Sat, Jun 30, 2007

William Perry Pendley | June 30, 2007

In Wilkie v. Robbins, one of the final cases decided by the U.S. Supreme Court at the end of its term last month, one of the facts—in a case bursting at the seams with facts—on which all could agree was that a career bureaucrat was so offended by the conduct of his fellow employees that he retired.

Ashley Herzog | June 30, 2007

The murder-suicide of professional wrestler Chris Benoit and his wife and child rightly provoked an outpouring of sympathy for the surviving members of Benoit’s family. A few days after Benoit strangled his wife, smothered his 7-year-old son, and hung himself, the World Wrestling Entertainment described the crime as “a terrible tragedy and an unbearable loss.”

Paul Driessen | June 30, 2007

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has proposed to make Congress “carbon neutral” in its electricity use. How this is possible without building separate transmission lines and condemning private property for rights-of-way, to get electricity from wind and solar farms to Capitol Hill, she doesn’t say.

Robert Novak | June 30, 2007

Newt Gingrich is telling Republican insiders that his decision in September whether to run for president in 2008 depends on the progress of Fred Thompson's imminent candidacy.

Nathan Tabor | June 30, 2007

Remember when Nancy Pelosi took office as Speaker of the House? You would have thought she was taking the helm of Spiffy Maids rather than the hallowed halls of Congress. Her statements indicated she would clean up the mess in Washington, restore ethics and order beneath the Capitol dome, and still have time to pose for countless photo-ops with her grandchildren.

John Andrews | June 30, 2007

The "Titanic" exhibit got me ready for time travel, and the big burrito did the rest. A chair at poolside, a snooze in the sun, and suddenly I was back at Independence Hall in Philadelphia on July 4, 1776. All eyes were on John Adams as he addressed the Continental Congress:

Fri, Jun 29, 2007

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has disclosed that she holds stock valued at up to $15,000 in Alcatel-Lucent (formerly Alcatel SA), a company with extensive investments in Iran and Sudan — nations that sponsor terrorism.

Fred Thompson | June 29, 2007

We've been hearing threats to use the obsolete Fairness Doctrine to go after talk radio ever since the left-leaning talk radio network, Air America, failed.

Diana West | June 29, 2007

If anyone wants to know why Muslims the world over tell pollsters the United States is at war with Islam, just read President Bush's speech at the Islamic Center of Washington, especially the part about American-style religious freedom -- in the president's words, "what we wish for the world."

Rich Tucker | June 29, 2007

In politics, as in football, the real key is the straight-ahead application of brute force.

Bill Steigerwald | June 29, 2007

The U.S. Supreme Court made history Thursday by striking down integration plans in school districts in Seattle and Louisville, Ky., that used race as a way to determine which schools students should attend. The 5-4 decision was split along liberal-conservative lines with Justice Anthony Kennedy tipping the balance in the combined opinion on Meredith v. Jefferson County Board and a similar case, Community Schools v. Seattle School District #1.

Amanda Carpenter | June 29, 2007

Just in time for the Fourth of July holiday, Sen. Hillary Clinton (D.-N.Y) equated higher taxes with patriotism during the third nationally-televised Democratic Presidential debate Thursday evening.

John McCaslin | June 29, 2007

At yesterday's Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee hearing on Islamic extremism in Europe, a dozen anti-war Code Pink activists were in attendance. When the hearing broke for a Senate floor vote, the leader of the group signaled for the others to begin shouting in unison: "Senator Collins, stop funding the war."

Will George W. Bush try to steal a page from Richard Nixon and, reading the handwriting on the wall after a dismal showing in the congressional elections, begin to pull troops out of Iraq by the end of the year? If he does, will it save the Republican Party?

Allison Aldrich | June 29, 2007

The false sense of security that a college campus provides allows women to lower their guard, unwittingly putting themselves at greater risk. Sure, we hear the horrors caused by date-rape drugs and too much drinking, but who is on guard at the bus stop, on a mid-day jog around campus, or even just in the classroom?

