Sat, Dec 30, 2006

Doug Giles | December 30, 2006

If you want high-grade, Hollywood/Washington D.C. type, nasty narcissism in ‘07, you must be focused. This is no game. This level of self-love is hard to achieve.

Diana West | December 30, 2006

Taking a whack at prognostication at the end of 2005, it wasn't hard to imagine, as I did, that 2006 would be a rotten year for freedom of speech.

Larry Kudlow | December 30, 2006

So, John Edwards has thrown his hat into the presidential ring. Unfortunately, he has a losing message.

Robert Novak | December 30, 2006

Sen. Joseph Biden, the new Democratic chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, in scheduling three weeks of hearings on Iraq threatens to interfere with President Bush's two major speeches in January.

Fri, Dec 29, 2006

Rich Galen | December 29, 2006

When Congressman Ford became Vice President Ford he said, "I'm a Ford, not a Lincoln. My addresses will never be as eloquent as Mr. Lincoln's. But I will do my very best to equal his brevity and his plain speaking."

Mary Katharine Ham | December 29, 2006

Since the mainstream media has had little interest in telling you any of the good things about Duke Lacrosse for balance, I thought I’d tell you.

Thomas Sowell | December 29, 2006

One of the questions often asked by those obsessed with income "gaps" and "disparities" is: "Is anyone really worth the millions of dollars a year that some people receive as personal income?"

Brent Bozell | December 29, 2006

Atheist activist Sam Harris recently proclaimed on National Public Radio that America needed a lot more mockery of religious belief.

Jonah Goldberg | December 29, 2006

I went back through old issues of National Review - no reflexive friend to moderate Republicans - trying to find examples of conservatives beating up on Ford. I couldn't find much.

David Limbaugh | December 29, 2006

As the end of the year always occasions retrospectives, prospectives and resolutions, it might be a worthwhile exercise to consider our experiences with Iraq as a guide to what might happen with Iran

Oliver North | December 29, 2006

However one spends these last hours of 2006, Americans should take care to thank and pray for those who have defended our nation throughout the year

Pat Buchanan | December 29, 2006

Gerald R. Ford was a good man who served his country well in an evil time.

Donald Lambro | December 29, 2006

There's been a lot of speculation about what is going to happen when Democrats take control of Congress this month, but the likely answer may well be "not much."

Kathleen Parker | December 29, 2006

In the annual spirit of compulsive declarations, summations and resolutions, let me just say, I'm sorry. For everything.

Roger Schlesinger | December 29, 2006

We are all getting older, hopefully, so why not finish the trip through life being supremely happy? Why not design the model for your perfect world and then build it step by step?

Rebecca Hagelin | December 29, 2006

It’s only natural, on the threshold of a new year, to think about beginnings. So let me ask my fellow conservatives: When did the modern conservative movement get its start?

Burt Prelutsky | December 29, 2006

As a rule, I like to give well-intentioned movies the benefit of the doubt, saving my barbs and jibes for the loathsome likes of “Borat.”

Lorie Byrd | December 29, 2006

Some interesting observations from history teacher/blogger Betsy Newmark on the passing of President Gerald Ford reminded me just how differently things are often viewed through the lens of history.

Rich Tucker | December 29, 2006

The problem here is the entire push for “diversity” and “tolerance.” Both those concepts have come to mean the exact opposite of what they should.

Thu, Dec 28, 2006

Rich Lowry | December 28, 2006

John Edwards is a Man of the Poor. That is what announcing his presidential candidacy in the Ninth Ward of New Orleans was meant to say.

William Perry Pendley | December 28, 2006

Next week, former Denver District Attorney Bill Ritter will become Colorado’s 41st Governor. Although Ritter pledged to reform higher education, it remains to be seen if he will provide the assurance sought by a journalism student in Ritter’s University of Denver debate with Congressman Bob Beauprez. Writing in National Review Online, Greg A. Pollowitz reports she asked, “What is the government going to do to make sure I can get a job?” Regrettably, the candidates gave lengthy answers instead of responding simply, “Change your major.”

Michael Medved | December 28, 2006

A random, wistful comment by one of the nation’s most successful movie comedians helps illuminate the least noted of all the Ten Commandments – and should suggest some worthy New Year’s resolutions for the rest of us.

Thomas Sowell | December 28, 2006

People in the media, in academia and among the intelligentsia in general who are obsessed with "disparities" in income and wealth usually show not the slightest interest in how that income and wealth were produced in the first place.

Larry Elder | December 28, 2006

Oprah Winfrey recently spoke about a pre-Iraq invasion show, in which her guests questioned the war's wisdom and validity.

Cal Thomas | December 28, 2006

The choice conservative Republicans must make is what to do for the next two years.

Suzanne Fields | December 28, 2006

My extended family tells the modern American story. My mother had six siblings, my father seven. My husband and I have three children; two of my adult children have two. The family has shrunk.

Debra J. Saunders | December 28, 2006

The unconditional pardon may well have cost Ford his bid to win the White House in 1976, but it is a reason Americans may look at Ford with gratitude and respect in 2006.

