Sun, Aug 05, 2007

Jackie Gingrich Cushman | August 05, 2007

There was a distinct contrast between the trainers’ physical fitness and that of the spectators. The trainers, wearing wetsuits, are in great shape, running from side to side of the large tank during the show, diving and swimming in the tank and running up the stairs. In comparison, the people who filled the stands appeared to be a representative sample of America, where two-thirds of the population is overweight or obese.

Robert Bluey | August 05, 2007

Sen. Dick Durbin embarked on a new experiment in legislating when he turned to the blogosphere in an effort to develop a national broadband strategy to bring high-speed Internet access to more Americans.

Paul Edwards | August 05, 2007

In life, Tammy Faye Bakker was made a laughing-stock by the mainstream media. Her overly mascara-ed face, her ditzy monologues, and her twangy, southern-style hymn singing were held up by the media as the prototypical evangelical: uneducated, backwoods—and living in la-la land.

Sat, Aug 04, 2007

Doug Giles | August 04, 2007

One thing that drives me nuts about some Sally’s on the right is their bemoaning how they get attacked when they go public in the classroom with their sentiments. Whaa!

Jonah Goldberg | August 04, 2007

It's a small paradox of the war in Iraq. As support for the war inches up (according to a New York Times poll that so shocked the editors they demanded it be retaken), as the surge proves ever more encouraging and as Gen. David Petraeus's confidence grows, enthusiasm for the democracy project in Iraq wanes.

Diana West | August 04, 2007

Boy, when it comes to Saudi Arabia, that Condi Rice and Bob Gates sure drive a tough bargain.

Kathryn Lopez | August 04, 2007

Celebrated Newsweek columnist Anna Quindlen recently mentioned a YouTube video about a question that falls into a common abortion trap. The filmmaker behind "Libertyville Abortion Demonstration" asks pro-lifers how much jail time women who seek abortions should receive if Roe v. Wade were to be overturned.

Robert Novak | August 04, 2007

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid shrugged off White House complaints that the Senate's delay is curtailing U.S. monitoring of international terrorists by putting the blame on a fellow Democrat. "I can't control Feingold," he told a Republican leader.

Rich Tucker | August 04, 2007

In at least one way, Americans today are all disciples of Woodrow Wilson. No matter what war we’re in, we seem to assume it will be “the war to end all wars.” We seem to think that once the troops come home they’ll stay here, safe and sound.

Robert Murphy | August 04, 2007

One of the latest gripes against “evil” corporations and big business concerns the tax rate applied to general partners of private equity and hedge funds. In a campaign statement, Hillary Clinton opined:

Michael McBride | August 04, 2007

This week’s bridge collapse highlights how valuable our infrastructure is to our national commerce. The bridge collapse will snarl automobile traffic well out into the foreseeable future, impacting productivity of workers, consuming more fuel for commutes, and likely diminishing commerce for the short term..

Nathan Tabor | August 04, 2007

Some economic news came out of Washington this week which should give every Democratic candidate for President reason to pause.

John Andrews | August 04, 2007

The easy part of the Ward Churchill affair is over. The fraudulent scholar and faux Indian was fired from the University Colorado faculty on July 24 for dishonesty in his academic profession, not for honesty in his radical politics.

Fri, Aug 03, 2007

Dick Morris and Eileen McGann | August 03, 2007

The clearest indication that Hillary's direct and personal attack on Obama last week was a failure is the fact that Bill sounded the retreat in his speech this week at the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC).

Janice Shaw Crouse | August 03, 2007

Newly-released data indicates great news about the nation's children –– girls aged 10-14 –– are not getting pregnant nearly as often as they did just a few years ago. This is further evidence that abstinence programs are having an impact, that they are making a difference for teens –– including children as young as 10 years of age.

Tom DeLay | August 03, 2007

Last night on the House floor – that sprawling, brawling arena that was like a second home to me during my 22 year career in Congress – it seems pretty clear that a crime was perpetrated against the rule of law and the American people.