Lorie Byrd | June 29, 2007

According to a recent poll of New Hampshire likely voters, if Al Gore entered the 2008 presidential contest, he would beat Hillary Clinton 32 to 26 percent, as well as easily beat all other Democratic candidates. Rumors are floating around that Gore is seriously considering another run. I would love to see Al Gore get into the race if for no other reason than to see how the Clinton campaign would react.

John Hawkins | June 29, 2007

Those of us in the conservative movement have always been friendly to the business community. We believe in low taxes, a light touch on regulation, and we're stalwart champions of the free market.

Brent Bozell | June 29, 2007

In the eyes of most political observers, the Democratic takeover of Congress signaled tougher federal scrutiny of business interests, but those same pundits might make an exception for the entertainment industry given that Hollywood is a major financial base for Democrats.

Jonah Goldberg | June 29, 2007

There are few areas where I think common sense is more sorely lacking than in our public debates over free speech, and there's no better proof than two recent Supreme Court decisions.

Mona Charen | June 29, 2007

In a 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court ruled that achieving "diversity" is too weak an argument to justify shuffling kids around on the basis of skin color.

Oliver North | June 29, 2007

"Does anyone know or care that we're turning things around over here?" The query was in one of several dozen e-mails I received this week from troops with whom our FOX News "War Stories" team has been embedded in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Pat Buchanan | June 29, 2007

What was anticipated in September, the retreat of the old bulls of the Republican Party from the Bush war policy, happened in June. The beginning of the end of U.S. involvement in the Iraq war is at hand.

Linda Chavez | June 29, 2007

Immigration reform is dead. But before conservatives who killed this bill start popping champagne corks, they ought to consider the following.

Paul Greenberg | June 29, 2007

Another day, another constitutional crisis. Or so the loyal opposition says. When the president decided to fire a handful of federal prosecutors who serve at his pleasure and replace them with appointees he liked better, just as the U.S. Constitution provides, he was accused of Š violating the Constitution. Also of introducing politics into political appointments. In short, the chief executive of the United States was accused of hiring, firing and generally acting like a chief executive. Outrageous.

Betsy Hart | June 29, 2007

Paris Hilton says that being in lockup for a few weeks was traumatic. I think being shot at in Iraq would be traumatic — not taking a little time off from having every whim satisfied on a whim. Nonetheless, different folks have different levels of trauma-handling ability. She apparently reached hers. (The lovely Paris was sent to jail for driving on a suspended license following a DUI charge. And good for that judge.)

Kathleen Parker | June 29, 2007

The Internet recently has introduced the world to two memorable individuals -- mostly recognizable by their mouths -- who vividly illustrate the striking cultural difference between East and West. One is best known as ``Rage Boy,'' featured on several blogs and popularized by Christopher Hitchens in a recent column. Rage Boy is a Kashmiri protester -- one of those perennials who show up for marches, funeral processions, wherever there's a crowd and, more importantly, a camera.

Burt Prelutsky | June 29, 2007

There are politicians I like and there are those I don’t like. In some cases, it’s their stand on the issues I take exception to, while with others it’s their personality. In some cases, as with Ted Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Al Gore, Barbara Boxer and Howard Dean, it’s both.

Paul Weyrich | June 29, 2007

Radical homosexual activists are at it again. They have condemned President George W. Bush's nomination of Dr. James W. Holsinger, Jr. for the post of United States Surgeon General. The reason for their condemnation is that he takes his Christian faith seriously.

Charles Krauthammer | June 29, 2007

The senator was vexed. The U.S. auto companies were resisting attempts by her and other Senate well-meaners to impose a radical rise in fuel efficiency by 2017. Why can't they be more like the Chinese, she complained. Or to quote Sen. Dianne Feinstein precisely: "What the China situation, or the other countries' situation, shows is that these automakers, in all of these countries, build the automobile that the requirements for mileage state. And they don't fight it, they just do it."

Rich Lowry | June 29, 2007

Beware of an aroused citizenry. It's an admonition that should be ingrained in the brain of any run-of-the-mill politician, let alone someone who has ascended to the United States Senate.

Chuck Colson | June 29, 2007

I have what some might consider the macabre habit of reading the casualty reports from Iraq every day in the New York Times. This may reflect the fact that I served in the military or that I worked in the White House during Vietnam.

