Sun, Feb 18, 2007

Debra J. Saunders | February 18, 2007

Last month, when Border Patrol Agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean began serving 11-year and 12-year prison sentences, respectively, for shooting at a fleeing drug smuggler, many Americans were outraged that the federal government would prosecute two agents for doing their jobs.

Sat, Feb 17, 2007

Doug Giles | February 17, 2007

Not every girl wants an education, a righteous vocation, respect from decent people, excellent health, a happy family and the enjoyment of a long and fulfilling life.

Ken Connor | February 17, 2007

Last week we briefly visited two cities. The first city was the City on a Hill, the city envisioned by America's founders, which is built on the firm conviction that all men are created equal and endowed by their Creator with inalienable rights. The second city is built on the teachings of Charles Darwin; not just his scientific theories, but, more importantly, their philosophical implications.

Hugh Hewitt | February 17, 2007

have spent the last year interviewing Mitt Romney, members of his family and his closest friends, as well as politicians, public figures, historians and religious leaders of all sorts on the question of whether or not Romney's faith ought to be a factor in his election.

Caroline Glick | February 17, 2007

It is impossible to guess the consequences of the approaching showdown between the US and Iran. But if the events of the past week are any guide, the future does not look promising.

Carl Horowitz | February 17, 2007

Nobody has ever accused government of lacking imagination when it comes to raising revenue. And flying under the radar screen for nearly a year has been a pending federal rule change whose effect will be to lighten the wallets of certain smokers.

Michael McBride | February 17, 2007

Our country has gone to great lengths to ensure that everyone is franchised into our democracy. It has been an imperfect struggle, but we are finally at a point where all are equally represented, and their vote is now equal in measure to all other votes cast. As it should be.

Brent Bozell | February 17, 2007

"Amazing Grace" is the most recognizable hymn in the land -- but how many people can tell you its origin?

Oliver North | February 17, 2007

Nero fiddled as Rome burned. Today, Congress diddles as Americans die. Tomorrow, we may all pay the price.

Phyllis Schlafly | February 17, 2007

With mounting bipartisan criticism from Republican congressmen and Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., the Department of Justice has stepped up an unprecedented public relations campaign to defend its prosecution of former Border Patrol agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean, now serving 11- and 12-year prison terms. But new facts keep emerging to prove that this prosecution was a gross injustice.

Lynn O'Shaughnessy | February 17, 2007

Do you know how to invest? Do you enjoy the kind of financial success that would make you an obvious candidate to write a book about it? Do you sometimes wonder why you're even spending five minutes reading this Sunday column when you already know what I'm going to say?

Robert Novak | February 17, 2007

House Democrats, led by Caucus Chairman Rahm Emanuel, are targeting Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and the Justice Department under him in a wide-ranging congressional investigation.

Michael McBride | February 17, 2007

Our country has gone to great lengths to ensure that everyone is franchised into our democracy. It has been an imperfect struggle, but we are finally at a point where all are equally represented, and their vote is now equal in measure to all other votes cast.

Kathryn Lopez | February 17, 2007

Rudy and the right? It's not the most obvious fit, but it's a marriage that could work. Let's just say they're dating but agreeing to see other people right now.

Nathan Tabor | February 17, 2007

I like a good blog as much as the next computer geek—but I have to admit, it is possible for bloggers to go beyond the limits of sound reason, good taste, and religious sensitivity.

Fri, Feb 16, 2007

Janet M. LaRue | February 16, 2007

Congressional cowards ply our troops with insulting platitudes, while undermining their congressionally-mandated mission.

Brent Bozell | February 16, 2007

I'll be forever grateful to my parents, authors both, for teaching me to read. Not how to read, just to read. In a simpler time, before the Internet, before the electronic video games, before cable, before iPods, this was not the challenge it is today.

Diana West | February 16, 2007

But some day, when historians wonder about the decline and fall of, well, us, I hope they examine Super Bowl XLI in the year 2007. It marked a crucial turning point.

Lt. Col. Scott Rutter | February 16, 2007

[T]he decision by President Bush to send in 21, 000 more troops is both with and without merit. Why? Because, we have little idea how those 21,000 troops will change the tide of perception.

