Sun, Jul 23, 2006

Paul Jacob | July 23, 2006

If Google were a government service, I'd be called a "free rider."

Kevin McCullough | July 23, 2006

Senator Barack Obama misled African-Americans gathered for this week’s NAACP convention. He told a fib.

Sat, Jul 22, 2006

Doug Giles | July 22, 2006

Fourth on The Se7en Deadly sins list is listlessness, or acedia, or spiritual dejection, or sloth, or blah-blah . . . whatever.

Debra J. Saunders | July 22, 2006

Is China harvesting organs from Falun Gong practitioners -- who are killed in the process? David Kilgour, a former Canadian member of parliament, and Canadian human-rights attorney David Matas admit that they cannot prove or disprove allegations that China has killed thousands of Falun Gong practitioners in order to harvest their organs, but they fear and believe it is happening.

Kathryn Lopez | July 22, 2006

I don't know if running as the VPOTUS-like candidate will work for John McCain, but it has its advantages.

Rich Galen | July 22, 2006

There are, according to news reports, some 25,000 Americans in Lebanon. The question is: What the hell are they all doing there? I'll tell you what they're not doing. The are not in Beirut with Jimmy Carter doing Habitat for Humanity work.

Rich Tucker | July 22, 2006

Sometimes one almost envies the terrorists. At least they’re allowed to say what they mean. Consider Hezbollah.

William F. Buckley | July 22, 2006

There is no law on the books, and Mr. Bush does not seek one, that would make it criminal to kill embryos in order to use their cells experimentally for scientific work.

Robert Novak | July 22, 2006

At the G-8 conference in St. Petersburg, German Chancellor Angela Merkel emerged as President George W. Bush's new favorite among his fellow heads of government.

Roger Schlesinger | July 22, 2006

I have been in the industry a good portion of my adult life and on radio and television talking about it for almost two decades.

Fri, Jul 21, 2006

Lorie Byrd | July 21, 2006

In spite of the facts, the Wilson-Plame story lives on in the mainstream media much the same as it was told in the beginning. The Wilsons won the public relations war and wrote the conventional wisdom on the story at the time Joe Wilson wrote his July 2003 opinion piece in the New York Times, and Robert Novak wrote his column the same month naming Valerie Plame as the probable reason Wilson was sent on the Africa mission. The story has remained largely unchanged in mainstream media outlets since then.

Jonathan Garthwaite | July 21, 2006

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. It's your turn to do something.

Thomas Sowell | July 21, 2006

One of the many failings of our educational system is that it sends out into the world people who cannot tell rhetoric from reality.

Jonah Goldberg | July 21, 2006

Once again he "international community" is clamoring for the United Nations to fix things in the Middle East. It's reminiscent of an episode of "The Simpsons" in which Homer is in dire straits. In a panic, he yells heavenward, "I'm not normally a praying man, but if you're up there, please save me, Superman!"

Mona Charen | July 21, 2006

The New York Times editorial page, showcasing its almost unbroken record of obtuseness, demanded that the international community enforce a ceasefire as soon as possible.

Mona Charen | July 21, 2006

The New York Times editorial page, showcasing its almost unbroken record of obtuseness, demanded that the international community enforce a ceasefire as soon as possible.

Oliver North | July 21, 2006

The most recent battles in the global war on terror -- on the northern and southern borders of Israel -- have provoked politicians and pundits to make some very strange comments:

Matt Towery | July 21, 2006

I know the Democrats have poor policy alternatives, when they have them at all. But much of the public doesn't necessarily know that -- or even care.

Diana West | July 21, 2006

A thought-provoking sideshow to Israel's war on Hezbollah -- and what a precious gift Israel would bestow on the Free World by destroying the Hezbollah mini-state -- is the effort to extract "foreign nationals" from Lebanon, some of whom have had summer vacations in Hezbollah strongholds interrupted by war. Who are these people now clamoring, by the thousands, for international rescue?

Paul Greenberg | July 21, 2006

Whenever peace seems possible in the impossible Middle East, the violent bear it away.

Alan Reynolds | July 21, 2006

In a recent column, "Which Inflation Target?" I wrote, "It wasn't 'fear of inflation' that spooked the markets on June 5, but fear of the Fed." Any doubts about that were put to rest on Wednesday, when Federal Reserve Board Chairman Ben Bernanke presented a much different testimony to the Senate Banking Committee -- predicting that "core inflation should decline from its recent level over the medium term."

Burt Prelutsky | July 21, 2006

I have concluded that there are those who simply can’t help viewing the world as a series of conspiracies. If something bad occurs, it’s never simply an act of God or an unfortunate accident. Some cabal is behind the curtain causing even hurricanes and tidal waves.

