Sat, Jul 29, 2006

Brent Bozell | July 29, 2006

So what do you do if you're an old and washed-up, or not-so-old, but increasingly forgotten actor anxious to regain the spotlight of celebrity?

Kathryn Lopez | July 29, 2006

There is, of course, no question that Yates is a deeply disturbed (yes, sick) woman.

Rich Galen | July 29, 2006

Not counting that pesky heart disease, I am generally pretty healthy. So much so, that my primary care physician has been my cardiologist. Only recently have I arranged to visit an internist so that when other parts begin to wear down or wear out, I'll have someone to go to.

Robert Novak | July 29, 2006

Rep. Bob Filner of California was so impressed by Al Gore's movie about global warming, "An Inconvenient Truth," that he has volunteered to head any campaign for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination that might be launched by the former vice president.

William F. Buckley | July 29, 2006

Fifty years ago, Sen. Paul Douglas of Illinois appeared in the Senate chamber lugging a huge manuscript. He plopped it on the rostrum and -- wept.

Fri, Jul 28, 2006

Kathleen Parker | July 28, 2006

Only five minutes or so pass before you realize that people have stopped eating their popcorn. It's right about the time you see the plane's shadow crossing the New York City skyline.

Rich Tucker | July 28, 2006

You can tell a lot about a country from its money. The U.S. dollar, for example, is the unofficial reserve currency of the planet. Countries stockpile tens of millions of dollars to have on hand in case of an emergency. And our dollar bills feature portraits of great men, including Washington, Lincoln and Franklin.

Jennifer Biddison | July 28, 2006

Here are five items that you may have missed, but that are sure to get a reaction if you bring them up at your neighborhood BBQ this weekend.

Jonathan Garthwaite | July 28, 2006

If this gun-toting, Republican immigrant can accept the illegals, then the rest of you should too?

Jonathan Garthwaite | July 28, 2006

If this gun-toting, Republican immigrant can accept the illegals, then the rest of you should too?

Jonah Goldberg | July 28, 2006

Where better to find the distilled genius of the vox populi than a line of people at the 7-Eleven who have a lot of time to spare during working hours?

Mona Charen | July 28, 2006

Never has a news story affected me the way the Andrea Yates tragedy did when it first broke.

Oliver North | July 28, 2006

If recent surveys of public opinion are correct, war-weary Americans are already suffering "combat fatigue" from the most recent battle in the global war on terror -- the fight between Israel and Hezbollah in southern Lebanon.

Pat Buchanan | July 28, 2006

Behind the U.S. refusal to support a cease-fire in the Israeli-Hezbollah war lies a stark reality.

Paul Greenberg | July 28, 2006

It's a juicy prospect for a fast-developing industry: billions in federal grants for experimentation on human embryos.

Donald Lambro | July 28, 2006

This is the summer when the world is beset by spreading terrorist wars, nuclear rogue states, skyrocketing oil prices, a jittery economy and political upheaval here at home.

Ed Feulner | July 28, 2006

It's critical that judges understand the subjects they're deciding on. That's especially true for lower courts where, unlike the Supreme Court, judges don't have the power to decide which cases they'll hear. A lawyer who has spent decades in private practice may be appointed to the bench and find himself hearing complex cases on a variety of topics.

Burt Prelutsky | July 28, 2006

How, I wonder, did it come to pass that we’ve become a tabloid society? I’m not just referring to those junky scandal sheets they peddle at supermarket checkout stands. They’re just a small part of it, the tip of a sleazy iceberg.

Charles Krauthammer | July 28, 2006

Israel's response to Hezbollah has been to use the most precise weaponry and targeting it can. It has no interest, no desire to kill Lebanese civilians.

David Limbaugh | July 28, 2006

Democrats will be hard pressed to deny their extremism as long as they have mad Howard Dean as their party spokesman.

Roger Schlesinger | July 28, 2006

If your youngsters can navigate their way through this introduction to adulthood without leaning on easy credit and with the full understanding that they have it in them to be self reliant by your little gift, you have done more for them and given more to them than they probably will get out of the education that follows.

Lorie Byrd | July 28, 2006

I would have thought that Hezbollah fitting the definition of a terrorist organization would be one of those things. I guess I would have thought wrong.

Mike Gallagher | July 28, 2006

Consider for a moment a process that would allow a crafty, shrewd, smart defense attorney to find a way to eliminate a guilty verdict for a client who brutally and systematically murdered her five children.

Thu, Jul 27, 2006

John McCaslin | July 27, 2006

Capitol Hill and Chapel Hill, N.C., are miles apart, but former Sen. John Edwards, a Democrat who almost became vice president in 2004, still manages to keep his nose in congressional proceedings.