Matt Barber | February 16, 2007

Media outlets have given the story fairly wide coverage. Presidential candidate and former Senator John Edwards (D- North Carolina) recently named two leftist, anti-Christian bloggers to high profile positions with his campaign.

Rich Lowry | February 16, 2007

You know you're at a Barack Obama rally when there is a student in the front waving a "Liberals Are Sexy" sign.

Lorie Byrd | February 16, 2007

If I thought the most important task the next American President would face would be dealing with abortion policy or protecting second amendment rights, a Giuliani candidacy would not arouse my interest.

Mike Gallagher | February 16, 2007

I’ve just been told a heartbreaking story. And it’s one of those stories that usually end in total helplessness, but since I’m fortunate enough to have a forum like this weekly column at, I hope you’ll engage me for a minute or two and allow me to share this awful tale with you.

John Hawkins | February 16, 2007

It takes a lot more integrity, character, and courage to be a conservative than it does to be a liberal. That's because at its most basic level, liberalism is nothing more than childlike emotionalism applied to adult issues.

Rebecca Hagelin | February 16, 2007

There’s nothing like a cold winter day to make you think about taking the family to the local multiplex and seeing a movie. Grab some popcorn, forget your worries for a couple hours, and enter that larger-than-life world of imagination and spectacle, of heroes and villains.

Rich Tucker | February 16, 2007

It seems to happens every year. The skies open with a blast of “winter weather” and Washington, D.C., the ultimate company town, throws in the towel. A dusting of snow is enough to close schools. Icy roads are enough to shutter the federal government.

Jonah Goldberg | February 16, 2007

This wisp of a notion is simply this: Maybe a Democrat should win in 2008.

David Limbaugh | February 16, 2007

Barack Obama's glib announcement in declaring his candidacy for the presidency provides clues about the man and reminds us, contrary to his stated message, of the great chasm that separates people of different political orientations.

Mona Charen | February 16, 2007

Even if the radical Muslims are truly enraged by American decadence and see it as an assault on traditional Muslim values -- by what stretch of the imagination do they take to suicide attacks as a response?

Pat Buchanan | February 16, 2007

On Valentine's Day, Chrysler sent a bouquet to its North American workers. Eleven thousand manufacturing jobs will be eliminated in the next 24 months -- 9,000 in the states and 2,000 in Canada -- and 2,000 white collar workers will be let go, permanently.

Linda Chavez | February 16, 2007

Barack Obama, the Illinois freshman senator who hopes to occupy the Oval Office, strikes me as a man uncomfortable in his own skin.

Paul Greenberg | February 16, 2007

Here's the moral of that story: Law may reflect not so much legal principles as the interests and desires, passions and prejudices, of those debating it.

Larry Kudlow | February 16, 2007

So, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke, testifying before Congress, officially threw in with Goldilocks -- moderate growth, declining inflation.

Charles Krauthammer | February 16, 2007

Vladimir Putin -- Russia's president, although the more accurate title would be godfather -- made headlines last week with a speech in Munich that set a new standard in anti-Americanism.

Paul Kengor | February 16, 2007

Because of a bitter, increasingly costly war in Iraq, Americans are questioning their president’s leadership more than ever before, and George W. Bush has watched his approval ratings plummet to all-time lows.

Kathleen Parker | February 16, 2007

In today's anti-patriarchal climate, it isn't surprising that the birthday of America's ``Father'' has been reduced to a free day and cheap sheets.

Mike Adams | February 16, 2007

Intelligent people understand that the people who see “hate speech” everywhere are among the most unhinged members of our society. They also realize that universities with speech codes and widespread emphasis on tolerance and diversity will attract these unhinged students disproportionately.

Megan Basham | February 16, 2007

It's been over 30 years since Katherine Paterson, a former missionary and wife of a pastor, put pen to paper to write Bridge to Terabithia. Yet even though her beloved Newberry award-winning novel seems tailor-made for the big screen, it has only recently been adapted to film. With the movie finally hitting theaters today, audiences will be able to determine whether it was worth the wait.