David Limbaugh | July 21, 2006

This week the Washington Post gleefully reported that serious fault lines are developing among conservatives over President Bush's foreign policy.

Pat Buchanan | July 21, 2006

When summer power outages occur in America, it means a rising rate of death among our sick and elderly, and women and infants. One can only imagine what a hell it must be today in Gaza City and Beirut.

Mike Gallagher | July 21, 2006

Okay, so for whatever reason, a bunch of Americans decide to explore all the vacation benefits of Lebanon.

Megan Basham | July 21, 2006

The problem is he wants both a quaint fairy tale and an overarching Homeric myth.

Thu, Jul 20, 2006

Once again someone has “misunderestimated” George Bush, and, this time, it’s us.

Thomas Sowell | July 20, 2006

When conservationists talk about "saving" this and "protecting" that, a logical question might be: Saving it from whom? Protecting it from whom? And why should the government force what you want on someone else who obviously wants something different, or there would not be an issue in the first place?

Larry Elder | July 20, 2006

Iran wants to buy time -- time to continue pursuing its nuclear program, in the wake of growing international opposition. So to distract the world's attention, let's start a proxy war.

Mike Adams | July 20, 2006

Immediately after she told me that she planned to work in one of the local topless bars to save some money, she saw my stunned reaction. So she tried to overwhelm me with the numbers.

Cal Thomas | July 20, 2006

"World Trade Center" is the story of five men who volunteered to enter the twin towers on Sept. 11, 2001 in their role as officers of the Port Authority Police Department (PAPD).

Suzanne Fields | July 20, 2006

The front page of The Wall Street Journal is not the usual purveyor of nostalgia, but a bit of the past flashed before me the other morning when I read that Terry Lundgren, the CEO of Federated Department Stores, wants to revive the "cathedral of commerce" that once anchored Main Street.

Rich Galen | July 20, 2006

Sometimes you just want to pull the covers up over your head and go back to sleep. Let's take a look at some non-threatening things which have caught my attention recently.

Donald Lambro | July 20, 2006

Democrats may be an endangered species in Michigan, where the re-election prospects of Gov. Jennifer Granholm and Sen. Debbie Stabenow are slipping, owing to one of the weakest state economies in the nation.

Joel Mowbray | July 20, 2006

The screams of the 9-year-old girl as she pushed through the door immediately grabbed everyone’s attention. No amount of reassuring from her mother could truly comfort her. Wrapped inside her mother’s arms, the trembling child was too overwhelmed to comprehend the war going on around her.

Paul Weyrich | July 20, 2006

Senator Barak Obama (D-IL), the name Senator Edward M. Kennedy (D-MA), can't quite pronounce, is the great Black hope for liberal Democrats.

Kathleen Parker | July 20, 2006

As the Middle East descended into chaos the past several days, the U.S. was reeling from President George W. Bush's off-the-mic remarks to British Prime Minister Tony Blair during a luncheon at the Group of Eight summit in St. Petersburg, Russia.

William Rusher | July 20, 2006

The New York Times's headline read, "America in Longest Warm Spell Since 1776; Temperature Line Records a 25-Year Rise." Well, what's so new about that? The Times has been having an historic fit about global warming for years, hasn't it?

Marvin Olasky | July 20, 2006

What's a child with cerebral palsy worth? From a Communist standpoint, he's merely a drain on resources.

Hugh Hewitt | July 20, 2006

Michigan Congressman John Dingell declared on Tuesday night to Larry King that "I think Israel has overreacted."

Emmett Tyrrell | July 20, 2006

To the grizzled and disheveled stalwarts of Hezbollah and Hamas, may I say you did it to yourselves. Kapow!

Chuck Colson | July 20, 2006

By vetoing a bill allowing federal funds for embryonic stem-cell research, President Bush struck a huge blow for human dignity. In return, he earned near hysterical condemnation.

Roger Schlesinger | July 20, 2006

Looking back to 1992-1993, I smile at the strange things that happened in the mortgage industry at that time.

Michael Fumento | July 20, 2006

Embryonic stem cells (ESCs) receive tremendous media attention, with oft-repeated claims that they have the potential to cure virtually every disease known.

Wed, Jul 19, 2006

Herman Cain | July 19, 2006

There are two dirty little secrets behind the debate over the illegal alien issue that even the advocates of securing the borders first have failed to discuss.

Ann Coulter | July 19, 2006

I knew the events in the Middle East were big when The New York Times devoted nearly as much space to them as it did to a New York court ruling last week rejecting gay marriage.

Kathleen Parker | July 19, 2006

Believing his microphone to be turned off, Bush summed up his approach to the Middle East problem, saying:

John Stossel | July 19, 2006

I'd always thought marrying a blood relative as close as a cousin was immoral, and certainly risky if you plan to have kids.