Cal Thomas | July 27, 2006

Why has Iran decided to play its Lebanese card now? That is a question asked by Iranian-born journalist Amir Taheri in the July 23 London Sunday Times. Part of the answer, he writes, "lies in Washington's decision last May to reverse its policy towards Iran by offering large concessions on its nuclear programme. Tehran interpreted that as a sign of weakness."

Chuck Colson | July 27, 2006

Despite the undeniable historical links between Spain and the Islamic world, Spaniards have no interest in turning back the clock, not after their ancestors spent seven centuries expelling the Muslim invaders who forced themselves on Spain. However, there is one group that remains committed to such a "reunion": Islamist radicals.

Thomas Sowell | July 27, 2006

Just when it looked like the Senate Republicans had finally gotten the message that the American people in general, and their own supporters in particular, are outraged over amnesty for illegal aliens, some Republican Senators have come up with yet another disguise for amnesty -- and gotten bipartisan support, including Ted Kennedy and John McCain.

Brent Bozell | July 27, 2006

A recent puff piece by TV reporter Bill Carter on MSNBC's "Countdown" host Keith Olbermann honors him as the "centerpiece" and a "great growth story" of MSNBC.

Larry Elder | July 27, 2006

President Bush addressed the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People -- after five years of invitations -- and blew it.

Jonah Goldberg | July 27, 2006

Washington is atwitter with '08 presidential talk. Of course, it's way too early for this sort of thing. But that's never stopped handicappers from poring over the polls and travel schedules of the wannabes like ancient priests staring at goat innards in the mistaken belief that they can glean the future from the hue of the viscera.

Suzanne Fields | July 27, 2006

A man of my acquaintance, he of a certain age, waxes nostalgic about the sexual style of his youth.

Matt Towery | July 27, 2006

This column's beginning will certainly offend those at England's Cambridge University, who lectured and tutored me on the way to helping me earn what has proved to be a relatively useless but much-appreciated advanced degree in International Relations.

Rich Galen | July 27, 2006

Everyone in the class who is surprised by the fact that "No Nation Commits Troops" to help diffuse the illegal Hezbollah terrorists raise hands. No one? Hmm.

Emmett Tyrrell | July 27, 2006

The other day in Rome, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice held her ground. Bravo, Condi. Her counterparts in the "international community" wanted to prevail upon her to join with them in an agreement calling upon Israel to desist from trying to extirpate from southern Lebanon Hezbollah launch sites used for the missiles that have been raining down on northern Israel -- unprovoked.

Emmett Tyrrell | July 27, 2006

The other day in Rome, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice held her ground. Bravo, Condi. Her counterparts in the "international community" wanted to prevail upon her to join with them in an agreement calling upon Israel to desist from trying to extirpate from southern Lebanon Hezbollah launch sites used for the missiles that have been raining down on northern Israel -- unprovoked.

Robert Novak | July 27, 2006

Both the Senate and White House have risen from an all-year slumber that ignored their issue of judicial confirmations until now. Last Thursday night, the Senate unexpectedly confirmed four judges, on a voice vote after no debate.

William Rusher | July 27, 2006

Matters have flared to a thoroughgoing boil in the Middle East, and it is important that we sort out the players and the prospects.

Alan Reynolds | July 27, 2006

A year ago, I argued that Hong Kong had enjoyed the best tax system in the world for nearly 60 years.

James J. Kilpatrick | July 27, 2006

Having recently botched one opportunity to clarify the free speech rights of public employees, the Supreme Court now is looking at a second chance.

Ross Mackenzie | July 27, 2006

Is this how Armageddon begins — with the snatching of an Israeli soldier by Hamas, and of two by Hezbollah?

Hugh Hewitt | July 27, 2006

What do Craig's List, Greer's OC and all have in common? Each is a mortal threat to newspapers.

Marvin Olasky | July 27, 2006

Bernays saw Judaism and Christianity as potent lies that had to be fought by PR folks such as himself who would "make the public believe that human gods are watching over us."

Wed, Jul 26, 2006

Rich Lowry | July 26, 2006

When Condoleezza Rice is in her well-appointed suite on the seventh floor of the State Department, we now know what she does — nothing.

Ann Coulter | July 26, 2006

On Sunday, John Kerry said of Israel's war against Hezbollah, "If I was president, this wouldn't have happened," adding, "we have to destroy Hezbollah."

Ben Shapiro | July 26, 2006

Whenever Israel uses military force, there is always a cadre of self-hating Jews who feel it is their duty to undermine the Israeli government.

Ten years ago, on April 18, 1996, Israel attacked Hezbollah in Lebanon for 16 days in an operation called Grapes of Wrath. The global condemnation of Israel was fierce, especially when it bombed a U.N. refugee camp, killing 107 people, an attack that Tel Aviv said was a mistake.

