Sat, Apr 22, 2006

Doug Giles | April 22, 2006

Carrie Lukas' new book, The Politically Incorrect Guide to Women, Sex and Feminism, just dropped, and I predict that it will get all the feministas' big panties in a major wad.

Rich Tucker | April 22, 2006

Faced with dire threats, some still insist on seeing us as the problem. Look no further than the April 17 edition of the online magazine Salon, where Nina Burleigh describes her foray into a Red America town in upstate New York.

Robert Novak | April 22, 2006

The removal of the policy portfolio from Karl Rove's duties as deputy chief of staff pleases Republican insiders who have contended that those duties were not appropriate for President Bush's political adviser.

Fri, Apr 21, 2006

Mona Charen | April 21, 2006

Time and again we've heard rumors that Mexico was going to tackle corruption and improve its judicial system.

William F. Buckley | April 21, 2006

Perhaps the Chinese protocol expert was resourceful enough to advise the Chinese Foreign Office of a very simple fact, namely, that President Bush does not like state dinners.

Kathleen Parker | April 21, 2006

Questions about Duke's stripper crisis have been instructive in unintended ways, and may have provided the tipping point for re-evaluating laws protecting rape victims.

Burt Prelutsky | April 21, 2006

The fact that we can all readily identify the likes of Paris Hilton, Donald Trump and Michael Moore, doesn’t speak well for us. This is particularly true when you realize that there are only a tiny handful of people who could tell you who Willis Carrier, Maurice R. Hilleman, and Kaare Kristiansen were, even though each of those men made this world a much better place by his accomplishments or by his noble example.

Brent Bozell | April 21, 2006

For a long time now, we have known that Viacom was a shameless merchant of sleaze TV, a conglomerate intent on shredding everything good, decent, and even holy to feather its own filthy nest with money. What is new is that we didn't know that Viacom had a limit to its shamelessness.

Jonah Goldberg | April 21, 2006

Meet Al Gore, scaremonger. In 2004, Gore denounced President Bush for "playing on our fears." Today, he is at the forefront of a "green scare" about global warming intended to terrify Americans into submitting to his environmental policies.

David Limbaugh | April 21, 2006

Does anybody really think homosexual activists aren't trying to push their lifestyle on America -- as opposed to merely striving to avoid discrimination? A few recent news items shed some light on the subject.

Oliver North | April 21, 2006

Here in this former enemy capital, the government of The Socialist Republic of Vietnam operates a museum full of mementoes from the only war America ever fought in which U.S. troops won every battle -- but still lost the war.

Pat Buchanan | April 21, 2006

The economic growth of 10 percent recorded by China in 2005 would seem to contradict a tenet of faith of all good democratic capitalists.

Charles Krauthammer | April 21, 2006

Another war, another take. I-know-better generals are back. Six of them, retired, are denouncing the Bush administration and calling for Donald Rumsfeld's resignation as secretary of defense. The anti-war types think this is just swell.

Rich Galen | April 21, 2006

I've just about had it with everyone. First of all we have these continuing stories of Members of Congress acting badly. Either they are guilty of outright bribery and corruption, or they acting in a way that is so close to the edge that they make the Duke Lacrosse team look like a Brownie troop selling Thin Mints in the garden center parking lot.

Thu, Apr 20, 2006

John McCaslin | April 20, 2006

"Scott seemed somewhat choked with emotion as he delivered the news," observed Finlay Lewis of Copley News Service in Wednesday's White House pool report, referring to the resignation announcement by White House spokesman Scott McClellan. "It must have been the thought of saying farewell to our sunny personalities."

Mike Adams | April 20, 2006

I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that the Alliance Defense Fund has now officially heard that Scott Savage has been cleared of sexual harassment charges. The bad news is that his clearance letter is quite strange.

Eliot Peace | April 20, 2006

Kentucky’s Third District, which encompasses Louisville and the Derby, is also the site of a less reverential competition, which takes place every other fall and is certainly not respectful. The participants? Not horses, but 5-term Republican Congresswoman Anne Northup and whichever well funded Democrat attempts to topple her.

