Sat, Mar 31, 2007

Doug Giles | March 31, 2007

From the negative reaction I’ve received from cranky women and toxic feminists, as well as the tremendous positive responses/confessions from honest and repentant ex- men emasculators, I think I’m on to something with my “How Wives Can Kill Their Marriage” series.

Jonah Goldberg | March 31, 2007

Considering how badly things have been going for conservatives, right-wingers, Republicans and anyone else whose brain doesn't explode like one of those guys from the movie "Scanners" at the thought of another Republican president, it's worth noting that one of the greatest conservative victories of the last 40 years is quietly unfolding right in front of us.

David Limbaugh | March 31, 2007

I simply cannot believe President Bush withdrew Sam Fox's nomination for Belgium ambassador.

Paul Greenberg | March 31, 2007

Tonight is another celebration of freedom, and quite a party it is, too, what with the white tablecloths, the festive bottles of wine for the required four toasts, the crispy matzah we haven't tasted for a whole year, the family stories of Passovers past, the strange-tasting foods reserved for this special night.

Dean Barnett | March 31, 2007

In response to Barbara Walters' question of whether he would allow his wife Judith to sit in on Cabinet meetings if he becomes president, Rudy Giuliani said, "If she wanted to. If they were relevant to something that she was interested in. I mean that would be something that I'd be very, very comfortable with." Across the nation, one could almost hear the other Republican presidential contenders heave hearty sighs of relief.

Nathan Tabor | March 31, 2007

Hollywood praises Al Gore for revealing what the media elite consider to be inconvenient truths. But the fact is, at some point, Mr. Gore needs to face a few inconvenient truths of his own.

Patrick Hynes | March 31, 2007

We conservatives are struggling through a Great Depression, don't you know. A Great Depression of ideas; a Great Depression of spirit; a Great Depression of optimism. I know, because TIME Magazine has told me so.

Robert Novak | March 31, 2007

Republican Leader John Boehner, in a private conversation on the House floor Wednesday, warned his Democratic counterpart, Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, of a legislative "meltdown."

Robert Bluey | March 31, 2007

While the agency has denied any political motive and Democrats have pleaded ignorance, fiscal watchdogs in Congress smell something fishy.

Diana West | March 31, 2007

When a civilization no longer inculcates an overriding attachment to its own survival, well, it no longer survives as a civilization. In peacetime, the disintegration appears more theoretical. In wartime, the holes really begin to show.

Fri, Mar 30, 2007

It’s now obvious that Hillary Clinton’s negatives are rising among American voters.

Ed Feulner | March 30, 2007

"If something's free, I'll take two," a mentor of mine once said. His point was that people don't value things they don't pay for, especially things the government "gives" them.

Phil Harris | March 30, 2007

I hate writing about Senator Hagel of Nebraska. This man is one-half of the State's voice in the U.S. Senate, and he cannot decide if he is a Republican or a Democrat on critical national issues. Does this mean that he is independent and thus, his is a voice for which we should be grateful?

Jonathan Garthwaite | March 30, 2007

Reducing the number of nonbiodegradable plastic bags tangled in neighborhood streets and piling up in landfills for hundreds of years is a noble undertaking, but San Francisco's government imposed bag ban is one more in a series of nanny state edicts from government upon the governed.

Rich Tucker | March 30, 2007

TIME magazine says the future of conservatism is bleak. >"These are gloomy and uncertain days for conservatives," writes Karen Tumulty in the March 26 issue. "The principles that propelled the [conservative] movement have either run their course, or run aground, or been abandoned by Reagan's legatees."

William Perry Pendley | March 30, 2007

In May 1945, the United States asked Jesse Fox Cannon of Toole County, Utah, to sign a "Construction, Survey & Exploration Permit" to allow the Army upon 1,425 acres of mining claims Jesse Fox Cannon owned near the Army Dugway Proving Grounds in west-central Utah. Jesse Fox Cannon agreed; after all, a war was on; plus, the Army promised that, within 60 days of finishing, it would "leave the property in as good condition as it is on the date of the government's entry."

