Sat, Feb 03, 2007

Mary Katharine Ham | February 03, 2007

This week, the political world is on fire with the news that the first tolerably clean, well-spoken, and non-threatening black man ever has stormed onto the American political stage, poised to take his rightful spot at the head of the pack of Democratic presidential hopefuls. Or so Joe Biden tells us.

Brent Bozell | February 03, 2007

Whatever happened to the notion of washing a child's mouth out with soap -- or, if in the case of an adult, just smacking him in the chops if he insults someone with obscene or racist language?

Debra J. Saunders | February 03, 2007

It's time for the 39-year-old boy mayor to grow up.

Robert Novak | February 03, 2007

While Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's presidential stock is rising among her congressional colleagues in Washington, prominent liberal Democrats in her home base of New York City privately express the opinion that she has unsolved political problems.

Dean Barnett | February 03, 2007

You have to give Russ Feingold credit - he’s a man of his convictions. It’s true that those convictions are misguided and borderline insane, but at least he has the courage to follow them.

Ken Connor | February 03, 2007

It is rare to see that many born-again believers congregated in one place on a weekday. It is especially surprising when the born-agains are all senators and representatives. Yet during last week's State of the Union address, the House chamber was packed with true believers, especially on the Republican side of the aisle.

Patrick Hynes | February 03, 2007

Utah Governor Jon Huntsman tells a story of how he was stuck in Vietnam while on a trip when the enemy struck America on September 11th, 2001. While waiting for clearance to come home he decided to visit the so-called Hanoi Hilton, where he saw the display there dedicated to Sen. John McCain—"complete with propaganda," Huntsman says.

Jeff Emanuel | February 03, 2007

Since the attacks of September 11, 2001, the portion of the War on Terror which has taken place in public view has been largely prosecuted far away from the United States, a fact which positively demonstrates the war’s success thus far in keeping terrorists away from the American homeland.

Fri, Feb 02, 2007

Larry Kudlow | February 02, 2007

On a day when the GDP report came in strong and the Federal Reserve proclaimed a balanced economy marked by healthy growth and contained prices, President George W. Bush became only the second sitting American president to visit the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. As he moved from trading post to trading post, floor brokers and assistants stopped their work and started to cheer.

Rich Lowry | February 02, 2007

High executive pay hasn't quite reached that status of a bipartisan "crisis," but it's approaching it.

Rich Galen | February 02, 2007

Joe Biden is a US Senator from Delaware. He has never been anything BUT a US Senator from Delaware. He is, according to his official bio, "currently serving his 6th term."

Diana West | February 02, 2007

I see linkage in the overall American approach to the two war zones. Our strategy is identical. In both cases, it is based on a complete and willful suspension of disbelief. It ignores all evidence to ward off reality.

Michael Johnson | February 02, 2007

It’s Groundhog Day, the day when Punxsutawney Phil takes a gander at his shade and decides how much more winter we’ll all have to endure. Not a bad idea, that – and one that has some resonance for those of us who habit the world of litigation.

John Hawkins | February 02, 2007

If you're looking for someone who can represent the conservative wing of the Republican Party in 2008, California Congressman Duncan Hunter fills that bill

Jonah Goldberg | February 02, 2007

Wesley Clark, the retired general and once - and no doubt future - presidential candidate, says the United States is going to attack Iran. How does he know? Well, it's obvious, he told Arianna Huffington, "You just have to read what's in the Israeli press. The Jewish community is divided, but there is so much pressure being channeled from the New York money people to the office seekers."

David Limbaugh | February 02, 2007

With the growing influence of the antiwar left in this country, particularly emboldened by the November congressional elections, I fear for our nation as I consider the strong possibility it could elect a liberal, antiwar commander in chief during wartime.

Mona Charen | February 02, 2007

Mearns captures the spirit of Washington, D.C. We are in the midst of a criminal trial concerning the leaking of CIA covert operative Valerie Plame's name to the press. The man on trial did not do the leaking. The man who did the leaking is not on trial. The woman who is the subject of the fictional leak was probably not covert.

