Sat, Sep 23, 2006

Rich Tucker | September 23, 2006

My brother’s a vegetarian. Yet he doesn’t insist that the rest of us should forgo meat when he’s around. By the same token, we don’t insist that, if he wants to break bread with us, he must also swallow ground cow. That’s tolerance.

Carl Horowitz | September 23, 2006

What if restaurants throughout this country were too scared of a lawsuit to sell foods deemed fattening?

Paul Greenberg | September 23, 2006

The largely unexamined assumption many of us make when we pick up our morning paper is that reality is somewhere out there and the job of the journalist is to capture it, the way a hunter might truss up a lion, and deliver it neatly wrapped to our doorstep.

Donald Lambro | September 23, 2006

Republicans are opening up a new campaign front in the elections that asks voters to think about who will be running Congress if the Democrats are returned to power in November.

Larry Kudlow | September 23, 2006

President Bush continued his bold pre-November offensive this week, focusing our attention on the war, national security, the totalitarian regimes in the Mideast and even taxes.

Robert Novak | September 23, 2006

The report in Washington's Hill newspaper that former Democratic National Chairman Terry McAuliffe will head Sen. Hillary Clinton's 2008 presidential campaign did not sit well with many of her key supporters.

Doug Giles | September 23, 2006

I hate to ruin your light summer beach reading, but America and much of the world are still in deep yogurt when it comes to the war on terror.

Fri, Sep 22, 2006

Burt Prelutsky | September 22, 2006

When asked if I really believed that if the federal government wasn’t taxing us to death, people would actually take up the slack and give more to charity, I said people definitely would.

Thomas P. Kilgannon | September 22, 2006

The race to succeed Kofi Annan as the UN's next Secretary-General is getting more attention.

David Strom | September 22, 2006

The federal government is considering making the largest loan guarantee in its history to a private company -- and almost no one has heard of it.

Michelle Malkin | September 22, 2006

Wednesday night, I received a call from my column syndicate, Creators Syndicate. The Associated Press had phoned my editor to inform her that it would be sending a response to my column about detained AP photographer Bilal Hussein.

Timothy Lee | September 22, 2006

European consumers and small businesses are suffering the effects of the European Union's continuing vendetta against Microsoft, and they're finally speaking up about it.

Brent Bozell | September 22, 2006

Someone should tell Madonna that her Catholic-bashing, Jesus-exploiting shtick is getting old, as old as the recycled Abba tunes she's putting out as her own music. As old, almost, as she is.

Diana West | September 22, 2006

When all is said and done -- when protestors junk their placards, when burning churches cool, when a murdered nun's grave grows grass -- "shut up" is the underlying message of Pope Rage, the latest fulmination to come from Islam, this time over Pope Benedict's recent lecture on faith and reason.

David Keene | September 22, 2006

I know there are moderate Muslims out there, but I must say that they are difficult to find when Muslim extremists take to the airwaves or streets.

Rich Galen | September 22, 2006

While official Washington (and the talking heads attached thereto) are wearing out their worry beads over what to do about Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez' ridiculous rant at the United Nations, most regular Americans are perfectly at ease: Make public the transactions between any US company and Venezuela and let the American consumer decide how to punish that kind of activity.

Jonathan Garthwaite | September 22, 2006

It’s an exciting time and a nervous time – for parents and children alike.

Jonah Goldberg | September 22, 2006

A sure sign of a political movement's maturity is the discretion it shows in picking its leaders. Which is why gay groups could show how grown up they are by excommunicating James McGreevey.

David Limbaugh | September 22, 2006

Why do politicians who know better portray certain CIA interrogation techniques used to extract life-saving information from enemy detainees as torture?

Mona Charen | September 22, 2006

Establishment America seems determined to seduce Ahmadinejad.

Oliver North | September 22, 2006

It's been a tough week for prelates and politicians.

Pat Buchanan | September 22, 2006

Not since Khrushchev took off his shoe and pounded the table has there been a U.N. General Assembly conclave to rival this one.

Kathleen Parker | September 22, 2006

George Bush owes Hugo Chavez a thank-you note. The Venezuelan president's goofy performance at the U.N. General Assembly on Wednesday made Bush look like Winston Churchill.

Charles Krauthammer | September 22, 2006

Religious fanatics, regardless of what name they give their jealous god, invariably have one thing in common: no sense of humor.

Rebecca Hagelin | September 22, 2006

“Mom, all my friends are going to see a movie tonight. Can I go, too?” How many millions of parents over the years have been asked this question?

Nathan Tabor | September 22, 2006

There was a time when the Ford Motor Company was synonymous with family. You might remember Dad packing you and your brothers and sisters into a Ford headed for a day at the beach, the zoo, or the farm. Ford meant stability, security, and tradition.