Herb London | March 30, 2007

Who is George Soros and why is he saying such awful things? Most Americans do not know this billionaire investor, but he, using his vast wealth, has become a force in left wing political circles. In some ways, he is the litmus test for Democratic politics.

Steve Forbes | March 30, 2007

He has already proven he can stand up to liberal special interest groups and achieve tax cuts, even with a Democrat-controlled City Council. That's the kind of leadership we need in Washington. That's the kind of leadership that will inspire the next generation of the Reagan Revolution. And that's why America's Mayor should be America's next president.

Rich Lowry | March 30, 2007

Iran wants to quit the international community, but the international community won't let it. No act of warfare against the civilized world, no defiance of the United Nations, no violation of international norms, no brazen lie is ever enough to mark Iran as unworthy of outreach, dialogue and the art of sweet persuasion.

John Boehner | March 30, 2007

The budget approved by Democrats on Thursday reverses 12 years of Republican tax cuts and pro-growth policies. It lays the groundwork for increasing personal income tax rates on middle-income families, slashing the child tax credit, reinstating the marriage penalty and bringing back the death tax.

How should the United States respond to the proliferation of deadly roadside explosives in Iraq manufactured and developed in Iran? And how to react to the capture by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard of 15 British Marines and sailors in Iraqi territorial waters?

Chuck Colson | March 30, 2007

For Americans over, say, fifty, the image of desperate Vietnamese surrounding the American embassy during the fall of Saigon is one we will not soon forget. Watching American helicopters fly away leaving people, many of whom had helped us, to their fates in Vietnam made me feel ashamed—a sense of shame that only grew when we learned what happened to many of those people.

John Hawkins | March 30, 2007

I'll be the first to admit that like most conservatives, I'm deeply skeptical of the idea that mankind is causing global warming. Is that because I take payoffs from the energy industry, don't like Al Gore, don't like science, or any of the other silly excuses global warming alarmists come up with to explain why people don't buy their theory?

Brent Bozell | March 30, 2007

The top Washington story on Monday, March 26 came straight from the Sunday morning chat shows: the support for embattled Attorney General Alberto Gonzales was slipping, even among Republicans.

Mona Charen | March 30, 2007

There is every reason to celebrate the 400th birthday of America -- for warts and all -- there never has been a better country for all its citizens.

Oliver North | March 30, 2007

Modern warfare has made civilian contractors even more essential to our military -- and placed them at higher risk.

Pat Buchanan | March 30, 2007

The 50th birthday of the European Union, born in Rome in March 1957 as the European Economic Community or Common Market -- of Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg -- was a pallid affair.

Linda Chavez | March 30, 2007

Tolerance is a two-way street, as a group of Somali taxi drivers in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minn., are about to find out. In May, the Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC) in the Twin Cities is set to adopt new rules that will punish cabbies who refuse to haul passengers carrying liquor, even though the drivers claim their Muslim faith forbids them to do so.

Rebecca Hagelin | March 30, 2007

A new paper by The Heritage Foundation’s Ben Lieberman road-tests the latest boondoggle from Washington and finds that its earth-friendly claims are seriously overblown.

Lorie Byrd | March 30, 2007

It would be bad enough if all Americans had to worry about was bad reporting on their television newscasts. In addition to the many recent cases of not only bias, but outright false reporting on the newscasts, there is a lot of "news reporting" working its way into entertainment media and the result is a misinformed public.

Burt Prelutsky | March 30, 2007

Obama is currently in the business of trying to be all things to all people. He figures that so long as he avoids commenting on actual issues, Hillary Clinton will eventually remind the country why so many of us couldn't stand her when she was merely the most obnoxious First Lady we'd ever had.

Jon Sanders | March 30, 2007

To judge by postings in The Chronicle of Higher Education's "Careers" section, university personnel offices agree that the perfect, one-legged, omnisexual, pantheistic African-Inuit candidate with Vietnam War experience needs extra special encouragement to apply.

