Sun, Jun 24, 2007

Robert Bluey | June 24, 2007

Senate Republicans are squabbling amongst themselves over immigration reform. President Bush is fighting a losing battle with his base. But in the House of Representatives, times couldn’t be better for the GOP.

Sat, Jun 23, 2007

Michael McBride | June 23, 2007

“The Word” is the culmination of instructions that guides the conduct of the next event. It includes uniform, time, method of transportation (usually the Shoe Leather Express, or individual buses), other equipment, such as rifles/packs/etc., and any special instructions. Much of OCS, after push-ups and bends-and-muthas, is spent waiting for the Word.

Robert Murphy | June 23, 2007

On Wednesday three of the nation’s top student loan lenders cut a deal with New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo. Wachovia, National City, and Regions Financial Corporations agreed to a code of conduct that would prohibit questionable practices, such as giving kickbacks to financial aid officers in exchange for being listed as a “preferred lender” to incoming students.

Nathan Tabor | June 23, 2007

A recent headline points out why it wouldn't be a bad idea to post the Ten Commandments in our schools.

Americans are not happy about the job that Congress is doing, and with very good reason.

Diana West | June 23, 2007

A reader recently e-mailed me about casualties sustained by his nephew's Stryker unit in Iraq after an attack by an Iranian-manufactured fragmentary device. "Why," he wrote, "are we not leveling the plants in Iran that manufacture these weapons?"

Rich Tucker | June 23, 2007

Ready to read about an example of the American dream, and the American reality?

Robert Novak | June 23, 2007

WASHINGTON -- The acceptance of former Rep. Jim Nussle to be President Bush's budget director provides more evidence that Republican presidential front-runner Rudy Giuliani is downgrading his effort in Iowa caucuses leading off the GOP delegate selection process next January.

Doug Giles | June 23, 2007

Y’know, it’s just a matter of time before FOX has a new reality show championing the cause of folks who’ve been trampled by such soulless narcissists. The show could be called, "Help! I’m being Nifonged!"

Fri, Jun 22, 2007

Roger Schlesinger | June 22, 2007

My thoughts exactly, what is the point of people paying points on loans without having any basis for their action?

Bill Steigerwald | June 22, 2007

How much does Vaughn Cordle know about the state of the U.S. airline industry? Well, the CEO and chief analyst of AirlineForecasts -- who has 25 years-plus of experience as a pilot for a major airline -- makes a large part of his living selling what he knows about airline finances and economics to hedge funds, government agencies and consulting groups. At the end of a week of airplane horror tales that included raw sewage flowing down the center aisle of Continental trans-Atlantic Flight 1970, I caught up to Cordle by telephone just after he landed in San Francisco -- where earlier in the week 400 people on a Cathay Pacific Airways jet had been stuck on a runway for seven hours.

Fred Thompson | June 22, 2007

Letting the Bush tax cuts expire would amount to a tax hike of historic proportions -- a tax hike that would take a higher share of our total economy than any year but one since the end of World War II.

Burt Prelutsky | June 22, 2007

Recently, shut-ins, hospital patients and daytime TV addicts, have been treated to a whole lot of me.

Cofer Black | June 22, 2007

Across the world, the Jihadist threat takes on many different forms. It is no longer enough to act against this threat in a piecemeal fashion.

Steve Chapman | June 22, 2007

Someone once said that the best way to get rid of a bad law is to enforce it vigorously, thus making its flaws visible to all. Federal regulators may not induce repeal of the antitrust laws, but they show a talent for making the statutes look obsolete.

Michael Fumento | June 22, 2007

It’s time to negotiate with the Taliban says Pakistani President General Pervez Musharraf. Canada is one of our top Afghanistan allies and almost two-thirds of Canadians in a May poll think we should parlay with the Taliban.

John McCaslin | June 22, 2007

Out to raise some cash for the Democratic Party, Baltimore Orioles owner Peter Angelos is inviting select baseball fans — those with big wallets — to join him and Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean in the owner's box at Camden Yards on Wednesday night, when the slumping Birds take on the New York Yankees.

