Sat, May 20, 2006

Terry Jeffrey | May 20, 2006

Speaking lies to spark a controversy may sell books, but it also breaks a law written even before Mary Magdalene was born: "Thou shall not bear false witness against your neighbor."

Caroline Glick | May 20, 2006

You have to give them credit. The Palestinians outdid themselves this week.

Robert Novak | May 20, 2006

Vice President Dick Cheney, addressing a closed-door session of Republican fund-raisers and contributors Wednesday, attacked the New York Times report on the NSA terrorist surveillance program that won it a Pulitzer Prize.

Fri, May 19, 2006

William F. Buckley | May 19, 2006

Sometimes the outcome of a trial will depend on the context in which a single word is spoken.

Rich Tucker | May 19, 2006

Baseball fans realize this may be the year. The Atlanta Braves have won an unprecedented 14 straight division titles, but are off to a slow start in 2006.

Kathleen Parker | May 19, 2006

As his trial resumed this past week, we learned that the deposed leader of Iraq was shocked - shocked, I tell you - by the Abu Ghraib prison photos, which he hadn't seen until his lawyer produced them in court in April.

Mike Gallagher | May 19, 2006

I am so relieved to discover that movie star Jodie Foster thinks that America is in worse shape than it was four years ago and that the graduating class of the University of Pennsylvania needs to march out and do something about it, as in voting for Democrats.

Rick Santorum | May 19, 2006

Three years have passed since President Bush committed America to the "massive and complicated undertaking" of fighting AIDS on a global scale. And the question that confronts the Congress is this: are we going to stay the course and prioritize funding the fight, or are we going to cut back?

Brent Bozell | May 19, 2006

Some deeply disturbed jerk has produced an Internet video game out of the Columbine massacre that puts players in the boots of the killers. It's called "Super Columbine Massacre RPG."

Jonah Goldberg | May 19, 2006

Even if you think President Bush deserves the pasting he's getting in the polls on Iraq, domestic spying and other front-page gloom, it's hard to deny he's getting a raw deal on the economy.

David Limbaugh | May 19, 2006

Political commentators -- both right and left -- who think the outrage over the immigration crisis is a conservative fringe phenomenon are sorely out of touch. That may have been true some time ago, but the sleeping giant of American goodwill and apathy has finally been jolted out of her sleep.

Mona Charen | May 19, 2006

In 1970, six percent of all births in the United States were to illegal aliens. In 2002, that figure was 23 percent. In 1994, 36 percent of the births paid for by Medi-Cal, California's Medicaid, were to illegals. That figure has doubtless increased in the intervening 12 years as the rate of illegal immigration has risen.

Oliver North | May 19, 2006

They can probably be forgiven for not noticing. Most of my "colleagues" in the so-called mainstream media have been very busy this week.

Pat Buchanan | May 19, 2006

In America, parties enter periods of hegemony when they are seen as having resolved the crisis of the age.

Matt Towery | May 19, 2006

There are hidden potentials arising from two seemingly unconnected political events in the making. Both could greatly impact the 2008 presidential race.

Charles Krauthammer | May 19, 2006

I do not doubt the president's sincerity in wanting to humanize and regularize the lives of America's 11 million illegal aliens. But good intentions are not enough.

Doug Wilson | May 19, 2006

Failure of nerve is a common ailment for leaders. Defined as choosing the status quo to avoid a decision which might produce a positive change in course, a failure of nerve is all too often the cause for failure in international affairs, domestic politics and business.

Rich Galen | May 19, 2006

The House Ethics Committee has been dormant for 16 months - the entirety of the 109th Congress. The Ethics Committee is the only one which has an equal number of Republicans and Democrats. Every other committee has more members of the Majority than the other guys.

Michael Medved | May 19, 2006

The truth of the matter is that war movies have changed in a fundamental way, and, I would submit to you, a dangerous way for the health of our culture and for the strength of our republic.

