Sat, Jan 21, 2006

Doug Giles | January 21, 2006

I could be wrong, but didn’t Jesus leave His God-blessed heaven to redeem this sin-cursed earth? 

Caroline Glick | January 21, 2006

As Israel's election season moves into high gear, one key question now emerging is how much is the Bush administration planning to impose itself and its preferences on the Israeli electorate? There are three sides to the question's increasing centrality.

Burt Prelutsky | January 21, 2006

Not being a constitutional scholar, I am naturally reluctant to become too embroiled in these matters. However...

Larry Kudlow | January 21, 2006

New York, New York, is still a helluva town. But New York state has some heavy lifting to do if it intends to remain competitive with its neighbors and the world.

Robert Novak | January 21, 2006

Pressure from liberal activists to oppose confirmation of Judge Samuel Alito for the Supreme Court has been so intense that Democratic senators may be trapped into a filibuster that they do not want to wage.

Ed Feulner | January 21, 2006

Cut taxes to generate economic growth. Stabilize the value of the dollar to ease inflation. Trim federal spending. Ease regulation.

Fri, Jan 20, 2006

Rich Galen | January 20, 2006

Hillary's use of the word "plantation" for political use is hurtful.

Rich Tucker | January 20, 2006

Believe it or not, some Americans aren’t actually interested in political arguments such as the ongoing battle between evolutionists and creationists. Perhaps these people hope to escape that debate by flipping directly to the comics page.

Herman Cain | January 20, 2006

The latest installment in the Democratic Party’s attempt to divide the country came this week when their favorite daughter, Sen. Hillary Clinton (D – NY), used the occasion of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day to stem the decline of Black people voting for their candidates.

Kathleen Parker | January 20, 2006

Senator Hillary Clinton - she of the Rodham charm - has thrown it down.

Brent Bozell | January 20, 2006

It's become a cliche to note that the Golden Globe Awards voter pool is an extremely small clique for such a big-buzz awards show.

Jonah Goldberg | January 20, 2006

The Republican caucus in the House of Representatives is having an election to decide who should be the new majority leader. Who among us can contain his excitement?

David Limbaugh | January 20, 2006

Though Republicans undeniably face difficulties, Democrats are ill positioned to capitalize on them because of their own problems, which amount to a veritable identity crisis.

Mona Charen | January 20, 2006

It is remarkable how quickly discussions about Iran's pursuit of nuclear weapons turn to Israel. "Well," worriers are reassured, "Israel will never permit Iran to go nuclear. Remember Osirak?"

Oliver North | January 20, 2006

Pity the poor Democrats. Five years of George W. Bush in office have driven them to distraction. Their most audible advocates have developed "Mad Mule Malady."

Debra J. Saunders | January 20, 2006

Many elites argue that Canada is 10 years ahead of America when it comes to gay rights. But when legal scholars are so progressive that they are willing to shove marriage back to the Stone Age, they reveal a culture with a death wish.

Emmett Tyrrell | January 20, 2006

There was some last-minute drama in Washington before yesterday's release of the long-awaited report by Independent Counsel David Barrett.

Megan Basham | January 20, 2006

It’s a strange defense for a movie that spends a good 40 minutes focused on waving grass and watery sunsets to claim there wasn’t enough time to explore documented background about its central character. Perhaps it was a marketing decision, since a noble savage clad in buckskin is much more likely to draw that lucrative teen male demographic than a Christian lady in starched collars.

Thu, Jan 19, 2006

Cal Thomas | January 19, 2006

Not too long ago in our frontier days, snake oil salesmen roamed the land claiming cures for "everything that ails you."

Maggie Gallagher | January 19, 2006

A few weeks ago, Kate Michelman, former head of NARAL, released a political memoir "rebutting the pro-life movement's insistence that making abortion illegal is the American way," as Publisher's Weekly put it.

John McCaslin | January 19, 2006

A valued reader sends a note about photographs taken last week of the Democrats on the Judiciary Committee who were done in by the answers of Judge Samuel A. Alito Jr. and the tears of Martha Alito.

William F. Buckley | January 19, 2006

Insiders passed on the word that former Vice President Al Gore would not go so far as actually to call for the impeachment of George Bush, and indeed he did not. The crowd at the Daughters of the American Revolution Constitution Hall was disappointed. But it was left with a great deal to chew on.

Ross Mackenzie | January 19, 2006

Quotable observations on issues high and low . . . .

