Sun, Jul 16, 2006

Paul Jacob | July 16, 2006

Debt. The four-letter word of politics. And according to a new study, local government debt has been increasing right along with federal debt.

Kevin McCullough | July 16, 2006

Now that Robert Novak had finally revealed one last secret in the ever-fraudulent story about Valerie Plame's identity being leaked - we could put it all behind us and promise never to mention it again right?

Sat, Jul 15, 2006

Doug Giles | July 15, 2006

Anger is the third of the seven lethal peccadilloes. Anger is a no-duh obvious and brutal vice.

Pat Buchanan | July 15, 2006

Putin's approval rating in Russia is twice that of Bush in America and four times that of the veep. On the Eastern shore of Delaware, where college girls from Eastern Europe come to work in the summer, Putin is a rock star among the Russians.

Kathryn Lopez | July 15, 2006

Leave all your Oliver Stone biases at home when you go see his new film "World Trade Center." It's all-American and well-timed.

Rich Galen | July 15, 2006

This is the kind of thing which, if it had been Republicans in the US House, would have been front page news from Miami to Seattle. As it was the Democrats in the House it was left to Roll Call newspaper to point it out.

Robert Novak | July 15, 2006

With time running out on this session and the Middle East in turmoil, both houses of Congress adjourned last Thursday until Tuesday for a four-day weekend. That enabled senior lawmakers, at government expense, to attend an international air show in England.

Rich Tucker | July 15, 2006

Some stories aren’t true, but ought to be.

Fri, Jul 14, 2006

Rich Lowry | July 14, 2006

Giving money away for free is not behavior one expects from ordinary, rational Americans. But it's something they do every day in massive numbers — that is if you consider the penny to be money.

Roger Schlesinger | July 14, 2006

One thing is not wasted on the young, however, and that is the ability now available to begin a lifetime of real estate investment that will lead you right to the Road to Financial Freedom.

Peter Wehner | July 14, 2006

The Time article asserts that our actions in Iraq have "emboldened" the rulers in Tehran and Pyongyang to obtain nuclear weapons. The implication is that North Korea and Iran would have taken a different path if the Iraq war had never happened.

Jonah Goldberg | July 14, 2006

For several years now, liberal eggheads have been having what seems like an important debate: Do they need "big ideas" like the conservative movement had during its long march to power?

Mona Charen | July 14, 2006

Oliver North | July 14, 2006

According to William Shakespeare, King Richard III proclaimed that winter was the season of troubles.

Diana West | July 14, 2006

I was supposed to go to New York City this week, and found myself making travel arrangements on 7/11, the latest blood-red letter day of jihadist infamy. That was when bombers struck in Bombay, killing more than 200 and wounding more than 700 rush-hour commuters just trying to get home for dinner. I decided to fly.

James J. Kilpatrick | July 14, 2006

When does a trespass upon private property amount to a permissible trespass upon private property? The Supreme Court passed up a chance to ponder that recurring question just before it quit last month for the summer.

Charles Krauthammer | July 14, 2006

Next June will mark the 40th anniversary of the Six Day War. For four decades we have been told that the cause of the anger, violence and terror against Israel is its occupation of the territories seized in that war. End the occupation and the ``cycle of violence'' ceases.

Lorie Byrd | July 14, 2006

Recent statements by Democratic National Party Chairman Howard Dean and star Senator Barack Obama have made clear the Democrats’ intention to stop ceding religious voters to Republicans and to make them an electoral target this year.

Burt Prelutsky | July 14, 2006

By this time, the entire civilized world knows that Mr. Takeru Kobayashi, 27, has pulled off the near-impossible feat of winning his sixth consecutive Coney Island hot dog eating contest.

Kathleen Parker | July 14, 2006

It is axiomatic that when you reach the summit, people will try to take you down. Witness history, and now, Katie Couric.

Jonathan Garthwaite | July 14, 2006

These weren’t soldiers in the war on terror. They were simply innocent men and women coming home from a long day’s labor to see their families.

Mike Gallagher | July 14, 2006

Time and time again, Israel has tried to compromise with terrorist-laden entities like the Palestinian Liberation Organization, only to be greeted with even more violence and bloodshed.