Thu, May 18, 2006

John McCaslin | May 18, 2006

Our story begins when the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission extended an invitation to the president and general counsel of the Center for Equal Opportunity, Roger Clegg, to be part of a panel discussion originally scheduled for Wednesday to strike a balance between diversity and affirmative action.

Larry Kudlow | May 18, 2006

It may well be that good fences make good neighbors, as the poet Robert Frost wrote.

George Will | May 18, 2006

An aggressively annoying new phrase in America's political lexicon is "values voters." It is used proudly by social conservatives, and carelessly by the media to denote such conservatives.

Larry Elder | May 18, 2006

President George W. Bush's poll numbers -- even among Republicans who are hapy about tax cuts and the judicial appointments -- scream trouble.

Suzanne Fields | May 18, 2006

We're learning the hard way that the secular liberalizing forces that shape values in the West give us no protection from Islamist terror.

Cam Edwards | May 18, 2006

The line in the sand has been drawn. Either you stand with the 2nd amendment or against it. And this time, there’ll be penalties for infringing on the rights of law abiding Americans.

John McCaslin | May 18, 2006

We'd written last week that days after the national anthem was translated loosely into Spanish on a widely released album, Rep. Jim Ryun, Kansas Republican, was seeking co-sponsors to legislation affirming that the musical composition be sung only in English.

Ross Mackenzie | May 18, 2006

To anyone with unblinkered eyes, it becomes clearer every day that Iran is a bear the likes of which we have not seen since communism's collapse.

Thomas P. Kilgannon | May 18, 2006

Eleanor Roosevelt's dream of a global institution that values personal dignity and individual freedom suffered another setback at the United Nations this week.

Robert Novak | May 18, 2006

House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert, a 64-year-old ex-high school wrestling coach, ordinarily is not a shouter. But according to Capitol Hill sources, he engaged in a high decibel rant last week when he met with Vice President Dick Cheney. The speaker was enraged by the sacking of his friend and former colleague, Porter Goss.

Alan Reynolds | May 18, 2006

I'm not a big talk show fan, but I happened to catch Rush Limbaugh interviewing Vice President Cheney about the recent presidential address on immigration.

Marvin Olasky | May 18, 2006

Here's one word of advice to conservatives or Christians tempted to pull out their checkbooks at commencements and make a contribution to a university's general fund: Don't.

Wed, May 17, 2006

Cal Thomas | May 17, 2006

President Bush's Monday night immigration address to the nation might have been more convincing had it come before political pressure from his conservative base made it appear his motives might be suspect.

Ann Coulter | May 17, 2006

On the bright side, if President Bush's amnesty proposal for illegal immigrants ends up hurting Republicans and we lose Congress this November, maybe the Democrats will impeach him and we'll get Cheney as president.

President Bush got it just right for once. His immigration speech had all the key moves he needs to keep his base in order and to reach out to the Latino voters who are the political future of the Republican Party.

Thomas Sowell | May 17, 2006

The worst thing said in the case involving rape charges against Duke University students was not said by either the prosecutor or the defense attorneys, or even by any of the accusers or the accused.

Michelle Malkin | May 17, 2006

Sitting on my home office desk is one of my most treasured possessions. It's a silver medallion inscribed "United in Memory: September 11, 2001," with a proud American eagle on one side.

John Stossel | May 17, 2006

Stocks go up and down, but eventually, most go up. So if you invest and hold on, odds are you'll do quite well. As my former Princeton economics professor, Burton Malkiel, told me, "The stock market is like a gambling casino with the odds in your favor. Over the long pull, it beats inflation, and beats it by a great deal."

Walter E. Williams | May 17, 2006

I'm pleased to report that I was the recipient of this year's Adam Smith Award for Excellence in Free Market Education, but I'm even more pleased that my co-recipient was Czech Republic President Vaclav Klaus.

Brent Bozell | May 17, 2006

Here is the most insincere question a liberal TV news star can ask: How can President Bush turn around his poll numbers?