Oliver North | February 02, 2007

LONDON -- Those who think that U.S. political and media elites have "exclusive rights" to negative perspectives on how the War on Terror is being fought need to visit this ancient capital of a once great empire. Here in London, the valor of 5,600 British troops in Afghanistan and roughly 7,000 in Iraq is rarely mentioned.

Pat Buchanan | February 02, 2007

"I'm concerned about protectionism, isolationism." Those were the first words President Bush spoke as he sat down Wednesday at an editorial board meeting at The Wall Street Journal.

Debra J. Saunders | February 02, 2007

There can be no better metaphor for why Republicans lost congressional seats in the November 2006 elections than Vice President Dick Cheney's decision, after wounding a buddy in a hunting accident, to go hunting on Election Day.

Linda Chavez | February 02, 2007

Sure there have always been child predators out there, preying on the innocent, destroying lives, but does anyone doubt that there are more of them today than in the past? And do we ever ask ourselves why that might be? What is it about our modern society that makes grown men want to seek sexual gratification from children? And why do we make it so easy for them to do so?

Matt Towery | February 02, 2007

Jimmy Carter was the Democratic candidate back then. He also happened to be the incumbent president. Beyond that difference with today and its term-limited George Bush, there are eerie resemblances between then and now.

Paul Greenberg | February 02, 2007

In any society riven by hatreds or suppressed by iron rule - the two tend to go together, like some kind of fatal syndrome - a rare writer may come along who lets the reader see the ordinary truths of life through prose as clear as plate glass.

Kathleen Parker | February 02, 2007

This column was supposed to have been a "Get Well" valentine to Molly Ivins. That was the plan. But cancer hates plans, and so instead I have come to praise one of my favorite columnists, who has left this world too soon.

Charles Krauthammer | February 02, 2007

This week the internecine warfare in Iraq, already bewildering -- Sunni vs. Shiite, Kurd vs. Arab, jihadist vs. infidel, with various Iranians, Syrians and assorted freelancers thrown into the maelstrom -- went bizarre. In one of the biggest battles of the war, Iraqi troops reinforced by Americans wiped out a heavily armed, well-entrenched millenarian Shiite sect preparing to take over Najaf, kill the moderate Shiite clergy (including Grand Ayatollah Sistani) and proclaim its leader the returned messiah.

Douglas MacKinnon | February 02, 2007

Two fairly recent events have turned the 2008 election from an almost assuredly Democratic victory to a better-than-even chance that Republicans hold the White House for at least four more years.

Mike Gallagher | February 02, 2007

Biden is a yuppie, northern elitist Senator from Delaware who is destined to get a pass for his foot-in-mouth debacle.

Burt Prelutsky | February 02, 2007

I don’t know how long urban legends have been with us, or why it is we never hear about rural or even suburban legends, but it seems to me there’s been a major change in these silly things over the past few years.

Rebecca Hagelin | February 02, 2007

God’s design is for children to be born of and raised by two married parents. Sadly, we know that many people cannot help the fact that they’re raising their children alone. But many others actually make the choice to raise children by themselves -- and the children are the ones who suffer.

Rich Tucker | February 02, 2007

Our lawmakers are getting set to say they oppose a policy, but they’re not prepared to do anything to change that policy. Instead of really debating the war in Iraq, our lawmakers will be debating a war in a vacuum. Instead of charting a way forward, they’ll chat senselessly about doing nothing.

Bill Steigerwald | February 02, 2007

In his second book on Ronald Reagan, “The Crusader: Ronald Reagan and the Fall of Communism,” Grove City political science professor Paul Kengor documents Reagan’s lifelong crusade against communism and how hard he worked as president to dismantle the Soviet Empire.

Lorie Byrd | February 02, 2007

Now that the presidential hopeful field has reached double digits, expect to hear scores of speeches about what should not have been done in Iraq.

Bill Steigerwald | February 02, 2007

John B. Taylor, a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution and an economics professor at Stanford University, was a key player in the international financial war against terrorism after 9/11.

