Sat, Dec 24, 2005

Doug Giles | December 24, 2005

As a minister, the “mission field” with which I’m primarily concerned is that difficult-to-understand and freakishly lost people group commonly referred to as “America’s youth.”  This extraordinarily confused demographic is the tribe that I feel particularly called to reach.

Burt Prelutsky | December 24, 2005

I have a confession to make. After trying to make sense of American liberals, I finally have to throw up my hands in total exasperation. I can’t make head or tail of these people, and I’m getting tired of trying.

Robert Novak | December 24, 2005

Federal District Judge James Robertson, who resigned from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance (FISA) court in protest over secret wiretaps ordered by President Bush, is regarded in Washington legal circles as one of President Bill Clinton's most liberal and partisan judicial appointments.

Fri, Dec 23, 2005

Rick Santorum | December 23, 2005

Throughout our nation's distinguished history, America has often been thrust into periods of armed conflict that have tested the will of our citizens.

Jonah Goldberg | December 23, 2005

Among the proud recipients of Time magazine's fluffy end-of-year "People Who Mattered" feature, is Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

David Limbaugh | December 23, 2005

Are critics of President Bush’s electronic-surveillance practices concerned with the Constitution? Or are they just using any excuse they can find to accuse him of abusing his power?

Mona Charen | December 23, 2005

Reviewing the falsehoods, myths and misrepresentations spun by the press, politicians and pundits following Hurricane Katrina, one is reminded of Nora Ephron's bon mot: "No matter how cynical I get, I can't seem to keep up."

Oliver North | December 23, 2005

"What do you want for Christmas?" the young Marine asked.

Rich Tucker | December 23, 2005

That was then. These days it’s those on the right who are gripped by dread and fear and are ringing the chimes of doom -- for the future of Christmas itself.

Charles Krauthammer | December 23, 2005

2005 was already the year of the demagogue, having been dominated for months by the endlessly echoed falsehood that the president ``lied us into war.'' But the year ends with yet another round of demagoguery.

Cam Edwards | December 23, 2005

This week’s revelation that the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has been the subject of an FBI investigation into the animal rights group’s possible ties to terrorism has stunned many liberals.

Thu, Dec 22, 2005

Cal Thomas | December 22, 2005

Scripture tells us that on that first Christmas - the one in Bethlehem before the advent of shopping malls - the Israelites were looking for a Messiah who would deliver them from Roman occupation.

John McCaslin | December 22, 2005

Thanks to Don Fulsom, a White House correspondent during the Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Reagan and Clinton presidencies and UPI bureau chief in Washington for seven years, who each year hands The Beltway Beat the poem read at the Christmas Party in the White House press basement.

Debra J. Saunders | December 22, 2005

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa never should have promised that he would fire L.A. Department of Animal Services head Guerdon Stuckey when he was running for mayor.

Joel Mowbray | December 22, 2005

Inside a South Florida Wal-Mart last Thursday, union-sponsored protesters handed out empty, gift-wrapped boxes to children and made them cry, according to multiple witnesses—and it appears that the arrests of two of the protesters may have been part of a grand strategy designed by Big Labor-backed

Larry Elder | December 22, 2005

Good news, Democrats. We've established that A) the Iraqis appear optimistic, B) our economy remains strong (even if you refuse to give a little credit to Bush's tax cuts), and C) our president is not a racist. Happy New Year.

Matt Towery | December 22, 2005

An old saying tells us to avoid bringing up the subjects of politics or religion. So here's a novel idea -- let's bring up both topics at once!

Emmett Tyrrell | December 22, 2005

The camera always lies. That is one of my most dearly held beliefs, and an early screening of Steven Spielberg's "Munich," which I saw last week, provides me with more evidence.

Michael Fumento | December 22, 2005

Do you think manmade global warming threatens the planet? Or that it’s little more than an environmentalist sham? Either way it’s time to realize that the celebrated Kyoto Protocol – long touted by the greens as essential to preventing ecological disaster – isn’t just dying, it’s decomposing. It’s time for something new.

Jennifer Biddison | December 22, 2005

In our lawsuit-happy society, it seems you can’t trust anyone these days.

