

Henry Potrykus | June 01, 2012

According to the International Adult Literacy Survey, 25 percent of men in the United States cannot locate information in written text – they can’t read a bottle of pills to find out how many to take. What accounts for this massive shortfall in basic literacy? Since we’re still teaching basic literacy in our schools, the answer must lie elsewhere.

Bill Tatro | June 01, 2012

In your rush to embrace the Arab Spring and throw Hosni Mubarak under the bus, did any of you consider the ultimate consequences?

Gina Loudon | June 01, 2012

A handful of researchers and bureaucrats get junkets and all Californians get is this lousy bill that is overdue. So, Michael J. Fox, how is that taxpayer funding working out for you?

David Sterman | June 01, 2012

To value these stocks, I used eight distinct factors and assigned each factor a relative weighting on a 100-point total scale. Here's the result:

Thu, May 31, 2012

Paul Kengor | May 31, 2012

I was recently contacted by Ben Johnson of LifeSiteNews, who told me of a fascinating development. He informed me of a curious fan of President Obama’s advocacy of gay marriage: Mariela Castro, niece of ailing and aging Cuban tyrant, Fidel Castro, and daughter of current despot, Raul Castro.

Marvin Folkertsma | May 31, 2012

At 0227 hours on the morning of June 6, 1944, Lieutenant Robert Mathias saw the red light flash above the door of his C47 “Dakota” aircraft, signaling his men to get ready to parachute into a terrifying blackness that was streaked with machine-gun tracers and punctuated by exploding rounds from four-barrel 20-millimeter Flakvierling-38 anti-aircraft guns.

Steven Aden | May 31, 2012

An undeniable tectonic shift toward the pro-life position has been evident for some time in this country. As a result, Planned Parenthood, America’s biggest abortionist, has suffered a PR problem among young and old alike, many of whom continually find themselves less and less crazy about the idea of killing children for convenience.

Cliff May | May 31, 2012

If we set up an organization to provide health care, over time more people should get well. If we set up an organization to assist the poor, over time more people should earn a living.

Victor Davis Hanson | May 31, 2012

RUDESHEIM, Germany -- This week I am leading a military history tour on the Rhine River from Basel, Switzerland, to Amsterdam. You can learn a lot about Europe's current economic crises by just ignoring the sophisticated barrage of news analysis and instead watching, listening, and talking to people as you go down river.

Michael Barone | May 31, 2012

"Axelrod is endeavoring not to panic." So reads a sentence in John Heilemann's exhaustive article on Barack Obama's campaign in this week's New York magazine.

Larry Elder | May 31, 2012

Once upon a time, analysts, pundits and historians explored the relationship between a given subject and his father. We do so for possible insight into the subject's values, character, decision-making process, biases, interests, fears, etc. You know -- acorn, tree.

Judge Andrew Napolitano | May 31, 2012

Two Times journalists, Jo Becker and Scott Shane, painstakingly and chillingly reported that the former lecturer in constitutional law and liberal senator who railed against torture and Gitmo now weekly reviews a secret kill list, personally decides who should be killed and then dispatches killers all over the world -- and some of his killers have killed Americans.

Tony Katz | May 31, 2012

The start to the Americans For Prosperity "A Better Wisconsin" bus tour gathered an enthusiastic crowd just outside of Milwaukee, WI, where volunteers and attendees made over 1000 calls in just over 20 minutes to Wisconsin residents. Staff | May 31, 2012

Individual rights must take a backseat to community interests. Sound familiar? That’s probably because it’s been the ideology that American presidents have been agreeing to since 1992.

Cal Thomas | May 31, 2012

On Sunday, Sept. 2, 1945, aboard the battleship USS Missouri at the end of ceremonies marking the unconditional surrender of Japan and the formal end of World War II, Gen. Douglas MacArthur spoke for a world weary of war and hoping for peace: "Let us pray that peace be now restored to the world and that God will preserve it always."

Jackie Gingrich Cushman | May 31, 2012

An 8-year-old boy loses his father to an execution squad. Imagine the shock, questions and hurt at losing his father at such a young age. Why did his father have to die? Could his death been avoided? Why did he have to lose his father?

