Sat, Apr 01, 2006

William F. Buckley | April 01, 2006

There are laws in France, as in the United States, that prohibit a refusal to hire, or a decision to fire, based on religious, ethnic or sexual prejudice. But CPE says that, those prohibitions to one side, the McDonald's hamburger stand can dismiss a (young) employee without the need to file encyclopedic papers with various French ministries.

Burt Prelutsky | April 01, 2006

Anybody who believes they are so special, so beautiful, so fascinating, so charismatic, that they can trust their adulterous spouse to remain faithful is not only terminally narcissistic, but more gullible than the hayseed who pays good money for the deed to Brooklyn Bridge.

Robert Novak | April 01, 2006

Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist is giving Sen. John McCain, his potential rival for the Republican presidential nomination, an opportunity to show his new openness to tax reduction by scheduling repeal or reduction of the estate tax for consideration the week of May 4.

Fri, Mar 31, 2006

Pat Buchanan | March 31, 2006

The halcyon days of cradle-to-grave security are coming to an end. Eurosocialism is dead.

Rich Tucker | March 31, 2006

Politics is said to be the art of the possible. Assuming that’s true, the country might yet get a workable compromise on immigration policy. Maybe even in this election year.

Doug Wilson | March 31, 2006

The controversy surrounding the now defunct Dubai port deal was more circus than study in seriousness. Even still, it was noteworthy for its ability to make politicians and citizens consider, if only disingeniously, whether a given public policy will make America more or less safe.

Jonah Goldberg | March 31, 2006

Obviously, black America's problems are larger than the black caucus. But the caucus has failed to provide the morally serious leadership - leadership that builds on the historic social conservatism and self-reliance of African Americans - that is sorely needed.

David Limbaugh | March 31, 2006

After the 2004 election liberals bombarded us with endless screeds sneering at how stupid, gullible and reality-challenged Red-staters were to have voted for President Bush. But in ploy after partisan ploy ever since, the Democratic leadership has made it painfully obvious they regard their own constituencies with similar contempt.

Mona Charen | March 31, 2006

In Israel and the Palestinian territories, two new governments are taking shape. The Kadima Party, which will (just barely) head Israel's new coalition government, seeks simply to separate and insulate Israel from the homicidal intentions of its Palestinian neighbors.

Oliver North | March 31, 2006

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the national unemployment rate is hovering around 4.8 percent. But for veterans of the Global War on Terror (GWOT), the unemployment rate is more than three times higher -- 15.6 percent. Why?

John McCaslin | March 31, 2006

Twenty-two House Republicans, led by Rep. Donald Manzullo of Illinois, have sent a letter to U.S. Comptroller General David M. Walker requesting that he review the processes by which the Department of Health and Human Services determines the effectiveness of 24 federally funded sex-education programs.

Thu, Mar 30, 2006

Donald Lambro | March 30, 2006

Clinton W. Taylor | March 30, 2006

Yale is in a dilemma. It made a huge, indefensible blunder when it admitted the senior advisor to Mullah Omar as a special student, and now it’s taking hits from students, from alumni, and from the media. 

Joel Mowbray | March 30, 2006

Waving to the cheering crowd at the St. Patrick’s Day parade with a giddy Congressman by his side, Irish Republican Army political leader Gerry Adams visited the United States thanks to a special provision put into the law for him more than a decade ago by Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-MA).

Larry Elder | March 30, 2006

A black columnist wrote an opinion piece for the Los Angeles Times called, "Claude Allen's Life Sentence," subtitled, "Did the pressures of being a black conservative take a toll on the former Bush aide?"

Cal Thomas | March 30, 2006

Who among us laments that the snooty French, who look down their long noses at all things American (except when they need us to liberate them from their enemies and their own unwillingness to defend themselves), are paying the price for years of socialism?

Suzanne Fields | March 30, 2006

It's not easy to find a swastika in Berlin. The only place for the morbidly curious to look is a museum, a book about the Third Reich, or in a room at the back of a squalid little shop on a side street where a dealer in contraband Nazi memorabilia peddles forbidden wares.