Cam Edwards | February 02, 2007

In fact Bloomberg’s actions have put active law enforcement investigations at risk, and his city’s attorneys have given Officer Enchautegui’s family the cold shoulder as they search for answers in his death.

Thu, Feb 01, 2007

Dean Barnett | February 01, 2007

On July 25, 2004, the Red Sox and Yankees tussled at Boston’s historic Fenway Park. The then-presumptive Democratic nominee for President was Massachusetts’ own John Kerry.

Anne Yasmine Rassam | February 01, 2007

The anti-war rallies last weekend brought out the usual medley of retreads (Jane Fonda, the post-North Vietnamese Communist supporter, post-Turner, post-aerobics; the dynamic duo of Sarandon-Robbins; Sean Penn, the aging enfant terrible of Hollywood who tried to be a human shield for Saddam; Jesse Jackson, who specializes in giving eloquent speeches having no substance or meaning; politicians past their prime looking for some kind of resurrection such as Tom Daschle); the Code Pink leftists; pro-Saddam supporters in America; along with some fresh new 20-somethings; grieving relatives of American soldiers who have died in Iraq; and well-meaning anti-war activists of all kinds.

Emmett Tyrrell | February 01, 2007

My friend, the actor and writer Ben Stein, is forever putting me to shame, writing eloquent laudations to the wonder of America, while I am given to heaving up diatribes against the world's pests and scoundrels.

David Strom | February 01, 2007

Have you ever noticed that the people who seem to be most certain about things are often really quite ignorant? It’s a version of “don’t confuse me with the facts, my mind is made up!”

Janet M. LaRue | February 01, 2007

"Amber Alert." Hear it and your heart sinks. You say a prayer because somebody’s child is at risk in a world with way too many bad guys. Somebody said, "God created parents because He couldn’t be everywhere." Silly sentiments sell greeting cards but it’s no basis for systematic theology or a guide to good parenting.

Betsy Hart | February 01, 2007

Years ago a dear young friend of mine married and at the reception her mother-in-law commented to me how thrilled she was to have learned that her new son's new bride was a virgin.

Ross Mackenzie | February 01, 2007

Imagine awakening one morning to the gift of a new day - and to the discovery you are part of a conspiracy you never knew existed.

Larry Elder | February 01, 2007

"Tell me about it! I'm pro-affirmative action, pro-gun control, pro-universal health care and opposed tax cuts for the rich. And I was anti-war before it was cool. I'm a family guy with two daughters."

Jonah Goldberg | February 01, 2007

A weird thing happened in Iowa this week. Hillary Clinton was campaigning for president - no, that's not the weird thing - and she paraphrased a question from the audience about what in her experience prepared her to deal with "evil and bad men." Before she could answer, the audience burst into laughter, and Clinton joined in.

Cal Thomas | February 01, 2007

In Iowa last weekend, Sen. Clinton showed why she shouldn't - and I believe won't - be president.

Suzanne Fields | February 01, 2007

New York, New York, wonderful town. The Betty Comden/Adolph Green lyrics are a syncopated serenade to the Big Apple. Nobody would write a song like that about Washington. I love my native Washington, but it's still a provincial suburb compared to New York, with neither a Battery nor a Bronx even though we can now "ride in a hole in the ground."

Donald Lambro | February 01, 2007

Remember when John McCain was decrying the corrupting influence of big money in our elections?

Robert Novak | February 01, 2007

Pollster Frank Luntz for the past decade issued warnings to his fellow Republicans that they did not want to hear, but never has been so out of touch with them as he is today.

Kathleen Parker | February 01, 2007

In a week that saw Jane Fonda bashing Bush and couldabeen-president John Kerry ragging on America, it took a real stud to rivet our attention.

William F. Buckley | February 01, 2007

The hot news on the tobacco front has to do with the serendipitous finding that if damage is done to a particular part of the brain, the patient wakes up without any appetite for smoking.