Thu, Jul 13, 2006

Chuck Colson | July 13, 2006

The rancorous debate over immigration continues, but there's a promising compromise being offered that would uphold the rule of law and show compassion to aliens in our midst.

Rebecca Hagelin | July 13, 2006

My late mother suffered from bipolar illness, transforming the best mom in the universe into someone I didn’t recognize.

Ann Coulter | July 13, 2006

When I told a New York Observer reporter that my only regret was that Timothy McVeigh didn't hit The New York Times building, I knew many would agree with me -- but I didn't expect that to include The New York Times.

Larry Elder | July 13, 2006

The reason to point out that this military tribunal case was actually a 5-4 decision is because other 5-4 decisions get reported in a very different way.

Mike Adams | July 13, 2006

I want you to know that I don’t get offended very often. But I am certainly offended by your recent letter telling me you are now “boycotting” my columns because I recommended a CD by David Allan Coe.

Cal Thomas | July 13, 2006

The following is not parody.

Suzanne Fields | July 13, 2006

"George Bush Does Trinwillershagen" is a headline writer's nightmare, but the Germans are pleased that the president will meet their prime minister, Angela Merkel, in the heartland of her constituency.

Matt Towery | July 13, 2006

Those who follow this column know that the candidacy of Ralph Reed, former national leader of the Christian Coalition, has been of particular interest to me.

Donald Lambro | July 13, 2006

Less than six months before the two-year presidential election cycle begins, Sen. Hillary Clinton's political problems loom larger than ever.

Rich Galen | July 13, 2006

Lieberman, seeing that the momentum his opponent is generating might actually carry him to a victory, announced the fairly startling step of taking out petitions to run as in independent if Lamont ends up winning on August 8.

George Will | July 13, 2006

It is said that God gave us memory so we could have roses in winter. Dementia is an ever-deepening advance of wintery whiteness, a protracted paring away of personality. It inflicts on victims the terror of attenuated personhood, challenging philosophic and theological attempts to make death a clean, intelligible and bearable demarcation.

Alan Reynolds | July 13, 2006

Federal tax receipts continue to soar, with the individual income tax now expected to rise by about 15 percent this year and the corporate tax by 20 percent.

William Rusher | July 13, 2006

No president can anticipate all of the problems that will arise on his "watch," but surely even his worst enemies will admit that George W. Bush has been handed more than his fair share of exploding cigars.

Robert Novak | July 13, 2006

Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald has informed my attorneys that, after two and one-half years, his investigation of the CIA leak case concerning matters directly relating to me has been concluded. That frees me to reveal my role in the federal inquiry that, at the request of Fitzgerald, I have kept secret.

Marvin Olasky | July 13, 2006

Ralph Reed next Tuesday will try to resurrect his political career, but he must still be soaked by the good dunking in Lake Woebegone that Garrison Keillor gave him last week.

Emmett Tyrrell | July 13, 2006

A couple of decades ago there appeared a new blossom in the moribund garden of liberalism called neoliberalism.

Joel Mowbray | July 13, 2006

When I got into the taxi yesterday morning, the very first thing the driver said was, “Did you hear that more children were kidnapped?”

Cam Edwards | July 13, 2006

Pity the residents of Washington, D.C. Police Chief Charles Ramsey has declared a “crime emergency” in the District, in part because of the 14 homicides that have been reported during the past 12 days.

Wed, Jul 12, 2006

Herman Cain | July 12, 2006

Bloomberg and other elected officials who value the economic impact of illegal aliens' labor over the cultural decimation wrought by our acquiescence to illegals' demands should be swiftly removed from office.

Hugh Hewitt | July 12, 2006

Why are American newspapers in decline, the circulation plummeting, their reputations in tatters, and their editorial decisions the subject of denunciation?

Rich Tucker | July 12, 2006

On July 1, Britain marked the 90th anniversary of the beginning of the battle of the Somme, the bloodiest fight of the war.

The Other Russia Congress met here today, with over 3,000 people in attendance, along with hundreds of police to keep tabs on them. They are a hardy bunch, daring to show their faces amid a growing crackdown on democracy in Russia.