Matt Barber | June 22, 2007

With its 2003 Goodridge v. Dept. of Public Health decision, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court circumvented the constitutional process and arbitrarily imposed “same-sex marriage” on the people of Massachusetts in what amounted to a brazen and contemptuous act of judicial activism. Now members of the liberal Massachusetts state legislature have surrendered to the demands of the militant homosexual lobby and have betrayed both the citizens of Massachusetts and the democratic process by preventing voters from weighing in on this crucial issue.

Rich Galen | June 22, 2007

First, let's close the loop on my rant from Wednesday on the way the editorial page editor of the newspaper in Redding, California, Bruce Ross, ignored the lessons learned working on his high school paper and went on a tirade about me.

John Hawkins | June 22, 2007

This bill is incredibly unpopular with the general public. In poll after poll, you'll find that the American people are strongly opposed to this bill. Rassmussen shows the public opposing it 50% to 23%. Survey USA says the public is against it 46% to 36%.

Jonah Goldberg | June 22, 2007

We get the word "Utopia" from Thomas More. Today we mostly use the word "utopian" to describe people who think impossible things, like the Pentagon could hold a bake sale to fund itself or that Communism could work if only someone would give it a fair shot.

David Limbaugh | June 22, 2007

If -- and this is a big "if" -- Republicans eventually get their house in order on immigration and other major issues, they might be able to capitalize on the extreme left's stranglehold on the Democratic Party.

Oliver North | June 22, 2007

There was a time when American military leaders worried about whether wobbly allies would rally to us when it came time to stand up to the Soviets. Now it's our allies who worry about us.

Pat Buchanan | June 22, 2007

On April 1 -- Palm Sunday -- after bullets were fired into the Church of the Holy Spirit in Mosul, Iraq, during mass, the pastor, Father Ragheed Ganni, a Chaldean Catholic, e-mailed friends at the Asia Times:

Linda Chavez | June 22, 2007

Like most politicians, Schwarzenegger is quick to embrace English as the national language and hint that Hispanics aren't learning it fast enough, but he is also eager to habla Espanol when election-time rolls around.

Paul Greenberg | June 22, 2007

Kurt Waldheim is dead. It says so in the New York Times, and doubtless in all the other official records-from his death certificate to his extensive resume. His papers were always in order, his career well documented: law degree, University of Vienna; a string of diplomatic posts culminating in his appointment as Austria's foreign minister; secretary-general of the United Nations; president of Austria.

Rebecca Hagelin | June 22, 2007

Who should be in charge of your child’s education -- you or some strangers in Washington, D.C.? It’s a question worth pondering as Congress prepares to reauthorize the No Child Left Behind law.

Lorie Byrd | June 22, 2007

Even though the 2008 presidential campaign is in full swing, I have not heard a lot of talk about who the most likely vice presidential candidates will be. So far that talk has been largely limited to discussion of the second (and third) tier presidential hopefuls who have been getting exposure through the debates. I expect my favorite though, Michael Steele, will be getting plenty of VP buzz as the election nears.

Jon Sanders | June 22, 2007

Americans' confidence in Congress is at a historic low point, according to results of a Gallup poll released Thursday. Only 14 percent of Americans surveyed said they had a "great deal" or "quite a lot" of confidence in Congress.

Charles Krauthammer | June 22, 2007

Gaza is now run not by a conventional political party, but by a movement that is revolutionary, Islamist and terrorist.

Mona Charen | June 22, 2007

Sitting in a salon chair getting a haircut last week, I struck up a conversation with a woman who told me, somewhat ruefully, that the baby she was expecting would be her third boy. She's a lucky woman.

Thu, Jun 21, 2007

Fred Thompson | June 21, 2007

Out-of-control medical malpractice lawsuits have been a problem in many parts of the country for a long time.

Debra J. Saunders | June 21, 2007

Lighten up, people. I'm no fan of Hillary or Bill Clinton, and I thought the video was (pardon the pun) hilarious.