Walter E. Williams | July 26, 2006

The House of Representatives voted 245 to 159 to pass the Internet Gambling Prohibition Act of 1999. Because of a rule requiring two-thirds approval, the measure didn't pass. Its sponsor, Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., plans to introduce it again when only a majority is needed for passage.

Donald Lambro | July 26, 2006

Can a divided political party at war with itself attract enough popular support to win a majority in either house of Congress?

Paul Weyrich | July 26, 2006

Thanks to John Fund of THE WALL STREET JOURNAL we know for certain that Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York is seriously contemplating a run for the Presidency of the United States as an independent.

Kathleen Parker | July 26, 2006

It takes chutzpah, as they might say in Haifa, to declare that Hezbollah and Israel wouldn't be fighting now if John Kerry were president.

Michelle Malkin | July 26, 2006

You're walking down the street when you spot an anti-war protester wielding a peace sign on the corner. Quick, what do you do? Duck!

John Stossel | July 26, 2006

This month, papers all around America reported that according to the U.S. Department of Education, "children in public schools generally performed as well or better in reading and mathematics than comparable children in private schools."

Tony Blankley | July 26, 2006

While the Europeans agreed that international troops should be sent in to stop the fighting, the article ended with a quote that "The Germans recommended the French, the French recommended the Egyptians, and so on."

Michael Medved | July 26, 2006

It should come as no surprise that some of the same angry leftists who stridently deny Israel’s "right to exist" similarly challenge the claims to nationhood of the United States of America.

Terry Jeffrey | July 26, 2006

Republican Rep. John Hostettler of Indiana is a mechanical engineer, who made it his mission to serve among the lawyers on the House Judiciary Committee.

Linda Chavez | July 26, 2006

If you were ever one of those students who wished you could be the one grading your teacher instead of the other way around, the federal government may be about to grant your wish, vicariously anyway.

Paul Greenberg | July 26, 2006

Who knows what other good things this still young 57-year-old lieutenant governor might have accomplished?

Bill Bennett | July 26, 2006

What is disproportion in the Middle East? How should one state respond to multi-state-sponsored terror?

Jacob Sullum | July 26, 2006

This case has nothing to do with consumer protection, except in the sense of protecting consumers from their own desire to bet on sports.

Roger Schlesinger | July 26, 2006

The four most important items needed to determine both the qualifications and the pricing of a mortgage loan are, in alphabetical order: credit, earnings, loan to value and liquid reserves.

Tue, Jul 25, 2006

William F. Buckley | July 25, 2006

Every day there is a headline or feature on the Lieberman-Lamont primary contest in Connecticut, today's being that Lamont is in a dead heat with the incumbent, and that Bill Clinton has come to town to declare for Lieberman.

Maggie Gallagher | July 25, 2006

It's now official: There is nothing that can't be magically transmuted into a "values issue."

John McCaslin | July 25, 2006

Just for fun, let’s say that one of the more successful (in terms of staying power) 2004 Democratic presidential candidates, Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich of Ohio, had won the election. Where might we be today?

Mike Adams | July 25, 2006

The accusation that the Bible represents backward thinking is, in reality, an example of backward thinking. The God-inspired writers of the Bible have always been well ahead of the scientists—a scenario that hasn’t changed from the days of Moses to the days of Darwin, or even now in the 21st century.

Thomas Sowell | July 25, 2006

Those of us old enough to remember World War II face many painful reminders of how things have changed in Americans' behavior during a war.

David Limbaugh | July 25, 2006

Why are Democrats -- in the words of Sen. Christopher Dodd -- promising a "bruising" battle over the confirmation of John Bolton as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations?

Cal Thomas | July 25, 2006

A 16-year-old Virginia boy who suffers from Hodgkin's disease has been told by a state judge he must report to a hospital this week and accept treatment deemed necessary by his doctors. The boy and his parents have chosen to pursue alternative treatment. It consists of a sugar-free, organic diet and herbal supplements supervised by a clinic in Mexico.

Dennis Prager | July 25, 2006

I believe the Left has been wrong on virtually every great moral issue in the last 30 years

Pat Buchanan | July 25, 2006

While final returns are a ways off, the first returns find few winners, except perhaps for Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of Hezbollah.

Debra J. Saunders | July 25, 2006

You would probably have to go back to the courtly George Deukmejian to find a California governor who tried to run on time.

Phyllis Schlafly | July 25, 2006

Parents who wonder why the public schools teach so many things parents don't approve of need look no further than the official policies of the nation's largest teachers union, the National Education Association. Meeting in Orlando, Fla., this year in annual convention over the Fourth of July weekend, the NEA adopted a long series of left-liberal resolutions.

Rich Galen | July 25, 2006

A favorite question of pollsters is something like this: Do you think the world is a safer place since the Bush Administration declared a war on terror following 9/11?

