Sun, Jan 23, 2011

Kevin McCullough | January 23, 2011

The grand jury's indictment read as one of the most disgusting litanies of murder we've seen in all of western culture.

Sat, Jan 22, 2011

Dick Morris and Eileen McGann | January 22, 2011

Palin needs to rise above the left's attacks. If she is going to run for president, she needs to be presidential.

Kyle Olson | January 22, 2011

Americans are beginning to understand that the government-run assembly-line education system is not working.

Janice Shaw Crouse | January 22, 2011

In these times when irrational hatreds erupt in such terrifying tragedy, Rodney King’s nearly 20-year-old question re-echoes. Hard experience answers: No, not really. Not in this fallen world.

Fri, Jan 21, 2011

Larry Kudlow | January 21, 2011

Can Obama’s new advisor shine a light on corporate tax cuts?

Kathryn Lopez | January 21, 2011

Has our financial mess brought us to the brink of getting beyond the culture wars?

Caroline Glick | January 21, 2011

As long as Livni remains powerful and loyal to their agenda, forces in the US government that despise the Jewish state will be able to rest easy.

Sandy Rios | January 21, 2011

Federal Judge John Roll was killed in Tucson trying to save another man’s life. As soon as madman Jared Lee Loughner finished his attempt to murder Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, he turned his gun on the people to his left, then the people to his right.

Rich Galen | January 21, 2011

The chatter around Your Nation's Capital among the cognoscenti, the intelligentsia, and smarty-pantses over the past 24 hours was: Is there any real meaning to the House vote to repeal Obamacare?

Michelle Malkin | January 21, 2011

Let's give the "climate of hate" rhetoric a rest for a moment. It's time to talk about the climate of death, in which the abortion industry thrives unchecked. Dehumanizing rhetoric, rationalizing language and a callous disregard for life have numbed America to its monstrous consequences.

Brent Bozell | January 21, 2011

The cultural left would like you to think that children should be free to experiment persistently in the Laboratory of Life without soul-stifling rules.

Mike Adams | January 21, 2011

For decades, liberals have been playing upon people’s emotions by exploiting human tragedy for political gain. In recent months, that tendency has become more pronounced.

Jonah Goldberg | January 21, 2011

The conventional wisdom is that Barack Obama will continue his "move to the center." The quotation marks are necessary because some people think he really is moving to the center, while others think he just wants to appear like he is.

David Limbaugh | January 21, 2011

Time will tell, but I reject the somewhat cynical view that the House Republicans' vote to repeal Obamacare is purely symbolic. I think it's quite significant.

Mona Charen | January 21, 2011

Perhaps, nearly a decade after 9/11 and the murder of Daniel Pearl, we've forgotten just how vicious our enemies are. Perhaps, after all of the sacrifice and expense of the past decade, we're inclined to relax our vigilance.

Oliver North | January 21, 2011

When the world tunes in for the State of the Union address next week, viewers will be treated to a dramatic improvement in the background scenery.

Pat Buchanan | January 21, 2011

As Hu Jintao wings his way home, America's hectoring still ringing in his ears, he must be thinking that maybe we Americans should stop lecturing them and take a closer look at ourselves.

Suzanne Fields | January 21, 2011

If we've learned one lesson from the massacre in Tucson, it's that cause and effect are poor guides to explain human behavior.

Michael Gerson | January 21, 2011

With Americans shocked into reflection on the desperate, divisive tone of their politics, it is worth asking: Why, other than upbringing, should we be civil in the first place?

Linda Chavez | January 21, 2011

Civility in public discourse is important, but it should not be used as an excuse to stifle legitimate debate or denude our language of color, passion, or good metaphor.

Thu, Jan 20, 2011

Donald Lambro | January 20, 2011

A risky fiscal strategy is gathering strength in Congress: reduce federal spending and the deficit by freezing the national-debt limit.