Michael Gerson | August 03, 2007

The first Mormon to run for president was the first Mormon. Joseph Smith, the founder of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, formally announced his candidacy on Jan. 19, 1844, urging his supporters to "tell the people we have had Whig and Democrats presidents long enough. We want a president of the United States." Smith's campaign lasted about five months before it -- along with his life -- was ended by a violent mob in Carthage, Ill.

Adam Thierer | August 03, 2007

Help, the sky is falling! So say the pro-regulation media agitators at Free Press, which fired off what is sure to be the first of many hysteria-ridden press releases about Rupert Murdoch's successful acquisition of the Wall Street Journal and its parent company, Dow Jones & Co.

Richard H. Collins | August 03, 2007

A central theme of Senator Hillary Clinton’s campaign for the Democratic nomination is her experience; her purported ability to be president on “day one.” Granted her most serious rivals, fellow Senators John Edwards and Barack Obama, are not exactly overflowing with experience, but this claim curiously depends on her time in the White House.

John McCaslin | August 03, 2007

Speaking of guns, it's dubbed the Teddy Roosevelt Bring Back Our Public Lands Act, and if a Republican congressman gets his way, Uncle Sam will one day reclaim control of hunting privileges on federal lands.

Mike Gallagher | August 03, 2007

Paul Zeise said, “It’s really a sad day in this country when somehow…Michael Vick would have been better off raping a woman if you look at the outcry of what happened. Had he done that, he probably would have been suspended for four games and he’d be back on the field.”

Amanda Carpenter | August 03, 2007

Hours after receiving a classified briefing from Pentagon officials, Sen. Hillary Clinton (D.-N.Y.) unveiled legislation to require more briefings to get more government agencies involved in the redeployment of U.S. troops from Iraq.

Brent Bozell | August 03, 2007

It wasn't that long ago that the bureaucracy at the Federal Communications Commission fell on its collective rump when, with Solomonic wisdom, it announced that use of the "f-bomb" over the broadcast airwaves didn't constitute an indecency so long as that word was used as an "intensifier" adjective and not a verb. The real world shook its head in disbelief, the appropriate cobwebs were cleared, and ultimately the FCC reversed itself.

David Limbaugh | August 03, 2007

Sen. Patrick Leahy has mounted his high horse again and is on the warpath against all things Bush and all things Republican.

Mona Charen | August 03, 2007

Within the past several weeks, presidential aspirant Barack Obama has announced that he would meet with America's enemies and attack America's friends. Those interested in a dramatic departure from Bush/Cheney need look no further.

Oliver North | August 03, 2007

For nearly two years, the potentates of the press have been slavishly following liberal dogma and telling us that the war in Iraq is all but lost.

Pat Buchanan | August 03, 2007

With Hillary Clinton's lead growing, Barack Obama appears to be overreaching to keep the spotlight and highlight their differences.

Linda Chavez | August 03, 2007

Ever wonder why women, on average, make less money than men? For years, feminists have argued that discrimination is to blame. But most careful studies show that once you take into account differences in the hours worked, years of experience, and the actual occupational or professional category in which women work, the gap narrows considerably.

Kathleen Parker | August 03, 2007

The topic for this year's dog days seems to be: Just how awful is the future White House spouse?

Charles Krauthammer | August 03, 2007

Someone's gotta do it. No one's gonna do it. So I'll do it. Your Honor, I rise in defense of drunken astronauts.

Lisa De Pasquale | August 03, 2007

Unlike their conservative counterparts, liberal bloggers have not been successful in crossing over to traditional outlets like books and talk radio.

Rich Galen | August 03, 2007

A memorial celebration was held last night in the Ways & Means Committee hearing room in the Longworth House Office Building honoring the memory of former Congressman Guy VanderJagt of Michigan.