Burt Prelutsky | February 16, 2007

Those of us on the right side of the political spectrum are so very aware of media bias that we are always shocked when our friends and associates on the left fail to recognize or acknowledge it.

Bill Steigerwald | February 16, 2007

With Democrats running Congress and Republicans hoping to rediscover and reinvigorate their core conservative values, Genevieve Wood of The Heritage Foundation has her work cut out for her.

Cam Edwards | February 16, 2007

City leaders in Washington, D.C. have finally admitted their 30-year gun ban hasn’t done a bit of good. That’s the good news. The bad news is they’re proposing something that strikes me as just as stupid, all in the name of reducing crime.

Thu, Feb 15, 2007

Dick Morris and Eileen McGann | February 15, 2007

Newt, consigned by many observers to Elizabeth Dole or Dan Quayle status in this GOP nominating process, appears to be moving up into contention

Ross Mackenzie | February 15, 2007

J.K. Rowling's publisher has announced it will release the seventh (and last) installment in the incredibly popular Harry Potter series July 21: "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows."

Michael Reagan | February 15, 2007

The philosopher Diogenes is said to have wandered around ancient Greece holding a lantern and seeking to find an honest man. My fellow Republicans, sans lanterns, are now wandering around the political landscape seeking to find the perfect Republican presidential candidate.

Steve Chapman | February 15, 2007

Compulsion is as essential to government as water is to snow. Most of what governments do requires forcing people to do things they might choose not to -- pay taxes, stop at red lights, respect the property of others, avoid creating public nuisances, and so on.

Victor Davis Hanson | February 15, 2007

Lunatic state-run media keep boasting that Iran will kidnap American soldiers, shut down the Straits of Hormuz, send out global jihadists and raise the price of oil.

Janice Shaw Crouse | February 15, 2007

I’ve written several articles lately approving the new trends toward abstinence that have led to reductions in teen sexual activity, teen births and teen abortions.

Alan Reynolds | February 15, 2007

When Jack Kennedy ran for president, there was a great deal of fussing and fuming about his being Catholic. In a June 1960 Roper poll, 35 percent objected to a Catholic president.

Hugh Hewitt | February 15, 2007

How does an intervention in a caucus work? This needs to be answered because the House Republicans need one, and very soon.

Cliff May | February 15, 2007

In 1972, Munich again was linked to appeasement: Palestinian terrorists massacred 11 Israeli Olympic athletes. The group responsible was guided by Palestine Liberation Organization Chairman Yasser Arafat.

Thomas Sowell | February 15, 2007

If you take the mainstream media seriously, you might think that every important scientist believes that "global warming" poses a great threat, and that we need to make drastic changes in the way we live, in order to avoid catastrophes to the environment, to various species, and to ourselves.

Cal Thomas | February 15, 2007

My first reaction upon hearing that North Korea had agreed to take steps toward nuclear disarmament was: not again!

Suzanne Fields | February 15, 2007

If the new president of Harvard ever plays a character in a campus production of an allegory, she won't have to change her name. She's already Dr. Faust, literally.

Debra J. Saunders | February 15, 2007

Politicians say they support the troops, then they undercut the efforts of Gen. David Petraeus, the new military commander in Iraq, to assemble the soldiers he believes he needs to win.

Matt Towery | February 15, 2007

I know everyone's sick of hearing and reading about Anna Nicole Smith, the late celebrity without portfolio.

Donald Lambro | February 15, 2007

Plans by four major states to hold their presidential primaries early next year raises the likelihood the nominees will be chosen in a matter of weeks before most of the country has had a say in their selection.

Donald Lambro | February 15, 2007

Plans by four major states to hold their presidential primaries early next year raises the likelihood the nominees will be chosen in a matter of weeks before most of the country has had a say in their selection.

Marvin Olasky | February 15, 2007

How many conservative Christian politicians go on Comedy Central's "The Daily Show" without being sliced and diced?

Robert Novak | February 15, 2007

The Senate Republican leadership met behind closed doors this week to ponder Majority Leader Harry Reid's audacious power grab on the massive catchall appropriations bill.

William Rusher | February 15, 2007

It's been more than five years since Sept. 11, and it's fair to ask why the United States has thus far been spared so much as a single further unpleasantness.