Ashley Herzog | January 20, 2011

Earlier this year, Ohio University announced a new pilot program for gender-neutral housing, which has become all the rage on college campuses. The program allows people of “all genders” to live together in the dorms.

Robert Knight | January 20, 2011

The first major campaign event of the 2012 presidential election was held on Jan. 12, 2011 in Tucson, Arizona.

Diana West | January 20, 2011

Politico featured a story this week headlined "Muslim groups nervous about King hearings." It went on to discuss Muslim apprehension regarding upcoming congressional hearings led by Rep. Peter King, R-NY, "on the threat posed by radical Islam in America."

Mary Grabar | January 20, 2011

For college students at the memorial service for the victims of the January 8th shooting at Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords’ event the benediction by a longhaired college professor invoking “masculine energy” and “feminine energy” that somehow coalesces in a magical middle confirms the validity of their lessons in multiculturalism and the virtue of primitivism.

Hugh Hewitt | January 20, 2011

On my radio show on Wednesday, January 19, Dick Morris flatly declared that Mitt Romney could not win the Republican nomination for president because of the health care plan Romney guided into law in Massachusetts in 2005.

Victor Davis Hanson | January 20, 2011

After the recent Tucson, Ariz., shootings, Pima County Sheriff Clarence W. Dupnik, a Democrat, almost immediately and without evidence claimed that conservative anti-government speech had set off alleged killer Jared Lee Loughner.

Cliff May | January 20, 2011

President Obama last week refuted – clearly and commendably -- those who have been attempting to exploit the bloodbath in Tucson to smear conservative polemicists and law-abiding gun owners.

Michael Barone | January 20, 2011

Where can the new Congress start cutting spending? Here's one obvious answer: high-speed rail.

Larry Elder | January 20, 2011

"Black man's burden," read the headline in the Los Angeles Times piece. "African-American men," read the subheading, "are still often judged by the color of their skin rather than the content of their character."

Cal Thomas | January 20, 2011

In 1865, the Thirteenth Amendment abolished slavery, rendering the three-fifths clause moot, but some House members wanted to read the original article to counter the argument of "original intent" with their own argument that the Constitution is a "living document."

Jackie Gingrich Cushman | January 20, 2011

This past Monday, we celebrated the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who was assassinated when he was only 39 years old. He would have turned 82 this year. This is the perfect time to think through the legacy and the lessons we should take from his too-short life.

Debra J. Saunders | January 20, 2011

In 2008, Obama didn't see folks declining to buy health care. I'll tell you what I don't see -- $2,500 in savings per family. Not ever.

Matt Towery | January 20, 2011

There remains a looming disaster that should have been addressed by the president and congressional Democrats if they truly cared about the real crisis in health care in America.

Ed Feulner | January 20, 2011

Suppose a quiz show host were to ask: “What country enjoys the most economic freedom?” Most Americans probably wouldn’t even hesitate before answering, “The United States.” They’d be wrong.

Emmett Tyrrell | January 20, 2011

The first question I have been asked before appearing on C-SPAN's "Book TV" Feb. 6 is what my favorite books might be.

Steve Chapman | January 20, 2011

Critics have noted many flaws in President Barack Obama's health care overhaul: It's too expensive, too intrusive, too coercive and too complex. But one central defect that accounts for much of the other mischief...

Howard Rich | January 20, 2011

Paced by California and Illinois, state governments across the country continue to mimic the unsustainable fiscal excesses of the federal government.

Larry Kudlow | January 20, 2011

Hu told The Wall Street Journal that "we should abandon the zero-sum Cold War mentality." But is he to be believed?

Kevin Miller | January 20, 2011

On the heels of an extensive victory at the ballot box in November, conservatives can't stay united past January.

Rachel Alexander | January 20, 2011

The gun control lobby is hoping the emotions stirred up over the senseless Tucson killings will generate a wave of support and favorable Congressional treatment since the most high-profile victim was a member of Congress.

Wed, Jan 19, 2011

Ann Coulter | January 19, 2011

The same people who had blamed Sarah Palin for the massacre at the Tucson Safeway and then taunted her for her "silence" were enraged when she responded.