Lorie Byrd | August 03, 2007

If congressional Democrats seem a little hysterical these days, it just might be due to news that the surge counteroffensive in Iraq is yielding some progress.

John Hawkins | August 03, 2007

Is Markos Moulitsas Zuniga AKA Kos really that powerful? No. But, does he have enormous sway on the Left? You bet he does.

Chuck Colson | August 03, 2007

As the summer grinds on, the war of words over the real war in Iraq is growing hotter every day. Critics of the war are saying that the American people are fed up and want the troops to come home; that the Iraqi government needs to step up and take responsibility for the growing violence; that the war is straining our military—and our soldiers—to the breaking point.

Joel Mowbray | August 03, 2007

Just over 24 hours before a scheduled speech it hosted by commentator Robert Spencer, Young America’s Foundation found something unexpected sitting in the fax machine: A thinly veiled threat of a lawsuit if the group allowed the talk to happen as planned.

Thu, Aug 02, 2007

Matt Barber | August 02, 2007

Lisa and Isabella’s story tragically demonstrates that it’s all too often children who are ultimately victimized by state recognized immorality.

Michael Reagan | August 02, 2007

It’s not everyday that you get to rub elbows with some of the most courageous Americans alive, but that’s what happened to me the other day when my daughter Ashley and I visited our wounded warriors at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C.

Roger Schlesinger | August 02, 2007

Frustration abounds! I am surrendering. If you want to roll the dice and get yourself into a terrible financial situation be my guest.

Rich Lowry | August 02, 2007

From a distance of nearly 50 years, the liberalism of 1960 is hardly recognizable. It was comfortable with the use of American power abroad, unabashedly patriotic and forward-looking. But that was before The Fall.

Michael Fumento | August 02, 2007

What makes you fat? Eating cheesy-poofs while watching Seinfeld reruns? Wolfing down a Wendy's "Baconator," a double cheeseburger with six strips of bacon that could feed everyone in Darfur for a week? How about when you get the urge to exercise you lie down until it goes away, as one CEO famously put it?

John McCaslin | August 02, 2007

Republican presidential hopeful Sen. John McCain of Arizona is the latest 2008 candidate to announce that he will participate in the Univision Network Presidential Forum, to be held Sunday, Sept. 16, at the University of Miami in Coral Gables, Fla.

Victor Davis Hanson | August 02, 2007

Radical Islamists love to scream about the "decadent" West. Everything from our operas to our attitudes about women outrage these loud pious critics.

Larry Elder | August 02, 2007

Worldwide Muslim support for homicide bombing, according to a recent Pew Global Attitudes survey, shows a dramatic decline.

Cal Thomas | August 02, 2007

Most Democrats seem so invested in defeat in Iraq that they apparently have no "Plan B," which would be success.Like the character Billy Bigelow in the musical "Carousel," who is dumbstruck when he realizes he has not thought about the possibility that his pregnant wife might actually deliver a girl, instead of the son he wants, Democrats appear unable to conceive of victory, or at least stability in Iraq.

Suzanne Fields | August 02, 2007

Cole Porter's lyrics came back to me the other day on reading a commentary by a young woman, age 18, on the nature of friendship in the Age of Facebook. She bemoaned the new measurements in social networking. The number of "friends" who respond to a Facebook member are posted in a running count under your photograph.

Matt Towery | August 02, 2007

While politicians have hacked and sloughed their way through the issue of illegal immigration, one sheriff in Atlanta has taken matters into his own hands by doing what the law already allows law enforcement to do -- begin deportation proceedings against illegal aliens who are charged with crimes.

Donald Lambro | August 02, 2007

The good news last week came from the economy growing at a robust 3.4 percent annual rate in the second quarter -- disproving the gloom-and-doomers who predicted that the United States was heading into a recession. But bad news came from House Democratic leaders who were trying to raise corporate taxes on a lot of businesses that have contributed to that strong growth rate. It was a stark reminder that their addiction to taxes would sandbag the economy if they won back the White House in 2008.