Mike Adams | June 29, 2007

The other day someone wrote to ask whether I’ve ever considered writing a column including my favorite political quotes. I responded by saying, "Let me get a six pack and think about it. I’ll write back later."

David Limbaugh | June 29, 2007

Almost as upsetting as the fact that the United States is engaged in a long-term global war against radical Islamists is that a shocking percentage of people seem predisposed against grasping it.

Thu, Jun 28, 2007

Ann Coulter | June 28, 2007

I'm a little tired of losers trying to raise campaign cash or TV ratings off of my coattails, particularly when they use their afflictions or bereavement schedules to try to silence the opposition.

Brent Bozell | June 28, 2007

Bill Dedman, a Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter for MSNBC, recently filed a report on the MSNBC website that won't win him any Pulitzers. He investigated political donations made by journalists, and found a resounding liberal tilt: 125 journalists gave to Democrats and liberal causes, and only 16 gave to Republicans. Two gave to both parties.<

Michael Reagan | June 28, 2007

When my father Ronald Reagan said one of his mottos was “trust but verify,” he was talking about dealing with the Soviet Union. If he was talking about present-day Washington I think he’d simply say, “Don’t trust – ever.”

Fred Thompson | June 28, 2007

Recently, the new UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said that the root cause of the current genocide in Darfur is … global warming.

Amanda Carpenter | June 28, 2007

White-House backed legislation to grant legal status to millions of illegal aliens failed to get the 60 Senate votes needed to proceed to a final vote of passage late Thursday morning.

John McCaslin | June 28, 2007

Rep. Maxine Waters, California Democrat, reportedly had former Los Angeles mayoral candidate and homeless activist Ted Hayes arrested for disorderly conduct outside her Capitol Hill office several days ago, then requested he remain quiet about his apprehension.

Victor Davis Hanson | June 28, 2007

While we worry about gas prices, the costs of milk, meat and fresh produce silently skyrockets. So like the end of cheap energy, is the era of cheap food also finally over?

Cal Thomas | June 28, 2007

On June 26, the Washington Post featured three stories on its World News page that should teach a lesson to anyone who wishes to pay attention. The top story was headlined, "Olmert Makes ŒGesture of Goodwill': At Summit in Egypt, Israeli Leader Pledges to Seek Release of 250 Palestinian Prisoners."

Suzanne Fields | June 28, 2007

They call him "Bush's poodle." Headlines scream "Good Riddance." They're saying he was thrown out of "10 Downer Street." After that, they get mean.

Matt Towery | June 28, 2007

It may seem too early to be talking about whom the Republican Party might select as its vice-presidential nominee in 2008. After all, there's not yet even a clear view of whom the GOP presidential nominee will be.

Donald Lambro | June 28, 2007

Rudy Giuliani scored a coup last week when Martin Anderson, President Reagan's influential domestic-policy chief, joined the former mayor's campaign team of economic advisers.

Cliff May | June 28, 2007

If we won’t fight our enemies, can we at least stop assisting them? “Extremists link up with extremists." So said Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice this week upon hearing that Ayman al-Zawahri, the top deputy to Osama bin Laden, had released a message enthusiastically supporting Hamas’ bloody takeover of Gaza.

Marvin Olasky | June 28, 2007

When the Supreme Court on Monday ruled that the Bush administration did not act unconstitutionally by sponsoring conferences largely designed to teach faith-based groups about federal grant applications, hard-core secularists were aghast: Here comes theocracy!

Joel Mowbray | June 28, 2007

During a contentious Senate hearing last week, State Department consular chief Maura Harty took personal responsibility for the backlog of two million passport applications—leading to wait times of 12 weeks or more—that has wreaked havoc on honeymoons, family getaways, and business trips.

Douglas MacKinnon | June 28, 2007

As an everyday citizen of the United States, what are your realistic options when you believe your country to be in a death spiral from which it almost assuredly won’t recover?

Chuck Colson | June 28, 2007

Recently, scientists warned that the red knot, a small shorebird, might join the Dodo on the list of birds driven to extinction by human activity.