Rich Lowry | June 21, 2007

The conceit of New York is, as the song goes, that if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere. If he goes through with an independent presidential run, Mayor Michael Bloomberg will discover this is merely New York provincialism.

Cliff May | June 21, 2007

America is at war with al-Qaeda – on that surely we can agree -- and we know that al-Qaeda has bases in Pakistan. In fact, it is probable that Osama bin Laden resides at one of those bases. But we can’t fight al-Qaeda in Pakistan because Pakistan is an ally, and America does not violate the territorial integrity of its allies.

John McCaslin | June 21, 2007

The John Edwards campaign is taking a swipe at how much money it can costvoters to meet 2008 presidential candidate Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Brent Bozell | June 21, 2007

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg announcing he's leaving the Republican Party is a little like Madonna announcing she's leaving the Catholic Church. Was he ever really a paragon of the GOP?

Victor Davis Hanson | June 21, 2007

For years, Palestinian Authority-sanctioned gangs shot and tortured dissidents, glorified suicide bombing against Israel and in general thwarted any hopes of various "peace processes."

Larry Elder | June 21, 2007

Did former Secretary of State Colin Powell really "blast" President Bush about the war?

Michael Reagan | June 21, 2007

Even though poor Sen. Harry Reid insists on calling the Senate’s latest attempt to inundate the nation with hordes of suddenly legalized illegal immigrants the president’s bill, it is really Sen. Kennedy’s monstrosity.

Cal Thomas | June 21, 2007

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg was never really a Republican; neither was he really a Democrat, the political party he previously left. From DINO (Democrat in name only), he became a RINO (Republican in name only) and now I guess one might call him, what, an UNO (unaffiliated in name only)?

Suzanne Fields | June 21, 2007

LONDON -- More than 700 nude bicyclists pedaled from Hyde Park to Wellington Arch the other day to protest global warming and excessive emissions from automobiles. Their message was better "nude power" than "nuke power."

Terry Jeffrey | June 21, 2007

In fact, past SSA inspector general reports have discovered that certain employers, year after year, file massive numbers of W-2s that bear fraudulent SSNs or valid SSNs that don't belong to the employee using it.

Matt Towery | June 21, 2007

With no offense to my friends in those two states, I'm compelled to report that some Republican presidential candidates are toying with the idea of skipping the historic first two contests in the race for the GOP nomination.

Donald Lambro | June 21, 2007

It may be too early to make any predictions about the 2008 elections, but it's likely the Republicans will win back a number of House seats they lost last year.

George Will | June 21, 2007

Democracy is rule by persuasion, but the unpersuasive often try to coerce the unpersuaded. Recent days have provided two illustrations of this tendency, both of them pertaining to labor unions, whose decades of declining membership testify to their waning power to persuade workers that unions add more value to workers' lives than they subtract.

Robert Novak | June 21, 2007

On May 31, President Bush met for 35 minutes in the private living quarters of the White House with Cardinal Joseph Zen, the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Hong Kong, in an event that was not announced and did not appear on his official schedule. Their meeting did not please the State Department, elements of the Catholic hierarchy and certainly not the Chinese government. But it signifies what George W. Bush is really about.

Marvin Olasky | June 21, 2007

How about, for a small child's birthday, a camel safari in Kenya that includes the presentation of a gag "birthday cake" made out of frosted elephant dung? Cost for a family of four, not counting the pricey airline tickets: $31,400.

Hugh Hewitt | June 21, 2007

Jon Kyl is also the workhorse for the GOP caucus on the immigration bill, doing his best to make the bill as workable as possible from the position as point man of the minority party.

Emmett Tyrrell | June 21, 2007

find myself in unusual company, and I am always so careful about the company I keep. Nonetheless, here I am arguing on the same side as Washington Post columnist and ritualistic liberal Richard Cohen and Christopher Hitchens.

Wed, Jun 20, 2007

Janice Shaw Crouse | June 20, 2007

The most important lessons that we can learn from Ruth Graham come from the example of the life that she lived –– especially those related to her marriage to one of the world’s most famous men.