Julie Borowski | May 31, 2012

The latest threat to U.S. sovereignty is the United Nations’ Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST) that is being pushed by the Obama administration. LOST rises from the dead every few years. For more than thirty years, the United States has refused to become a party to LOST for good reasons. But this could be the year that the United States surrenders its sovereignty over the seas to an international body if Obama gets his way.

Debra J. Saunders | May 31, 2012

On Tuesday, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi explained to the Commonwealth Club the reason Washington passed Obamacare. Even if everyone in America "loved" his own health care plan, Pelosi argued, Congress had to pass President Barack Obama's Affordable Care Act because American health care was "unsustainable financially."

John Ransom | May 31, 2012

In recent weeks, allies of Obama have defected from his campaign message if not from his person. Forget about polls numbers for a moment. Consumer confidence is the number that tells you what is really behind the defections.

Matt Towery | May 31, 2012

No matter what propaganda we see from the elite media or from Obama supporters, the American people will not be fooled. The May report by The Conference Board showed consumer confidence at its lowest point in the last five months.

Emmett Tyrrell | May 31, 2012

WASHINGTON -- Did I waste my time last Sunday? In the morning, I was reading "The New York Times," acquainting myself with precisely how the rich and famous live. The editors of the Times chose this story for its front page, so I figured they thought it important. It involved the Romney family and someone called Jan Ebeling. It turns out I could have spent my time otherwise.

Steve Chapman | May 31, 2012

The downside of winning a war is that it makes the next one more alluring. Defeating Serbia in Kosovo paved the way for invading Afghanistan. Our early success there made Iraq look as though it would be a cakewalk. Our 2011 victory in Libya is an invitation to plunge into Syria.

Maggie Gallagher | May 31, 2012

As I type, the House of Representatives is debating the future of civil rights: a girl's right to life itself.

Ami Horowitz | May 31, 2012

One grey October morning, a man walked up to me as I was leaving my apartment building in Manhattan’s Upper West Side to go to work.

Robert Knight | May 31, 2012

Boys and girls have the same needs, desires and temperaments, according to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

Jeff Carter | May 31, 2012

We have a lot of skilled labor that is going to lose their unemployment benefits soon. Instead of re-upping and writing out government checks adding to the deficit, why not give them incentives and places to start businesses?

Rachel Alexander | May 31, 2012

With the rise of the 24/7 news cycle and expansion of media allowing everyone to create their own stories on the internet, a new void has been created. It has been filled by hypercriticism. Hypercriticism used to be reserved for celebrities, as paparazzi closely tracked every move of Hollywood stars.

Chris Poindexter | May 31, 2012

You shouldn’t be day trading gold and silver; if you want to gamble go to a real casino. You should be allocating between 10 and 15 percent of your free cash to bullion-priced physical metals with a plan to hold them for a long time.

Wed, May 30, 2012

Ann Coulter | May 30, 2012

An election almost as important as the presidential election will be held next Tuesday, and conservatives aren't making a big deal of it, just as they didn't make a fuss over the 2008 Minnesota Senate election as Al Franken stole it from under their noses.

Michael Reagan | May 30, 2012

President Obama and his wife, the health nanny in chief, obviously don't know when they've gone too far in their crusade to socialize and Obamatize America.

Crystal Wright | May 30, 2012

Liberals have created an unspoken code of conduct that says it is condoned and encouraged for Democrats to insult black Republicans, particularly black female Republicans.

Michael Medved | May 30, 2012

According to the widely accepted stereotype, young adults in the United States tend to disregard traditional gender roles and minimize distinctions between male and female.

Rich Galen | May 30, 2012

Yesterday was primary election day in Texas. For those who haven't followed every single day of my very exciting life, my family lived in Dallas from 1991 to 1998. The Lad went to the University of Texas at Austin and I really like smoked brisket.

Michelle Malkin | May 30, 2012

The first lady of the United States is on a whirlwind publicity tour for her hefty new food and gardening book ($30), which the White House hopes will bolster Team Obama's favorability ratings. I'd say it's a classic recipe for rank campaign hypocrisy and media double standards.

John Stossel | May 30, 2012

It seems intuitive that a free market would lead to a "race to the bottom." In a global marketplace, profit-chasing employers will cut costs by paying workers less and less, and shipping jobs to China.