Robert Novak | June 28, 2007

There is no need to wait until a new president is elected next year for the great national health care debate. It is underway right now, disguised as a routine extension of an immensely popular, non-controversial 10-year-old program of providing coverage to poor children. In fact, this proposal is the thin edge of the wedge to achieve the longtime goal of government-supplied universal health insurance and the suffocation of the private system.

George Will | June 28, 2007

WASHINGTON -- Let us hope that Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, who is rarely right about First Amendment matters, was right about what he said in April. During oral arguments about a challenge to a use of the McCain-Feingold law to suppress political speech, Breyer, who considers the suppression constitutional, said to the challenger: ``If we agree with you in this case, goodbye McCain-Feingold.''

Janice Shaw Crouse | June 28, 2007

Fred Thompson is on the verge of declaring his candidacy for the 2008 race for President of the U.S. With his star quality and down-home demeanor he is already running second among the Republicans in some polls and first in others.

William Rusher | June 28, 2007

Anyone who doubts the vitality of the American political system must be reassured by the number of people seeking the presidency.

Wynton Hall | June 28, 2007

Conservatives are being picky about whom to back for president. They are wise to be picky.

Emmett Tyrrell | June 28, 2007

Stuffy old London is all jitters about a new craze in woman's fashion, the niqab.

Steve Chapman | June 28, 2007

Americans have many reasons for gloom. The war in Iraq has yet to turn around, we can't agree on a solution for illegal immigration, and Lindsay Lohan isn't cute anymore.

Larry Elder | June 28, 2007

A few weeks ago, I gave a commencement speech at a Catholic elementary school. I received the invitation from a 13-year-old young lady, Elisabeth, who began listening to my radio show at 6-and-a-half years of age, who has now finished the eighth grade and prepares, next semester, to enter high school.

Wed, Jun 27, 2007

Roger Schlesinger | June 27, 2007

Therefore I have inscribed a Borrowers Bill of Rights, that if followed, will save borrowers countless sleepless nights, a parcel of money and a lot of wasted years of mortgage payments.

Fred Thompson | June 27, 2007

For decades, the self-proclaimed smart kids have been telling us that the death penalty just doesn't work.

Amanda Carpenter | June 27, 2007

House Republicans passed an internal resolution of disapproval of the White House-backed Senate immigration bill Tuesday evening, distancing themselves from the bill that would grant legal status to millions of illegal aliens.

Amanda Carpenter | June 27, 2007

Prominent Democrats want to revive a policy to require broadcasters to present multiple viewpoints on controversial issues, spurred by complaints that talk radio has unfairly impacted the national immigration debate.

John McCaslin | June 27, 2007

CNN's Lou Dobbs, the club's luncheon guest speaker, he skewered the amnesty bill being pushed by President Bush and Sen. Edward M. Kennedy. He characterized as "shameful" the Senate's rush to pass legislation that many senators have not even read and for which not one single public hearing has been held. "You cannot control immigration in this country unless you control our ports and borders first," Mr. Dobbs, sounding at times like an independent candidate for president, said bluntly.

Kathleen Parker | June 27, 2007

The fallacy of hate crime laws -- the prosecution of which requires a degree of mind-reading not yet available to most Earthlings -- has been cast into stark relief the past few weeks following an interracial rape-murder that has bestirred white supremacists and led to death threats against an African-American columnist.

Rich Galen | June 27, 2007

Sen. Diane Feinstein (D-Ca) said on Sunday that she thought it would be a good idea if the Congress would pass a law bringing back what used to be known as "The Fairness Doctrine."

Michael Medved | June 27, 2007

Unlike other media obsessions, however, this horrifying story conveys some significant messages and should help to refocus attention on the nation’s most significant and menacing social problem: the unchecked epidemic and unquestioning acceptance of out of wedlock birth.

Michelle Malkin | June 27, 2007

Harry Reid boasts of his compassion for "undocumented Americans." President Bush wants understanding for "newcomers" without papers. The so-called Grand Bargainers on both sides of the aisle in the Senate are pushing forward this week with their massive plan to "regularize" the unregularized and bring in hundreds of thousands of extra foreign guest workers on top of the ones who are already here or have been waiting for approval for years.