Michael Reagan | January 19, 2011

Two decades before the election of Barack Obama, novelist Toni Morrison dubbed Bill Clinton "our first black President."

Armstrong Williams | January 19, 2011

There was a time when failed Wall Street investors hurled themselves from their high-rise offices. Now, their office windows are made of Plexiglas and they are rewarded $700 billion bail-out packages for sending the economy spiraling in on itself.

Thomas Sowell | January 19, 2011

Not enough of us have yet learned not to take media rhetoric at face value either, even when it appears in what looks like a "news" story, but is actually a disguised editorial on the front page.

Michelle Malkin | January 19, 2011

There isn't a shred of evidence that deranged Tucson massacre suspect Jared Loughner ever listened to talk radio or cared about illegal immigration. But that hasn't stopped a coalition of power-grabbing politicians, progressive activists and open-borders lobbyists from plying their quack cure for the American body politic.

John Stossel | January 19, 2011

The Republicans promise less intrusive, less expensive government. But will they deliver? In the past, they have said they would shrink the state, but then they came into power and spent more.

Walter E. Williams | January 19, 2011

Some Americans have strong, sometimes unyielding preferences for Mac computers, while most others have similarly strong preferences for PCs and wouldn't be caught dead using a Mac.

Kevin Glass | January 19, 2011

A new survey out from the Association of Financial Professionals finds that business experts don't see a promising landscape in 2011.

Brent Bozell | January 19, 2011

OK, so conservatives have to be accused of fostering hatred with our alleged vitriol, the kind of vitriol that fuels the flames of violence, like we witnessed in Tucson except -- well, except there wasn't and isn't a shred of evidence that the killer was influenced by any conservatives.

Jonah Goldberg | January 19, 2011

Chinese President Hu Jintao's state visit this week has rekindled the familiar debate over American "decline." Our sole-superpower moment is over, we're told, and the 21st century will prove so much tougher than the 20th.

Mona Charen | January 19, 2011

Amy Chua may or may not be a superior mother, but she is a superb marketer -- and I say that with admiration.

Tony Blankley | January 19, 2011

What should the congressional GOP's policy objectives be for the next two years regarding federal deficits and prosperity?

Ken Blackwell | January 19, 2011

It was twenty-two years ago, in the spring of 1989, that thousands of Chinese students gathered in Beijing's Tienanmen Square to demand democracy. It was a time when it seemed the winds of hope and change might sweep away tyranny from the whole world.

Michael Medved | January 19, 2011

The debate between left and right on contributing factors in the Tucson shootings has unfolded along utterly predictable and thoroughly unenlightening lines.

Dick Morris and Eileen McGann | January 19, 2011

The House Republicans are pushing to repeal Obamacare. But are conservatives prepared to win the debate?

Terry Jeffrey | January 19, 2011

Jared Loughner, who killed six and wounded 13, including Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, did not listen to political talks shows, but he did listen to a rock group that calls its fans "maggots."

Ben Shapiro | January 19, 2011

Foreign dignitaries visit the United States frequently. Most of them stay for a few days in Washington, D.C. Some of them visit the United Nations in New York. Few of them stray from the governmental and cultural centers of the United States. So, why is Chinese President Hu Jintao traveling to Chicago?

David Harsanyi | January 19, 2011

President Barack Obama penned a witty Wall Street Journal op-ed this week, titled "Toward a 21st-Century Regulatory System."

Austin Bay | January 19, 2011

On Jan. 14, Tunisia's president for life, Zine el Abidine Ben Ali, resigned in the face of nationwide protests and fled the country for exile in Saudi Arabia.

Paul Greenberg | January 19, 2011

Buried in the mass of directives issued by the new head of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services was a little ol' regulation putting the government in the business of end-of-life consultations.

Donald Lambro | January 19, 2011

President Reagan's son Ron has written a book that unfairly, and without any evidence, questions his father's mental capacity in the early to middle years of his presidency.