Walter E. Williams | May 30, 2012

Our nation is rapidly approaching a point from which there's little chance to avoid a financial collapse. The heart of our problem can be seen as a tragedy of the commons. That's a set of circumstances when something is commonly owned and individuals acting rationally in their own self-interest produce a set of results that's inimical to everyone's long-term interest.

Brent Bozell | May 30, 2012

When I first heard "For Greater Glory" (originally titled "Cristiada," which I prefer) was being shot, I was stunned -- and skeptical. It never could be produced by Hollywood. In fact, it wouldn't be a theatrical release, maybe a short documentary, certainly with a small budget. On the former, I was correct; it was made in Mexico. On the latter, I was wrong; it's a full-fledged major motion picture with grade-A talent. And it's wonderful.

Mike Adams | May 30, 2012

Any guy who calls himself “Jennifer” is likely to be high-maintenance. Jennifer Braly, a student who has male genitalia, complained to the University of Arkansas at Fort Smith (UAFS) about his inability to partake in a "pom squad tryout."

Jonah Goldberg | May 30, 2012

Here's a simple suggestion for Mitt Romney: Admit that the Democrats have a point.

Wayne Allyn Root | May 30, 2012

Most political predictions are made by biased pollsters, pundits, or prognosticators who are either rooting for Republicans or Democrats. I am neither. I am a former Libertarian Vice Presidential nominee, and a well-known Vegas oddsmaker with one of the most accurate records of predicting political races.

Terry Jeffrey | May 30, 2012

"I agree with you." That is what actor Andy Garcia said in a recent interview when I likened his soon-to-be-released independently produced movie "For Greater Glory" to the 1966 movie "A Man for All Seasons" and made the observation that people are still watching the latter -- the story of a Catholic martyr in 16th century England -- while many other movies made in the interim will never be watched again.

Ben Shapiro | May 30, 2012

This week, Lila Rose's indispensable Live Action released undercover video showing a young woman entering Planned Parenthood and discussing her desire to get an abortion if her prospective child will be female. The Planned Parenthood employee, ever eager to help, says she'll do her best to be of aid, encouraging the young woman to use her Medicaid to obtain an ultrasound to help determine sex of the child.

Austin Bay | May 30, 2012

In response to dictator Bashir al-Assad's latest atrocity, the murder of 108 people in the Syrian town of Houla, "major Western powers" have threatened to expel Assad's resident diplomats. Denying the tyrant's ambassadors the restaurants of London and Paris -- yup, that'll certainly imperil his murderous regime.

John Ransom | May 30, 2012

Their first mistake: They gave Obama a timetable. Control freaks have problems with timetables.

Donald Lambro | May 30, 2012

Presidents are identified in the history books by their accomplishments, if they have any. Abraham Lincoln is remembered for saving the union and ending slavery. Franklin D. Roosevelt crafted the New Deal in the Great Depression and led the nation in World War II. Barack Obama is still writing the last chapters of his presidency, though there's a growing list of reasons why it may well be known in the end as the "Me Presidency" that is all about him.

Jacob Sullum | May 30, 2012

President Obama accuses Mitt Romney of putting profits above people by striving to create wealth rather than jobs during his 15 years at Bain Capital. This critique of Romney's work at the private equity firm, which Obama says will be central to his re-election campaign, betrays a fundamental misunderstanding of capitalism.

Bill Murchison | May 30, 2012

Submerged, like soggy tennis shoes, beneath Barack Obama's attacks on Bain Capital lies a too-common presumption about the function of capitalism -- and human nature.

Susan Stamper Brown | May 30, 2012

Rather than exercising brain cells to engage in scholarly debate, most liberals will leapfrog over the subject at hand and conjure-up a baseless and unrelated charge that makes about as much sense as calling Bill Maher a patriot.

Brian Birdnow | May 30, 2012

Buried in the back pages of the Friday newspapers (May 25th) lay a story of Obama Administration efforts to play up the elimination of Osama Bin Laden for political purposes and the suspected compromise of certain national security secrets by Administration officials, cavalierly attempting to gain partisan advantage in advance of the November election.