Walter E. Williams | June 27, 2007

Just about the most difficult lesson for first-year economics students, and sometimes graduate students, is that economic theory, and for that matter any scientific theory, is positive or non-normative.

Jonah Goldberg | June 27, 2007

I'm a longtime member of a pretty select group: the Dick Cheney Fan Club. Chapters gather in phone booths, refrigerator boxes and, at the annual convention, we take up three whole booths in the back of a nearby Arby's.

Ken Blackwell | June 27, 2007

Michael Moore got slammed by Larry King tonight. The outlandish documentarian was bumped from the “The Larry King Show” by none other than an ex-con, Paris Hilton.

Debra J. Saunders | June 27, 2007

In its 1969 Tinker decision, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that an Iowa public school could not expel students who wore black armbands to protest the Vietnam War because students do not "shed their constitutional rights to freedom of speech or expression at the schoolhouse gate."

Paul Greenberg | June 27, 2007

This year we had two springs here in Arkansas, one before and one after the Easter frost. Which means we had two winters, too, even if the second didn't last more than 24 hours.

Patrick Ruffini | June 27, 2007

A few days ago, I had a chance to catch up with Nebraska attorney general Jon Bruning, who recently announced he was challenging Senator Chuck Hagel in the Republican primary. Hagel's positions against the war in Iraq and for the McCain-Kennedy immigration bill have placed him at odds with most conservatives. Read on to see Bruning explain why "conservatives need a voice," share some of his campaign's internal polling, and talk about his own record, one he says consists of "zero maverick moments."

Paul Weyrich | June 27, 2007

Senate Majority Leader Harry M. Reid (D-NV) is about to bring a so-called Card Check Bill to the Senate Floor. In short this bill would deprive workers of the right to a secret ballot when determining whether to have union representation at a person's work place.

Bruce Bartlett | June 27, 2007

Many people are worried about global warming today. They fear that the polar ice caps will melt, raising sea levels and creating environmental chaos. Such concerns are not new. The historical record tells us of many warming episodes—and subsequent cooling periods—that have bedeviled humans for thousands of years.

Jon Sanders | June 27, 2007

The prize committee for the annual Nagin/Nifong Award for Inconceivable Incompetence in the Line of Duty is pleased to announce their first nominees for 2007.

John Stossel | June 27, 2007

Government coercion almost always makes things worse. It discourages individual effort, and sucks capital away from more productive uses.

Ben Shapiro | June 27, 2007

Ignorance of basic economics -- and the concurrent attempt to obfuscate that ignorance by employing class-conscious demagoguery -- remains the staple of the Democratic Party.

Austin Bay | June 27, 2007

Pity the Palestinians. Their crooks -- the corrupt Fatah -- and their kooks --Islamist Hamas -- both rule by the gun, not law. They had an election in 1996 where the crooks prevailed. In 2006, the kooks took control of the state-let.

Terry Jeffrey | June 27, 2007

Americans may have a low opinion of their own Congress, but one wonders what they would think about the congress in Baghdad if they ever paid close attention to it.

Tony Blankley | June 27, 2007

Come September, not only Gen. David Petraeus, but also many other designated experts will deliver their report cards on Iraqi progress -- or lack of it.

Thomas Sowell | June 27, 2007

People can get attention either from their accomplishments or from their deliberate attempts to get attention. Today, almost everywhere you look, people seem to be putting their efforts into getting attention.

Suzanne Fields | June 27, 2007

They call him "Bush's poodle." Headlines scream "Good Riddance." They're saying he was thrown out of "10 Downer Street." After that, they get mean.

Jacob Sullum | June 27, 2007

In 2004, when Wisconsin Right to Life sponsored radio ads urging people to contact the state's senators, it was trying to stop filibusters against judicial nominees. In 2002, when Joseph Frederick, an 18-year-old high school senior, held up a "Bong Hits 4 Jesus" banner at an Olympic torch rally in Juneau, Alaska, he was, by his own account, only trying to get on TV.

Tue, Jun 26, 2007

Larry Kudlow | June 26, 2007

Last Friday’s precipitous stock market plunge, with the Dow Jones dropping 185 points, is all about Washington’s continued war on prosperity.