Tim Chapman | September 22, 2006

The administration and the “Gang plus three” disagree over whether terrorists tried in military commissions should have access to the classified material used to prosecute them.

Roger Schlesinger | September 22, 2006

You need to know what you haven't been told: the right move will make you wealthy, the wrong move will give you warts, figuratively speaking.

Lorie Byrd | September 22, 2006

When it came to the rash of religious speech in the UN this week, there was not much complaining to be heard from most on the left.

Mike Gallagher | September 22, 2006

Hugo Chavez’ comments felt like a punch in the gut.

Thu, Sep 21, 2006

Jerry Newberry | September 21, 2006

The marching orders finally came through. I leave for my second trip to Iraq and Afghanistan on the 21st.

Cliff May | September 21, 2006

Many commentators are missing the point: The Muslim protestors are not asking for mutual respect and equality. They are not standing up for a principle. They are laying down the law.

Hugh Hewitt | September 21, 2006

A few years ago I wrote a book for young Christians graduating from high school or college on the theme of how best to prepare to influence the world, "In But Not Of." Now in the second half of the first decade of a long war with Islamism fascism, a second reading list is necessary.

Larry Elder | September 21, 2006

Note that the pope, in a very lengthy speech critical of the growing secularization of the West, devoted only three paragraphs to the subject of jihad.

Cal Thomas | September 21, 2006

President Bush took his case for freedom, democracy, tolerance and "respect" for Islam to the United Nations. His speech was eloquent at times and uniquely American in its plea for understanding and help in freeing people from oppression in the Middle East.

Suzanne Fields | September 21, 2006

Pope Benedict XVI did the right thing, twice. In his talk to scholars in Germany, he correctly put Islam in historical perspective, describing how Islam was perceived as "evil and inhuman" by a 14th-century Christian emperor desperate for the help of other Christians to defend his country against Islamic conquest.

Debra J. Saunders | September 21, 2006

When Daveed Gartenstein-Ross worked at the U.S. headquarters of Al Haramain Islamic Foundation in 1999, his boss used to joke that prison inmates studying Islam were "a captive audience," he testified Tuesday before the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs.

Matt Towery | September 21, 2006

It's time for the United States to leave the United Nations and spearhead the formation of a new, more workable international consortium.

James J. Kilpatrick | September 21, 2006

Unless the U.S. Supreme Court intervenes, Morton R. Berger will spend the rest of his life in an Arizona prison. Maybe he deserves it. Then again, maybe not.

Marvin Olasky | September 21, 2006

Former Illinois governor George Ryan received this month a sentence of 6 1/2 years in prison for racketeering, lying to the FBI and mail fraud. But there's much more to that story, which begins with incredible anguish.

Robert Novak | September 21, 2006

Bolton's ordeal provides a cautionary tale for any foreign policy conservative who wants to serve his country in Washington. Nobody can deny Bolton's intelligence and vigor in a lifetime devoted to public service. Nor can anybody deny that Bolton has been faithful to the program of any president he served even when official policy conflicted with his own views. But those views have caused him no end of trouble.

Emmett Tyrrell | September 21, 2006

A dozen or so representatives from the International Committee of the Red Cross are headed for our military detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and frankly I am concerned for their comfort and possibly even their health.

Joel Mowbray | September 21, 2006

As I trekked last week across the north of Israel, the only signs that the area was just a month removed from being a war zone were some battered buildings, an unusually high volume of earth-moving equipment, and a handful of tanks on the highway on large flatbed trucks.

Roger Schlesinger | September 21, 2006

The mortgage industry isn't difficult to understand, but like all industries, it has its peculiarities.

Cal Thomas | September 21, 2006

President Bush took his case for freedom, democracy, tolerance and “respect” for Islam to the United Nations.

Wed, Sep 20, 2006

Rusty Shackleford | September 20, 2006

Since the Geneva Conventions do not apply to terrorists, I don't see what all the fuss is about. Seriously. In fact, by treating terrorists humanely we undermine the Geneva Conventions.

Ann Coulter | September 20, 2006

As Graham explained, he doesn't want procedures used against terrorists at Guantanamo "to become clubs to be used against our people." Actually, clubs would be a step up from videotaped beheadings.

Dick Morris and Eileen McGann | September 20, 2006

With the Gallup Poll showing a spike in Bush’s approval ratings and a narrowing of the gap between Democrats and Republicans in party congressional preferences, a looming question is how enduring the change is. Will it last until November?

Michelle Malkin | September 20, 2006

When it comes to the "people's right to know" whether Associated Press employees are cooperating with terrorists overseas, the "essential global news network's" motto is: Bug off.

John Stossel | September 20, 2006

In this era of a big-spending Republican administration, the differences between conservatives and liberals have shrunk so much, it's hard to tell who's who.