Debra J. Saunders | March 30, 2006

See how low the mighty have fallen. In France, more than a million students have demonstrated in the streets, riots have erupted and strikers have shut down public-transportation systems throughout the country.

Matt Towery | March 30, 2006

I tend to side with those who call for a serious effort to close our borders. Yet, I'm not convinced that Bush's proposal doesn't contain some wise provisions that would benefit us all, including the most hardcore conservatives.

Emmett Tyrrell | March 30, 2006

Did you catch Sen. Harry Reid's reaction to President George W. Bush's replacement of Chief of Staff Andy Card with Budget Director Joshua Bolten?

Michael Fumento | March 30, 2006

There’s bad news and there’s more bad news for paralysis victims hoping that some variety of stem cell will soon help them walk again.

Robert Novak | March 30, 2006

Everybody in Washington's Republican political community was well aware that any changes George W. Bush made in his White House staff would not constitute a shake-up.

Ross Mackenzie | March 30, 2006

Margaret Thatcher, Britain's Reagan-era prime minister, noted that "nothing is more obstinate than a fashionable consensus."

Alan Reynolds | March 30, 2006

A recent Washington Post editorial launched another "occasional series about inequality" with a misplaced question mark -- "A Rising Tide?"

Marvin Olasky | March 30, 2006

The headlines on March 29 were about Kadima and Labor winning 28 and 20 seats, respectively, in Israel's 120-member Knesset, but conservatives are watching three right-of-center parties that won a total of 36 seats.

George Will | March 30, 2006

America, the only developed nation that shares a long -- 2,000-mile -- border with a Third World nation, could seal that border. East Germany showed how: walls, barbed wire, machine gun-toting border guards in towers, mine fields, large irritable dogs.

Ed Feulner | March 30, 2006

Last year, Washington spent $53 billion on homeland security -- and $60 billion on corporate welfare. Clearly our priorities are misplaced, and it's time to change that.

Wed, Mar 29, 2006

Ann Coulter | March 29, 2006

The New York Times has been urgently warning congressional Republicans to abandon the Iraq War or face ruination in the November elections. Of course, for three years now, the Times has predicted that all world leaders who supported the war would be thrown out of office on their ears.

Herman Cain | March 29, 2006

Every good liberal will tell you that low tax rates cause tax revenues to drop, hurt the economy, benefit only the wealthy and cause skyrocketing budget deficits. A Wall Street Journal article last week blew a hole in those liberal lies.

Rich Galen | March 29, 2006

The immigration bill pending in Congress poses as crucial a test for GOP efforts to reach out to Hispanic voters as the 1964 Civil Rights Act did in determining the future partisan preferences of America’s African-Americans.

Thomas Sowell | March 29, 2006

Bogus arguments are a tip-off that you wouldn't buy the real reasons for what someone is doing. Phony arguments and phony words are the norm in discussions of immigration policy.

Michelle Malkin | March 29, 2006

Well, this weekend, militant racism from another protected minority group was on full display. But you wouldn't know it from press accounts that whitewashed or buried the protesters' virulent anti-American hatred.

Walter E. Williams | March 29, 2006

Are federal, state and local justices appointed to office to impose their personal views on society or to interpret law?

Jonah Goldberg | March 29, 2006

America doesn't really have an immigration problem. Or, to be more accurate, it has several distinct immigration problems.

Tony Blankley | March 29, 2006

It's lucky America has over two centuries of mostly calm experience with self-government. We are going to need to fall back on that invaluable patrimony if the immigration debate continues as it has started this season.

Ben Shapiro | March 29, 2006

According to the Pew Hispanic Center, there are currently about 12 million illegal immigrants in the United States. The problem of illegal immigration is reaching the breaking point. Only now, several decades too late, has Congress decided to act.