William Rusher | August 02, 2007

To a casual observer, the antics of both parties in Congress may resemble the monkey house at a zoo, rather than any attempts at systematic (let alone sensible) behavior. But these are rational men and women, and what they're doing is carefully designed to achieve specific goals.

Marvin Olasky | August 02, 2007

These days, nothing stops atheistic caissons from rolling along the bookstore aisles.

Robert Novak | August 02, 2007

Speaking at his $1,000-a-ticket fund-raiser at the J.W. Marriott hotel in downtown Washington Monday night, Fred Thompson began by introducing "my campaign manager -- oh, I mean my wife." That little joke about Jeri Thompson reveals how the prospective Republican presidential candidate regards the attack on his intelligent, beautiful wife.

Paul Weyrich | August 02, 2007

As some regular readers of this Commentary know, I serve on the National Surface Transportation Policy and Revenue Study Commission. I have only five months remaining to be called Commissioner Weyrich. I rather like that. I tried to convince my children (now all grown) to call me by that title. No dice. I tried the grandchildren. No way. I suggested this to my wife. She thought it was a good title for taking out the garbage. Oh well, at least I have Commissioners and officials at the Department of Transportation (DOT) who respect the title.

Amanda Carpenter | August 02, 2007

Barack Obama has a slim advantage in two out of the four early primary states, but would get crushed on "Tsunami Tuesday" by Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination for President, according to recent polls.

Debra J. Saunders | August 02, 2007

When a New York Times poll found that the number of Americans who think it was right for the United States to go to war in Iraq rose from 35 percent in May to percent 42 percent in mid-July, rather than promptly report the new poll findings, the paper conducted another poll.

Cliff May | August 02, 2007

It’s tough being a member of Congress. Even if you’re in the majority, as is Rep. Nancy Boyda of Kansas, you never know when your ears may be assaulted by outrageous and offensive ideas.

Emmett Tyrrell | August 02, 2007

James Taranto, the very clever Wall Street Journal writer and editor of, has a thesis regarding our political culture. He believes the liberals are victims of their own cultural hegemony. They say things that are quite inaccurate.

Wed, Aug 01, 2007

Fred Thompson | August 01, 2007

Rather than assail Judge Southwick’s legal competency, Senate Democrats, led primarily by Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL), are instead attacking Judge Southwick’s character.

Ann Coulter | August 01, 2007

Democrats don't care about the poor. They don't care about the children. They care about government teachers and other government bureaucrats -- grimy, dowdy women who "woo" at political debates. Or as CNN calls them, the "young," "hip" crowd.

Jerry Bowyer | August 01, 2007

The Bowyers love Harry Potter: the novels, the movies, the video games, the midnight bookseller parties, we’re game for any of it. It didn’t start that way; ten years ago my mother wanted to give Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone to one of my girls as a Christmas gift. "No way," I said. "We don't do witches and wizards here."

Janice Shaw Crouse | August 01, 2007

In a time when more and more couples are living together without marriage, the honeymoon would seem to be a throwback to an antiquated time when couples actually needed time away and alone to consummate their union after the wedding ceremony.

Bill Sali | August 01, 2007

Recently, I voted against a bill not only because of what it contained but what it DID NOT contain: The bill did not put a stop to the automatic annual increases in congressional salaries.

Michael Gerson | August 01, 2007

Having stepped out of the warm bath of global affection that followed the Sept. 11 attacks, Americans are feeling shivery and exposed.

Douglas MacKinnon | August 01, 2007

In Virginia illegal aliens have just basically declared war on the county, law and order, and the very livelihood of innocent Americans. They have done so, and no one in Washington really seems to care.

Paul Driessen | August 01, 2007

Unfortunately, legislative bills could more accurately be called anti-energy and even anti-environment. They may reflect gratitude for special interests that get legislators elected, but they hardly serve the interests of consumers or the nation.