Matt Towery | December 28, 2006

For those who enjoy a bit of old GOP intrigue, there remains a behind-the-scenes and little-talked-about debate.

Donald Lambro | December 28, 2006

When Hillary Clinton began to readjust her campaign rhetoric to reinvent herself as a born-again centrist, few bothered to check out whether she had shifted rightward in her voting record, too.

William Rusher | December 28, 2006

It's a little early to be dismissing anybody as a possible 2006 Democratic presidential nominee, but at the risk of looking silly a year from now, I want to go on record as saying that, having brooded about it a while, I think Barack Obama is a flash in the pan.

Robert Novak | December 28, 2006

A president whose reputation exceeded his record, Ford was more comfortable and popular during 30 years of retirement than in his 895 days in the Oval Office.

George Will | December 28, 2006

Surely subsequent presidential history has deepened the nation's appreciation of what it had for 29 months.

Paul Greenberg | December 28, 2006

Now that the feds are insisting that these kids be tested, folks are complaining. But the feds are to be complimented, not badmouthed, when they take this No Child Left Behind business seriously.

Emmett Tyrrell | December 28, 2006

Ah, the Christmas season is about over, and soon I shall be liberated from the alarm I experience every time some benevolent authoritarians accosts me with the line "have a happy holiday."

Victor Davis Hanson | December 28, 2006

The Iraq Study Group, prominent U.S. Senators and realist diplomats all want America to hold formal talks with the government of Iran.

Michael McBride | December 28, 2006

Part of the problem is that the military doesn’t get that trying to deal with the MSM as partners will not work.

Marvin Olasky | December 28, 2006

Do you believe in God? Did trying to live out your faith create hardships for you in 2006? If so, here's some advice from the New Testament writer James:

Wed, Dec 27, 2006

James J. Kilpatrick | December 27, 2006

Almost a quarter of a century has passed since Darrell Grayson was convicted of felony murder in Alabama, but the case is not yet closed.

Ann Coulter | December 27, 2006

More African-Americans spent this season reflecting on the birth of Christ than some phony non-Christian holiday invented a few decades ago by an FBI stooge. Kwanzaa is a holiday for white liberals, not blacks.

Ross Mackenzie | December 27, 2006

Quotes addressing topics currently in the news . . .

Thomas Sowell | December 27, 2006

More than half a century of trying to do that with "foreign aid" has left a dismal record of failure and even retrogression in Third World countries.

Walter E. Williams | December 27, 2006

Rep. Rangel, D-N.Y., has it completely backward in terms of incentives created by the draft. Let's apply a bit of economic logic to it.

Brent Bozell | December 27, 2006

It is time for the Jewish community to denounce the equally bigoted Harvey and Bob Weinstein machine.

Jonah Goldberg | December 27, 2006

Pick up an eggheady book review, an essay in Time magazine or listen to a thumb-suck session on National Public Radio for very long and you'll soon hear someone explain that real conviction - dogmatism! - is dangerous.

Tony Blankley | December 27, 2006

Two thousand six is coming to an end much as it began: with war, terrorism, bloodshed and moral confusion.

Dennis Prager | December 27, 2006

This divide explains why the wrath of the Left has fallen on those of us who lament the exclusion of the Bible at a ceremonial swearing-in of an American congressman.

Terry Jeffrey | December 27, 2006

President Bush may be tempted to believe that cutting a Social Security deal with a Democratic Congress -- even if it requires a tax increase -- would improve his current standing as well as his long-term legacy. If so, he is wrong on both counts.

Ben Shapiro | December 27, 2006

2006 saw Western civilization doubt the justice of its cause and shy away from the means necessary to preserve its survival.

Austin Bay | December 27, 2006

The Wright vignette illustrates the fierce, unbending will of al-Qaida's most committed cadres. And demonstrates why they remain a threat.

Kathleen Parker | December 27, 2006

Given recent events in Durham, N.C., concerning the alleged Duke University lacrosse ``rape'' case, it is now possible to declare parody dead.

Michelle Malkin | December 27, 2006

The Bush administration, like every administration since Jimmy Carter created the Federal Emergency Management Agency in 1979, has failed mightily to break the natural disaster-federal disaster cycle.

Linda Chavez | December 27, 2006

This year, I'm creating a Wish List for 2007. This is what I hope will happen. And given enough goodwill and a little luck, who knows, they just might come true.

Douglas MacKinnon | December 27, 2006

With two, just published, major magazine pieces on my new novel entitled “America’s Last Days,” there seems to be some degree of controversy brewing.

John Stossel | December 27, 2006

They refuse to sell diet soda or "diet" anything. The waitresses wear sexy costumes. But this is not what earned the Heart Attack Grill a threatening letter from Arizona's attorney general.

Jacob Sullum | December 27, 2006

At midnight on New Year's Eve, a vast number of government documents that are secret now will be secret no more.