Matt Kibbe | June 26, 2007

In his new film Sicko, Michael Moore makes it clear that he is a big fan of government-run health care. He may in fact be one of the biggest fans of socialized medicine in America, given his well-documented penchant for donuts and double Quarter-Pounders with cheese.

Fred Thompson | June 26, 2007

We're hearing those phrases again; national health care, universal health care, socialized medicine.

The conventional wisdom says that we have two choices in confronting and containing Iranian nuclear ambitions - United Nations sanctions and diplomacy, or a military strike to knock out key nuclear sites.

Scott Garrett | June 26, 2007

House Republicans have been working hard to fight for the American taxpayer. As you may know, we recently stood firm and forced the new House leadership to stick by their promises of transparency and accountability in federal spending; specifically, to stand by their promises of earmark reform.

Tom DeLay | June 26, 2007

If ever there was a window through which to view the modern liberal soul, it is the issue of climate change.

John Leo | June 26, 2007

Putnam’s study reveals that immigration and diversity not only reduce social capital between ethnic groups, but also within the groups themselves. Trust, even for members of one’s own race, is lower, altruism and community cooperation rarer, friendships fewer.

Alan Sears | June 26, 2007

Leftist censors aren’t just dropping hints about their determination to legislate conservative talk radio out of existence. They are screaming their intentions, loud and clear.

Amanda Carpenter | June 26, 2007

The Senate voted 64-35 in favor of restarting debate on legislation to grant legal status to millions of illegal aliens residing in the United States Monday afternoon. Immediately after the vote, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D.-Nev.) filed a cloture motion, which would end debate on the bill and order a final vote.

Janice Shaw Crouse | June 26, 2007

The pregnant woman walked into the room like she owned “da joint.” She was beautiful, but it was her glowing demeanor that drew all eyes in her direction. Then there was the “little” matter of the light pink knit top she wore that was cut deep and wide in the front. At four to five months pregnant, she filled the top bountifully; there was no way not to notice.

Amanda Carpenter | June 26, 2007

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D.-Nev.) said Tuesday that Sen. Richard Lugar’s (R.-Ind.) opposition to President Bush’s Iraq policy is part of a “growing sentiment among his Republican colleagues.”

Cal Thomas | June 26, 2007

It amazes me that some conservatives who preach against "big government" control of our lives think nothing of rushing in to ask big government to control our entertainment choices.

John McCaslin | June 26, 2007

Democrats and Republicans took to the field at RFK Stadium last night for the annual congressional baseball game, which began in 1909 as a "casual game among colleagues."

Paul Weyrich | June 26, 2007

I am worried. This is not my usual state of mind but so many signs point to trouble. There are various things of concern, such as the Immigration Bill, and more obscure issues, such as the Trans-North American Highway, which may have the effect of giving up our sovereignty. I am worried about what is happening to talk-radio in this country. Hopefully it does not resemble Hugo Chavez's actions in Venezuela. If you report anything against his regime you are shut down.

Thomas Sowell | June 26, 2007

Among the interesting people encountered by my wife and me, during some recent vacation travel, were a small group of adolescent boys from a Navajo reservation.

David Limbaugh | June 26, 2007

In their joint appearance on "Fox News Sunday," Sens. Trent Lott and Dianne Feinstein unwittingly gave a seminar on the corrupting influence of governmental power, the "bipartisanship is a virtue" myth and the urgent need for term limits.

Dennis Prager | June 26, 2007

Upon first hearing a comparison of name-rape to body-rape, most people are likely to recoil. But upon reflection, it becomes clear that the two are morally comparable.

Pat Buchanan | June 26, 2007

The presidential candidacy of New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is already a smashing success.

Phyllis Schlafly | June 26, 2007

The globalists are making a new attempt to circumvent and weaken a right explicitly recognized in the U.S. Constitution: Americans' exclusive ownership of their own inventions.

Bill Murchison | June 26, 2007

Free speech -- which means, to entirely too many self-styled liberals, "speech I agree with" -- won a modest victory this week in the U.S. Supreme Court.