Thomas Sowell | April 20, 2006

One of the ways of trying to justify illegal immigration from an economic standpoint is to point out that the work done by these immigrants is adding to the total output of the United States.

Larry Elder | April 20, 2006

Does Katie Couric lack the gravitas to take over the helm as host and managing editor of CBS News?

Cal Thomas | April 20, 2006

Neil Armstrong's first words on the moon were "That's one small step for a man; one giant leap for mankind." How about this one for Energy Independence Day: "Let 'em Eat Sand."

Suzanne Fields | April 20, 2006

When things go bad, blame the Jews. This is the chorus with many verses, sung often throughout history.

Debra J. Saunders | April 20, 2006

In 2001, critics worried that the so-called "rocket docket" in Virginia would steamroll Zacarias Moussaoui in a rush to judgment.

Matt Towery | April 20, 2006

Now, it seems the same conservatives who have cursed me for so long for not "supporting the president" are now equally annoyed at my defense of him.

Emmett Tyrrell | April 20, 2006

The legal concept of the Public Nuisance has for long been recognized throughout all the civilized countries of the world.

Ross Mackenzie | April 20, 2006

In geopolitics, the raising up of an ersatz moral equivalence induces inaction that invites defeat.  We currently hear these arguments from equivalence:

Robert Novak | April 20, 2006

House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert returned to Illinois this week from Easter recess travels in India and Vietnam, still pondering the question he took on his globe girdling. What would he do about his close colleague and usual ally, Rep. Jerry Lewis?

Alan Reynolds | April 20, 2006

Those who have always opposed all reductions in tax rates on dividends or capital gains believe they have schemed-up a way to cut a one-sided deal. The latest effort appeared in a New York Times piece by David Cay Johnston, "With Tax Break Expired, Middle Class Faces a Greater Burden for 2006."

Marvin Olasky | April 20, 2006

"A long, long time ago I can still remember ..."  That's how Don McLean's No. 1 hit from 1971, "American Pie," begins.

George Will | April 20, 2006

Rick O'Donnell looks 25 but is 35 -- old enough to know better. Nevertheless, he is running for Congress as a Republican in a daunting year.

Paul Greenberg | April 20, 2006

How describe the stalemate, gridlock or whatever it is in the U.S. Senate? I'd say it's a Mexican standoff, almost literally. Because the subject is illegal immigration, which continues pretty much unimpeded while Congress bickers.

Megan Basham | April 20, 2006

If you’ve seen Madagascar, you know nearly the entire plot of The Wild.

Wed, Apr 19, 2006

Ann Coulter | April 19, 2006

However the Duke lacrosse rape case turns out, one lesson that absolutely will not be learned is this: You can severely reduce your chances of having a false accusation of rape leveled against you if you don't hire strange women to come to your house and take their clothes off for money.

Thomas Sowell | April 19, 2006

"Cheap labor" can turn out to be the most expensive labor this country has ever had.

Michelle Malkin | April 19, 2006

Get out your box of aloe vera-enriched, three-ply Kleenex tissues. The bleeding-heart defense team for convicted al Qaeda terrorist Zacarias Moussaoui wants to tell you a sob story.

John Stossel | April 19, 2006

How was your Monday? Did you file your tax return with a smile, looking forward to the refund check from Washington and forgetting that it was your money in the first place? Even if you wrote a big check, I bet you don't recognize just how heavy your tax burden is.

Walter E. Williams | April 19, 2006

Let's push back the frontiers of ignorance about the federal deficit. To simplify things, I'll use round numbers that are fairly close to the actual numbers.

Brent Bozell | April 19, 2006

On April 10, left-wing organizations held a massive rally in Washington and other cities, demanding rights (and taxpayer benefits) for illegal aliens, and the liberal media couldn't have been more excited.

Jonah Goldberg | April 19, 2006

Over the last decade or so the media has carefully cultivated an ingenious distinction. Call it: whistleblowers versus leakers.

Tony Blankley | April 19, 2006

Yesterday, The Washington Post published three quarters of an exceptionally fine editorial titled "The Generals' Revolt." Referring to the retired generals who are speaking out, the key paragraph reads:

Ben Shapiro | April 19, 2006

I met three servicemen (two majors and a lieutenant colonel) in a restaurant in Los Angeles. I approached them to thank them for their service, and we got into a long conversation about foreign policy, the media and the current unpopularity of the war on terror, particularly the war in Iraq.