Jacob Sullum | January 19, 2011

After the recent shooting rampage in Tucson, Ariz., the psychiatrist E. Fuller Torrey, writing in The Wall Street Journal, said such crimes are "the inevitable outcome of five decades of failed mental-health policies."

Marybeth Hicks | January 19, 2011

She's opinionated. She's controversial. She's a grizzly mama. And her outspoken comments about certain Americans are generating Twitter memes and death threats.

Hadley Heath | January 19, 2011

This week the Republican members of the House of Representatives plan to vote to repeal the new health care law known as “ObamaCare.” Democrats are quickly dismissing the effort.

Tue, Jan 18, 2011

Caroline Glick | January 18, 2011

The Tunisian president's regime was not the only thing destroyed. The two main foundations of 'expert' Western analysis of the Middle East have also been undone.

Robert Morrison | January 18, 2011

They’re at it again. Liberals are determined to make their size 10 foot fit into the glass slipper of their imaginings.

John Hawkins | January 18, 2011

Since Jared Lee Loughner went on his rampage in Tucson, we've been treated to perfectly ridiculous liberal howling about "violent rhetoric."

John Hawkins | January 18, 2011

Since Jared Lee Loughner went on his rampage in Tucson, we've been treated to perfectly ridiculous liberal howling about "violent rhetoric." The reason it's "perfectly ridiculous" is that “liberals being liberals," they've tackled the whole debate in such a politically correct manner that it makes the debate laughable.

Thomas Sowell | January 18, 2011

Government budget crises can be painful, but the political rhetoric accompanying these crises can also be fascinating and revealing.

Chuck Norris | January 18, 2011

I finished Part 1 last week informing you that in just a single year, from 2008-09, Planned Parenthood received $363.2 million in government grants and contracts, a $13.6 million increase from the previous year, which resulted in 324,800 abortions.

Cal Thomas | January 18, 2011

The contrast between what Illinois Democrats did last week and what Republicans have done in Indiana, Wisconsin, Iowa, Virginia and New Jersey, could not be clearer.

Dennis Prager | January 18, 2011

Last week, following the murder of six people and the attempted murder of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords in Arizona, the American people were given a vivid display of the single most important tactic of the left: libeling opponents.

Pat Buchanan | January 18, 2011

Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown, especially today in the Maghreb and Middle East.

Debra J. Saunders | January 18, 2011

Gary Johnson, former Republican governor of New Mexico and likely 2012 presidential candidate, is serious when he says he wants to end deficit spending.

Paul Greenberg | January 18, 2011

By now successive generations of historians have set out to capture the uncapturable essence of the man -- the Real Robert E. Lee, they say. And yet, despite all their efforts, the mythic Lee remains, whole. And seems to call each generation to him, like a mountain peak in the distance.

Phyllis Schlafly | January 18, 2011

It is amazing that, with unemployment unacceptably high, the Obama administration has endorsed a plan that will cost U.S. jobs and make highway driving for Americans more dangerous and less pleasant.

Bill Murchison | January 18, 2011

A new Associated Press-GfK poll that shows Americans evenly divided on the Obamacare repeal is getting big play as the House opens debate on precisely that course of action.

Paul Kengor | January 18, 2011

This January 20 marks the anniversary of two unforgettable inaugural addresses from two beloved presidents, Democrat and Republican: John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan.

Humberto Fontova | January 18, 2011

“Here I come to save the day!” (U.S. President Barack Obama, Jan. 14th 2011)

Mon, Jan 17, 2011

Michael Gerson | January 17, 2011

The editors of the British Medical Journal recently concluded that a 1998 study ringing alarm bells on a possible connection between vaccines and autism was actually an "elaborate fraud." It is the culmination of a more than decade-long controversy in which the charge was initially and frighteningly plausible, then embattled, then discredited by large-scale studies.