William Rusher | February 01, 2007

After nearly four years of confusing arguments over the invasion of Iraq, the debate has suddenly and unexpectedly taken on a sort of weird simplicity. The Democrats, after dividing on whether to support the attack when it began, and then adopting (individually) almost every conceivable position regarding it since, have now, together with Republican senator Chuck Hagel of Nebraska, more or less united on a single demand: bring our troops home, and let the Middle East settle its own problems.

Paul Weyrich | February 01, 2007

Streetcars? What could conservatism have to do with streetcars? Some of you may be wondering if I have slipped my trolley.

Marvin Olasky | February 01, 2007

Wilberforce emphasized teaching about Christianity but not imposing it, and wrote that Christians should "boldly assert the cause of Christ in an age when so many who bear the name of Christian are ashamed of Him.

George Will | February 01, 2007

Fifty-seven years later, the Sumner Elementary School in Topeka is back in the news. That city's board of education is still wrongly preventing the right people from getting into that building.

William Perry Pendley | February 01, 2007

On February 5, in a case that may reach the U.S. Supreme Court, a three- to four-week trial begins in Casper, Wyoming. The American Civil Liberties Union, on behalf of five American Indians in rural, sparsely populated Fremont County, claims the County violated Section 2 of the federal Voting Rights Act (VRA) because of the alleged inability of American Indians to be elected Commissioner.

Hugh Hewitt | February 01, 2007

For the first time since Ronald Reagan began the party’s comeback after Watergate, the party’s Congressional leadership is surrendering the party’s principles on national security and national defense.

Victor Davis Hanson | February 01, 2007

Sen. John Kerry, the 2004 Democratic candidate for president, is at it again with another rude gaffe, this one providing an unintended glimpse of the way many contemporary cosmopolitan elites characterize their homeland when abroad.

Michael Medved | February 01, 2007

Despite rigorous efforts on the part of the media establishment, the public has so far reacted to the perjury trial of vice presidential aide I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby with a combination of weary, slightly annoyed disinterest and bemused boredom.

Wed, Jan 31, 2007

Ann Coulter | January 31, 2007

The exact same people who are now demanding prison for Libby for not remembering who told him about Plame are the ones who told us it was perfectly plausible for Bill Clinton to forget that Monica Lewinsky repeatedly performed oral sex on him in the Oval Office.

Dick Morris and Eileen McGann | January 31, 2007

The danger from Saddam Hussein has long since passed and the possibility that Iraq will ever develop WMDs is long gone.

Chuck Colson | January 31, 2007

A few years ago, I told "BreakPoint" listeners and readers the story of Burma's Christians, in particular the ethnic group called the Chin. As I said, "for many years, crosses dotted the mountaintops and villages in the Chins' homeland," which made sense in a region where 90 percent of the population is Christian.

Maggie Gallagher | January 31, 2007

The Reagan coalition is dead. I came away from this weekend's National Review Institute's Conservative Summit in Washington, D.C., (where I spoke on a panel) with this thought reverberating in my brain.

Paul Weyrich | January 31, 2007

Gingrich in office was only a disappointment, not a disaster. We now know that there were things in his personal life which at times clouded his vision.

Rich Galen | January 31, 2007

One of the two Senators from Louisiana is a woman named Mary Landrieu. The Landrieus are a long-standing political family in Louisiana and Mary evidently got thrown into the shallow end of the gene pool.

Roger Schlesinger | January 31, 2007

In my never ending search to try to understand human behavior, I have come across another phenomenon that exists in some people, (and it's more than you think), known as the "gambling gene". For those of you who missed the article on the "car gene", it can be found in my column's for 2006 on October 7th.

Jon Sanders | January 31, 2007

In the fable of Chicken Little, an acorn hits the title character's head, she concludes that the sky is falling, she convinces her barnyard pals of the same, they rush pell-mell to tell the king, and on the way get eaten by a fox.

Paul Weyrich | January 31, 2007

Like Henry A. Kissinger, former Speaker Newt Gingrich is brilliant out of office. But many observers agree that both left something to be desired. Kissinger said all the correct things about defeating the Communists at their own game of power politics.