Ken Connor | May 30, 2012

The Obama administration is misusing its authority to place the burden of proof on religious institutions rather than according them the wide latitude that is their constitutional due.

Marvin Olasky | May 30, 2012

I'd like to tackle some wrong assumptions in the current furor about the Obama administration's attack on religious liberty. The proximate cause of war, of course, is the Obama demand that all institutions, regardless of religious convictions, arrange to provide free contraceptives.

Paul Tracy | May 30, 2012

Now before you dismiss this as another risky emerging-market growth stock... let's see the facts.

Bob Beauprez | May 30, 2012

In exchange for that 2:1 vote of confidence they gave Obama in 2008, the 18-29 year-olds are feeling the brunt of the economic stagnation – often by twice the degree of all other age groups.

Jeff Carter | May 30, 2012

As I look at my trading patterns over the past 25 years, I rarely have huge months in June and July. August can be hit or miss, depending on anticipation going into September. Of course, when there are events that surprise the market, all bets are off.

Chris Poindexter | May 30, 2012

With the dollar moving higher one would have expected weakness in commodities, but the little trading going on yesterday early mainly to the upside with gold, crude oil, palladium and copper all higher.

Carrie Lukas | May 30, 2012

When the Senate comes back in session next week, expect an extra dose of preening about the noble cause of protecting women from the discrimination that plagues workplaces across America.

Ralph Benko | May 30, 2012

The 2012 presidential election is shaping up to include an argument over opportunity versus equality. The American economy has been stagnant for a decade. Income for working men has been stagnant (or even contracting) for 40 years. Why?

Tue, May 29, 2012

Frank Gaffney | May 29, 2012

Last week, President Obama told the latest graduates of the Air Force Academy that, despite massive cuts in defense spending being made by his administration, “We will maintain our military superiority in all areas – air, land, sea, space and cyber.”

Byron York | May 29, 2012

Birtherism -- the belief that Barack Obama was born in Kenya, not in the United States -- pretty much died last year when the White House released a copy of the president's long-form birth certificate showing he was born in Honolulu on Aug. 4, 1961. After that, the number of Americans who doubted Obama's place of birth dropped dramatically.

Armstrong Williams | May 29, 2012

?It is that time of year again—commencement address season. It’s the time of year when everyone dusts off Frost’s “The Road Not Taken” from their high school anthologies, a time for secular sermons.

Austin Nimocks | May 29, 2012

You think you’ve seen and heard every argument regarding same-sex “marriage,” and then the Baltimore Sun writes an editorial that divorce has now somehow strengthened the case for same-sex “marriage.”

Rachel Marsden | May 29, 2012

Now that it's a virtual certainty Mitt Romney will be the Republican presidential nominee, and all the other candidates have likely dozed off with the rest of us during this preliminary series of political skirmishes, it's time to wipe the sleep from our eyes and get ready for presidential playoffs.

Paul Greenberg | May 29, 2012

Just as Americans are learning how to spell the name of Chen Guangcheng, the heroic Chinese dissident who is now safe in this country, we have a new hero's name to learn, repeat, and shout if necessary:

John Hawkins | May 29, 2012

25) "Don't fire until you see the whites of their eyes!" -- William Prescott at the Battle Of Bunker Hill

Thomas Sowell | May 29, 2012

"Education" is a word that covers a lot of very different things, from vital, life-saving medical skills to frivolous courses to absolutely counterproductive courses that fill people with a sense of grievance and entitlement, without giving them either the skills to earn a living or a realistic understanding of the world required for a citizen in a free society.

Chuck Norris | May 29, 2012

On May 23, President Barack Obama told more than 1,000 jubilant, uniform-prepped-and-polished graduates of the U.S. Air Force Academy that the world has a "new feeling about America."

Mona Charen | May 29, 2012

After several cries of pain from my 16-year-old son, I finally got around to reading his Advanced Placement world history textbook. Not a way to spend a placid weekend.

Salena Zito | May 29, 2012

Stuart Stevens is not that complicated. People so often describe the man in charge of shaping Mitt Romney's image, message and campaign strategy as unconventional, quirky or offbeat that you might expect his former clients to do the same.