Walter E. Williams | July 19, 2006

"Proven" oil reserves, oil that's economically and technologically recoverable, are estimated to be more than 1.1 trillion barrels. That's enough oil, at current usage rates, to fuel the world's economy for 38 years, according to Leonardo Maugeri, vice president for the Italian energy company ENI.

Brent Bozell | July 19, 2006

Couric told gossip writer James Brady in Aspen, Colo., she was going out to see "real people," but Couric has been doing something else at tour stops.

Jonah Goldberg | July 19, 2006

In the last few days there have been a lot of rumors of impending cease-fires and diplomatic initiatives in the Middle East. Condoleezza Rice, to the cheers of many, is reportedly heading to the region to head off further escalation. I hope she doesn't go, and if she does, I hope her success is measured in photo ops and nothing more, because Israel has a moral and strategic obligation to invade southern Lebanon.

Tony Blankley | July 19, 2006

In a remarkable week, nothing was more remarkable than the following announcement (reported, but not sufficiently, by the American media) from the government of Saudi Arabia:

Terry Jeffrey | July 19, 2006

Neil Abercrcombie, the Hawaii Democrat and former college professor who represents Waikiki Beach and its environs in the U.S. House of Representatives, took to the floor June 29 to liken some Americans to the Taliban.

Linda Chavez | July 19, 2006

Before al Qaeda entered America's consciousness, Hezbollah was our chief enemy among terrorist organizations.

Jacob Sullum | July 19, 2006

The administration has never clearly explained why the current legal restrictions on surveillance impose an unreasonable burden.

Maggie Gallagher | July 19, 2006

Some people tell you that we have to choose between science and humane values. President Bush (who has promised to veto) saw and said otherwise in his State of the Union Address this year:

William F. Buckley | July 19, 2006

So we incline to support Israel, which is understandable, but which raises, also, questions.

Charles Krauthammer | July 19, 2006

Every important party in the region and in the world, except the radical Islamists in Tehran and their clients in Damascus, wants Hezbollah disarmed and removed from south Lebanon

James J. Kilpatrick | July 19, 2006

Because Mrs. Romanski picked up an abandoned token, she was surrounded, arrested and led to a security office.

Paul Weyrich | July 19, 2006

Arizona Senator John S. McCain, III is everywhere. He virtually lives at NBC. If not there how about CNN. And talk shows. And late night shows. Oh, how the media loves him. A maverick who came close in 2000, he is looking to make one more run at the Presidency.

Michelle Malkin | July 19, 2006

You think Hezbollah is only Israel's headache? Wake up.

Michael Medved | July 19, 2006

Far from a fatal disaster for the administration and the Congressional GOP, a sweeping compromise on fixing the nation’s broken system of immigration will constitute a huge political plus and a significant historical achievement.

Ben Shapiro | July 19, 2006

Israel will have to maintain that sense of moral backbone if it is to emerge victorious from this latest Arab attempt to obliterate it.

Ben Shapiro | July 19, 2006

Israel will have to maintain that sense of moral backbone if it is to emerge victorious from this latest Arab attempt to obliterate it.

Tue, Jul 18, 2006

John McCaslin | July 18, 2006

Former Secretary of State Lawrence Eagleburger made a surprise appearance Monday on C-SPAN, weighing in on the precarious state of world affairs during the open-phone segment of “Washington Journal.”

Bill Murchison | July 18, 2006

The American commitment to Israel, whatever reproach it excites from the excitable among us, is more than inevitable. It is just. It is right.

Cal Thomas | July 18, 2006

For roughly 4,000 years there has been "unrest" and war in the Middle East. It possibly began when the ancient Israelites drove out the Canaanites, Hittites, Hivites, Perizzites, Girgashites, Amorites and Jebusites. Modern Israel is attempting to drive out Hezbollah-ites, Hamas-ites, Islamic Jihad-ites and the rest.

Pat Buchanan | July 18, 2006

When Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert unleashed his navy and air force on Lebanon, accusing that tiny nation of an "act of war," the last pillar of Bush's Middle East policy collapsed.

Debra J. Saunders | July 18, 2006

Former CIA operative Valerie Plame is Paula Jones -- if with national security credentials and Beltway savoir-faire. Both women filed iffy lawsuits that seemed more designed to discredit a president than to prevail in a court of law.

Phyllis Schlafly | July 18, 2006

Who could have guessed that Osama bin Laden's driver/bodyguard would be one of the privileged few to be granted a hearing by the high and mighty U.S. Supreme Court. After refusing to hear appeals from thousands of Americans during the past year, the court's liberals jumped at a chance to rule that President George W. Bush was wrong.