Terry Jeffrey | March 29, 2006

Would tightening procedures for selling radioactive materials via mail or for authenticating NRC documents at our borders necessarily stop terrorists from getting the materials for a dirty bomb into the United States? No. Our border remains wide open in other ways.

Linda Chavez | March 29, 2006

Our immigration mess is like a three-legged stool. Fixing one leg is no better than doing nothing.

Kathleen Parker | March 29, 2006

There's nothing like the sight of 500,000 protesters on U.S. turf, demanding rights in Spanish while waving Mexican flags, to stir Americans from their siestas.

John Stossel | March 29, 2006

Government's declaring drugs illegal doesn't mean people can't get them.

Jacob Sullum | March 29, 2006

Colorado Treasurer Mark Hillman calls the deal under which the top cigarette manufacturers pay the states billions of dollars a year "a protection racket." In truth, it's worse than that.

Bruce Bartlett | March 29, 2006

How likely is it that the Laffer curve is causing revenues to rise, as opposed to normal operation of the business cycle? Not much, in my opinion.

Tue, Mar 28, 2006

John McCaslin | March 28, 2006

Apart from politicking, Nofziger told us he found immense enjoyment penning and publishing poetry, which he accomplished under the nom de plume of Joy Skilmer.

Debra J. Saunders | March 28, 2006

Of course America needs immigrants. This is a country founded by immigrants and made richer by the imprint of newcomers in search of a land that rewards their hard work and determination to make a better life for their families.

Maggie Gallagher | March 28, 2006

Faced with an unprecedented increase in family fragmentation and fatherlessness, widely celebrated by elites at the time as an example of human progress and liberation, Americans took a hard look at the evidence, scientific and personal, and asked: Is this good for children?

William F. Buckley | March 28, 2006

The State Department has had a profound question to ask itself in the matter of Abdul Rahman. Did we intend to make a theatrical point -- that we would not stand by in his condemnation and beheading, an arrant interference with the right of a human being to embrace Christianity? Or would we just settle for saving Rahman's life?

Chuck Colson | March 28, 2006

Wanting to study male experience, a female author decided to try it out and posed as a man. Find out what she learned about the challenges of being a man.

Eliot Peace | March 28, 2006

George Allen is a serious contender for the Republican nomination for president. A former governor, he wears cowboy boots and can often be found outside with his can of dip. Consequently, some Republicans like Allen, because he seems the most like George W. Bush—a charge Allen can’t quite understand, and frankly, rejects. "I don’t know why people say that," he said. "My two role models are Thomas Jefferson and Ronald Reagan. Most people who know me think I’m most like Ronald Reagan."

Jennifer Biddison | March 28, 2006

When Animal Liberation Front activists destroy private property in ill-advised attempts to save animals, local authorities drag them to jail and the media dismisses the eco-terrorists as being part of a "fringe" group. But when federal regulators destroy the value of private property while trying to save endangered species, national authorities turn their backs. Why the double-standard?

Thomas Sowell | March 28, 2006

Immigration is yet another issue which we seem unable to discuss rationally -- in part because words have been twisted beyond recognition in political rhetoric.

Brent Bozell | March 28, 2006

Nothing is sacred at Comedy Central. The cable channel has perfected the formula of mocking positively everything, to find the final frontier of offensiveness and smash it to bits. And it's been able to reach the top of its field in spite of -- or, better put, because of -- the network's sheer lack of comedic talent.

David Limbaugh | March 28, 2006

Can someone please explain why Hillary and Bill Clinton always get a pass from the secular left when they invoke God in their public discourse? Why is Dan Quayle ridiculed for championing family values while Hillary is glorified as a dutiful disciple of evangelist John Wesley?

Cal Thomas | March 28, 2006

Observing the pro-immigration demonstrations in Phoenix, Los Angeles, Atlanta and elsewhere in recent days, I wondered: whose country is this?

Dennis Prager | March 28, 2006

Only four types of individuals can deny the threat to civilization posed by the violence-supporting segment of Islam: the willfully naive, America-haters, Jew-haters and those afraid to confront evil.