Terry Jeffrey | April 19, 2006

A massive tax increase is sneaking up on precisely the middle-class families that form the core constituency of the Republican Party, and even though the Republicans control both the White House and Congress, they may not be able to stop it.

Linda Chavez | April 19, 2006

What would the media do without manufactured crises? From global warming to bird flu to the obesity epidemic, news magazines, cable shows and local television news rush from one hysteria to the next in their attempt to entice readers and viewers.

Larry Kudlow | April 19, 2006

The ballroom was packed with a who's who of business when Sen. Hillary Clinton addressed the Chicago Economic Club last week. No doubt about it, this was the address of a presidential hopeful. But unfortunately for Mrs. Clinton, the eyelids grew heavy as she droned on and on.

Herman Cain | April 19, 2006

The movement to grant amnesty and eventual U.S. citizenship to some 12 million illegal aliens has turned the issue from the sounds of silence to the sounds of entitlement.

Kathleen Parker | April 19, 2006

The two Duke indictments handed down late Monday - and a handful of inconvenient facts about race, sex and class in the South - have demolished some of our cherished stereotypes and busted the merchants of victimhood.

Jacob Sullum | April 19, 2006

The day after I visited my niece in Tel Aviv, a young man named Sami Hamad blew himself up at a restaurant there. I had no particular reason to think my niece was anywhere near Mayor's Falafel at 1:30 p.m., but I called her anyway, just to make sure. She was on her way to a concert in Jerusalem.

Tue, Apr 18, 2006

John McCaslin | April 18, 2006

We now know where Easter eggs come from - including the thousands scattered yesterday across the South Lawn for the annual White House Easter Egg Roll. According to the official White House pool report, "the First Easter Bunny . . . left the appropriate droppings."

Bill Murchison | April 18, 2006

Now and then a few words -- spontaneous, unrehearsed -- slice through the thickest intellectual smog. For example:

Maggie Gallagher | April 18, 2006

In 2001, she appeared out of nowhere to chronicle the foibles of the female "upper middle class" (the polite euphemism for those of us rich enough to have nannies, but not rich enough to retire and live off our wealth) for the Atlantic Monthly. She got noticed right away:

William F. Buckley | April 18, 2006

It takes re-entry into a seemingly different life to read that there is still out there something called an Indecency Code.

Rebecca Hagelin | April 18, 2006

why has Scott Savage been accused of sexual harassment at work, and why is his case lighting up the blogosphere?

Tony Blankley | April 18, 2006

Consider two hypothetical situations. In the first, a United States Army general officer in a theater of war decides by himself that he strongly disagrees with the orders of the secretary of defense. He resigns his commission, returns to private life and speaks out vigorously against both the policy and the secretary of defense.

Jennifer Biddison | April 18, 2006

Taxes are due this week, and that means conservatives are champing at the bit to reform both the tax system and the onerous congressional pork. Along those lines, I'll tell you below about Tax Freedom Day and the Pig Book.  In addition, I'll tell you about an unbelievable scandal involving a House appropriator, and two annual ratings that have just been released.

Thomas Sowell | April 18, 2006

Thank heaven for the massive marches across the country by those favoring illegal immigrants. These marches revealed the ugly truth behind the fog of pious words and clever political spin from the media and from both Democrats and Republicans in Washington.

Mike Adams | April 18, 2006

Dear Professor Phelps: Could you tell me whether you actually sent the following email to Professor JF Buckley as well as the entire faculty of OSU-Mansfield?:

David Limbaugh | April 18, 2006

Anti-Bush forces are trying to build a momentum approaching critical mass to oust Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.

Cal Thomas | April 18, 2006

What is one to make of the six retired generals who, in recent days, have called not only for the resignation of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, but have questioned whether U.S. troops should remain in Iraq much longer?

Dennis Prager | April 18, 2006

Incredibly there is some controversy about this film. Apparently many Americans are not "ready" to see a film about 9-11 "so soon" after 9-11.