Kathleen Parker | March 30, 2007

With an unintentional irony that might even tickle the Prophet himself, a new book called ``Killed Cartoons'' killed a cartoon. Not because it was bad, but because it was just too good.

Mike Gallagher | March 30, 2007

I hate disagreeing with people I like, folks like Bill O'Reilly, a man who fights hard for our country, our culture and its good and decent people. But hearing him go after Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban for distributing a kooky 9/11 conspiracy movie the other day left me a bit disappointed in my favorite "Culture Warrior."

Charles Krauthammer | March 30, 2007

The Senate and the House have both passed bills for ending the Iraq War, or at least liquidating the American involvement in it. The resolutions, approved by the barest majorities, were underpinned by one unmistakable theme: wrong war, wrong place, distracting us from the real war that is elsewhere.

Michael Fumento | March 30, 2007

The process by which Sony’s new game console is going to help fight disease has been around for years and this very moment (or rather, when you finish this article) you can become a part of this effort making use not of something you almost certainly don’t have but rather something you do have – your PC.

Thu, Mar 29, 2007

What should we do about Iran’s continued refusal to halt its nuclear enrichment program even in the face of twice-imposed United Nations sanctions?

Tim Chandler | March 29, 2007

The case sprang from an incident three years ago at a San Diego-area high school, when the school – with the support of many administrators, teachers, and students – hosted the Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network’s “Day of Silence” to encourage tolerance and support for those practicing homosexual behavior.

Janice Shaw Crouse | March 29, 2007

The Legacy Media are touting the endorsement of Hillary Rodham Clinton's presidential bid by the political arm of the National Organization for Women (NOW). Hillary should have thought twice before accepting NOW’s endorsement.

Betsy Hart | March 29, 2007

It's not your father's exercise routine anymore. Forget the fit body _ what about a fit brain? New research is suggesting that whatever exercise does for one's physique, there's a benefit we're understanding only now: exercise makes us smarter.

Bill Sali | March 29, 2007

Sixty years ago, U.S. Senate chaplain Peter Marshall prayed that God would "give us clear vision, that we may know where to stand and what to stand for - because unless we stand for something, we shall fall for anything."

Roy Blunt | March 29, 2007

Whether you're managing the finances for a household of one, a business of a thousand, or a government of several hundred million, there's no more important statement of fiscal intent you can make than putting together a responsible budget - one that acknowledges its available means, and makes a reasonable attempt to live within them.

Steve Chapman | March 29, 2007

If we have learned anything from the failures of socialism and the achievements of capitalism, it's that if you want to protect consumers, relying on the wisdom and benevolence of government is not the way to do it. America has the most dynamic environment for retailing because we let rival companies fight it out hammer and tong in the marketplace, using their own judgment about how to satisfy the customer.

Emmett Tyrrell | March 29, 2007

The news from the Conrad Black trial in Chicago is a surprise. The vulpine British press is returning home. Members of the jury have been observed deep in sleep. The circus that was recently predicted by The New York Times has turned into a thunderous bore.

Hugh Hewitt | March 29, 2007

I taught my ConLaw students the campaign finance cases this week, and, as is always the case, the dazed looks on their faces were even more puzzled than usual.

Larry Elder | March 29, 2007

Following Al Gore's appearance at last week's global warming hearings, concerned viewers came up with a suggestion as to how the former vice president can reduce his environmental footprint -- drop 30 pounds.

Suzanne Fields | March 29, 2007

Stereotypes are tempting shortcuts, framing individuals and groups with identifying characteristics that may or may not be accurate. Stereotypes can quickly become the basis for either demeaning prejudice or genuine admiration, and usually tell us more about the stereotyper than the stereotypee.

Debra J. Saunders | March 29, 2007

As House Speaker Nancy Pelosi supports measures to set a timetable to withdraw U.S. troops in Iraq, she likes to repeat this quote by Iraq commander Gen. David Petraeus: "There is no military solution to a problem like that in Iraq."