Lynn O'Shaughnessy | June 26, 2007

Too many people who portray themselves as financial experts aren't. The threshold to get into this business is too low to cull out the knuckleheads, but you can eliminate many candidates by rejecting any adviser who isn't a true fiduciary. Working with a fiduciary - someone who is required to put your interests first - is so important that I'd urge you to avoid any financial adviser who won't acknowledge a fiduciary duty to you in writing.

Mon, Jun 25, 2007

Sandy Froman | June 25, 2007

On the last day of its term, the Supreme Court began dismantling the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002 (BCRA). Anyone who cares about the First Amendment should be cheering.

Jack Kemp | June 25, 2007

Ronald Reagan said famously, "The trouble with those on 'the left': if they see something move, they'll tax it, if it keeps moving, they'll regulate it, and if it stops moving, they'll subsidize it." We would add, as longtime "tax cutters," that unfortunately, all too often, that phenomenon is also occurring on "the right."

Fred Thompson | June 25, 2007

Last week, I was fortunate enough to spend some time in London. Being there, I couldn't help but think how much America owes to British culture and traditions.

Rich Lowry | June 25, 2007

Rush Limbaugh, the conservative talk-radio pioneer, has been called many nasty things before, but never a "structural imbalance." That's the fancy term a liberal think tank uses to characterize his success -- and to dress up its proposal for counteracting that success through new government regulation.

Amanda Carpenter | June 25, 2007

Sen. Barack Obama (D.-Ill.) is sponsoring an amendment to the Senate’s immigration bill to strip language that would require employers to verify the social security numbers of their workers unless there is “suspicion of unlawful employment.”

David Strom | June 25, 2007

So a movement has sprung up, led by a group called the “Center for American Progress,” which has begun to lobby vigorously for solving the problem of “imbalance”

Horace Cooper | June 25, 2007

More and more it seems that celebrities and their families or close associates are unwilling to embrace basic notions of personal responsibility. Whether it’s the hangers on around the tragic life of Anna Nicole Smith or the family of train wreck Paris Hilton, more and more it appears that the families and friends of celebrities are nothing more than serial enablers.

Kathryn Lopez | June 25, 2007

Republicans may need a woman to win the White House -- though nothing as dramatic as enlisting Condoleezza Rice to beat down Hillary Clinton.

Frank Gaffney | June 25, 2007

Communist China has done it again. Desperate for new sources of energy, the Chinese are moving into an oil-rich nation eschewed by others. In this case, however, the country in question is not a state-sponsor of terror or other pariah state.

John McCaslin | June 25, 2007

Carrie Lukas, Washington-based author of "The Politically Incorrect Guide to Women, Sex and Feminism," was keynote speaker when the college-based Network of Enlightened Women (NeW) held its second annual national conference on Saturday.

Debra J. Saunders | June 25, 2007

If you want to convince the world that an overwhelming majority of scientists believes in global warming, then start by ignoring scientists who are not true believers. First, establish lists of scientists with your approved position, then smear dissidents. Soon, up-and-coming scientists will be afraid to cross the rigid green line.

Brent Bozell | June 25, 2007

Webster's defines "conservatism" as meaning "marked by or relating to traditional norms of taste, elegance, style or manners." Sadly, today there are those who call themselves "conservative" who have no interest in preserving tradition, who uphold no standards on the question of taste and who have no appetite for appearing the slightest bit fuddy-duddy on the question of manners.

Robert Novak | June 25, 2007

The California Chamber of Commerce's annual advocacy conference here last week discussed a possible tradeoff: weakening the state's rigid term limits in exchange for legislative redistricting that would benefit Republicans. For that arrangement to be born, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger must be the midwife. But he does not seem prepared to play the role.

Michael Barone | June 25, 2007

The Republican primary electorate is fluid; the Democratic primary electorate is viscous. That's my conclusion when I look back over the plentiful polls that have been tracking the two electorates' choices in this wide-open presidential race.

Amanda Carpenter | June 25, 2007

If you hear Nancy Pelosi (D.-Calif.) ask how many staffers it would take to change all the light bulbs in the House of Representatives, be warned it’s not a joke. Replacing all desk lamps within her Capitol jurisdiction with energy efficient bulbs is a part of the slogan-happy Speaker’s agenda to “Green the Capitol” as well as make the country “energy independent” by Independence Day.