Jonah Goldberg | May 17, 2006

President Bush hoped to tone down and sober up the immigration fight Monday night. But it amounted to a soft "shush" at WrestleMania.

Tony Blankley | May 17, 2006

As a proud and outspoken member of the movement that opposes illegal immigration and residence in America, I believe the time has come to decide whether anything useful to the cause can be accomplished this year, and whether we are likely to get more by waiting until after the November election. My answer to those questions are maybe and no.

Terry Jeffrey | May 17, 2006

The bottom-line question about President Bush's speech Monday night is whether or not it demonstrated he is finally serious about securing the U.S.-Mexico border.

Lorie Byrd | May 17, 2006

Disagree, dissent, march, email, telephone the White House and the Congress, heck, even mail a brick, but it doesn't make sense to completely destroy the man who will be leading the country for two more years, or to destroy the Republican Party unless you are ready to accept the agenda of Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Reid.

Kathleen Parker | May 17, 2006

A news item barely hits the wires before a poll follows indicating Americans' reaction. Applying for a new job? Just fill out this short questionnaire to determine whether you're racist, sexist, homophobic, heterophobic, ageist, height-ist, or a fat-o-phobe.

Ben Shapiro | May 17, 2006

On May 11, the California State Senate passed Senate Bill 1437. The bill demands "no teacher shall give instruction nor shall a school district sponsor any activity that reflects adversely upon persons because of their … gender … sexual orientation."

Linda Chavez | May 17, 2006

The president's speech Monday evening may not settle the argument over what to do about enforcing our borders or creating a new guest worker program, but one part of the speech should unite all Americans.

Jacob Sullum | May 17, 2006

According to defenders of the Bush administration's domestic phone call database, which includes regularly updated information about the calls made and received by some 200-million Americans, my grocery store, my cable company, and my credit card company can identify me based on my phone number, but the National Security Agency can't.

Rich Galen | May 17, 2006

There are about 400,000 members of the National Guard. If the President orders 6,000 of them to aid in patrolling the Mexican-American border that's about 1.5% of the Guard force.

Bill Bennett | May 17, 2006

The second in a series of exclusive excerpts from Bill Bennett's next bestseller, America: The Last Best Hope.

Tue, May 16, 2006

Herman Cain | May 16, 2006

The Social Security Trustees issued their annual report earlier this month, and the program's fiscal outlook is even worse than estimated last year.

Maggie Gallagher | May 16, 2006

OK, it was a good speech. A great speech, even. Right from the beginning, President Bush struck exactly the right note.

William F. Buckley | May 16, 2006

Here is an attempt to sort out interests in the immigration morass:

Burt Prelutsky | May 16, 2006

Mainly because President Bush and his Republican cohorts are so wishy-washy when it comes to the plague of illegal aliens, I am hearing from a lot of disgruntled conservatives who are threatening to vote for Democrats in November.

Chuck Colson | May 16, 2006

Will the government soon view religious beliefs about sexual morality the same way it views racism? Find out the disturbing answer.

Thomas Sowell | May 16, 2006

If there is a smoking gun in the Duke University rape case, it is not about the stripper who made the charges or the lacrosse players who have been accused. The smoking gun is the decision of District Attorney Michael Nifong to postpone a trial until the spring of 2007.

Mike Adams | May 16, 2006

Yesterday, I got a hate mail from a feminist at Bucknell. I will do the same three things with this hate mail that I have done with so many others. First, I will reprint it. Second, I will ridicule it. Third, I will submit it to my editors for financial gain.

Cal Thomas | May 16, 2006

Morale is slipping in Iraq. Fighters are growing doubtful of success. A comprehensive strategy for winning the conflict is nonexistent.

Dennis Prager | May 16, 2006

Some recent news items about Jews aiding enemies of the Jews:

Pat Buchanan | May 16, 2006

If "such lies and errors had been directed at the Koran or the Holocaust," said Archbishop Angelo Amato, the Vatican's secretary for the congregation for the doctrine of the faith, "they would have justly provoked a world uprising."