John McCaslin | August 01, 2007

In the spirit of saving planet Earth, obviously, Mr. Dean invites us to make a contribution to the Democratic Party.

William Perry Pendley | August 01, 2007

On April 5, 2005, the University of California at Santa Cruz (UCSC) hosted a job fair for students seeking to learn about post-graduate employment opportunities. After what one reporter called “an hour of chaos and tension,” during which the job fair came to a halt, UCSC officials asked the military recruiters to leave and advised protesters that they could distribute their anti-military literature.

Rich Galen | August 01, 2007

After the second quarter fundraising numbers of the Presidential candidates were announced there was a general din (if not genuine glee) among the Popular Press that the total amount raised by the Dems (about twice that of the Republicans) was a financial asteroid aimed at the heart of the GOP.

Thomas Sowell | August 01, 2007

If victory in Iraq was oversold at the outset, there are now signs that defeat is likewise being oversold today.

John Stossel | August 01, 2007

When I speak on college campuses, students often ask what can be done about the "problem" of young people who don't care enough to vote.

Walter E. Williams | August 01, 2007

Historical costs, sometimes called sunk costs, are irrelevant to decision-making because they are costs that have already been incurred. That's something that's not intuitively obvious, even for some trained economists. On a couple of occasions, I've recommended to a graduate student, having difficulty with his Ph.D. dissertation, that it might be wise to start all over again with a different topic. The response:

Brent Bozell | August 01, 2007

Sen. Charles Schumer is a legendary pursuer of television cameras. But look at the way the national media are covering Schumer's heavy-breathing pursuit to make Attorney General Alberto Gonzales cry uncle and resign.

Jonah Goldberg | August 01, 2007

Can you name all three branches of government? Can you name even one? Do you know who your congressman is? Your senators? Do you even know how many senators each state gets? If you know the answers to these questions (and you probably do because you're a newspaper reader), you're in the minority

Tony Blankley | August 01, 2007

Certainly, as President Bush and many of his supporters have cruelly learned, victories cannot reliably be predicted. But as Sen. Harry Reid, the congressional Democrats (and a growing number of Republicans) may soon learn -- neither can one reliably predict defeat.

Terry Jeffrey | August 01, 2007

The District of Columbia deserves the gratitude of taxpayers everywhere for giving the nation a lesson in governance. It is proving that spending more on public schools is a waste of money.

Ben Shapiro | August 01, 2007

This week, FBI and IRS agents searched the home of Senator Ted Stevens, R-Alaska, 83.

Austin Bay | August 01, 2007

Let's take Mexico's figurative battle first, the "political fight for modernization." Figurative, however, doesn't mean without the threat of severe civil disorder.

Paul Greenberg | August 01, 2007

You drive through the green, rolling fields of western Arkansas, winding your way up around the foothills of the Ozarks along state Highway 22, and then, without warning, a European monastery rises on your right, beckoning the eye and soul. You're here - Subiaco Academy.

Paul Weyrich | August 01, 2007

When confronted with the facts, Churchill blamed his editor, publisher, assistant or former wife and collaborator, but refused to assume responsibility himself. Brown recommended that Churchill be terminated.

Amanda Carpenter | August 01, 2007

President Bush issued a veto threat on a pork-laden homeland security spending bill and outraged an anti-illegal immigration group that complained a veto would scuttle $3 billion in border funding.

Kathleen Parker | August 01, 2007

All over America, boomer women are praying that there is no John Peavoy in their past. That is to say, no erstwhile friend who saved their college letters and feels compelled to share them with The New York Times.

Michelle Malkin | August 01, 2007

The blood of innocent Christian missionaries spills on Afghan sands. The world watches and yawns. The United Nations offers nothing more than a formal expression of "concern." Where is the global uproar over the human rights abuses unfolding before our eyes?

Michael Medved | August 01, 2007

On Saturday in Jerusalem, I participated in a moving religious service to honor one of Israel’s most celebrated heroes from last summer’s war against the Hezbollah terrorists.