Marc Rotterman | June 20, 2007

The "Center Right" Republican majority forged by Reagan and Gingrich has been squandered by Rove's realignment pipe dream that was based on the premise of big government for the sake of power.

Ann Coulter | June 20, 2007

Second-rate liberals who went to mediocre schools and married mediocre women are burning with jealousy from their nondescript, mediocre jobs. So they use their government jobs to attack their betters and sneer about the players' "daddies."

Anyone who wonders why Congress has a job approval rating of 23 percent, seven points lower than even Bush’s, need only look at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-Calif.) failure to change the ethics of the Congress.

Amanda Carpenter | June 20, 2007

At the liberal Take Back America conference, Sen. Hillary Clinton (D.-N.Y) praised American GI’s for liberating Europe after World War II, but vowed to withdraw U.S. troops from Iraq, regardless of the political outcome in the Middle East.

Fred Thompson | June 20, 2007

I've talked before about the Council on American-Islamic Relations -- most recently because it filed that lawsuit against Americans who reported suspicious behavior by Muslims on a U.S. Airways flight.

Rich Galen | June 20, 2007

This all started a couple of weeks ago when I pointed out that the New York Times had practiced "editorializing by placement" by puttting the story about the plot to blow up JFK Airport "on page THIRTY, the page after the obituaries and the page before the chess column."

Jacob Sullum | June 20, 2007

In November 2003, when he announced his "forward strategy of freedom in the Middle East," President Bush declared that "the only path to independence and dignity and progress" for the Palestinians is "the path of democracy." He added that "the consistent and impartial rule of law" is one of the "essential principles common to every successful society."

John McCaslin | June 20, 2007

The Democratic National Committee isn't waiting for former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson to declare his candidacy for president before blasting his other "career" that doesn't involve being an actor.

Michael Medved | June 20, 2007

The best plan would be to challenge both Gaza and the West Bank, and all other Arab entities on the same basis: to allow freedom of movement and settlement for Palestinians within the Arab world.

Ken Blackwell | June 20, 2007

Last year, incoming speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, vowed Democrats would “bring transparency and openness to the budget process and to the use of earmarks.” It seems Congressional Democrats’ professed appreciation for fiscal responsibility has had the life expectancy of a firefly.

Thomas Sowell | June 20, 2007

We in America have some of the most magnificent national parks in the world -- Yosemite, Grand Canyon, Yellowstone and many others.

Michelle Malkin | June 20, 2007

Jihadi's Guide to Etiquette Rule 11: Never leave home without your matches, effigy-hanging sticks and death threat placards. You never know when they'll come in handy.

John Stossel | June 20, 2007

Maybe the Gates Foundation's private charity will work wonders, but more government-to-government subsidies won't do the trick. The trillions spent in foreign aid have little to show for it.

Walter E. Williams | June 20, 2007

Suppose a person is raped and we arrest the rapist. Should his status, whether he's a senator, professor or an ordinary man, play a role in the adjudication of the crime and subsequent punishment? I'm betting that the average person would answer that the law against rape is general and non-arbitrary and one's status should have nothing to do with the adjudication and punishment for the crime. That's precisely what is meant by "rule of law." Or, as English jurist A.V. Dicey put it, "Every man, whatever be his rank or condition, is subject to the ordinary law of the realm and amenable to the jurisdiction of the ordinary tribunals."

Jonah Goldberg | June 20, 2007

I have been scouring eBay for the last couple of days, hoping to snag a one-of-a-kind item. But, alas, it hasn't turned up yet. I'm looking for the late Yasser Arafat's Nobel Peace Prize.

Tony Blankley | June 20, 2007

I have just finished reading a deeply disheartening book by my friend Professor Akbar Ahmed.

Ben Shapiro | June 20, 2007

The battle over the Palestinian Arab territory in the Gaza Strip is a battle between extremists and more radical extremists.

Debra J. Saunders | June 20, 2007

If you want to know why the state budget is such a mess, consider the Assembly's 48-to-29 vote in favor of AB118. The measure, authored by Speaker Fabian Nunez, would raise fees paid by California drivers by $167 million in order to fund research for alternative and renewable fuels.