Walter E. Williams | September 20, 2006

A fortnight ago, my column made a stab at applying dispassionate analysis to come up with an operational definition for discrimination.

Brent Bozell | September 20, 2006

There are moments where it becomes painfully apparent that the media elites think that the only thing redeeming about Western culture is its ability to regret its existence.

Jonah Goldberg | September 20, 2006

Before you can discuss the manifest seriousness of the latest controversy involving the pope, you have to acknowledge its hilarity.

David Limbaugh | September 20, 2006

Once again, prematurely sanguine Democrats are caught scratching their heads over the recent drops in their poll numbers and the price of oil. Darn the bad luck.

Tony Blankley | September 20, 2006

Today, the West's struggle to resist radical Islamic aggression (both cultural and terroristic) is still in that early phase of moral confusion and limited tactics.

Ben Shapiro | September 20, 2006

Gorbachev's recent bout of honesty should remind us that we cannot rely on the kindness of our enemies to protect us from danger. The world has grown more dangerous since the fall of the Soviet Union, not less.

Terry Jeffrey | September 20, 2006

A telling proof of the argument Pope Benedict XVI made at Regensburg University last week is that prominent Muslim critics claimed to embrace his basic point even as they strove to disprove the words of the 14th century Byzantine emperor the pope quoted.

Linda Chavez | September 20, 2006

A speech on "Faith, Reason and the University" would hardly seem a likely occasion to declare war on Islam.

Paul Greenberg | September 20, 2006

Memory is not the mere recollection of fact, as anyone who's tried to record his memories will know. As in a dream, the landscape alters. Times are jumbled, locations are switched, people misidentified.

Donald Lambro | September 20, 2006

President Bush and his party seem to be succeeding in their efforts to define the strategic security issues that will likely decide the outcome of the 2006 midterm elections.

Jacob Sullum | September 20, 2006

On Nov. 13, 2001, President Bush issued an executive order authorizing the trial of suspected terrorists by newfangled military tribunals.

Bill Murchison | September 20, 2006

I don't refer, of course, to such violence, actual or prospective, as may prove attributable to Islamic "outrage" at Pope Benedict XVI's harmless quotation last week of a 14th-century Byzantine emperor who was demonstrably no fan of Islam. There is speculation that the murder of a Catholic nun in Somalia was carried out by the usual homicidal maniacs who see bumping off unbelievers as part of their holy job description.

Maggie Gallagher | September 20, 2006

Just what in the world did the pope think he was doing?

Kathleen Parker | September 20, 2006

In non-news today, Muslims are outraged. Also, the sun rose at its usual time and the Earth continued to turn on its axis in the customary fashion.

William F. Buckley | September 20, 2006

The talk over the weekend concerning the pope's blunder had to do with his under-instruction in diplomacy.

Austin Bay | September 20, 2006

Remember the "Arab street," that riot-in-the-road featuring flammable Israeli flags, Saddam Hussein posters, clenched fists and chants threatening "Death to America"? The street may have lacked pavement and a fire hydrant, but it had beaucoup television cameras.

Roger Schlesinger | September 20, 2006

We are all in search of the free lunch in this world, and between you and me, there are better roads to follow.

Michael Medved | September 20, 2006

To come to terms with the nature of the Pope's error one must first understand the true message of his scholarly lecture, which made only the briefest reference to the long-standing struggle between Christianity and Islam.

Tue, Sep 19, 2006

Rich Galen | September 19, 2006

The USA Today/Gallup poll released earlier this week had some very good news for the good guys.

Carol Platt Liebau | September 19, 2006

By helping to defeat President Bush’s proposed legislation establishing procedures to interrogate and try terrorist detainees, dissident Republican Senators John McCain, Lindsay Graham and John Warner have bestowed a great gift on both the President’s political adversaries and, much worse, on America’s terrorist enemies.

Jerry Newberry | September 19, 2006

Jerry Newberry is going to battle once again and expanding his reporting duties in both Afghanistan and Iraq.

Chuck Colson | September 19, 2006

Pope Benedict condemned the use of Islamic violence as contrary to faith and reason. Has anybody noticed the irony of the Muslim world's reaction?

Bill Lauderback | September 19, 2006

The liberal Democratic mayors of Dallas and Houston are taking a play right out of the California political playbook as they try to turn out the lights - literally - in Texas.

Thomas Sowell | September 19, 2006

Many in the media and in the government that is supposed to protect us have been preoccupied with whether we are being nice enough to the terrorists in our custody.

Cal Thomas | September 19, 2006

It's easy for the elites to talk warm and fuzzy, as if being nice to killers can persuade them to be nice to us.