Jacob Sullum | August 01, 2007

Determined to maintain anti-drug orthodoxy, the DEA is running wild in the laboratories of democracy, smashing experiments in reform and injuring innocent bystanders.

Tue, Jul 31, 2007

Maggie Gallagher | July 31, 2007

The great subject of transhumanism appears to be death, and how to imagine conquering it, in the absence of God.

Nicole Gelinas | July 31, 2007

Though he’s stuck, for now, in third place in the national polls, John Edwards has set the tone for the Democratic presidential race over the past few months.

Roger Schlesinger | July 31, 2007

In the late 1990's people were really getting their money's worth in the stock market and by 2000 everyone was looking for early retirement. During this period real estate was on the back burner and didn't begin to pick up until the early part of the new century, around 2003-4.

Mike Adams | July 31, 2007

The rising number of Che Guevara t-shirts among UNCW students reflects a profound ignorance of his life and his true legacy. I think that building a Guevara Memorial in the center of campus would go a long way towards remedying this kind of ignorance.

Ken Blackwell | July 31, 2007

No more playing nice. Senators Clinton and Obama now are going for each other's throat, and in doing so, they both expose why neither might not be "ready for primetime" in a post-September11 world.

Tom DeLay | July 31, 2007

It's unlikely Sen. Clinton's coattails will be very long, seeing as she's so unpopular among Republicans and right-leaning independents, but that organization of hers is the closest thing in the 2008 race to a real chance at a national landslide.

Jon Sanders | July 31, 2007

A grisly case in Maryland has the pro-abortion movement distressed that a state law banning the murder of an unborn baby could be used against a woman accused of killing her unborn baby. This is what unintended consequences sound like to the abortionistas.

Caroline Glick | July 31, 2007

Today, the US finds itself competing not only against an emergent Russia, but against Iran, and the Shi'ite expansionism it advances. Moreover, it finds itself under attack from Sunni jihadism, which is incubated and financed by Saudi Arabia, America's primary ally in the Persian Gulf.

Michael Steele | July 31, 2007

These days the news media are filled with reports about influential Republicans breaking with President Bush and the Administration on big issues like the war in Iraq and immigration reform.

John McCaslin | July 31, 2007

Marc Morano, communications director for Sen. James M. Inhofe on the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, was leaving for the airport when Inside the Beltway called him on Friday. Where was he going? "Greenland," came the unexpected reply. "It should be an interesting trip — there's 30 of us going, and I'm the only 'global warming' skeptic."

Mary Katharine Ham | July 31, 2007

“Tonight, instead of “Moonlight Serenade,” “Chattanooga Choo-Choo,” or “I’ve Got a Girl in Kalamazoo,” we’ve decided to bring you an anti-war medley of pacifist anthems and traditional German folk songs because we really wanted to do something that everyone can connect to, you know? Because, we’re all people, man, and no one’s pro-war, right? Who wants war?”

David Limbaugh | July 31, 2007

>The artificial dust-up between John Edwards, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama over the actual dust-up between Hillary and Barack is both amusing and annoying.

Dennis Prager | July 31, 2007

What do anti-Semitism, racism and Islamophobia have in common? In fact, nothing.

Pat Buchanan | July 31, 2007

What are SWFs? They are Sovereign Wealth Funds -- huge capital funds controlled by regimes that are the big new boys on the block in the world of global finance.

Bill Murchison | July 31, 2007

Edification, my hind foot! I make bold to suggest that the phenomenon of the endless presidential campaign is one of the unhealthier developments in our polity.

Betsy Hart | July 31, 2007

When was the last time your kids said to you, "Mom, how was your day?" "What did you do?" "Dad, so how was work?" "What's something interesting that happened to you today?"