Bruce Bartlett | May 16, 2006

One of the problems with our political system today is a tendency to views things as totally good or totally bad, with no middle ground.

David Limbaugh | May 16, 2006

I suppose it's a matter of one's perspective, but it sure seems to me that if there is any special interest group aggressively pushing its agenda on society, it's the radical homosexual lobby.

Rebecca Hagelin | May 16, 2006

If we do not enact wise reform measures that protect our American way of life, there may one day be no recognizable American way of life left to protect.

Mon, May 15, 2006

Phyllis Schlafly | May 15, 2006

In January, President George W. Bush signed the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act without public debate, even though evidence has surfaced that Congress should have examined before the law was extended.

Michael Barone | May 15, 2006

As Washington insiders pore over the latest low job-approval ratings for George W. Bush, and as aficionados of British politics ponder the latest low ratings of Tony Blair, let's take a longer look at the political ebb and flow in America and Britain over the last quarter century or so. There is a certain parallelism.

Mike Adams | May 15, 2006

Recently, feminists at Bucknell University sponsored an event that looked more like a Duke Lacrosse party than a celebration of feminist diversity.

Star Parker | May 15, 2006

Why would an organization that calls itself the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, whose motto is "Making Democracy Work Since 1909," oppose individual choice and freedom and dedicate itself to promoting public policy that guarantees the perpetuation of black poverty?

Suzanne Fields | May 15, 2006

Politics, as we all know, makes for crowded beds. Ambitious politicians never know who they'll cuddle with next. Certain beds, as a wag in House of Representatives once noted, got more interesting "after women got in 'em." He obviously saw Hillary Clinton coming.

Diana West | May 15, 2006

If democracy makes leaders accountable to the people who elect them, it works the other way as well: People are also accountable for their elected leaders.

Robert Novak | May 15, 2006

Coburn told the Senate on May 2 that the Northrop Grumman payment "sets a terrible precedent for the future." He called it "a step too far."

Jennifer Roback Morse | May 15, 2006

I really stirred up a hornet's nest last week with my attack on in-house divorce, written in response to a decent-sounding husband who was "Sleeping in the Basement."

Armstrong Williams | May 15, 2006

The technological boom can be an engine of equality for black America. But first we need to address the barriers that continue to exist in the workplace. We can do this through diversity, not affirmative action. Contrary to popular opinion, the difference is not a mere matter of semantics.

Paul Greenberg | May 15, 2006

Some of the honorables in Congress are shocked - shocked! - that George W. Bush would nominate a military man to head the Central Intelligence Agency.

Rich Galen | May 15, 2006

Bicycles are making a comeback as a potential mechanism to solve the oil crisis. Put everyone on a bike, the adherents say, and we will be healthier (because of being in better shape); wealthier (because bicycles use very little gasoline); and wiser because … I'm not sure why, but we will be.

Sun, May 14, 2006

John Leo | May 14, 2006

Tom Hanks thinks Christians shouldn't become irate about "The Da Vinci Code." He says it's just a story, "loaded with all sorts of hooey and fun kind of scavenger-hunt-type nonsense."

Debra J. Saunders | May 14, 2006

The standard, if wistful, line among Democratic insiders has been that it doesn't matter whether California state Treasurer Phil Angelides or Controller Steve Westly wins the Democratic gubernatorial primary, because, "You can't beat something with nothing."

Paul Jacob | May 14, 2006

Congress has become uncompromising. Then why does the majority party look so much like the minority party . . . the spend, spend, spendthrift party?

Armstrong Williams | May 14, 2006

Many of us do not know the history of Mother's Day, or why we celebrate Mother's Day. I happened to be surfing the web when I came upon this explanation:

George Will | May 14, 2006

What Time magazine columnist Joe Klein thinks we have come to -- politics "gangrenous with cynicism" -- is summarized in the title of his invigorating new book, "Politics Lost: How American Democracy Was Trivialized by People Who Think You're Stupid."