Cal Thomas | May 29, 2012

There will be investigations and already there are lawsuits over the rollout of Facebook's overhyped IPO last week, but no investigation is necessary into the reason for the outrage over the stock's rapid fall. It's called human nature.

Pat Buchanan | May 29, 2012

After taping John Stossel's show on May 16 in New York, the Mrs. and I took the 10 a.m. Acela back to Washington. Once we had boarded the train, who should come waddling up the aisle but Bill Kristol.

Debra J. Saunders | May 29, 2012

It's hard to figure who looks worse in this story, Elizabeth Warren or Harvard Law School's affirmative action policies.

John Ransom | May 29, 2012

Don’t worry: You can be sure that the somewhere in the halls of government you and I are paying for a program that allows government economists, union bosses and snail darter activists to avoid reality all together by getting the rest of us to change our ways.

Phyllis Schlafly | May 29, 2012

What is it about bureaucrats and school personnel that they want to pry into the personal life and habits of American citizens of every age?

Doug French | May 29, 2012

In a speech delivered to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Jim Grant told the central bankers that interest rates should convey information. "But the only information conveyed in a manipulated yield curve is what the Fed wants."

Chris Edwards | May 29, 2012

The article reviews Canada’s economic reforms since the 1980s, which have included free trade, privatization, spending cuts, sound money, large corporate tax cuts, personal tax reforms, balanced federal budgets, block grants, and decentralizing power by cutting the central government.

Daniel Pipes | May 29, 2012

The fetid, dark heart of the Arab war on Israel, I have long argued, lies not in disputes over Jerusalem, checkpoints, or "settlements." Rather, it concerns the so-called Palestine refugees.

Tad DeHaven | May 29, 2012

While Paul isn’t going to be the next president of the United States, his campaign has been successful in getting a lot more Americans to understand that the federal government needs to be downsized.

Mark Calabria | May 29, 2012

In September 2003, when warned of problems at Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, then-House Financial Services Chair Barney Frank stated, "I want to roll the dice a little bit more in this situation." Well, Chairman Frank did indeed "roll the dice," and now the American taxpayer is almost $200 billion poorer.

Jeff Carter | May 29, 2012

Wars don’t bring economic prosperity. The “broken window” economic theory is a fallacy. They tear down societies. They bring out the animal instincts in people.

Michael F. Cannon | May 29, 2012

Here’s a poor, unsuccessful letter I sent to the editor of Politico:

Chris Poindexter | May 29, 2012

While the situation in Greece is interesting, it remains to be seen whether even a pro-bailout government can move the country far enough to keep them in the union.

Robert Knight | May 29, 2012

When reality bites, you can either try to change reality, or create your own.

Mon, May 28, 2012

Michael Barone | May 28, 2012

The ham-handed Barack Obama campaign attack ads on Mitt Romney's former firm Bain Capital have drawn a lot of ire from other Democrats.

Doug Giles | May 28, 2012

This Memorial Day, while you are enjoying your class reunion, family get-together, outdoor barbeque, or an extra day off work, please remember all the Bernie Deghands who died serving this great country so that you can enjoy the freedoms that have been bought and paid for with real lives of real people.

David Stokes | May 28, 2012

It was high political drama more than six decades ago—controversial and polarizing. A Harvard trained and highly ranked member of the Federal Government charged by a self-confessed former Soviet spy of being a partner in those very same nefarious enterprises.

Mike Adams | May 28, 2012

I never travel without a loaded gun. I usually carry a Smith and Wesson Model 640 in a bucket in the trunk of my car. Sometimes I carry a Glock Model 23 instead. I was really happy I was carrying the former when I arrived at my hotel room in Amarillo last week shortly after midnight. As I was unpacking my trunk, a man came walking across the parking lot from an adjacent hotel.

Star Parker | May 28, 2012

Winston Churchill captured what this presidential election is about when he observed “the inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings; the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries.”

Salena Zito | May 28, 2012

Lyle Smith sat in a wheelchair on the grounds of the national cemetery, not far from the Tomb of the Unknowns.

Katie Kieffer | May 28, 2012

Let’s make foreign policy like it’s 2000. I think we will support our troops and vets by revisiting the foreign policy that former President Bush expressed in 2000. Otherwise, we will send brave hearts into vain battles.