Larry Elder | January 19, 2006

Question: Who called Judge Sam Alito, nominated to succeed retiring Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, an "ultra-conservative"?

Suzanne Fields | January 19, 2006

Not since Anita Hill was mocked as a "scorned woman" and Clarence Thomas accused his enemies of attempting "a high-tech lynching" have so many sexual and political stereotypes clashed in confirmation hearings for a nominee to the Supreme Court.

Ben Shapiro | January 19, 2006

There are those in this country who truly believe that the Supreme Court is the repository of all that is good and just.

Matt Towery | January 19, 2006

These split opinions don't end with whites and blacks. They extend into the King family itself; and this leads us to the story of the 2006 MLK memorial service in Atlanta.

Alan Reynolds | January 19, 2006

Whenever the minimum wage has been increased, the most obvious result was an increase in the number earning less than the minimum.

Marvin Olasky | January 19, 2006

Pro-lifers say the Jan. 22 anniversary of Roe v. Wade is about life. Pro-choicers say it's about sex. Both are right.

George Will | January 19, 2006

In legislation ostensibly concerned with any company with 10,000 employees but pertaining only to one, Maryland has said Wal-Mart must spend 8 percent of its payroll on health care, or must give the difference to the state.

Robert Novak | January 19, 2006

The long-awaited final report by Independent Counsel David Barrett, to be released today [Thursday], was severely censored by court order but not enough to sufficiently obscure its importance.

Michael Fumento | January 19, 2006

Oh, no! Yet another writer has been swept up in a "pay-for-play" scandal, and again, a right-of-center one. "A Columnist Paid by Monsanto," declared the headline of a Business Week "news analysis."

Megan Basham | January 19, 2006

The last few years have shown chinks in Tinsel Town’s anti-religious armor.

Wed, Jan 18, 2006

James J. Kilpatrick | January 18, 2006

Chuck Colson | January 18, 2006

Any time another nation achieves nuclear capability, the world gets more dangerous. That's especially true when the nation is run by a religious zealot.

Rich Galen | January 18, 2006

Ted Kennedy's hypocracy at the Alito hearing: uncovered.

Dick Morris and Eileen McGann | January 18, 2006

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the ugliest of them all?

Ann Coulter | January 18, 2006

So Hillary Clinton thinks the House of Representatives is being "run like a plantation." And, she added, "you know what I'm talking about."

Michelle Malkin | January 18, 2006

The freaks come out at night. The demagogues came out on Martin Luther King Day.

John Stossel | January 18, 2006

The hate mail is coming in to ABC over a TV special I did Friday (1/13). I suggested that public schools had plenty of money but were squandering it, because that's what government monopolies do.

Walter E. Williams | January 18, 2006

Whatever actions Congress might take in the matter of lobbying are going to be just as disappointing in ending influence-peddling as their Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002, known as the McCain-Feingold bill. Before we allow ourselves to be bamboozled by our political leaders, we might do our own analysis to determine whether the problem is money in politics or something more fundamental.

Brent Bozell | January 18, 2006

Since November, the media have carried around Rep. John Murtha around on their shoulders like a conquering hero for his opposition to the war in Iraq.

Jonah Goldberg | January 18, 2006

What Iran needs is a Saddam Hussein. Or at least it needs the sort of leader antiwar liberals claimed Saddam Hussein represented.

David Limbaugh | January 18, 2006

Unlike our president, who spent Martin Luther King Day paying respectful tribute to MLK and Abraham Lincoln, Democratic Party notables, Hillary Clinton and Albert Gore, used the holiday as another opportunity to character-assassinate President George W. Bush.

Tony Blankley | January 18, 2006

What goes on at the border, stays at the border

Cal Thomas | January 18, 2006

Fifty years ago this month, five young missionaries were killed by an Ecuadorian tribe known to the world as the Auca Indians.

Terry Jeffrey | January 18, 2006

This week, we learned that among the things changing in Gore's Constitution is the war power. It meant one thing when Bill Clinton was president, but means another thing now.

Linda Chavez | January 18, 2006

The best thing Ray Nagin could do for New Orleans would be to announce he's withdrawing from the mayor's race.

Jacob Sullum | January 18, 2006

Carl and Joy Gamble, retirees who had lived in the same house in Norwood, a Cincinnati suburb, for more than three decades, did not realize their neighborhood was "deteriorating." Neither did the Norwood City Council, until it heard about developer Jeffrey Anderson's plan to build offices, condominiums, chain stores, and a parking garage there.