George Will | February 15, 2007

Why does he think he can become the first House member elected president since James Garfield in 1880? Why does he think he can do better than the two strongest House candidates in recent elections?

Larry Elder | February 15, 2007

Did you know that Americans, like Cubans, suffer from a "lack of freedom"? So says actress Charlize Theron.

Wed, Feb 14, 2007

Roger Schlesinger | February 14, 2007

In my continual search for excellence in my business, the home mortgage industry, I realize that every major company or product has a secret ingredient.

Ann Coulter | February 14, 2007

I've caught Obama fever! Obamamania, Obamarama, Obama, Obama, Obama. (I just pray to God this is clean, renewable electricity I'm feeling.) Only white guilt could explain the insanely hyperbolic descriptions of Obama's "eloquence." His speeches are a run-on string of embarrassing, sophomoric Hallmark bromides.

Jonah Goldberg | February 14, 2007

The most interesting political matchup right now is between former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani because they're running for the same voters.

Chuck Colson | February 14, 2007

When college students pack up and spend a couple of days at another campus, it’s usually to attend a sporting event—or maybe a long, boozy fraternity party.

Jeff Emanuel | February 14, 2007

Charlie Norwood, six-term GOP Representative from Georgia’s 10th Congressional District, passed away at his Augusta, GA home this Tuesday.

Thomas Sowell | February 14, 2007

Propaganda campaigns often acquire a life of their own. Politicians who have hitched their wagons to the star of "global warming" cannot admit any doubts on their part, or permit any doubts by others from becoming part of a public debate.

Michelle Malkin | February 14, 2007

I have good news for everyone offended by the description of Sen. Barack Obama as "articulate." He has quickly shed any claim to that label.

John Stossel | February 14, 2007

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger wants all Californians to have medical insurance. So he's going to force them to have it.

Walter E. Williams | February 14, 2007

Problems with our health care system are leading some to fall prey to proposals calling for a nationalized single-payer health care system like Canada's or Britain's. There are a few things that we might take into consideration before falling for these proposals.

Brent Bozell | February 14, 2007

In every electoral cycle, the liberal media inform us that the Democratic Party will fight fiercely for the votes of religious Americans and refute the ugly, even slanderous caricature that the Democrats are the party that mocks God, prayer and everything most Americans hold dear.

Michael Medved | February 14, 2007

The only valid, sensible way to judge a President involves an evaluation of whether the nation thrived or suffered under his leadership.

Terry Jeffrey | February 14, 2007

So now that U.S. forces in Iraq must defend themselves against not only Sunni insurgents and al-Qaida in Iraq, but also Iranian-armed Shiites, the question is which Iranian-armed Shiites pose the greatest threat: the extremists or the moderates?

Ben Shapiro | February 14, 2007

An internal EU document leaked to the Financial Times states that Iran will likely go nuclear in the near future.

Austin Bay | February 14, 2007

The Washington press corps has discovered the war -- the self-defeating tug of war between the Pentagon and virtually every other Washington government agency.

Paul Greenberg | February 14, 2007

Consider this a love letter to a lady I saw only for a moment. More than 20 years ago. She was passing on a trolley car, and I was on a bus headed in the opposite direction in what was then Leningrad.

Jacob Sullum | February 14, 2007

Today he is a former New York mayor known for his liberal views on abortion who is trying to please the socially conservative voters in the Republican primaries.

Kathleen Parker | February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day does matter because, no longer a holiday of hearts and flowers, it has become a feminist political vehicle in the gender wars. Think armada.

Tue, Feb 13, 2007

Doug Giles | February 13, 2007

Thumb-pointing, Aqua Net addicted, Presidential-(used-to-be)-hopeful John Edwards, together with his strategists, decided that if they’re going to be “in it to win it” then they must employ the blogging help of a couple of anti-Christ, F-bomb droppin’ honeys to convince America that he’s mainstream and thus, our man.

Megan Basham | February 13, 2007

Almost half a million fewer women tuned into the big three morning shows this season compared to last.