Andrew Tallman | January 17, 2011

Sadly, it’s the one few people are answering in columns and on the radio in recent days. This is an understandable mistake, since the question I’ve asked has only one all-too-obvious answer: Jared Lee Loughner is most to blame.

Frank Gaffney | January 17, 2011

As Chinese President Hu Jintao shows up to be feted in Washington this week, the question is not whether Who's on first, but whether Hu's becoming first - the leader of a nation on a trajectory not merely to rival the United States as a "peer competitor," but to supplant it as the world's only superpower?

Rich Galen | January 17, 2011

I am on a trip sponsored by the ONE Campaign which is headed by U2's Bono. Bono was not along, to answer that question.

Michael Barone | January 17, 2011

In his superb speech in Tucson, Ariz., Wednesday evening, Barack Obama did great service to the nation.

Star Parker | January 17, 2011

A campaign launched in Los Angeles this week seeks to raise awareness to what is becoming known as “black genocide” – the devastation occurring in black America as result of abortion.

Mike Adams | January 17, 2011

Two-thirds of the nation's colleges maintain policies that clearly and substantially restrict freedom of speech. But now, UVA is an exception to the rule having fully reformed four speech codes over the course of the last year.

Lurita Doan | January 17, 2011

Demagoguery and deranged shootings in Arizona have diverted national attention from the looming threat of municipal bond defaults. Municipal bond defaults and state and local government bankruptcies go hand-in-hand.

Terry Paulson | January 17, 2011

Such emotionally challenging events underscore the importance of our Constitution in calling us back to our founding freedoms. That is why Americans should unite behind the GOP’s attempt to take the Constitution off the wall and use it as a guide to legislative action.

Jeff Jacoby | January 17, 2011

In the eight days since the deadly shootings in Arizona, the nation has been engulfed by a tidal wave of rhetoric and reaction, much of it unnecessary, ungracious, or unfortunate.

Bruce Bialosky | January 17, 2011

The negative attacks from the left would normally not dissuade Republicans, but her numbers are down among them as well.

Mike Needham | January 17, 2011

Prognosticators are rarely held accountable in Washington, but Senate Democrats may want to consider holding Chuck Schumer accountable for his analysis of the benefits of Obamacare.

Kyle Olson | January 17, 2011

"Kids Aren't Cars" is a new short film series set for release February 1st. Using examples from the Midwest, it documents the impact organized labor has had on the American education system.

Rachel Alexander | January 17, 2011

Net neutrality is the latest overreach by the federal government to censor the web.

Sun, Jan 16, 2011

David Stokes | January 16, 2011

Anyone having the opportunity to interact with someone who is, say, more than eighty years old—and therefore remembers the Great Depression—knows that people back in those days thought differently about money and material things than most of us do today.

Salena Zito | January 16, 2011

Stepping onto the platform of a Victorian-era train station here, you wouldn’t know you are standing over the foundation of Harpers Ferry’s original armory and arsenal buildings.

Ken Blackwell | January 16, 2011

Why is Paris known as the City of Lights ? Is it because the U.S. Congress banned Thomas Edison’s incandescent light bulbs, so he had to take his invention offshore?

Austin Hill | January 16, 2011

Should our government regulate the earnings of talk show hosts? Would limiting the annual incomes of media personalities set our nation on a pathway to peace, and prosperity, and "fairness?"

Debra J. Saunders | January 16, 2011

When he unveiled his budget, the California governor boasted that he was delivering a spending plan without "gimmicks, tricks and unrealistic expectations."

Steve Chapman | January 16, 2011

If two foreigners come here illegally and bear a child, the child automatically gains American citizenship.

Ken Connor | January 16, 2011

Fueled by the relentless nature of the 24-hour cable news cycle and the modern impulse to derive a sociological lesson from even the most inexplicable and senseless acts of violence, there is already talk of a need for laws regulating the use of "inflammatory" imagery and rhetoric.

Paul Jacob | January 16, 2011

oday's youth have nothing to worry about. Politicians are bending over backward to help them.