Austin Bay | June 20, 2007

How quickly the "new Cold War" panic has subsided. Recall that a new age of icy conflict between the United States and Russia was the "media action line" for the G-8 conference two weeks ago, with America's proposed European missile defense system the alleged catalyst.

Paul Greenberg | June 20, 2007

This time the Philistines didn't wait for Samson; they've sent their temple crashing down on their own heads.

Liz Mair | June 20, 2007

Last week, on the eve of private equity giant Blackstone Group LP announcing that it would go public, Senators Max Baucus (D-MT) and Charles Grassley (R-IA) introduced a bill that would dramatically alter the taxation regime applicable to private equity firms that are publicly traded.

Kathleen Parker | June 20, 2007

WASHINGTON -- Mike Nifong, the Durham County, N.C., district attorney made infamous by his own hand, has been shamed, disbarred and let out the back door for his unethical conduct of the so-called Duke University lacrosse team rape case.

Amanda Carpenter | June 20, 2007

Big Labor bussed thousands of activists to Capitol Hill to lobby for the Employee Free Choice Act—an act union leaders have called their top legislative priority for the 110th Congress.

Mike Adams | June 20, 2007

In March of this year I met with an agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation who shared my concern that Professor Julio Pino of Kent State University may have ties to Middle Eastern terrorist groups like Al-Quada.

Kevin McCullough | June 20, 2007

It is the prevailing wisdom to allow the people to decide the weightiest matters of our time but not so to the ruling Marxist Democrats of Massachusetts.

Tue, Jun 19, 2007

Sarah Rode | June 19, 2007

The report released by Sen. Coburn, “Oversight Report on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention” exposed some obscene uses of federal money.

Eric Peters | June 19, 2007

By an amazing trifecta of bad luck, bad decision-making and bad public policy, the U.S. auto industry finds itself in a deep pit -- with no ladder in sight.

Anne Morse | June 19, 2007

It was not the kind of high school graduation story that parents want to read about.

Roger Schlesinger | June 19, 2007

Women who call NEVER, for the most part, ever say let me discuss it with my husband. They either say let's do it or not. That doesn't mean, or imply, that women do not think before they act because they absolutely do. It means they don't have to ratify their decision with their husband because he already abdicated his right to dessent. . . . for the most part.

Fred Thompson | June 19, 2007

One reason unions have alienated potential members is that they often focus on politics instead of supporting their members.

Mitch McConnell | June 19, 2007

Rather than enable employees' free choice, the bill would eliminate it -- by ending the requirement that workers voting on whether to unionize or not do so by secret ballot.

Jack Kemp | June 19, 2007

What do Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter and the ancient Roman Emperor Diocletian all have in common? They all imposed price controls on their respective economies. When Presidents Nixon and Carter embraced government-imposed gasoline price controls for the better part of a decade, consumers paid the price in terms of shortages, rationing and long waiting lines. In contrast, succeeding administrations from Presidents Reagan to Clinton did not, and the performance of the economy under their collective watch proves they were correct.

Caroline Glick | June 19, 2007

Iran and its client state Syria have a strategic vision for the Middle East. They wish to take over Lebanon. They wish to destroy Israel. They wish to defeat the US in Iraq. They wish to drive the US and NATO from Afghanistan. They wish to dominate the region by driving the rest of the Arab world to its jihad-supporting knees. Then they wish to apply their vision to the rest of the world.

Fred Thompson | June 19, 2007

We must conclude that the greatest test of leadership – in your country or mine, in this time or any other – can be simply stated. We must shape events, and not be left at their mercy. And in all things, to protect ourselves and to assure the peace, the great democracies of the world must stick together. We must be willing to make tough decisions today in order to avert bigger problems tomorrow. We must be prepared to meet threats before threats become tragedies.

Janice Shaw Crouse | June 19, 2007

In a 2005 interview with Larry King, Billy Graham said of his wife Ruth, “… I love her so much. And I love her more now — interestingly, I love her more now, and we have more romance now than we did when we were young.”