Thomas Sowell | July 31, 2007

Parents who want to counteract politically correct commencement speeches -- often after four years of politically correct indoctrination on campus -- might include among the things they give their graduate a new book titled "The Prince of Darkness" by columnist Robert Novak.

Debra J. Saunders | July 31, 2007

If you really believe that the planet is at the tipping point on global warming and the consequences will be fatal for people around the world, especially the poor, then all industrialized nations need to curb their greenhouse gas emissions.

Herb London | July 31, 2007

In George Orwell’s novel 1984, the protagonists in the totalitarian society employed “newspeak,” the inversion of words to create false meaning. “War is peace,” “good is bad,” “moral is immoral” are merely a few of the possible inversions. While Orwell passed this mortal coil years ago, his notion of false meaning is alive and well and residing in the United Nations.

Mon, Jul 30, 2007

The polling is in and Hillary made a big mistake in her sharp disagreement with Obama over whether the president should meet with leaders of rogue nations. According to the Rasmussen Poll, Democrats agree with Obama over Hillary by 55%-22%.

Rich Lowry | July 30, 2007

A majority is a terrible thing to waste. That's not stopping congressional Democrats. When not trying to force a pullout from Iraq, their main effort has been chasing Bush administration scandals that loom large only in their fevered imaginations.

David Strom | July 30, 2007

There's normal life, then there's government. In normal life, things change. Our fortunes go up, they go down. Our lives are in constant flux. One day we fall in love and move across the country, another we have a child or change jobs and our lives are magically altered.

Ed Feulner | July 30, 2007

The phrase “Only in America” once was used only as an expression of pride. But these days, “Only in America” can have a slightly different meaning. Our country isn’t merely the land of opportunity anymore. It may soon become the only country where a family can be rich and poor at the same time.

Bill Steigerwald | July 30, 2007

David Yepsen, the chief political columnist for The Des Moines Register, has been covering Iowa government and politics for more than 30 years. With Iowa’s corn already well-trampled by the herd of Republican and Democrat presidential candidates hoping to win the mysterious Iowa caucuses in January, and with the important Republican straw poll coming on Aug. 11, we thought it was a good time to ask Yepsen who’s winning and losing out there in the Hawkeye State.

John Stemberger | July 30, 2007

Unless our movement gets its act together quickly and gets on the same page, one thing is for sure-- we are in big trouble.

John McCaslin | July 30, 2007

Last Thursday, the same day that the National Aeronautics and Space Administration confirmed that a pair of its astronauts had shown up to work drunk, the Government Accountability Office warned with far less fanfare about NASA's "lack of accountability" and "weak internal controls," which leave the space agency's equipment vulnerable to loss, theft and misuse.

Phyllis Schlafly | July 30, 2007

In extraordinary coordination, the judiciary committees of both the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives in the same week approved a bill, which, if it becomes law, will spell the end of America's world leadership in innovation.

Fred Thompson | July 30, 2007

Last week, California officials in National City voted unanimously to use eminent domain to take over more than 600 properties—including a nonprofit youth center dedicated to keeping local kids out of gangs and off the street. They plan to give this land to local private developers for a group of condominiums.

Michael Barone | July 30, 2007

Not all is gloom out there. That's the dominant message from the most recent Pew Global Attitudes Project's poll of 47 nations. Pew found that there is rising or constantly high contentment all over the globe with one's quality of life and family income.

Suzanne Fields | July 30, 2007

Good reporters are usually great storytellers because they have lots of stories to tell. Great reporters like Robert Novak can write great memoirs. I finished "The Prince of Darkness," his memoir of 50 years of collecting Washington stories, on the way to a barbecue where young and aspiring twenty- and thirtysomethings from the Hill, the White House and the Washington news bureaus were gathered to enjoy a summer's day and to engage in what all Washingtonians do most of the time -- talk shop. Bob Novak's book quickly became the buzz.