Pat Buchanan | April 18, 2006

Friday's lead story in America's largest newspaper must have made for sober reading at AEI and the Council on Foreign Relations, the twin dorms that house the Wilsonian wings of our national parties.

Joel Mowbray | April 18, 2006

What a difference a few months can make. That’s all it took for the federal government to go full-circle, from prosecuting an alleged terrorist to headlining and funding an event co-sponsored by one of his biggest supporters—a group that also happens to be still under investigation itself.

Bruce Bartlett | April 18, 2006

In every administration, there is always one journalist that the White House trusts above the others to represent its point of view. In this administration, it is Fred Barnes of The Weekly Standard magazine.

Mon, Apr 17, 2006

Jack Kemp | April 17, 2006

Phyllis Schlafly | April 17, 2006

Assistant Education Secretary for Civil Rights Stephanie Monroe has announced that the administration of President George W. Bush is investigating universities that have fewer women in science and math programs than feminists would like.

Burt Prelutsky | April 17, 2006

I understand that George Bush and his Republican colleagues think they can have it both ways with this so-called guest worker program. Well, they can’t. Gussy it up any which way you like, it’s still amnesty. And like Reagan’s amnesty program of 1986, it will be another disaster for America.

Chuck Colson | April 17, 2006

Lessons learned from the horrific genocide in Rwanda can help us stop the madness going on in the Darfur region of Sudan. Find out what you can do.

Jennifer Roback Morse | April 17, 2006

A book with a presumptuous title like, How the Pro-Choice Movement Saved America: Freedom, Politics and the War on Sex, had better deliver. Cristina Page’s book of this title tries to motivate people by scaring them. Pro-life advocates will not recognize themselves in the cartoon caricature Ms. Page presents of them.

Michael Barone | April 17, 2006

It's a question lots of people have been asking in Washington and around the country these days.

Star Parker | April 17, 2006

When it comes to matters of economy, I think of myself as libertarian. I believe in free markets, free trade and limited government. But I must confess, our Latino neighbors are challenging my libertarian instincts regarding our immigration conundrum.

Suzanne Fields | April 17, 2006

President Bush is often criticized, usually by those of no faith, for talking about his faith in the public square, for referring to it as guidance in making public policy, but in doing so he is well within the precedent of those before him as occupants of the Oval Office.

Diana West | April 17, 2006

Listen to what passes for immigration debate and it soon becomes clear: Illegal aliens are bad for our character.

Robert Novak | April 17, 2006

Defenders of Israeli policy claimed my facts were wrong Feb. 16 when I wrote that the wall threatens Israel's tiny Christian minority and particularly Aboud's Christian roots going back two millennia.

John Leo | April 17, 2006

In a surprising editorial, The Washington Post deviated from the conventional anti-Bush media position on two counts.

Paul Greenberg | April 17, 2006

April is the saddest month, mixing - no, not memory and desire, as the poet said - but all kinds of tax forms.

Rich Galen | April 17, 2006

San Francisco is in a time warp. I know what you're thinking: San Franciscans still think Marx and Lenin were onto something; but that's not what I'm talking about.

Sun, Apr 16, 2006

Armstrong Williams | April 16, 2006

Easter Sunday, the day Jesus Christ rose from the dead, takes on special meaning this year for Christians amid a world at war and a religion under siege.

Mike Adams | April 16, 2006

My name is Mike S. Adams. I am a columnist at I am interested in writing a story on your harassment case. Could you tell me whether you actually wrote the following email?

Debra J. Saunders | April 16, 2006

When former Gov. Jerry Brown first ran for mayor of Oakland in the 1998 election, he had a vision: "Oakland Ecopolis: A Plan for a Green Plan."

Doug Giles | April 16, 2006

For the "Christian" to lean politically to the left means that he must blow off huge chunks of the Bible and replace the scripture with the make-believe notions of postmodernism's malleable "Christ."

Paul Jacob | April 16, 2006

For a $49.99 meal, Senator Inhofe will tell you about Washington's greatest single hypocrisy. No, check that. He'll tell you for free!

George Will | April 16, 2006

If in November Republicans lose control of the House of Representatives, April 5 should be remembered as the day they demonstrated that they earned defeat.