Bill Simon, Jr. | June 19, 2007

Rudy Giuliani recently presented his 12 Commitments to the American People. Simply put, it’s his vision for America. I am proud to be a member of his team.

John McCaslin | June 19, 2007

"Update: Sen. Clinton is now speaking." Or so the Campaign for America's Future was happy to report yesterday, as its three-day "Take Back America" conference got under way at the Washington Hilton, featuring 3,000 "progressive activists, thinkers, bloggers and elected officials."

Tom DeLay | June 19, 2007

Without missing a beat, Gingrich quickly rattled off an eight-sentence, 165-word, perfectly constructed paragraph detailing six specific presidential policy initiatives, dropping in along the way references to Iraqi force capacity, economic diplomacy, a naval blockade of Iran, biometrics and Abraham Lincoln.

Mary Katharine Ham | June 19, 2007

Hablas Espanol? Jessica Alba doesn’t. Is there anything wrong with that? Apparently so.

Ashley Herzog | June 19, 2007

Apparently, gay rights activists aren’t serious about their demand that government “stay out of the bedroom.” Instead of advocating privacy for homosexuals, at least one gay man is making a career out of destroying it.

Cal Thomas | June 19, 2007

The Bush administration's announced goal for Israel and the "Palestinian people" has been two states, living side by side in peace. The administration is two-thirds there.

Dennis Prager | June 19, 2007

A question I pose to atheists and others who argue that religion is irrelevant to moral behavior has been cited by Christopher Hitchens in his national best seller, "God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything."

Pat Buchanan | June 19, 2007

Of the Bourbons, restored to the throne after the French Revolution, the guillotining of Louis XVI and the Napoleonic interlude, Talleyrand said, they had "learned nothing and forgotten nothing."

Matt Towery | June 19, 2007

Turn back to 1995. I was serving my last term in the Georgia House of Representatives. I introduced "The Child Protection Act of 1995." It created harsh penalties for the sexual abuse or other harmful neglect of children.

Bill Murchison | June 19, 2007

No one has the least idea how much money a corporate chief executive deserves to earn -- is that the word, "earn"? -- but if you don't hear a campaign issue starting to crackle and sizzle, you just aren't listening.

George Will | June 19, 2007

Last month in Iraq, Sen. Gordon Smith, the Oregon Republican, had lunch with three soldiers from his state, one of whom had been working with an Iraqi officer training police cadets. That soldier told Smith that when the cadets learned that the Iraqi officer was a Catholic, they stoned him. To death.

William Rusher | June 19, 2007

A recent national poll indicated that 35 percent of Democrats believe that President Bush knew in advance about Al Qaeda's attack on New York and Washington on Sept. 11, 2001. What are we to think about this staggering statistic?

Lynn O'Shaughnessy | June 19, 2007

It's a harsh reality that nobody is going to lend you money once you reach the age where your daily routine no longer includes breakfast on the go, office intrigue and commuter boredom. While many wannabe retirees are clear about their eagerness to leave the workplace, the escape plans they hatch are often as clearly defined as a pile of Scrabble letters.<

Thomas Sowell | June 19, 2007

The disbarment of Durham District Attorney Michael Nifong should be just the first step in remedying the gross and cynical fraud of last year's "rape" case against Duke University lacrosse players.

Bruce Bartlett | June 19, 2007

Back during World War II, the Allies were successful in largely cutting off Germany’s oil supply. To maintain their war effort, the Germans figured out how to make synthetic oil from coal. Later, the South Africans perfected the German technology in order to cope with international sanctions.

David Limbaugh | June 19, 2007

I believe the culpability of "rogue" prosecutor and bully-extraordinaire Mike Nifong in the Duke LaCross "fiasco" has been grossly understated.

Mon, Jun 18, 2007

Karin Agness | June 18, 2007

If a newly hired employee led his organization to a 20-year low in profits, Donald Trump’s famous phrase, “You’re Fired,” would most certainly be invoked. Well, for most people. Apparently, this general rule doesn’t apply to women because the public is actually to blame.