Matt Towery | March 29, 2007

Here is his big problem: While GOP voters say they like Rudy, he doesn't lead by a poll margin significant enough to be safely ahead. And among potential candidates, Giuliani enjoys perhaps the highest name recognition. In other words, how much higher can he go?

Paul Greenberg | March 29, 2007

Was that George W. Bush or the shade of Harry S Truman speaking immediately after the House of Representatives voted (218 to 212) to order American combat troops out of Iraq? They would have until September of next year to leave. The president's response: Hell, No!

Donald Lambro | March 29, 2007

John Ensign, the new Senate Republican campaign chairman, knows the odds are against him in 2008 when at least five GOP seats are vulnerable, versus one or two for the Democrats.

Cliff May | March 29, 2007

Theo van Gogh was a modern Western man, a believer in reason, tolerance and multiculturalism. And so it is perhaps fitting that his last words were: “Can’t we talk about this?”

George Will | March 29, 2007

Today's Democratic-controlled Congress wants to give D.C., by legislation, a full voting member in the House of Representatives. Having failed to achieve ratification of a constitutional amendment, sent to the states in 1978, which would have conferred statehood on D.C. (only 16 states ratified it, 22 short of the required number), Democrats now say an amendment is unnecessary, a statute will suffice to do essentially that.

Marvin Olasky | March 29, 2007

The most important development for the future of the world has been one of the least reported.

Robert Novak | March 29, 2007

The new Democratic majority today begins dancing the next phase of the tax-and-spend minuet in the House of Representatives. Following the example of their Senate brethren last Friday, House Democrats will adopt a budget resolution containing the largest tax increase in U.S. history amid massive national inattention.

Michael Fumento | March 29, 2007

The fatter we become the greater our desire to blame that fatness on something –anything – other than eating too much and moving too little.

Ross Mackenzie | March 29, 2007

Among many realities, however inconvenient and disconcerting, these two: (1) Planetary temperatures are in a warming trend. (2) Al Gore.

Joel Mowbray | March 29, 2007

No good answer was provided—but in fairness, no good answer exists for supporting a college controlled by Hamas. The alternatives, though, aren't much better. The sad reality of Palestinian society is that almost any university the U.S. might choose to support at a minimum has student chapters of terrorist organizations on campus.

Ken Blackwell | March 29, 2007

On March 9, a good thing happened for people living in the central and inner cities of America: the DC gun ban was declared unconstitutional.

Alan Reynolds | March 29, 2007

Former Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Director David Stockman, whom I worked with in the 1981 Reagan administration transition team, has gotten himself involved in a legal tussle with the Justice Department.

Wed, Mar 28, 2007

Ann Coulter | March 28, 2007

When will Republicans learn to stop apologizing?

Michael Reagan | March 28, 2007

On Friday night, Rep. Duncan Hunter, former chairman of the House Armed Services Committee and now its ranking Republican member, appeared on the Hannity and Colmes show on Fox, and I was astonished to hear him castigated for failing to see that our troops in Iraq needed equipment.

Roger Schlesinger | March 28, 2007

It used to bother me that I couldn't get through but now I just tell them straight out, "it simply costs too much." If they take time out to understand what I am saying, that is terrific; if not, they are the ones that are paying too much. Not I, and hopefully not you.

Cal Thomas | March 28, 2007

Nobody dislikes Tony Snow. By acclamation, people who know him say the White House press secretary is the most decent, kind and encouraging human being they have ever met. Speaking from personal experience, I can testify not only to his inner warmth and outer kindness, but also to the goodness of his wife, Jill, and their three children.

Dana Joel Gattuso | March 28, 2007

"When we've finally gotten serious about global warming, when the impacts are really hitting us and we're in a full worldwide scramble to minimize the damage, we should have war crimes trials for these bastards - some sort of climate Nuremberg." -David Roberts, Gristmill, Grist Magazine, September 19, 2006

Phil Harris | March 28, 2007

As one who will argue for the life choice, I have wondered how it is possible for anyone to take the other side in good conscience, yet I recognize that most people do not do so because they are evil.