Michael Medved | January 31, 2007

With resurgent Democrats showing discipline and determination to regain the White House after two terms in the wilderness, the Republican rank-and-file felt uncertain and apathetic about the GOP’s most likely standard bearers. Sound familiar?

Paul Greenberg | January 31, 2007

Yes, there is some good news out of Iraq, though you might never suspect it from the general run of stories about bomb blasts in Baghdad and deadly attacks on Iraqi and American forces elsewhere.

Terry Jeffrey | January 31, 2007

A U.S. strategic victory in Iraq now depends on finding a way to check the power of the very people we put in power.

Tony Blankley | January 31, 2007

The current mentality in Washington -- to pretend that there is a third way between victory and defeat -- is morally despicable.

John Stossel | January 31, 2007

Two weeks ago, U.S. drug agents launched raids on 11 medical-marijuana centers in Los Angeles County. The U.S. attorney's office says they violated the laws against cultivation and distribution of marijuana.

Michelle Malkin | January 31, 2007

Let us contemplate some wisdom from a media ethics expert quoted by The New York Times this week:

Austin Bay | January 31, 2007

British Maj. Gen. Andrew Graham said of Sistani in 2004: "The pro-democracy moderate Muslim cleric doesn't have to be found. That's Sistani. Fortunately, he is the most influential religious leader in Iraq."

Ben Shapiro | January 31, 2007

Apparently, Senator Barack Hussein Obama, D-Illinois, is the Messiah. The New York Times reported on Sunday that in Obama's time at Harvard Law School, he "developed a leadership style based more on furthering consensus than on imposing his own ideas.

Walter E. Williams | January 31, 2007

Under the color of law, government often does to us what thieves and crooks do, and like a nation of sheep we stand by and take it, and what's worse, sometimes we ask for it.

Ryan Kruger and Mike Catalano | January 31, 2007

For the past century, the avocado has been on the center of the table of a historic struggle between protection and free trade, between the United States and Mexico, in a fight that should have ended long ago. The fact that it raged on so long offers clues to our future (I fear) as we struggle to leave the past and refuse to obey a simple law of economics. As a money manager, I believe there is a bumper crop of trades nearby, but as you’ll see – I have a severe bias which I will disclose below.

Brent Bozell | January 31, 2007

Hillary has to be nervous. At this juncture in the campaign, she's being edged out in the Goo Primary.

Jacob Sullum | January 31, 2007

You may be wondering how President Bush's health insurance plan would affect you, the taxpayer.

Mike Adams | January 31, 2007

Instead of answering the question of “why I left,” perhaps some Methodists who did not can answer some of my questions concerning “why they are left.”

Tue, Jan 30, 2007

Debra J. Saunders | January 30, 2007

It is a sign of how politicized global warming has become when a father's push for his daughter's junior high school science class to present both sides of the global warming controversy becomes a national story -- with the father being portrayed as the villain.

Janice Shaw Crouse | January 30, 2007

Researchers have long recognized that risky behavior and depression are linked for adolescents; prevailing theories assumed that depressed teens turned to drugs and sex for self-medication. Now there is solid evidence that teen girls who experiment with risky behaviors (i.e., sex and drugs) are more vulnerable to depression and that teen boys who engage in binge drinking and heavy marijuana use are prone to depression.

Michael McBride | January 30, 2007

When I cracked 1776 on Wednesday to give it its long overdue read, there were two pleasant surprises. I found that it was autographed by the author…something I am appalled at myself for not remembering. And secondly, alone on the inner leaf just prior to Part One, I was greeted by a simple and profound quote from General George Washington…

Rich Lowry | January 30, 2007

The perjury trial of Vice President Dick Cheney’s former chief of staff Lewis “Scooter” Libby is not exactly Jarndyce and Jarndyce, the case in the Charles Dickens novel Bleak House, which ruined everyone who came near it and dragged on for so long that people forgot what it originally had been about.