Rebecca Hagelin | March 28, 2006

Back in the day, video games were … well, games -- innocent diversions that did nothing worse than eat up dotted lines and too much of our allowances. A waste of time? Perhaps. But nobody got hurt.

Bill Murchison | March 28, 2006

Just what our aching national back requires at the moment, right? Another problem to address, another conundrum to solve.

Charles Krauthammer | March 28, 2006

A convenient fabrication -- it gives him a foil and the story drama -- but a foolish one because it can be checked.

Pat Buchanan | March 28, 2006

If the Afghan people are comfortable with Rahman being beheaded, what does that tell us of their tolerance of Christianity and of the depth of their commitment to freedom of religion?

Megan Basham | March 28, 2006

Despite Hollywood’s contention that adults don’t go to the movies anymore and they have no choice but to pander to indiscriminate male adolescents, sharp, sophisticated entertainment can still break away from the pack.

Mon, Mar 27, 2006

Rich Galen | March 27, 2006

W. Thomas Smith, Jr | March 27, 2006

Perception is everything. And when applied to the war in Iraq; perception, public opinion, and a far-reaching press are all variables that could ultimately have a hand in any setback or defeat for U.S. and coalition forces in that country.

Phyllis Schlafly | March 27, 2006

Financial incentives are often built into tax credits, reductions or bonuses to influence human behavior in home ownership, energy, water, transportation, and waste management. But sometimes the law contains incentives that were not planned, expected or desirable.

Mike Adams | March 27, 2006

The other day I logged on to my university’s website to investigate rumors that the administration has been using the site to exaggerate the number of minorities on our overwhelmingly white campus.

Burt Prelutsky | March 27, 2006

Frankly, I’m amazed that liberals can be wrong so often about so many things. 

Jennifer Roback Morse | March 27, 2006

Our culture glamorizes early sexual activity, unmarried sexual activity, and unmarried childbearing. But these cultural influences have very different implications for poorly educated, low-income women of color, than for the elite opinion-makers who graduate from exclusive universities.

Michael Barone | March 27, 2006

Immigration is in some ways an American success story -- half of all immigrants in the world head to the United States -- but also a story of failure -- we have an estimated 12 million illegal immigrants within our borders.

Star Parker | March 27, 2006

This past week my organization, CURE, along with the Alliance for School Choice, filed legal action in California against the Los Angeles Unified School District and the Compton Unified School District demanding compliance with the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) law.

Suzanne Fields | March 27, 2006

Germany is not alone as a prosperous country with births falling far below replacement levels, but it has its own reasons.

Armstrong Williams | March 27, 2006

Disappointment is natural, and abandonment is tempting. Yet I believe that we are called to do more.

Robert Novak | March 27, 2006

Before they left town for the St. Patrick's Day recess, 10 U.S. senators gathered around President Bush at the White House to hear him make the case for a line-item veto.

Paul Greenberg | March 27, 2006

I once told another editorial writer that having been in the Army was the second most educational experience of my life.

Sun, Mar 26, 2006

John Leo | March 26, 2006

The controversy over gay adoptions in Massachusetts is an issue that can be framed two ways.

Debra J. Saunders | March 26, 2006

The last time the Roman Catholic Church and the San Francisco Board of Supervisors squared off on same-sex marriage, the Special City's thought police essentially forced Catholic Charities to renounce Catholic doctrine in order to continue receiving city funds it needs to care for the sick.

Rich Tucker | March 26, 2006

We’ve seen the future, and the future inclines toward Mecca. At least it does if novelist Robert Ferrigno is correct. In his new book “Prayers for the Assassin,” Ferrigno imagines an un-united United States of America, part Christian and part Muslim.

Paul Jacob | March 26, 2006

Hillary Clinton's a politician now, and not just her husband's payola agent, so it's doubly politic for her to forget her Wal-Mart days.

George Will | March 26, 2006

Republicans, who revere markets, should fear that the political market is working in some states -- that Democrats are adapting to market signals.