Lisa De Pasquale | May 28, 2012

I’ve met nearly everyone I’ve ever interviewed in person. However, this week’s interviewee I’ve only really seen once. And he was in disguise. Last month, Rep. Steve LaTourette (allegedly) made an appearance on “A View from the Capitol” on News Channel 8 with Rep. Thaddeus McCotter.

Lurita Doan | May 28, 2012

The Obama Administration’s Office of Management and Budget (OMB) has requested all federal agencies to cut their FY2014 budgets by 5%. Not too surprisingly, these “cuts” are being heralded as an example of new, fiscal prudence by every Democrat seeking office. If only.

Jeff Jacoby | May 28, 2012

When the Census Bureau this month issued a press release headlined "Most Children Younger Than Age 1 are Minorities," the media snapped to attention.

Bruce Bialosky | May 28, 2012

On this day when we remember the people who sacrificed for our freedom take some time to read about the people in other countries that benefited so greatly from that sacrifice.

John Ransom | May 28, 2012

Guys like Barney Frank and Chris Dodd are more interested in wielding a lead pipe when it comes to legislation than they are in actually solving problems. The lead pipe is very useful when it comes to raising money. Solving problems? Nobody in D.C. pays for that.

Brian Darling | May 28, 2012

Any way you slice it, the Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST) threatens American sovereignty. So why would the Senate even consider ratifying it?

Rich Galen | May 28, 2012

[This is the 11th anniversary of this edition of Mullings which was first written for Memorial Day, 2001 - four months before 9/11. Our son, Reed, was a member of the team in charge of President George W. Bush's visit to Arlington Memorial Cemetery on that day.]

Maggie Gallagher | May 28, 2012

Back in 2004, Thomas Frank wrote a famous book, 'What's the Matter with Kansas?', in which he lamented working class white people's choices to vote their 'values' rather than what -- in his not-so-humble opinion -- was in their 'genuine' economic interests. Why didn't they identify as liberals and vote Democratic?

Dan Holler | May 28, 2012

Last week, the Senate Foreign Relations committee turned the proud men and women of our military into a political football. During a hearing on the long-stalled Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST), two top Obama administration officials constantly invoked the military a reason to ratify fatally flawed treaty.

Paul Kengor | May 28, 2012

In “The Flags at the Cemetery”, professor of political science and executive director of The Center for Vision & Values at Grove City College—Dr. Paul Kengor—explains, “Like many Americans, Memorial Day never ceases to move me. Rivaled only by Christmas and Easter, it’s the most poignant time of the year for me, maybe because, like Christmas and Easter, it’s about life, death, and remembrance.”

Chris Poindexter | May 28, 2012

The trading optimism for next week, which doesn’t start up again until Tuesday because of the holiday, stems from the feeling that the Fed is going to announce some kind of stimulus plan.

Mark Baisley | May 28, 2012

Century after century, some international miscreant smacks his soft head against the rough side of the Liberty Bell. Whether a monarch, a nazi dictator, imperial emperor, communist despot, or islamofascist, all self-absorbed tyrants learn the power of selflessness from the American warfighter.

Bill Tatro | May 28, 2012

The beauty was, if they did fail, they would learn from their experience and America would allow them to rise again. That was guaranteed.

Hal Scherz | May 28, 2012

What do you get when you cross 3 pediatricians, 4 internists, 3 family doctors, 2 epidemiologists, 2 nurses, a PhD, an obstetrician, a perinatologist and an occupational medicine doctor? Unfortunately, this is not a joke. It's a government program.

Rick Berman | May 28, 2012

Revolutions are not easy. That’s the lesson of the Arab Spring, where the forces of retrenchment have dug in their heels after the uprisings’ promising beginnings.

Jeff Carter | May 28, 2012

If you have a moment, please go to the website, My Memorial Day and record a video. It means a lot to the people that have served, or are serving.

Marita Noon | May 28, 2012

Whether or not the documentable climate change—cooler in the seventies, warmer in the nineties, stable for the last decade (just to point out some recent changes)—is due to the sun or the sea, or myriad other causes, the key take away is that the science is not settled.

