Sat, Jan 28, 2006

Doug Giles | January 28, 2006

If I were a Mexican stuck in Mexico, I, too, would grab a jug of aqua, stuff fistfuls of tortillas into a bandana, then tie that knap sack onto the end of a long stick and start my slog north for the Promised Land. 

Burt Prelutsky | January 28, 2006

Because the entire process of appointing Supreme Court justices has become so politicized, many people would like to see the job description changed to include term limits.

Robert Novak | January 28, 2006

House Republicans, wounded by lobbyist scandals, have called on the House Ethics Committee to investigate more than 10 Democratic members headed by Jan Schakowsky of Illinois and Nydia Velazquez of New York.

Fri, Jan 27, 2006

Rich Galen | January 27, 2006

Caroline Glick | January 27, 2006

Thursday morning we awoke to a new reality: Hamas is the official leader of the Palestinian Authority and – thanks to the US and Israeli governments – the official representative of Arab Jerusalemites.

Rich Tucker | January 27, 2006

Remember -- wait, what was his name, the guy who used to be president -- oh yeah, Bill Clinton?

Kathleen Parker | January 27, 2006

If a book causes you to stop every few paragraphs and say, "This is unbelievable!" it just might be. Unbelievable and untrue, as has been revealed about James Frey's blockbuster "memoir," "A Million Little Pieces."

Brent Bozell | January 27, 2006

Turn on a pop radio station today and you're likely to get an earful of stupidity. I don't mean the kind of innocent dumb pop song of the old days. I mean songs that glorify lust and greed stupidly.

Jonah Goldberg | January 27, 2006

Liberals are sizing up Hillary Clinton for the umpteenth time, and they don't like what they see.

David Limbaugh | January 27, 2006

We often talk about the Democrats' conspicuous lack of a policy agenda as proof they are a party in decline. But I think there's even better evidence of the phenomenon:

Mona Charen | January 27, 2006

Republicans should not sleep well at night. The party has achieved comfortable majority status just when it seems to have lost its animating vision. And when parties exist merely to maintain themselves in power, corruption soon follows.

Oliver North | January 27, 2006

This sprawling U.S. Navy Construction Center, 60 miles north of Los Angeles, is "home port" for thousands of "Sea-Bees" who are deployed in the global war on terror.

Paul Greenberg | January 27, 2006

The other day my publisher here at the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette appeared at my desk carrying a textbook designed for Bible courses in the public schools. Walter Hussman knew I'd be interested, since one of my many obsessions is the role of religion in American life.

Megan Basham | January 27, 2006

Followers of Christ, after decades of churning out mostly trite, sloganeering entertainment, are finally recapturing the artistic imagination that inspired great works like Milton’s poetry and Bach’s concertos.

Thu, Jan 26, 2006

Mike Adams | January 26, 2006

You said my columns were too caustic, too inflammatory. But now it’s 2006 and you’re still reading them, even though they make you angry. That brings me to my next point about feminism.

Larry J. Sabato | January 26, 2006

If the Democrats want to win the Senate, they need a big wave--the kind of tsunami they got in 1974 and 1986, or that the Republicans received in 1980 and 1994. Rough surf won't do the trick, and at least at the start of 2006, November looks to be full of white caps but no Maui-style waves for the party out of power.

Debra J. Saunders | January 26, 2006

Google gives life to the Eric Hoffer observation, "People who bite the hand that feeds them usually lick the boot that kicks them."

John McCaslin | January 26, 2006

Who was the sherpa for the sharp-tongued Justice Antonin Scalia?

Thomas Sowell | January 26, 2006

Some people fear that term limits for members of Congress or other elected officials will just put more power into the hands of the permanent government bureaucrats and the Congressional staffers.

Larry Elder | January 26, 2006

Iranian President Mahmoud "the-Holocaust-is-a-myth" Ahmadinejad does not deny his intentions. He stated that Israel should be "wiped off the map." And "God willing, with the force of God behind it, we shall soon experience a world without the United States and Zionism."

Cal Thomas | January 26, 2006

Democrats think they've found a way to regain power without having to come up with any new and workable ideas. They'll blame Republicans for the "culture of corruption" revealed, they say, by Jack Abramoff's lobbying activities.

Suzanne Fields | January 26, 2006

The United Nations, which has not always been friendly to the Jews, will mark the first universal observance of victims of the Holocaust this week, with an International Day of Commemoration with the theme "Remembrance and Beyond."

Ben Shapiro | January 26, 2006

In the last couple of weeks, she has stepped to the left of the president on health care, to the right of the president on Iran and into the realm of radicalism on race.

Matt Towery | January 26, 2006

Recently, a congressman who I recall as just another a name on a list of freshmen that was part of our "Contract With America" GOP takeover (in my days as political chair for Newt Gingrich) lamented the fact that people back in his district seemed more interested in things like a best-selling book promoting the "Fair Tax" than in "changing Washington."

Emmett Tyrrell | January 26, 2006

I cannot rid from my mind the name Alioto, Judge Samuel Alioto. That is the name of Judge Samuel Alito as pronounced by the delightful Sen. Edward Kennedy, or is it Eduardo Kennedino?