Kevin James | June 18, 2007

Why isn’t anyone talking about the new governmental agency needed to implement the Senate’s “comprehensive” immigration reform bill?

Fred Thompson | June 18, 2007

Well, you've heard by now that Senate leader Harry Reid insulted one of this country's brightest military minds, Marine Corps General Peter Pace -- calling him "incompetent." Let me take a few moments to put this in context.

Rich Lowry | June 18, 2007

In the 16th and 17th centuries, the West was convulsed by religious wars that, in the words of historian Paul Johnson, "were without redeeming features and were destructive of the Christian faith itself, as well as human life and material civilization." In this period, "sensible and civilized men had to shout to make their voices heard above the winds of violence, cruelty and superstition."

Bill Steigerwald | June 18, 2007

Remember in January when the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and its good friends in media trumpeted that 2006 was the warmest year on record for the contiguous United States?

Roger Schlesinger | June 18, 2007

This weekend I was going over a clients bank statements to find some additional income to get her a better rate when I noticed something that didn't make any sense.

Burt Prelutsky | June 18, 2007

In this fast-paced world, there are times when a commentator simply has to take a deep breath and try to play catch-up. This is one of those occasions when I will attempt to clear my plate at one fell-swoop.

Phyllis Schlafly | June 18, 2007

Hardly anyone predicted that the Bush-Kennedy-Kyl-Reid steamroller could be stopped. But as the New York Times reported on page one, the "Grass Roots Roared, and an Immigration Plan Fell."

Kathryn Lopez | June 18, 2007

Al Sharpton is an amazing man. He will never be silent. Whatever the news story, he will find an angle. Wherever the largest contingent of cameras happens to be gathered, he will be there.

Frank Gaffney | June 18, 2007

Back when nuclear weaponry and deterrence strategy still received serious national deliberation, most sensible people recognized a basic reality: Once the technology to build nuclear weapons became widely available, there was no way to stuff “the nuclear genie back in the bottle.”

John Fund | June 18, 2007

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has decided to hold a vote this Wednesday on perhaps the most unpopular element of the Democratic agenda.

Marc Rotterman | June 18, 2007

Last week Senator Elizabeth Dole successfully helped scuttle the so called grand bargain immigration reform bill that would have given amnesty to over 12 to 20 million million illegal immigrants -- while doing virtually nothing to secure our borders.

Rich Galen | June 18, 2007

SAP ALERT: It is Father's Day. As a father I am claiming my right to let the world outside stay outside for a day.

John McCaslin | June 18, 2007

Fred Ryan, chairman of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation, kindly forwarded to Inside the Beltway a copy of "The Reagan Diaries," the just-released, often-intimate, day-to-day journal that Mr. Reagan penned throughout his presidency.

Michael Barone | June 18, 2007

Rudy Giuliani and John McCain, the leaders in Republican polls during most of the year, have announced they will not compete in the straw poll held in Iowa on Aug. 15. Fred Thompson, who is polling well and expected to enter the race, may also opt out of this early test of strength.

Suzanne Fields | June 18, 2007

From the window of a farmhouse, high on an Umbrian hill, a summer visitor is entranced by the view of a gentle landscape punctuated with olive and cypress trees, grape vines, lavender and thyme. In the middle distance, Todi, a medieval Italian town frozen in time, invites the contemplation of history.

Paul Greenberg | June 18, 2007

Where do these people think they are, the House of Commons? The other day the U.S. Senate, sometimes laughingly referred to as the World's Greatest Deliberative Body, considered a motion of no confidence in the country's attorney general.

Donald Lambro | June 18, 2007

The Democrats, flush from their 2006 election gains, took over Congress in January, promising to end the legislative stalemate and pass a sweeping agenda for reform. Nearly six months later, they have backpedaled on their promises of reform; they've made little progress on major legislation; their job-approval ratings have taken a nosedive; and there's talk for the first time that House Democrats could lose seats to the Republicans in 2008.