Rich Lowry | January 30, 2007

When Hillary Clinton announced her presidential exploratory committee while sitting on a couch in her living room, she didn't project warmth so much as a sense that she was desperately trying to project warmth.

Rick Amato | January 30, 2007

President Bush's refusal to pardon Border Patrol Agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean -- and White House spokesman Tony Snow's attitude of indifference regarding same -- is a slap in the face to families of murder victims slain by convicted felons in the country illegally and to our nation's law-enforcement professionals.

Dennis Prager | January 30, 2007

High school cheerleaders must now cheer for girls' teams as often as for boys' teams thanks to federal education officials' interpretations of Title IX, the civil rights law that mandates equal playing fields for both sexes.

Cal Thomas | January 30, 2007

The ideologically decrepit anti-war crowd returned to Washington last weekend for a reunion. The older among them abandoned hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of Vietnamese to imprisonment, torture, death and re-education camps.

Pat Buchanan | January 30, 2007

When Congress finally decides on just the right language for its "non-binding resolution" deploring Bush's leadership in this war, it might consider a resolution to keep us out of the next one.

Bill Murchison | January 30, 2007

This just in: "Bureaucrats Slower, Less Efficient Than Capitalists." Hard to digest, I know.

Thomas Sowell | January 30, 2007

It has now become more and more obvious, even to some people who initially believed the "rape" charges against Duke University students, that there was never a speck of evidence to support the charges and a growing amount of evidence to the contrary.

David Limbaugh | January 30, 2007

Hillary Clinton's many contradictions aren't hard to understand once you realize her need to suppress her natural instincts and policy preferences because they conflict with her lifelong presidential aspirations.

Mon, Jan 29, 2007

Paul Weyrich | January 29, 2007

I try to look at things to discern what the average American sees when watching political events. I do not pretend to be wholly objective. But I also do not permit my political philosophy to drive my impressions while observing.

John Fund | January 29, 2007

Washington scandals are curious things. Sometimes special prosecutors are appointed and the media provide saturation coverage of their doings. An example would be the Valerie Plame episode, which led to this month's perjury trial of Scooter Libby, the former White House aide accused of lying about who first told him Joe Wilson's wife worked for the CIA.

Ken Connor | January 29, 2007

Every year since 1973, millions of Americans have paused to remember the day when new words entered the American vocabulary. Words fraught with ambiguity, like "the right of personal privacy".

Lynn O'Shaughnessy | January 29, 2007

The nation's inventory of mutual funds exceeds 8,100, and if you multiply that number a few times, you'll get some idea of the staggering number of people trying to make a living in the advice business.

Phyllis Schlafly | January 29, 2007

According to her former friend, political pundit Dick Morris, Clinton will run on the "Mom Strategy," which, Morris says, "gives her a credible way to tack to the left on the war."

Frank Gaffney | January 29, 2007

Members of the 110th Congress are behaving like drunken drivers with respect to the conflict in Iraq, veering wildly all over the road, seemingly oblivious to the risk they pose to others.

Herman Cain | January 29, 2007

When The Pillsbury Company appointed me president of the then-troubled Godfather’s Pizza chain in 1986, they were not looking for a black president because it was time for the first time in its history to have a black man in charge of a major business unit. They were looking for someone who had successfully demonstrated leadership ability.

Craig Shirley | January 29, 2007

Conservatives gathering this weekend in Washington at a summit sponsored by National Review magazine will be pondering their movement's future, inside the GOP, separate from the party or even if it has a future.

Armstrong Williams | January 29, 2007

In less than two weeks, Americans, especially American Blacks, will honor and celebrate history. For the first time ever in the storied history of the National Football League, American Black head coaches will lead their teams in Super Bowl XLI.

Rich Galen | January 29, 2007

John Kerry; Al Gore. Al Kerry; John Gore. Interchangeable goofballs.

Burt Prelutsky | January 29, 2007

My question is this: Where in the Bill of Rights is it written that filling up your SUV should cost you the same as it cost your grandpa to gas up his Model-T?