Bill Murchison | January 18, 2006

Come Sunday -- Jan. 22 -- the most inflammatory decision in judicial history turns 33 years old.

Kathleen Parker | January 18, 2006

The camera may not steal the human soul, as some aboriginal peoples believe. But the camera may steal one's intelligence, as British politician George Galloway recently demonstrated by pretending to be a four-legged feline on television.

Tue, Jan 17, 2006

Todd Manzi | January 17, 2006

What can we do about media bias?

John McCaslin | January 17, 2006

"Regarding Vice President Dick Cheney and his mysterious foot - ahem, big toe - ailment, I'm convinced he's got the gout," says John K. Putney, assistant vice president of McGuire Woods Consulting in Richmond, who previously toiled as Republican Sen. George Allen's Northern Virginia aide.

Mike Adams | January 17, 2006

It probably comes as no surprise that the third university in my “colleges to avoid” series is located in North Carolina.

Thomas Sowell | January 17, 2006

The Senate confirmation hearings for Judge Samuel Alito told us more about the Senators than it did about Judge Alito.

Cal Thomas | January 17, 2006

Beginning with the Revolutionary War when British agents and sympathizers attempted to derail independence, there have been people who have tried to infiltrate the United States for the purpose of undermining and destroying it.

Dennis Prager | January 17, 2006

To understand any political ideology, one must understand what most animates it. For the Left, it is hatred of inequality. As noted in a previous column, the Left hates inequality even more than it hates evil. Or perhaps more accurately, for the Left, inequality is the ultimate evil.

Mon, Jan 16, 2006

Rich Galen | January 16, 2006

Just when you think it can't get any weirder here in Your Nation's Capital, here come 76 little trombone-playing bunny rabbits marching down Pennsylvania Avenue, with 110 cornet-playing llamas close at hand. They were followed by rows and rows of globally warmed-up Eskimos

Michael Barone | January 16, 2006

In his opening statement to the Judiciary Committee, Judge Samuel Alito told the senators where he comes from. First, Hamilton Township, N.J., the modest-income suburb of Trenton, where he grew up.

Star Parker | January 16, 2006

Racism was once an important issue in this country. Martin Luther King Day reminds us of the time and the struggle. Unfortunately today, a once-important issue has been so politicized and exploited, it has been cheapened into meaninglessness.

Suzanne Fields | January 16, 2006

The eminent British historian Arnold Toynbee didn't live long enough to see it, but he might have been talking about the peculiar sense of helplessness of the Western world, circa 2000.

Diana West | January 16, 2006

Here you are, Germany's Angela Merkel, on your first trip to Washington, D.C., preparing for your meeting with President Bush.

Phyllis Schlafly | January 16, 2006

It's too bad that male sports are being eliminated on most college campuses. Except for Texas, USC, and a few other places, radical feminism rules in the athletic departments at the expense of popular male sports.

Robert Novak | January 16, 2006

When John Shadegg announced from his hometown of Phoenix on Friday that he is running for House majority leader, it appeared that the two leading candidates to succeed Tom DeLay had peaked.

John Leo | January 16, 2006

Consider the narrative line for Samuel Alito’s life. It’s perfect. He comes from a white ethnic community that valued family, tradition, patriotism and the Democratic party.

Jack Kemp | January 16, 2006

I hope Shadegg follows up and offers a platform of ideas and that his rivals for the position, fine candidates all, follow his lead and do the same. Here are some suggestions for all the candidates to consider.

Jennifer Roback Morse | January 16, 2006

In a recent column, I described Saddam Hussein as an attachment disordered individual. In this week’s column, I analyze what to do with him.

Burt Prelutsky | January 16, 2006

A question that bears looking into is whether a career in politics inevitably turns people into hypocrites or whether hypocrites are born, not made, and are simply drawn to the field the way that steel shavings are drawn to a magnet.

Sun, Jan 15, 2006

James J. Kilpatrick | January 15, 2006

Paul Jacob | January 15, 2006

With all the whining and carping about the balance of power, why is there nary a peep about the most fundamental of Constitutional balances, that between the government and the people?

George Will | January 15, 2006

There are some  reforms that, although they will not guarantee virtue, will complicate vice, which is as much progress as is possible in this naughty world.