Rich Lowry | July 12, 2006

If Lieberman does lose, it will be a sign that Clinton herself is vulnerable to a challenge from the left in the 2008 presidential primaries.

Thomas Sowell | July 12, 2006

The same newspapers and television news programs that are constantly reminding us that some people under indictment "are innocent until proven guilty" are nevertheless hyping the story of American troops accused of rape in Iraq, day in and day out, even though these troops have yet to be proven guilty of anything.

Michelle Malkin | July 12, 2006

President Bush pays lip service to immigration enforcement and assimilation, while the White House sends Karl Rove to make nice with the separatist leaders of The Race and the Bush Education Department showers our tax dollars on radical Reconquista schools. It doesn't add up.

John Stossel | July 12, 2006

Who owns your body? You? Or Al Gore?

Walter E. Williams | July 12, 2006

One of the great contributions of Nobel Laureate economist Friedrich Hayek was to admonish us to recognize the insurmountable limits to human knowledge. Why? Not even the brightest minds, and surely not the U.S. Congress, can ever have the knowledge to shape an economic system entirely to our liking.

Brent Bozell | July 12, 2006

By placing its famous name squarely on the side of the gay left, The New York Times is sending a message to America's solid majority against putting thousands of years of tradition through the shredder.

Tony Blankley | July 12, 2006

Russia and China seem to have the United States -- at least publicly-- flummoxed.

Ben Shapiro | July 12, 2006

Citizens are left with two choices. They can either rely on the kindness of criminals, or they can protect themselves. The choice is obvious.

Terry Jeffrey | July 12, 2006

When researchers take a human embryo from an in vitro fertilization clinic to extract its stem cells, their intention is to kill it.

Linda Chavez | July 12, 2006

Instead of getting down to business and negotiating their way to a compromise, committees of both the House and Senate have decided to hold "field hearings" around the country.

Paul Greenberg | July 12, 2006

American conservatism is at one of its low ebbs. Conservatives seem divided, dejected and drifting, caught between anger and indecision.

Rich Galen | July 12, 2006

Tell the truth. You took a peek at the FIFA World Cup final yesterday from Berlin, just so you could go to the office today and agree with every other American that, while the World Cup may the world's biggest sporting event, that does nothing to detract from its standing as the world's most boring sporting event.

Rich Galen | July 12, 2006

Tell the truth. You took a peek at the FIFA World Cup final yesterday from Berlin, just so you could go to the office today and agree with every other American that, while the World Cup may the world's biggest sporting event, that does nothing to detract from its standing as the world's most boring sporting event.

Jacob Sullum | July 12, 2006

Bob Goodlatte says online gambling is illegal, and he wants to ban it. He sees no contradiction between these two positions.

Paul Weyrich | July 12, 2006

This month we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the National Defense Interstate Highway System. Dwight D. Eisenhower was President. He figured he could not get authorization for an interstate highway system through the Congress unless he wrapped it around national defense.

Michael Medved | July 12, 2006

What lapse of logic (or ancient prejudice) can explain the stubborn, utterly unshakable, and nearly universal insistence that Israel must pursue a "peace process" with its terrorist adversaries?

Roger Schlesinger | July 12, 2006

A more modern approach to "which came first the chicken or the egg?" is the debate among business men and families alike: which is creates the better results—more income or less expenses?

Tue, Jul 11, 2006

William F. Buckley | July 11, 2006

It challenges the imagination to wonder productively what will be the political declamations at the Democratic convention in 2008 if the Democrats are to be the party that kicked out sitting Sen. Joe Lieberman.

Maggie Gallagher | July 11, 2006

Nicholas Bartha muffed it. Rather than dying in a twisted blaze of glory, he lay burned among the rubble, moaning and calling for help with his cell phone.

Thomas Sowell | July 11, 2006

No issue discussed in this column has brought in so much virtually unanimous mail, so full of outrage, as the issue of amnesty for illegal aliens living in this country.

Pat Buchanan | July 11, 2006

What has happened? What has rendered impotent the robust cowboy diplomacy of George W. Bush.

Burt Prelutsky | July 11, 2006

When I was a kid I collected stamps.

Cal Thomas | July 11, 2006

If this were a joke, one might ask how many Muslim terrorists it takes to blow up a tunnel, bus, or subway? The answer is not many and it isn't funny.