Star Parker | January 29, 2007

In a Newsweek column titled "How Dems Can Win White House," Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., opines about the difficulties that the Democratic Party has had in defining itself.

Dinesh D'Souza | January 29, 2007

Recently Jimmy Carter was on television, denouncing President Bush’s policies in Iraq. I find this highly ironic, because Jimmy Carter and his liberal advisers helped the Ayatollah Khomeini to come to power in Iran a quarter of a century ago.

Michael Barone | January 29, 2007

What the resolution tells us is that most members of Congress, echoing what they think is the view of most voters, yearn to return to the holiday from history that we thought we were enjoying between the fall of the Berlin Wall and Sept. 11, 2001.

Suzanne Fields | January 29, 2007

If we could bind together all the rhetoric over the Middle East, it would fit neatly into the Old Testament's Book of Jeremiah. Beware, beware, beware.

Kathryn Lopez | January 29, 2007

If you think that our national politics have overdosed on estrogen in the wake of San Francisco congresswoman Nancy Pelosi's elevation to Speaker, you ain't seen nothing yet.

Paul Greenberg | January 29, 2007

Month after month, official Washington downplayed the trickle and then constant stream of bad news out of Iraq, content to advertise hopeful signs like free elections. But even this president finally had to face the bloody facts and draw the obvious conclusion: The coalition of the ever less willing in Iraq was losing the war. And to leave the conduct of this war to the same generals with the same minimal strategy would lead to the same defeat.

Donald Lambro | January 29, 2007

The battlelines were carved into the Senate floor over a Democratic resolution condemning President Bush's war plans to send more troops to Iraq.

Robert Novak | January 29, 2007

Despite new Democratic control, the Senate remains sluggish, quirky and madly frustrating for anybody with an agenda.

Mike Adams | January 29, 2007

Since so many people were a) offended by the word (deleted), which has racial connotations, and b) un-offended by the phrase (deleted) (deleted), which takes the Lord’s name in vain, I’ve come to the following conclusion:

W. Thomas Smith, Jr | January 29, 2007

How can anyone honestly say they support the troops when they make false claims that a majority of both military leaders and the rank-and-file no longer support what their organization is doing, particularly when the majority does?

Harry R. Jackson, Jr. | January 29, 2007

The president’s voting base wants to see him lead with conviction on issues that matter to them. The President’s “fall from grace” may end when conservatives see this happen.

Debra J. Saunders | January 29, 2007

No matter what Bush and Senate members wanted to call it, they were pushing for amnesty last year. And the biggest problem with amnesty is the magnet effect.

Jack Kemp | January 29, 2007

They got here on the merits of talent, leadership and character, not the color of their skin, but still, it's huge in terms of what Tony Dungy and Lovie Smith have overcome to get where they are.

Sun, Jan 28, 2007

Paul Jacob | January 28, 2007

Two plus two equals four. Except in politics, where speaking math to power gets you Nancy Pelosi showing no mercy.

Brent Bozell | January 28, 2007

The 2007 Sundance festival has reached a new low with a strange, yet highly publicized film called "Zoo."

Doug Wilson | January 28, 2007

Keith Olbermann is no stranger to cynicism, but he reached a new low this month when he described the hit television show 24 as the type of “fear tactic” “beloved” by the Bush administration, an exercise in “naked brainwashing,” and a “program-length commercial for one political party.”

Frank Pastore | January 28, 2007

With poll after poll revealing only half of those who self-identify as Christians voting, you’ve got to wonder why. Of all people, shouldn’t Christians know how precious and fragile this experiment in self-government is.

George Will | January 28, 2007

There they go again. House Democrats should at least provide variety in their venality. Last Wednesday, fresh from legislating new ethics regarding relations with lobbyists, they demonstrated that there are worse forms of corruption than those involving martinis and money.

Kevin McCullough | January 28, 2007

They do this because in doing so their own guilt is appeased, their anger is justified, and they can finally lay blame for their own misery at someone else's feet.