Dennis Prager | September 19, 2006

After Professor Zinn argued in Part I that America has not been a force for good in the world, I proceeded with the following questions:

Pat Buchanan | September 19, 2006

To bank the firestorm ignited by his address in Regensburg, Germany, Pope Benedict XVI declared himself "deeply sorry" for the effect his remarks have had on the Muslim world.

William Rusher | September 19, 2006

The New York Times Book Review for Sept. 17 features on its cover, and on two additional pages of inside text, a review of "The Greatest Story Ever Sold: The Decline and Fall of Truth From 9/11 to Katrina," by Frank Rich.

Paul Weyrich | September 19, 2006

While there is a drive for international taxation to finance international development goals, it's worth asking just how well the UN is managing the money it now has.

Paul Weyrich | September 19, 2006

In 1947, two years after our final victory in World War II, President Harry S. Truman and other prominent national leaders were interested in reminding Americans why our country had fought so hard to prevail against the Axis powers.

Mike Adams | September 19, 2006

On behalf of the White Faculty and Staff Association (WFSA), we look forward to another academic year under your leadership and a stronger relationship between your office and our organization.

Roger Schlesinger | September 19, 2006

There are those who will read this and simply say it is all B.S.

Lynn O'Shaughnessy | September 19, 2006

As I mentioned last week, millions of people don't enroll in 401(k) plans because it seems like a hassle.

Mon, Sep 18, 2006

Frank Gaffney | September 18, 2006

For some politicians, it is tough under the best of circumstances to do the right thing when it comes to national security.

Thomas P. Kilgannon | September 18, 2006

Iran is right at home in the United Nations with the other malcontents who infest the international enclave on Manhattan's East Side.

Jonah Goldberg | September 18, 2006

Conservative Republicans have learned a painful lesson in recent years. It turns out power isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Phyllis Schlafly | September 18, 2006

Each year, the U.S. Supreme Court grants fewer and fewer petitions for review, and now hears only about half the cases it heard 25 years ago.

Michael Barone | September 18, 2006

He who frames the issues tends to determine the outcome of the election. That's an old rule of political consultants, the first and most important rule, really.

Burt Prelutsky | September 18, 2006

There’s an old saying that suggests that good fences make for good neighbors. I couldn’t agree more.

Alan Sears | September 18, 2006

The Sept. 17 anniversary of the signing of the Constitution is the perfect time to put the "wall of separation between church and state" disinformation to rest.

Chuck Colson | September 18, 2006

Did the Bush administration orchestrate September 11? One Presbyterian theologian thinks so. Find out why this is what happens when we reject Christian fundamentals.

Suzanne Fields | September 18, 2006

The love-hate relationship between Americans and the French is one of continued ambivalence.

Robert Novak | September 18, 2006

Richard M. Daley had just prevailed in the City Council, sustaining his first veto cast in 17 years as mayor of Chicago.

Harry R. Jackson, Jr. | September 18, 2006

I am questioning whether we see the urgent need to protect all American families, black or white. As Americans, we are inextricably connected.

Star Parker | September 18, 2006

"Survivor" has played the race card. The CBS reality show now creates teams selected by race to compete with each other. White, black, Latino and Asian.

Mary Katharine Ham | September 18, 2006

The Pope has offered two non-apology apologies for his Tuesday remarks on Islam, which if an apology must be offered, is the only kind he should utter:

Doug Wilson | September 18, 2006

It’s not everyday that you have the opportunity to have breakfast with the man who might be the next leader of the free world.

Sun, Sep 17, 2006

Rich Galen | September 17, 2006

Washington was abuzz over the weekend with the publication in the Washington Post of an excerpt from a new book, "Imperial Life in the Emerald City" by Washington Post Assistant Managing Editor, Rajiv Chandrasekaran.

Paul Jacob | September 17, 2006

Byzantine regulations and bureaucracies. A system designed to frustrate choice. Education, Amerikan-style.

Mike Adams | September 17, 2006

I really wasn’t looking for these two proponents of the religion of peace but – all praise to Allah! - they sure found me.

Debra J. Saunders | September 17, 2006

Working from his Woodland Hills, Calif., home office, gadfly Carl Olson is on a mission that should not be as impossible as it seems: He wants local and state governments to follow the law.

William F. Buckley | September 17, 2006

The divisions on the question of how to deal with terrorist suspects reminds us that there is confused reasoning in town.

George Will | September 17, 2006

In this autumn of their discontent, Republicans tremble as November nears. But now comes yet another book by a gloomy liberal anticipating permanent Republican dominance.

Kevin McCullough | September 17, 2006

In a bizarre turn towards the strange Rosie O'Donnell and violent Islamic Clerics across the world bound themselves together this week in a bit of ideology that not only defied common sense but also insanely wrong.