Rich Lowry | February 13, 2007

Back during the 2000 presidential campaign, George W. Bush and Dick Cheney promised that "help was on the way" for the U.S. military.

Paul Weyrich | February 13, 2007

I'm not sure which woman was the more relieved by Anna Nicole Smith's untimely death. Is it the star of "Lust in Space," home in Houston, or is it the Speaker of the House?

Frank Gaffney | February 13, 2007

[A]s the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate engage in interminable debate about resolutions whose effects can only be to “damage morale and undermine the military” while emboldening our enemies, it is time to reflect on what constitutes inappropriate behavior in time of war.

Bruce Bartlett | February 13, 2007

According to press reports, Democrats in Congress are planning a major effort to reduce the so-called tax gap. This consists of money owed to the federal government but not paid

Jeff Emanuel | February 13, 2007

Last week, Congressman Charlie Norwood, six-term Representative from Georgia’s 10th Congressional District, left Washington – perhaps permanently – and returned home to Augusta for hospice care, and to be with his family in what may be the last days of his life

Thomas Sowell | February 13, 2007

The political left's favorite argument is that there is no argument.

David Limbaugh | February 13, 2007

As the 2008 Democratic presidential sweepstakes unfolds, it will be interesting to watch the ongoing conflict between the two main rivals: Hillary Clinton and the antiwar base.

Cal Thomas | February 13, 2007

With the House debating this week how much "non-binding" grief to lay on President Bush about Iraq, I e-mailed a soldier friend of mine for his impressions of the increasingly amplified protests.

Dennis Prager | February 13, 2007

In her last column, Boston Globe columnist Ellen Goodman wrote: "Let's just say that global warming deniers are now on a par with Holocaust deniers . . . "

Phyllis Schlafly | February 13, 2007

The sweetest Valentine Republicans in the U.S. Senate could give to American women would be to announce that they will filibuster until Christmas if Senate Democrats try to ratify the offensive United Nations Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women.

Bill Murchison | February 13, 2007

OK, he's in the race. Let's talk for a second or two about Barack Hussein Obama -- specifically, about his extraordinary-seeming appeal to white Americans.

Jon Sanders | February 13, 2007

government did nothing concerning The Dixie Chicks after they "spoke out" against President Bush while they were in concert in London. The singers were free to say whatever they wanted, just as the buying public was free to say whatever they wanted with respect to what the Dixie Chicks said.

Pat Buchanan | February 13, 2007

How would we react if China today brought Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela into a military alliance, convinced Mexico to sell oil to Beijing and bypass the United States...

Mon, Feb 12, 2007

John Boehner | February 12, 2007

What is the Democrats’ plan for victory exactly? There is one simple answer: they don’t have one.

Janet M. LaRue | February 12, 2007

President George W. Bush released his 2008 budget on Monday, cashing in at $2.9 trillion dollars. It includes $481 billion for defense costs, plus another $142 billion to fight the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

John Fund | February 12, 2007

The first 2008 presidential primary is nearly a year away, and the general election won't be for another 631 days. But to hear some pundits and politicians talk, you'd think the outcome was already settled.

Hugh Hewitt | February 12, 2007

We need a permanent "Team B," whether housed at the Department of Defense or somewhere else, and staffed by pros overseen by the smartest folks in the world of intelligence gathering.

David Strom | February 12, 2007

I used to think that liberals were mistaken, but well-intentioned. Now, I am not so sure.

Paul Weyrich | February 12, 2007

But what really made McConnell a hero to conservatives was his declaration that the Republican Caucus has the goal of confirmation of appellate judges before the end of the Bush term. He has chosen the number of 17 he seeks to have approved.

Lynn O'Shaughnessy | February 12, 2007

Right about the time last summer when stores were discounting their beach umbrellas to make room for back-to-school stuff, Congress heaved a fat slab of legislation at the feet of the retirement industry.

Paul Jacob | February 12, 2007

Make a man a dictator, and the moral high ground shifts. Unless you lean left?

Jason Mattera | February 12, 2007

The Catholic Church has a rich history of protecting the most vulnerable members of society. From challenging forced sterilizations to rebuking the practice of abortion, the Church’s leaders have been outspokenly pro-life.