Lynn O'Shaughnessy | July 11, 2006

If you stick with a buy-America investing approach, you're betting all your chips on one roulette number.

Mike Adams | July 11, 2006

One characteristic of liberal professors is that they actually get dumber as time goes by.

David Limbaugh | July 11, 2006

The Old Media are far from contrite about their latest national security betrayal. Instead, they have begun attacking their accusers.

Dennis Prager | July 11, 2006

This is another terrible legacy of the dominant liberal attitudes vis a vis America's blacks.

Roger Schlesinger | July 11, 2006

I am forced to write this column about this subject more often than I would like.

Joel Mowbray | July 11, 2006

In a stunning move, President Bush’s right-hand woman from his 2000 campaign last month sided with the Democratic members of the Broadcasting Board of Governors

Megan Basham | July 11, 2006

This is one review in which I will never have to issue the warning, "Spoiler Alert".

Mon, Jul 10, 2006

Armstrong Williams | July 10, 2006

One of my hobbies is to study new places by experiencing the traditions, meeting the natives, and immersing myself in the culture. Over the last two weeks I was able to tour the streets of Luxor and Alexandria in Egypt and learn all about the history of this great country.

Phyllis Schlafly | July 10, 2006

This North Korean threat dramatically confirms the need for the anti-missile defense system that President Ronald Reagan called for in his famous nationally televised address of March 23, 1983.

Jack Kemp | July 10, 2006

The Party of Lincoln should not allow itself to be captured by regressive forces.

James J. Kilpatrick | July 10, 2006

A letter comes to hand from Mrs. Patsy Allen of Chicago. Not long ago she wanted to be sure of the meaning of "cachet," so she turned to her dictionary.

Paul Weyrich | July 10, 2006

What happens in Connecticut will have profound implications nationwide.

Jennifer Roback Morse | July 10, 2006

As the whole world surely knows, Pope Benedict XVI was in Valencia this weekend.

Michael Barone | July 10, 2006

The apparent victory of Felipe Calderon, the candidate of incumbent President Vicente Fox's PAN party in Mexico, is the latest in a series of defeats for the hard left in Latin American elections.

Suzanne Fields | July 10, 2006

Luddites of the world, awake. Pixels have been working magic while you've slept. Pixels have not replaced the word, but preserved it in a different form. Scanned books are not burned books. Digitized information has opened learning to a new generation of readers.

Bill Bennett | July 10, 2006

The tenth in a series of exclusive excerpts from Bill Bennett's next bestseller, America: The Last Best Hope.

Robert Novak | July 10, 2006

Graham's remedy to avert both short-term and long-term disaster stresses Republicans returning to fiscal integrity by seriously cutting spending

Cam Edwards | July 10, 2006

The UN Gun Summit is over, and gun owners have won for now.

Star Parker | July 10, 2006

Conservatives had something to celebrate this past week in the way of a couple notable victories in battles in our ongoing cultural war.

Mike Adams | July 10, 2006

Just in case there is any confusion, I have never suggested that a person’s first handgun should be a pistol. In fact, I believe everyone should own a revolver first.

Mary Katharine Ham | July 10, 2006

When I gaze upon the stable of possible candidates for the Republican presidential nomination come 2008, I usually sigh.

Sun, Jul 09, 2006

John Leo | July 09, 2006

Another baseball season has reached its midpoint, the All-Star break.

Pat Buchanan | July 09, 2006

That free fireworks display Kim Jong-Il put on for our benefit on July Fourth may prove to have been the best day George Bush has had since Zarqawi went to his eternal reward.

Kevin McCullough | July 09, 2006

Two rogue activist judges on lower courts in the states of New York and Georgia got the surprise slapped out of them this week.

George Will | July 09, 2006

On Tuesday, July 11, the United States will become more geographically stable than it has ever been. It will have been 17,126 days since the admission of Hawaii to statehood on Aug. 21, 1959.

Paul Jacob | July 09, 2006

In the West, we merely wait for Chinese Communism to die. In China, increasing numbers suspect that it soon will. But the youth in Asia can't yet count on that hoped-for euthanasia.