George Will | January 26, 2006

Because undecided voters are thin on the ground -- he estimates they are about 13 percent of the district -- this election will be about mobilizing the faithful. So the piling on by his critics -- their wretched excesses in response to what they perceive to be his -- may help him.

Burt Prelutsky | January 26, 2006

There is currently a brouhaha brewing here in Los Angeles. On one side are the highly-educated academicians at UCLA, while on the other side are all the really smart people.

Michael Fumento | January 26, 2006

Thirteen years ago, writing in Investor's Business Daily, I was the first reporter in the country to present evidence that cell phones have no link to brain cancer in direct contrast   to numerous television and radio shows, and hundreds of related articles in the U.S. and worldwide.

Ross Mackenzie | January 26, 2006

Barring the unforeseen, Judge Samuel Alito will win confirmation to the Supreme Court. His confirmation will prove a major moment in the history of the American judiciary. It also will highlight one of the ideological culture's last abiding discriminations.

Marvin Olasky | January 26, 2006

Once upon a time, I thought that IQ was the most important attribute of human beings.

Robert Novak | January 26, 2006

As the Senate moved this week toward the anticipated vote to confirm Samuel Alito, a resident of far-off North Dakota was likely to watch a heavily aired television ad. A female announcer read this:

Ed Feulner | January 26, 2006

It's usually a safe bet: The more hype surrounding an event, the more disappointing the event itself. Take the Super Bowl: After a two-week media circus, it's often the worst football game of the season.

Wed, Jan 25, 2006

James J. Kilpatrick | January 25, 2006

Ann Coulter | January 25, 2006

The Democrats are trying to "reframe" their message to make people think they believe abortion is wrong. I think this is going to be a hard sell if they plan to continue ferociously defending abortion-on-demand right up until the moment the baby's head is through the birth canal.

Dick Morris and Eileen McGann | January 25, 2006

The reason Democrats and liberals did not get more popular traction in their opposition to the appointment of Judge Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court is that their worldview of what constitutes a good nominee is sharply at variance with that of the American public at large.

Rich Galen | January 25, 2006

Just when you think there's no one out there to help the Conservative cause, along comes a "six foot, seven foot, eight foot bunch" of goofball like Harry Bellow-fonte, a man whose words are so vile he makes Democratic National Committee chairman Howard Dean sound reasonable.

Mike Adams | January 25, 2006

After I published yesterday’s column, a feminist who works in my building really gave me the cold shoulder. In fact, she didn’t say a word to me all day. It was meant to be a form of punishment. But, actually, it was a reward.

Thomas Sowell | January 25, 2006

The over-riding quest for re-election is at the heart of the corruption of public officials who betray the public trust in order to get the money needed to pay for their political campaigns.

Michelle Malkin | January 25, 2006

I have a question for the hordes of bleeding-heart Hollywood stars who joined the "Save Tookie" brigade, who bowed their heads in prayer with ex-Crip gangster Snoop Dogg and the Rev. Jesse Jackson and pleaded to protect convicted Death Row murderer Stanley "Tookie" Williams, and who lobbied so hard for the government to err on the side of life.

John Stossel | January 25, 2006

If you're a public-school student, your chances in life may be largely dependent on where you live -- not just which country, not just which state, but which little bureaucratic zone.

Walter E. Williams | January 25, 2006

What lessons should we have learned from last summer's deadly and destructive hurricanes? The primary lesson is that we shouldn't have much faith in the federal bureaucracy.

Brent Bozell | January 25, 2006

This year's Martin Luther King Day celebration was a wild and woolly collection of left-wing blather.

Jonah Goldberg | January 25, 2006

A wave of pious indignation and table-thumping has spread across the nation's editorial pages over the freedom to search for Internet porn. Don't get me wrong: I think you do have the right to search for porn.

Tony Blankley | January 25, 2006

A growing number of nations and international interests are expressing alarm at Iran's seeming intent to develop nuclear weapons. But why the world thinks Iran is developing such capacity, and what is to be feared from it, remain matters in wide dispute.

Terry Jeffrey | January 25, 2006

When President Bush gave his State of the Union Address last year, he painted a stark and accurate portrait of Social Security.

Linda Chavez | January 25, 2006

With "West Wing" gone, Hollywood fantasies of wresting control of the White House from evil Republicans will have to rely on the staying power of ABC's "Commander In Chief."

Jacob Sullum | January 25, 2006

While I have no doubt that advertising encourages children to request certain products, what happens after that is up to their parents.

Kathleen Parker | January 25, 2006

If you love buying cheap salmon from Wal-Mart, you might not after reading Charles Fishman's new book, "The Wal-Mart Effect."

Tue, Jan 24, 2006

Chuck Colson | January 24, 2006

Politicians aren't the only ones these days raising money. And they're not the only ones whose methods should be called into question.

Debra J. Saunders | January 24, 2006

The situation is extreme, the stakes are high and UC should drop investments in Sudan.