Kathryn Lopez | February 12, 2007

Early in this new year, Democratic presidential contender John Edwards has already managed to walk into what may prove to be the new way the Internet can kill a political star: The campaign staff's inability to Google.

Roger Schlesinger | February 12, 2007

Although the headline seems ridiculous, it has never been more on point than in the current mortgage market. I have said to anyone who will listen that the 1% loan cannot have any traction left to it, but my amazement keeps growing as fast as the demand for this loan.

Cliff May | February 12, 2007

Neither Sunni nor Shia extremists are winning hearts and minds. Then again, they may not need to so long as they can put knives to throats and electric drills to skulls.

Michael Barone | February 12, 2007

Not many expected George W. Bush to advance a serious healthcare proposal in his State of the Union Address, and few expect anyone in Congress to act in response to it. But Bush did, and at least one member of Congress seems interested. More ought to be paying attention.

Suzanne Fields | February 12, 2007

Nothing corrupts intellectual power like the abuse of the language. Free speech becomes an endangered species when powerful words, misused, become shortcuts for specious argument and repetitious cliches trivialize noble ideas.

Donald Lambro | February 12, 2007

One of the big economic myths in this country is that the United States doesn't make much of anything anymore and has seen its exports dwindle overseas.

Robert Novak | February 12, 2007

A substantial number of them do not want to participate in a coronation of the former first lady because they still doubt her viability as a presidential candidate.

Star Parker | February 12, 2007

Until he delivers on policy specifics that clearly show how, we've got to conclude he's really just another smooth politician who wants to be somebody.

Mike Adams | February 12, 2007

What about those who have serious spinal injuries, which cannot be cured? What lengths will they go to when their prescriptions are cut off by a physician well after an addiction is established?

Burt Prelutsky | February 12, 2007

Of all the addictions one could have, I would think the one with the strongest stranglehold would be chocolate.

Armstrong Williams | February 12, 2007

James Brown has yet to be buried. Over a month after his death, legal wrangling over Brown’s estate has prevented the signing icon from receiving a proper burial.

Harry R. Jackson, Jr. | February 12, 2007

Most Americans are only starting to wake up to the fact that modern Islam is planning a sinister plot to take over the world during the next two decades.

Dinesh D'Souza | February 12, 2007

Why are some conservatives so determined to let liberals off the hook for 9/11?

Sun, Feb 11, 2007

Gregory Koukl | February 11, 2007

The latest in the aggressive efforts to redefine marriage is a Washington state initiative that would nullify marriages that don’t produce children. “Absurd.” That is even how the supporters describe their attempt to challenge the Washington State Supreme Court’s Anderson ruling last year.

Frank Pastore | February 11, 2007

Last Monday on the Fox hit "24", President Wayne Palmer made the point that American Muslims are our best allies in this war against Islamic terrorism. He’s right, but you wouldn’t know it listening to the callers on my show last week.

Debra J. Saunders | February 11, 2007

If Ramos and Compean had been running illegal immigrants across the border -- running a continuing criminal enterprise and risking the lives of fellow agents -- they'd be looking at shorter time.

George Will | February 11, 2007

In this winter of their discontents, nostalgia for Ronald Reagan has become for many conservatives a substitute for thinking. This mental paralysis -- gratitude decaying into idolatry -- is sterile: Neither the man nor his moment will recur. Conservatives should face the fact that Reaganism cannot define conservatism.

Lyle H. Rossiter, Jr, MD | February 11, 2007

The first step toward an in-depth understanding of adult behavior is to comprehend its origins in childhood. Whether adaptive or maladaptive, the enduring patterns of thinking, emoting, behaving and relating that define adult personality begin in the early years of life.

Mike Gallagher | February 11, 2007

I don't ever remember presidential candidates jumping out of the box so early before a presidential election year.

Kevin McCullough | February 11, 2007

From the hit television show '24', to the annual gathering of Democrats in winter retreat and stretching even to the university campus, Imams be playin' us.

Mary Grabar | February 11, 2007

Much has made of the fact that the next president could be either a woman or a black man. Much is also made of the "Oprah factor"—what will Oprah do? Who will she endorse? Pundits wait.