Rich Galen | March 28, 2007

I'm not that terrific at arithmetic, but I do know that polls tend to add up to 100% so if Thompson had gone from zero to 12 percent it had to come from somewhere.

William F. Buckley | March 28, 2007

The word among professional Democrats is that John Edwards has set the stakes on the matter of health care, and no one who wants to be president can offer less than he is offering, which is -- of course -- guaranteed health. That is to say, guaranteed free health care.

Maggie Gallagher | March 28, 2007

Hey, just what exactly is wrong with child pornography? It's not the sort of thing that most people feel they need to spend a lot of time thinking about, but thanks to the Supreme Court, now we do.

Michelle Malkin | March 28, 2007

I am John Doe. I will never forget the example of the passengers of United Airlines Flight 93 who refused to sit back on 9/11 and let themselves be murdered in the name of Islam without a fight.

John Stossel | March 28, 2007

If you have kids, you are probably worried about them being kidnapped. Your kids are probably worried about it, too. How could they not be after seeing all the publicity about abducted children?

Walter E. Williams | March 28, 2007

Among the many findings that dispute environmentalists' claims are: Manmade carbon dioxide emissions are roughly 5 percent of the total; the rest are from natural sources such as volcanoes, dying vegetation and animals. Annually, volcanoes alone produce more carbon dioxide than all of mankind's activities. Oceans are responsible for most greenhouse gases.

Brent Bozell | March 28, 2007

From time to time, we hear about zany professors of popular culture using their academic credentials to elevate the most aggressively offensive and potty-mouthed TV shows into the Great Works of Western Civilization.

Jonah Goldberg | March 28, 2007

Billionaire Michael Bloomberg reportedly tells friends that his idea of good financial planning is to have his check to the undertaker bounce. "So," asks the Washington Post, "how does a billionaire spend all his money before he dies?" Well, "he just might drop a cool half-billion on a long-shot bid to become the nation's first modern president from outside the two major political parties."

Tony Blankley | March 28, 2007

With every passing week it becomes more likely that Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic Party nominee for president. This thought, alone, should provide the strongest possible motivation to the Bush administration and the Washington Republicans to get their acts together so that the eventual Republican nominee for president doesn't start the general election campaign in too deep a hole.

Cal Thomas | March 28, 2007

In the scandalous, shortsighted sellout of American troops in Iraq, a slim Democratic House majority passed a measure that speaker and top vote buyer Nancy Pelosi claimed would "end the war in Iraq." The claim is preposterous because, even if the Senate were to pass such a measure, there are insufficient votes to override a presidential veto.

Michael Medved | March 28, 2007

The best immigration reform would be one that divides and conquers the pool of illegals. The line would be drawn at those who play by the rules, assimilate and pay a fine and back taxes. To the others: Leave.

Ben Shapiro | March 28, 2007

How far will the West be pushed? For decades, Iran has embraced a strategy of carefully feeling its oats, prodding at the West, testing our mettle in inches.

Terry Jeffrey | March 28, 2007

Last fall, the Secular Coalition for America, which describes itself as "a national lobby representing the interests of atheists, humanists, freethinkers and other nontheists," announced a contest. (In case you are wondering, "nontheist," according to the editorial page of the Los Angeles Times, is "the latest secularist term of art for folks 'without a god-belief.'") The coalition said it would award $1,000 to whoever identified the highest-ranking "nontheist" officeholder in the United States.

Austin Bay | March 28, 2007

Britain says it has definitive evidence its personnel were in Iraqi territory. Even if they strayed into Iranian water, the fact the sailors and marines were surrounded and outgunned suggests a planned operation.

Kathryn Lopez | March 28, 2007

A reporter recently told me that there is more to life than politics, this while I was in the middle of a crazed D.C. day -- running from meeting to meeting, sending a few dozen e-mails a minute, checking the crackberry while "listening" to a lunch companion. If you're in D.C., politics is everywhere.