Debra J. Saunders | July 30, 2007

Imagine you're waiting to board a plane, and you see fellow travelers acting strangely and muttering words that you don't understand. Maybe they're Muslim, maybe they're not. You're afraid that they are up to no good. What do you do?

Paul Greenberg | July 30, 2007

He no longer looked up when he walked out of the office building into the evening. He felt the sauna heat and went on, gazing straight ahead. He used to dawdle. Now he walked purposefully, as if he knew where he was going.

Donald Lambro | July 30, 2007

The excessive attention being paid to the huge sums of money raised by the Democratic presidential front-runners overlooks an important irony in recent political history: The best-funded candidates often lose in the early caucuses and primaries.

Robert Novak | July 30, 2007

The morass in Iraq and deepening difficulties in Afghanistan have not deterred the Bush administration from taking on a dangerous and questionable new secret operation.

La Shawn Barber | July 30, 2007

Love it or hate it, Harry Potter is a cultural phenomenon. The series has produced a collection of books, research papers, blogs, podcasts, fan fiction, and fan conferences devoted to analyzing the text, positing theories, dissecting clues, and pouring over minutiae. The long tail of Harry Potter is so vibrant, even fans have fans.

Star Parker | July 30, 2007

The conversation now taking place about revival of the Fairness Doctrine, buried by the Federal Communications Commission 20 years ago, shows that no idea ever dies. Even the worst ones.

Burt Prelutsky | July 30, 2007

Trying to figure out how it is that some folks manage to reach adulthood when their heads are filled with straw is probably as pointless as trying to determine how it is that some people have absolutely no sense of humor, irony or perspective.

Harry R. Jackson, Jr. | July 30, 2007

Last Monday, I received an e-mail copy of an article which appeared online in the Congressional Quarterly. I was surprised to see my name in the piece.

Mike Adams | July 30, 2007

Those who read the last installment in this series will remember that I had a less-than-stellar record as a high school student. It took a while for me to get things going but, as soon as I gathered momentum, I had a hard time slowing down.

Rich Galen | July 30, 2007

There is a legend, an urban legend, that upon the publication of F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel, "The Great Gatsby" in 1925, he said to Ernest Hemingway that "The rich are different from the rest of us." According to legend, Hemingway responded, "Yes, they have more money."

Matt Barber | July 30, 2007

There’s absolutely no legitimate reason for anyone to oppose President Bush’s nomination of Judge Leslie Southwick to the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit.

Larry Kudlow | July 30, 2007

Stock market bulls like myself were on the losing side of this week's trading, as the Dow gave back roughly 4 percent from its 14,000 peak. The big story was a wave of high-anxiety credit fears over the value of corporate and housing loans.

Sun, Jul 29, 2007

Jackie Gingrich Cushman | July 29, 2007

Six years ago, my husband Jimmy and I were anxiously waiting for the birth of our second child, who was due in a few days. I had been walking as much as possible for the several days prior, in the hopes of speeding up our child’s arrival. It appeared to pay off early in the morning the day on July 27, 2001.

Ken Connor | July 29, 2007

George Washington. Abraham Lincoln. Franklin Roosevelt. John F. Kennedy. Ronald Reagan. Who among these men would answer, with a straight face, a question posed by a snowman?

Salena Zito | July 29, 2007

Preconceptions are a powerful thing. And no candidate is surrounded by more preconceptions than Hillary Clinton.

Paul Jacob | July 29, 2007

Not every foe foils our plans. And that's priceless.

Bob Burney | July 29, 2007

A reasonable parent begins the long process of teaching the child that selfishness and temper tantrums are not appropriate. That would be a reasonable parent. Unfortunately, reason seems to be a diminishing quality in today’s parents. For many parents today, narcissism on steroids has replaced reason.

Frank Pastore | July 29, 2007

Ahhh… The delicious irony of postmodern emergents asking me for evidence to support my arguments from last week’s “Why Al Qaeda Supports The Emergent Church”… when their relativistic worldview proclaims the futility of both evidence and argument.