Lynn O'Shaughnessy | July 25, 2006

Thirty-seven billion dollars is a nearly unfathomable amount of money. If you counted each dollar bill of that fortune, it would cripple your wrist and consume years of your life.

Paul Weyrich | July 25, 2006

It is beginning to look as though the Democrats may win this fall. Their rhetoric has become more strident and less co-operative with their Republican colleagues.

William F. Buckley | July 25, 2006

More has happened than merely the difficulties we are having in Iraq and the reappearance of the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Bruce Bartlett | July 25, 2006

It is a good example of why presidents were given veto power by the Constitution.

Burt Prelutsky | July 25, 2006

Certain people of the leftist persuasion are always trying to convince the rest of us that Europe is superior to America and, quite frankly, I’m getting sick and tired of it.

James J. Kilpatrick | July 25, 2006

It happens all the time. The two spectators were hooked on the horns of a homophone, a pestiferous critter easily identified by its muddy camouflage.

Bill Murchison | July 25, 2006

The presumption was, if any leader understood the futility of appeasing the morally inflexible, that leader was George W. Bush.

Mon, Jul 24, 2006

Brent Bozell | July 24, 2006

I wasn't skeptical when I was invited to a private screening of Oliver Stone's upcoming "World Trade Center" movie. I was downright cynical.

Michael Barone | July 24, 2006

This Middle East crisis is different from all other Middle East crises.

Suzanne Fields | July 24, 2006

Jews are persecuted when they don't convert and persecuted when they do. The converted are accused of hating themselves, and the unconverted are accused of hating everybody else. Seneca, the Roman tragedian, expressed annoyance at Roman Jews for their observance of a ritual Sabbath: "This meant that Jews were wasting one-seventh of their lives doing nothing."

Debra J. Saunders | July 24, 2006

It is one thing for Democrats to feel superior to rube Republicans who don't like McCain because he is not sufficiently doctrinaire. When, however, a Democrat gets along with Republicans and espouses moderate positions, well then, he is a turncoat, plain and simple. The episode demonstrated how voters value bipartisanship -- from the other side, only.

Debra J. Saunders | July 24, 2006

Months ago, I was lunching with some savvy Democrats, when one of them asked me: What is the problem with all those Republicans who can't stand maverick GOP Sen. John McCain?

Paul Greenberg | July 24, 2006

In the middle of another century, when we were both teenagers in a Zionist youth group, his name was Jerrold. Now it's Ya'akov and he's the patriarch of a large family in Israel.

Paul Greenberg | July 24, 2006

Every war, as a practical-minded American general named Eisenhower once noted, will surprise you.

Donald Lambro | July 24, 2006

Antiwar critics running against Sen. Maria Cantwell, D-Wash., lost one of their candidates this month when the Washington Democrat hired him to work in her campaign for $8,000 a month.

Robert Novak | July 24, 2006

Last week's convoluted congressional developments, though raising questions of life, death, morality and religion, reflected election-year politics.

Armstrong Williams | July 24, 2006

Recently, President Bush vetoed a bill that would have lifted the current restriction on embryonic stem cell research. Following the veto President Bush said, "In this new era, our challenge is to harness the power of science to ease human suffering without sanctioning the practices that violate the dignity of human life."

Mike Adams | July 24, 2006

Dear Christopher: I appreciate your recent email characterizing me as a “sick, twisted, homophobic, right-wing, piece of slime.”

Star Parker | July 24, 2006

The National Center for Education Statistics, part of the U.S. Department of Education, has just released a study comparing the performance of fourth- and eighth-graders in public and private schools.

Mary Katharine Ham | July 24, 2006

Conservative activists should be motivated in ’06 by the fact that Republicans could very well go down in defeat to a reform party with no real reforms to offer.

Bill Bennett | July 24, 2006

When word came of the final ratification of the Treaty of Paris, a treaty in which American independence was fully recognized, the British agreed to evacuate New York and Charleston.

Doug Wilson | July 24, 2006

Blamers. Idiots. Morons. These and other invectives are often used to describe the “other side” in the battle royal that is modern politics.

Joel Mowbray | July 24, 2006

Early in 2006, pro-Palestinian activists around the world were downright giddy at the momentum behind their efforts to brand Israel an apartheid state and “divest” accordingly.

Sun, Jul 23, 2006

George Will | July 23, 2006

If you stand Democratic Gov. Ed Rendell next to his opponent, Lynn Swann, you would think the burly Rendell is the former football star. The former two-term mayor of Philadelphia radiates the pugnacious energy of a linebacker for his Philadelphia Eagles.

Paul Jacob | July 23, 2006

If Google were a government service, I'd be called a "free rider."

Kevin McCullough | July 23, 2006

Senator Barack Obama misled African-Americans gathered for this week’s NAACP convention. He told a fib.