Bruce Bartlett | July 18, 2006

In this new atmosphere of professional journalism, with most reporters having college degrees in the subject, liberalism steadily became dominant. As a consequence, certain facts damaging to Democrats that once were easily available could no longer be found anywhere.

George Will | July 18, 2006

``Grotesque'' was Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice's characterization of the charge that the U.S. invasion of Iraq was responsible for the current Middle East conflagration.

George Will | July 18, 2006

``Grotesque'' was Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice's characterization of the charge that the U.S. invasion of Iraq was responsible for the current Middle East conflagration.

Lynn O'Shaughnessy | July 18, 2006

If you want to learn to invest wisely, one of the best ways is by reading. Unfortunately, many personal finance books are schlock.

Thomas Sowell | July 18, 2006

During all the years when Arab countries controlled the land now proposed for a Palestinian homeland, there was no talk about any such homeland.

David Limbaugh | July 18, 2006

Sometimes you have to just wonder if these liberal geniuses at the New York Times and elsewhere have the slightest scintilla of common sense, let alone goodwill.

Dennis Prager | July 18, 2006

The Middle East conflict is difficult to solve, but it is among the simplest conflicts in history to understand.

Rebecca Hagelin | July 18, 2006

When all the bloodied and mangled bodies were counted, the world learned that 241 U.S. servicemen had been murdered in a single barbaric act of terrorism orchestrated by Hezbollah.

Roger Schlesinger | July 18, 2006

When I talk to people about their financial situation, I always include the question: "What about reserves—do you have any?"

Mon, Jul 17, 2006

Jack Kemp | July 17, 2006

My warning now is this: Failure to address the legitimate issue of immigration reform could also do great harm to the Republican Party.

Brent Bozell | July 17, 2006

The line between old-fashioned objective reporting and opinion writing is blurry enough on the big subjects like the war on terrorism and the economy, but in entertainment journalism, it's becoming nearly impossible to differentiate between the two.

Michael Barone | July 17, 2006

Close elections: They seem to be popping up all over.

Suzanne Fields | July 17, 2006

Condemning Zizou outside the rough context of the game is a little like blaming a boy for pinching his older brother after older brother has been hitting him behind his parents' back. Zizou rightly observed that playing-field justice punishes the one who reacts, not the one who provokes.

Donald Lambro | July 17, 2006

We interrupt your usually depressing news to bring you some developments that will give Americans cause to be optimistic about our economy.

Robert Novak | July 17, 2006

Facing a Democratic electorate in Connecticut hostile to his pro-war position on Iraq, Sen. Joseph Lieberman is stressing his efficiency in bringing home pork for his constituents the past 18 years.

John Leo | July 17, 2006

Brittany McComb's microphone went dead at her high school commencement because school officials thought she was talking too much about religion.

James J. Kilpatrick | July 17, 2006

This was a headline in USA Today on April 28: 'Mass Transit Not an Option for All Drivers.'

Burt Prelutsky | July 17, 2006

There are so many things that annoy me, I hardly know where to begin.

Mike Adams | July 17, 2006

My university recently announced the appointment of Dr. Tamra Minor as our new Associate Vice Chancellor of Institutional Diversity.

Star Parker | July 17, 2006

So far this month there have been 14 homicides in Washington. Almost one a day.

Mary Katharine Ham | July 17, 2006

instead of seeing folks like Jeff Goldstein or Glenn Reynolds as possible allies on certain issues, the Left blogosphere doesn’t just avoid engaging or wooing these guys—it actively attacks them.

Joel Mowbray | July 17, 2006

Choosing his words as he stirred his breakfast shake, Sharanksy suggested that Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, with his center-left coalition, is perhaps the only leading figure capable of a muscular response to Hamas and Hezbollah that enjoys overwhelming public support.

Sun, Jul 16, 2006

Larry Kudlow | July 16, 2006

All of us in the free world owe Israel an enormous thank-you for defending freedom, democracy, and security against the Iranian cat’s-paw wholly-owned terrorist subsidiaries Hezbollah and Hamas.

William F. Buckley | July 16, 2006

President Bush is a victim of his idealistic certitudes. These have their place.

George Will | July 16, 2006

What is Rick Santorum, the third-ranking member of the Republican's Senate leadership and one of the nation's most prominent social conservatives, doing telling The New York Times that he wants to be like D'Amato, eschewing ``frilly stuff'' and practicing ``meat and potatoes'' politics?

Paul Jacob | July 16, 2006

Debt. The four-letter word of politics. And according to a new study, local government debt has been increasing right along with federal debt.

Kevin McCullough | July 16, 2006

Now that Robert Novak had finally revealed one last secret in the ever-fraudulent story about Valerie Plame's identity being leaked - we could put it all behind us and promise never to mention it again right?