Paul Greenberg | March 28, 2007

In a democracy, a contact sport like politics should depend on what might politely be called "a robust exchange of opinion," but the Deeply Offended now insist that it be played like tiddly-winks.

Jacob Sullum | March 28, 2007

Congress has been trying to stop kids from seeing online pornography since 1996. Its first attempt, the Communications Decency Act, was overturned by the Supreme Court, and its second attempt, the Child Online Protection Act (COPA), seems destined for the same fate. The court already has upheld a preliminary injunction blocking enforcement of COPA, and a federal judge recently made the injunction permanent.

Paul Weyrich | March 28, 2007

This January, in an attempt to appeal to the voters of both parties as they basked in the glow of their recent victory, the majority leadership team in the House of Representatives promised many reforms. Among other things, the American people were informed that the new Congress would enforce a one-year moratorium upon certain special projects that often go unnoticed when they are slipped into major legislation. These appropriations are a version of what used to be known as "pork" and a way for a House Member to "bring home the bacon" to his or her constituents.

Kathleen Parker | March 28, 2007

There are enough rape and sexual assault stories coming out of Iraq these days to keep Americans variously outraged and confused. In the past few weeks, two major stories have appeared -- on and in The New York Times Sunday magazine -- reporting the difficulties servicewomen face in a testosterone-infused military.

Lynn O'Shaughnessy | March 28, 2007

During much of the 1980s, I didn't have to wait until the yearly sale to buy a cute dress at Nordstrom. In my office, I was the person whom colleagues would ask for restaurant recommendations because I loved to eat out. My husband and I subscribed to Wine Spectator. Life was good.

William Rusher | March 28, 2007

In passing a resolution demanding that America's combat forces in Iraq be withdrawn by September 2008, the House Democrats have placed a heavy bet on the outcome of developments there, and a lot of political consequences will depend on the success of that bet.

Bruce Bartlett | March 28, 2007

One of the reasons why I wish columnist Ann Coulter hadn't used the F-word in a recent speech—the one that is a derogatory term for being gay—is because it gave liberals yet another excuse to label all conservatives as homophobic, racist and sexist, which writer Rick Perlstein did last week in the New Republic.

Tue, Mar 27, 2007

Frank Gaffney | March 27, 2007

Some people think the reason there have been no successful terrorist attacks in the United States since 9/11 is because the threat from Islamofascists and others wishing us ill has been overblown. Actually, our enemies have never stopped trying to inflict additional death and destruction here.

Herb London | March 27, 2007

It is axiomatic to contend that when Congress passes a law it is almost impossible to reverse it. The influence of the law may be malevolent, but its boosters will use a metaphorical bullhorn to drown out detractors.

James J. Kilpatrick | March 27, 2007

When this Case of a Bartered Bride began in November 2001, Hong Yin Gao was only 19 years old. That was when her family sold her to Chen Zhi for the Chinese equivalent of $2,200. Now her case is in the U.S. Supreme Court because Attorney General Alberto Gonzales wants to send her back to China.

Rich Lowry | March 27, 2007

For now, the Federal Election Commission doesn’t have YouTube entirely in its officious grasp, and that’s a wonderful thing. It helps make the video-sharing website a robustly unregulated — and thus invaluable — political marketplace.

Caroline Glick | March 27, 2007

In an open act of war, Iran Friday kidnapped 15 British soldiers in the Persian Gulf. Iran's act of aggression occurred just as the British voted in favor of a UN Security Council resolution imposing increased sanctions against Teheran for its illicit nuclear weapons program.

Debra J. Saunders | March 27, 2007

Of course John Edwards is still running for president. Edwards and his wife, Elizabeth, who announced last week that she has bone cancer, are ambitious, political people who have had their eyes on the White House for years. As their public statements have made clear, Elizabeth Edwards wants her husband to be president as much as he wants the job -- and she is not going to let cancer get in her way.