Maggie Gallagher | January 24, 2006

If Judge Samuel Alito is confirmed, are we entering a post-Roe era?

John McCaslin | January 24, 2006

"He's taken pictures with many of you." - White House spokesman Scott McClellan, responding yesterday to repeated questions by members of the White House press corps as to why former powerhouse lobbyist Jack Abramoff had his photo taken with President Bush -- as have several reporters, and on more than one occasion.

Rich Lowry | January 24, 2006

The surest way to get attention in American society is to become a crisis. Boys are now on their way to achieving this dubious but indispensable distinction with the new cover of Newsweek, "The Boy Crisis."

William F. Buckley | January 24, 2006

Taking his oath of office in La Paz, the flamboyant new president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, railed against the exploiters of his country.

Thomas Sowell | January 24, 2006

The Jack Abramoff scandal has put political corruption front and center in Washington but this particular scandal, or even this particular kind of scandal, barely scratches the surface of corruption in government.

Mike Adams | January 24, 2006

It is clearly unreasonable to request political organizations to admit members of opposing political parties. To require them to do so would sabotage the level of political discourse on campus.

David Limbaugh | January 24, 2006

Liberal fringe groups, politicians and editorial writers have been coming out of the woodwork urging the Senate to reject the nomination of Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court because, they say, he is outside the mainstream.

Dennis Prager | January 24, 2006

To understand Jews, one must understand that most Jews are not religious.

Rebecca Hagelin | January 24, 2006

Do parental-notification laws, partial-birth abortion bans and informed-consent laws make a difference?

Bill Murchison | January 24, 2006

Turnover in a dynamic capitalist society is perpetual, like it or not.

Bruce Bartlett | January 24, 2006

One of the things that drives Republicans crazy is the media’s enormous double-standard in how it covers various scandals.

Jack Kemp | January 24, 2006

"What fate for Social Security reform?" That was the question Sean Tuffnell asked in a recent insightful opinion column for the Washington Times.

Mon, Jan 23, 2006

Cal Thomas | January 23, 2006

Democrats think they have found their deliverer. He is the new governor of Virginia, Timothy Kaine.

W. Thomas Smith, Jr | January 23, 2006

Here’s why: Despite the usually good-natured rivalry that has always existed between the most-junior Marines and sailors, the Marine Corps as a whole has always been fiercely proud and protective of its Naval traditions. Marines are, after all, an arm of Naval service under the Department of the Navy.

Eliot Peace | January 23, 2006

For years, the GOP has felt that it was under-represented in Georgia’s U.S. congressional delegation. In a state that voted overwhelmingly for George W. Bush twice, the congressional districts had been gerrymandered by the Democratic General Assembly to provide more Democratic seats that demographics realistically allotted.

Rich Galen | January 23, 2006

January Blahs. A time when politicians take cheap shots.

Phyllis Schlafly | January 23, 2006

One senators' line of questioning for Judge Samuel A. Alito that lacked follow-up concerned the power of Congress to define the jurisdiction of federal courts.

Frank Gaffney | January 23, 2006

One week from today, President Bush has an opportunity to make a truly historically significant State of the Union address.

Michael Barone | January 23, 2006

It is not a pretty season in our politics. Both our major parties seem to be busy disqualifying themselves.

Mike Adams | January 23, 2006

First of all, let me tell you how thrilled I am to receive hate mail from a feminist named “Daisy.”

Star Parker | January 23, 2006

Mudslinging by leading Democrats, usually taking form these days as trying to brand Republicans as racists, confirms what I have been writing about for a number of years: the Democratic Party is running on an empty tank.

Suzanne Fields | January 23, 2006

We once depended on religion and laws of the spirit to determine how we put science and technology to use.

Debra J. Saunders | January 23, 2006

Changing the ethics rules won't help the Republicans if they continue to choose leaders because they are the biggest fund-raisers and the best backslappers.

Diana West | January 23, 2006

Remember when word came down from the Vatican that Pope John Paul II had watched Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ" and liked it?

John Leo | January 23, 2006

Certainly our culture is awash in lies-politicians, professors, reporters, columnists, scientists, etc., so much so that numbness has set in.

Robert Novak | January 23, 2006

Annual earmarks, non-existent two decades ago, now near 15,000. McCain sees this as the source of lobbyist corruption, the vehicle used to bribe Duke Cunningham and the focus for half the capital's lobbyists.

Jennifer Roback Morse | January 23, 2006

Last week, a small storm erupted in Canada when the media discovered a government study recommending that Canada legalize polygamy.

La Shawn Barber | January 23, 2006

Black women are three times as likely to have abortions as their white counterparts. Blacks and Hispanics are about 25 percent of the population, yet they account for 57 percent of all abortions.

Sun, Jan 22, 2006

James J. Kilpatrick | January 22, 2006

Paul Jacob | January 22, 2006

Former Washington, DC mayor and current Councilman Marion Barry is America's most entertaining politician.

George Will | January 22, 2006

A Division I college basketball program is not the sort of enterprise easily confused with a seminary or a seminar on ethics.