Sun, May 27, 2012

Doug Giles | May 27, 2012

God bless cell phones. With them we can chat with our friends; we can watch the grossest zit since the dawn of time being popped via YouTube; and our kiddos can record their bat crap crazy teachers attempting to mitigate their First Amendment rights!

Derek Hunter | May 27, 2012

It’s graduation season, and prominent political and media figures are making the rounds to give commencement speeches at colleges across the country. The one thing missing from these speeches is reality.

Austin Hill | May 27, 2012

The Golden State’s circumstances are dire, yet Jerry Brown is facing the crisis with an approach that’s nearly forty years old.

Debra J. Saunders | May 27, 2012

As a candidate for president in 2008, Barack Obama pledged to "immediately" review federal mandatory minimum sentences "to see where we can be smarter on crime and reduce the ineffective warehousing of nonviolent drug offenders."

John Ransom | May 27, 2012

Reminder: The poor and middle class are the ones that liberals like John Kerry get all misty eyed about from the back of their new $7 million, 76 foot yacht that they dock out-of-state to avoid paying $500,000 in taxes.

Humberto Fontova | May 27, 2012

“If I were a U.S. citizen I'd vote for Obama for president," said Mariela Castro during her San Francisco conference this week. "I think he is sincere, I think he speaks from the heart."

Paul Greenberg | May 27, 2012

The most vivid memories aren't those carved in stone but the ones etched in the mind. Memory deepens with the years, the way a river carves through rock, slowly creating canyons, revealing old layers, unveiling pain you'd kept decently covered before, bringing it all back.

Kevin McCullough | May 27, 2012

Much has been said about the bullying history of both of the presumed presidential nominees for 2012.

Steve Chapman | May 27, 2012

The Soviet Union is gone, al-Qaida is decimated, and Iran may never acquire nuclear weapons. But don't get too relaxed. If you're looking for reasons to be anxious about world peace, China offers an abundance.

Peter Ferrara | May 27, 2012

President Obama's most blatant first term abuses can be struck down by the check on Presidential power by an independent judiciary.

Edward White | May 27, 2012

A new Gallup poll brings encouraging news on the subject of abortion. Fifty percent of American adults now define themselves as pro-life (up 5% from 2011), and 41% of American adults now define themselves as pro-choice (down 8% from 2011).

Michael Tanner | May 27, 2012

The latest Club for Growth scorecard suggests that, on the whole, Republicans in this congress have actually been less fiscally responsible than those in past congresses.

Nathan Slaughter | May 27, 2012

The metal has a multitude of uses, most notably in the dental, jewelry and electronics fields. But demand from the auto sector is greater than all of those combined.

Phil Kerpen | May 27, 2012

Sometime in the next month, the United States Supreme Court will rule on the constitutionality of Obama's individual mandate, the provision forcing everyone in the United States to buy health insurance. Based on how badly this provision was defeated in the oral arguments, it will likely be struck down as unconstitutional.

Tad DeHaven | May 27, 2012

The alternative to profit-driven free enterprise, which the president is critical of, “is an Obama capitalism that is driven by political favoritism, government subsidies, mandates, and billions in taxpayer underwriting.”

Marvin Olasky | May 27, 2012

"Welcome to Arlington National Cemetery, our nation's most sacred shrine. Please conduct yourselves with dignity and respect at all times."

Jeff Carter | May 27, 2012

What do you think about setting a regulation that private companies and government agencies only had to pay for health insurance for standardized people. Any costs above and beyond that fell upon the person to pay. That’s using sticks to try to change behavior.

Jeff Crouere | May 27, 2012

No Louisiana Governor has ever spent so much time out of the state on personal and political business. Every time the Governor travels, the struggling taxpayers of Louisiana have to pay for his security detail; however, the well funded Jindal campaign refuses to reimburse the state treasury for this ever growing expense.

Night Watch | May 27, 2012

The surprise, unofficial vote count for Shafiq, a secularist candidate who obtained just 300,000 votes fewer than Mursi, is difficult to accept at face value without assuming manipulation and voter fraud by the Army.

Paul Jacob | May 27, 2012

When politicians talk term limits, they become even sneakier than usual.