Janice Shaw Crouse | March 27, 2007

It’s one thing to write policy recommendations; it is quite another to develop effective policy. Ironically, some of those who develop policy recommendations oppose those same ideas when implemented into policy –– especially when the wrong party does the implementing.

Tom DeLay | March 27, 2007

Pardoning Scooter Libby is the right thing to do, no matter what your definition of "is" is.

Matt Barber | March 27, 2007

During a recent interview with the Chicago Tribune, Pace violated one of the cardinal rules of political correctness by noting that, “homosexual acts between two individuals are immoral.”

Thomas Sowell | March 27, 2007

One of the dangers in being a demagogue is that some of your own supporters -- those who take you literally -- can turn against you when you start letting your actions be influenced by realities, instead of following the logic of your ringing rhetoric.

Mike Adams | March 27, 2007

I don't have any patience, tolerance, or open-mindedness when it comes to certain things. And one of those things is a damned liar. That's why I could never work as a UNCW student newspaper editor or as an assistant to my boss, Chancellor Rosemary DePaolo.

Ashley Herzog | March 27, 2007

Keep in mind that Grossman is not a political or religious ideologue. She's a psychiatrist whose clinic has treated thousands of patients, many of them self-destructive or even suicidal. And yet, despite the epidemics of eating disorders, self-mutilation, and sexually transmitted diseases among college students, many of Grossman's colleagues refuse to offer advice or treatment that obstructs their personal social agendas.

Bill Murchison | March 27, 2007

A U.S. presidential campaign is no walk in the park on a bright spring day, with the birds twittering merrily about us. Whoever seriously runs for president these days undertakes to think of virtually nothing else.

Dennis Prager | March 27, 2007

After the gas chambers of the Holocaust, the tens of millions murdered in the Gulag, the forced starvation in the Ukraine, the hideous medical experiments on people by the Germans and the Japanese in World War II, the torture chambers in all police states, I had actually believed that no new forms of evil existed.

Pat Buchanan | March 27, 2007

U.S. global hegemony is history. Like every nation, America must now choose -- between what is vital and worth fighting for, and what may be "idealistic," but is not worth a war.

David Limbaugh | March 27, 2007

Hagel has been dogging Bush for months, if not years, over Iraq, and now he is actually doing the antiwar Democrats' bidding on it.

Mon, Mar 26, 2007

Jack Kemp | March 26, 2007

A common expression has it that the opposite of love is not hate but indifference. Unfortunately, that's exactly the message the GOP is sending to the residents of our nation's capital by its recent actions in trying to defeat the bipartisan DC Voting Rights Act on a procedural motion.

John Fund | March 26, 2007

Nothing highlighted Congress's spending problem in last year's election more than earmarks, the special projects like Alaska's "Bridge to Nowhere" that members drop into last-minute conference reports leaving no opportunity to debate or amend them. Voters opted for change in Congress, but on earmarks it looks as if they'll only be getting more smoke and mirrors.

Phyllis Schlafly | March 26, 2007

Even though Puerto Rico has three times voted against becoming a U.S. state, yet another effort is being made to persuade Puerto Ricans to change their mind. Of course, the Democratic Party thinks making Puerto Rico our 51st state is a cool idea because that would give the Democrats two additional U.S. Senators and 6 to 8 additional Members of the House, more congressional representation than 25 of our 50 states.

Roger Schlesinger | March 26, 2007

Have you ever slowed down and really looked around at the goings-on of the simplest things around you? I was out this past weekend with my wife and decided to do just that, and some of the things I observed just did not make sense to me. For example, have you ever been in front of a movie theater where young people are trying to get you to see a particular movie that is going to be screened. While that in itself is not strange, have they ever began their approach to ask you to see one of their movies only to suddenly change direction completely and walk away without asking?

Herman Cain | March 26, 2007

A simple change in the antiquated tax code would create an avalanche of universal choice in health care, instead of current proposals that produce universal dependence on government. Namely, the U.S. should eliminate the deductibility discrimination between employers and employees for health insurance premiums.