Rich Galen | June 25, 2007

Mayor Mike Bloomberg has loudly, continuously, seriously (but not terribly believably) announced that he is not, under any circumstances, can't even understand where this might have come from, running for President of the United States.

Suzanne Fields | June 25, 2007

Scratch a liberal and you may find a Hillary hater. A lot of men and women on the left can't stand her. The attitude of these women is both visceral and intellectual. They despise her pretense of being a "feminist" because she so compromised herself in her relationship with Bill. More important, they can't bear her tortuous explanations of why she voted to go to war in Iraq.

Donald Lambro | June 25, 2007

Seventy percent of Americans now say the economy is getting worse, a belief contradicted by a growing workforce, increased wages and household wealth, and a stock-market rally that has boosted worker-retirement investments.

Burt Prelutsky | June 25, 2007

Years ago, I interviewed a very weird Hollywood character named Criswell. Some of you may remember him from his many appearances on “The Tonight Show.” However, in certain odd circles, he is best known for his performances in the movies of shlockmeister Ed Wood. No list of the world’s worst movies would be complete without their collaborative efforts, “Night of the Ghouls,” “Orgy of the Dead” and, of course, “Plan 9 from Outer Space.”

Star Parker | June 25, 2007

What's the difference between art and propaganda? The artist wants to communicate and share and the propagandist wants to manipulate.

La Shawn Barber | June 25, 2007

Forty-five years ago today, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the reciting of state-sponsored prayers in government schools – a matter that should have been left in the hands of the states – was unconstitutional.

Dinesh D'Souza | June 25, 2007

Let the deportations begin! I've never understood all the nonsense about how we should be sympathetic toward illegals who came here to work and find a better life.

Carol Platt Liebau | June 25, 2007

If there’s anything that gets the pulses of mainstream media political pundits racing faster than the possibility of a “brokered convention,” it’s the phrase “third party candidate.”

Harry R. Jackson, Jr. | June 25, 2007

Even though President Bush is a lame duck, he still has a huge opportunity to leave a final contribution that will be remembered.

Mike Adams | June 25, 2007

If one wants to identify steps that can be taken to increase the standing of sociologists -relative to academics that are taken more seriously – one first has to identify what they are doing wrong.

Doug Wilson | June 25, 2007

Recent polls in two crucial primary states--Iowa and New Hampshire--show that Mitt Romney has leapfrogged John McCain and Rudy Giuliani to claim momentum in the race for the Republican nomination for president.

Sun, Jun 24, 2007

Jackie Gingrich Cushman | June 24, 2007

It’s simple: people come here illegally because the United States offers better opportunities than they had where they were living before. Even after you include the risk of dying while trying to enter the country illegally, the risk of being caught while trying to get in illegally and the risk of being caught while working illegally, an estimated 12 million people have decided that these are risks are worth the potential payoff.

Austin Hill | June 24, 2007

I might embarrass myself with this, but nonetheless I have an admission to make: I came of age, politically speaking, during the presidency of Jimmy Carter.

Ken Connor | June 24, 2007

Many in the pro-life movement become uneasy when political candidates, responding to questions about their position on abortion, start talking about the need for a "consistent life ethic. "

George Will | June 24, 2007

"Marriage is the foundation of the natural family and sustains family values." That sentence is inflammatory, perhaps even a hate crime.

Paul Jacob | June 24, 2007

One America is about co-operation, competition, and choice. The other is about taxation, subsidy, and coerced limits on choice.

Salena Zito | June 24, 2007

Swann, who lost to Gov. Ed Rendell last year, now has an eye on Pennsylvania's 4th Congressional District.

Kevin McCullough | June 24, 2007

Is Hollywood's idea of how to help battered women meant to actually degrade them? Is the liberal mindset so entrenched in the worldview of those who run in such circles so utterly depraved that they can no longer distinguish the difference between respect and abuse?

Robert Bluey | June 24, 2007

Senate Republicans are squabbling amongst themselves over immigration reform. President Bush is fighting a losing battle with his base. But in the House of Representatives, times couldn’t be better for the GOP.