Robert Novak | June 18, 2007

Addressing a Republican fund-raising dinner at the Washington Convention Center last Wednesday night, President Bush declared: "If the Democrats want to test us, that's why they give the president the veto. I'm looking forward to vetoing excessive spending, and I'm looking forward to having the United States Congress support my veto."

Rich Lowry | June 18, 2007

Journalists spent months explaining how Sen. John McCain's stalwart support of the Iraq War would sink him in the Republican presidential primaries -- and it didn't. Then, they swooned over McCain's performance in a New Hampshire debate where he vigorously defended the Senate immigration bill -- and his numbers have been falling ever since.

Star Parker | June 18, 2007

The recent announcement by the NAACP of a major retrenchment due to funding shortfalls received brief coverage and got scant attention.

Dinesh D'Souza | June 18, 2007

Nifong seems to be suffering from Recovering Southerner Syndrome. This is the ailment, first named on this blog, in which Southerners feel so guilty about slavery and segregation that they perform undignified backward somersaults to prove that they are "not really Southern."

La Shawn Barber | June 18, 2007

Last year, an obscure prosecutor from North Carolina made a decision that would turn him into a national pariah and end his 28-year legal career.

Mike Adams | June 18, 2007

The other day, a guy at work was telling me about another university employee who has been siphoning gas from one of the university vehicles. It’s understandable that he’d want to steal gas. In the wake of this Republican “war for oil” gas prices have never been higher.

Harry R. Jackson, Jr. | June 18, 2007

Growing up in the ghetto, I am familiar with the politics of intimidation.

Sun, Jun 17, 2007

Caroline Glick | June 17, 2007

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's meeting with US President George W. Bush next week is supposed to serve as a preparatory stage ahead of a planned presidential address on the Palestinian conflict with Israel.

Ken Connor | June 17, 2007

Fred Thompson has not officially entered the race for President of the United States, yet already he is being assailed by Republican bluebloods who want preferential treatment in America's civil justice system. Thompson's crime? He was once a (gasp!) trial lawyer who supports equal justice for all.

Armstrong Williams | June 17, 2007

In our world today, we are faced with many male role model figures who govern our country, our religion, or our family. All of these men have in some way influenced our beliefs and lives, may it be the laws and rules they create, or the strength with which they lead our families. As we celebrate Father's Day and the men that have played a role in our lives, we should also reflect upon the Heavenly Father and His work in this world.

Jackie Gingrich Cushman | June 17, 2007

Today is Father’s Day and since my father has been with me all my life, even longer than I have lived with air conditioning (I can remember my sister and me sleeping on the floor of my parents’ bedroom when we finally got a window unit), I don’t know what it would be like to be fatherless. I realize that I have been taking my good fortune for granted.

Jonathan Garthwaite | June 17, 2007

Fred Thompson, a little fairness doctrine, and a whole lot of immigration reform talk. See what else readers were talking about during the week that was -- June 10-16, 2007.

Paul Jacob | June 17, 2007

Suburbia gives me what I need. I may be the world's most tardy gardener; I mow the lawn only every other haircut; and sometimes walking the dog seems just a way to get some privacy to take a conference call on the cell. But still . . . this is the life.

Frank Pastore | June 17, 2007

Two of the three books Paris is reading have soared to the top of the New York Times “Best Sellers” list, thanks to being on Oprah’s Favorite Book list. And both are antithetical to the Bible.

Debra J. Saunders | June 17, 2007

When educrats call for "a broader definition of rigor," beware.

Robert Bluey | June 17, 2007

Senate Democrats and Republicans operated in relative harmony this spring when confirming President Bush’s judicial nominees, but the nomination of Leslie Southwick to the New Orleans-based federal court of appeals has shattered that peace.

Kevin McCullough | June 17, 2007

What a strong father represents to this time, life, and world has never been more underestimated and modern feminists have taken it upon themselves to attempt to eliminate the need for them all together.

Austin Hill | June 17, 2007

Sometimes this “free speech” and “free press” stuff just gets a little out of hand, don’t ya think?

Salena Zito | June 17, 2007

Time punishes war. The war in Iraq is no exception; as each moment passes, public resolve, politics and passion erode its mission.