Dinesh D'Souza | March 26, 2007

As the Pelosi Democrats attempt to steer the debate on Iraq and the war on terror away from President Bush's approach, it is useful to examine the premises behind the liberal Democratic understanding of the war on terror. So far the Democrats have been successful in faulting the president's admittedly-flawed approach.

Steve Chapman | March 26, 2007

The city government of Hazleton, Pa., got in trouble when it passed a law intended to drive out illegal immigrants. The American Civil Liberties Union sued to overturn the ordinance, arguing that it is the proper task of the federal government, not municipalities, to enforce immigration laws. But when good remedies are absent, it's no surprise to see bad ones emerge.

Michael Barone | March 26, 2007

Al Gore likes to present himself as a tribune of science, warning the world of imminent danger. But he is more like an Old Testament prophet, calling on us to bewail our wrongful conduct and to go and sin no more.

Brent Bozell | March 26, 2007

The Hollywood trade publication Variety reports that the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), the group that makes the movie ratings, is working to "fine-tune" the ratings system.

Suzanne Fields | March 26, 2007

"Western civ," in fact, became a sneer. Ronald Reagan, who recognized an evil empire when he saw one, ended all that. He knew that men and women trapped behind the Iron Curtain wanted freedom just like us.

Donald Lambro | March 26, 2007

Buried within a recent presidential-preference poll that asked voters who they would never vote for, an unexpectedly large number gave an emphatic thumbs-down to Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton.

Robert Novak | March 26, 2007

Republicans in Congress do not trust their president to protect them. That alone is sufficient reason to withhold statements of support for Gonzales, when such a gesture could be quickly followed by his resignation under pressure.

Harry R. Jackson, Jr. | March 26, 2007

Unfortunately, evangelicals have fallen into the rut of being defined by what they are against, instead of what they advocate.

Star Parker | March 26, 2007

South Carolina appears close to becoming the first state in the country to require that women considering an abortion view an ultrasound image of their fetus before deciding to undergo the procedure.

Burt Prelutsky | March 26, 2007

From everything I've heard and read, Cesar Chavez was a wonderful man. I'm not just saying that, either. I just want to make it clear that I have nothing against him, personally. But, another state holiday, for crying out loud!

Sun, Mar 25, 2007

Matt Lewis | March 25, 2007

They say you can’t come home again, but Granite Stater’s who turned out to see the Straight Talk Express roar into New Hampshire this weekend, would probably disagree.

Jonathan Garthwaite | March 25, 2007

When Ann Coulter writes a column about global warming, what do you get? #1

Paul Jacob | March 25, 2007

The "global warming" debate heats up. Keep your cool.

Mary Grabar | March 25, 2007

Maybe the death of an 18-year-old at the hand of a jealous husband will put an end to the rib-poking and television footage of bikini-clad teachers straddling motorcycles or gyrating in garter belts.

Robert Bluey | March 25, 2007

Rep. Henry Waxman's first order of business as the new chairman of the Government Reform Committee was to add the word "oversight" to the committee’s moniker. It was his subtle way of telling the Bush Administration it could expect a steady stream of investigations into just about every imaginable aspect of its operations.

George Will | March 25, 2007

Under the headline "San Franciscans Hurl Their Rage at Parking Patrol," The New York Times recently described the verbal abuse and physical violence -- there were 28 attacks in 2006 -- inflicted on parking enforcement officers in a city that has a surplus of liberalism and a shortage of parking places. Parking is so difficult that George Anderson, a mental health expert, has stopped holding lectures there because his audiences arrive seething about their parking frustrations.

Kevin McCullough | March 25, 2007

Please explain something to me. What is this obsession that liberals have with seeing America destroyed?

Frank Pastore | March 25, 2007

We’ve all witnessed the plummeting attendance of liberal mainline denominations for decades. The market has been shouting.

Ken Connor | March 25, 2007

That squabbling you hear is the sound of a movement that is trying to determine what it is and where it is going.