William F. Buckley | December 27, 2006

It isn't right to ask a president, or his wife, how they manage to take their minds away from the bloody frontiers of national life.

Tue, Dec 26, 2006

Cal Thomas | December 26, 2006

I wouldn't stop what Karen Hughes is doing, but I do wonder and worry whether this outreach to the Arab and Muslim world, in particular, will make a significant difference

Roger Schlesinger | December 26, 2006

I can't imagine the first time that phrase was uttered by someone, and I can't help but think that it may have been as far back as Biblical times. Perhaps two young men were talking about running and one said he was faster than the other and the other one mentioned the now famous quote "Do you want to bet?" Look at what's happened since then!

Herman Cain | December 26, 2006

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah! Go ahead and call the politically correct police, I do not care.

Rich Lowry | December 26, 2006

President Bush is finally getting over his version of the Vietnam syndrome.

Mike Adams | December 26, 2006

Today, it is my intention to come clean and announce a massive new government entitlement program, which will be put into effect as soon as I am elected president.

Jeff Emanuel | December 26, 2006

When you are in a war situation, that guy beside you is your brother or sister. And I think that most of us would give up our lives for our family.

Thomas Sowell | December 26, 2006

If you cannot understand something as simple as making a lead pencil, why should you be surprised that you don't understand why someone is making a lot more money than somebody else?

Bruce Bartlett | December 26, 2006

In the real world, of course, people measure their progress not against some incorrect forecast, but against actual results.

James J. Kilpatrick | December 26, 2006

'Tis the happy yuletide season! In this corner that means it's time to unwrap a few lovely lines from the Santa's bag we call The Good Stuff -- those similes or metaphors or graceful images that light up our passages of prose.

Bill Murchison | December 26, 2006

In my own great state of Texas, where the modern oil industry was born more than a century ago, one strains to see honest, open discussion of the energy choices that lie before us.

Michael McBride | December 26, 2006

It is impossible to imagine a wound as deep as instantaneously removing seventy-five members of a community.

Lynn O'Shaughnessy | December 26, 2006

Many so-called financial experts, who want to sell investment products, see charities as irresistible suckers. Charities have cash and don't possess investment moxie.

Mon, Dec 25, 2006

Chuck Colson | December 25, 2006

For most of us, Christmas is a time of great joy, a warm and wonderful family celebration of the birth of our Savior. As we ponder the scene at the manger, however, I doubt many of us think about the impact that starry night had on those who were there.

Michael Barone | December 25, 2006

We Americans, despite our current grumblings, are fundamentally an optimistic people. Our optimism has helped us achieve great things. But it can also be a problem.

Suzanne Fields | December 25, 2006

Spreading the news with raw, unedited data and making image projections on YouTube and MySpace create only a public persona. It may or may not have anything to do with the who of you.

Paul Greenberg | December 25, 2006

Yeah, sure, I remember 'em. How could an innkeeper forget? Even without you reporters coming by years later and asking all kinds of questions. There was just something about 'em. Like they was always standing in a light or something.

Phyllis Schlafly | December 25, 2006

It was a bad week for advocates of amnesty and a guest-worker program.

Robert Novak | December 25, 2006

"I've never seen industry so deathly afraid of the current politics surrounding climate change policy," a Bush administration environmental official told me. With good reason.

Star Parker | December 25, 2006

Hats off to Columbia Pictures and Will Smith for bringing out wonderful holiday film fare with this week's appearance of "The Pursuit of Happyness."

Nathan Tabor | December 25, 2006

For a liberal, Scrooge is supposed to be the ultimate corporate villain.

Carol Platt Liebau | December 25, 2006

With all these favorable developments in the war on Christmas, there’s a heartening reminder for ordinary Americans:

Harry R. Jackson, Jr. | December 25, 2006

What would a good conservative want for Christmas?

Burt Prelutsky | December 25, 2006

Something I’ve noticed is that dogs often bring out a rich store of wit and wisdom in people.

Sun, Dec 24, 2006

Kevin McCullough | December 24, 2006

The nation and economy known as the new Iraq is succeeding, and those who dispute this are simply lying.

George Will | December 24, 2006

If Alan Mulally, Ford's CEO, is looking for fresh words to inspirit his troubled company -- words to replace "The Way Forward," which rang hollow as Ford slid further backward -- he might try: "Lay off the cheeseburgers, America -- you're killing yourself, which is your business, but you're also killing Ford, which is my business."

Steve Chapman | December 24, 2006

The planet is freer and more democratic today than it was five or 10 years ago, but not notably more so than 12 months ago.

Joel Rosenberg | December 24, 2006

By arming North Korea and Iran, Russia has joined the "Axis of Evil." What will Washington do?

Paul Jacob | December 24, 2006

The woman vs. the state . . . she's all but won, but the government is stringing her along, waiting for her to die rather than pay her.

Debra J. Saunders | December 24, 2006

On Thursday, President Bush commuted the prison sentence of Phillip Emmert, who was convicted on methamphetamine charges and sentenced to 22 years, followed by five years of supervised release in 1992.