Alan Reynolds | December 22, 2005

When Congress reconvenes for the New Year, few chores will be as urgent as reconciling differences between the House and Senate over keeping the tax on stock dividends as low as the tax on capital gains after 2008

Ross Mackenzie | December 22, 2005

Katrina, Scooter Libby, Tom DeLay, and Harriet Miers sent the national Democrats into paroxysms of joy. George Bush and the Republicans were history, as good as gone, dead meat.

Marvin Olasky | December 22, 2005

Time did well in selecting Bono plus Bill and Melinda Gates as its charitable Persons of the Year, but I wish it had also put a non-celebrity -- maybe a volunteer Katrina relief worker -- on its cover.

Wed, Dec 21, 2005

Ann Coulter | December 21, 2005

If we must engage in a national debate on half-measures: After 9-11, any president who was not spying on people calling phone numbers associated with terrorists should be impeached for being an inept commander in chief.

Chuck Colson | December 21, 2005

Yesterday's ruling on the Dover, Pennsylvania, intelligent design case may discourage some Christians. It shouldn't - because there is more to the battle.

Michelle Malkin | December 21, 2005

Allow me to sum up the homeland security strategy of America's do-nothing brigade, led by the armchair generals at The New York Times and ACLU headquarters:

John Stossel | December 21, 2005

Even the regulators may be realizing this law has gone too far.

Walter E. Williams | December 21, 2005

Since allegations of oil company price-gouging has become topical, let's look at real price manipulation.

Brent Bozell | December 21, 2005

The year 2005 is ending as it began, with another successful election in Iraq and a liberal media still flapping around trying to find other controversies to submerge it.

Jonah Goldberg | December 21, 2005

In the wake of the revelation that President Bush ordered secret surveillance of some Americans - without a warrant or statutory authority - some commentators are suggesting that his presidency is in dire trouble.

Tony Blankley | December 21, 2005

As we approach Christmas I am reminded of Mexican President General Porfirio Diaz's lamentation after the Mexican American War: "Pobre Mexico! Tan lejos de Dios, y tan cerca los Estados Unidos (Poor Mexico! So far from God, and so close to the United States.")

Suzanne Fields | December 21, 2005

Germans, like Americans, argue over the politically correct language of the season, but the Jewish Museum puts things into perspective, tracing the origins of the religious, cultural, commercial and political images associated with both Christmas and Hanukkah.

Ben Shapiro | December 21, 2005

At the Republican National Convention in New York on Sept. 1, 2004, Sen. Zell Miller (D-Ga.) explained why he was backing President George W. Bush's re-election.

Terry Jeffrey | December 21, 2005

In his recent defense of the Iraq War, including his televised address Sunday night, President Bush has exemplified the quality Winston Churchill made the first moral of his history of World War II: "In war, resolution."

Linda Chavez | December 21, 2005

The Democrats are determined to win the war and will stop at nothing to vanquish the enemy.

Horace Cooper | December 21, 2005

Just as all of Abraham Lincoln's actions must be viewed in the context of the Civil War, America is also today in the midst of a war – the “War on Terror.”  This war brings with it challenges that only the executive is fully capable of addressing.

Jacob Sullum | December 21, 2005

Members of Congress have been known to vote for legislation they haven't read. But is it possible Congress authorized warrantless wiretaps without realizing it?

Burt Prelutsky | December 21, 2005

The other day I was listening to a talk radio show, and heard a caller announce that there’s no freedom of speech in this country.

Megan Basham | December 21, 2005

Playing on Christmas nostalgia, which most Americans share, the trailer promised a rollicking, good-natured comedy about family foibles and the frustrating moments that eventually become our favorite memories. What the film delivers is a ham-fisted primer on blue-state values.

Tue, Dec 20, 2005

Joel Mowbray | December 20, 2005

When I reported in the Washington Times last week that brand name pollster John Zogby had neglected to disclose relevant information regarding a survey on Wal-Mart, he issued a strong rebuke.

Rich Lowry | December 20, 2005

Last week, the House of Representatives voted to establish a dictatorship in the United States and to prevent hopeless citizens from escaping it. That, at least, is what the casual listener might have concluded from the rhetoric mustered in opposition to the building of a better security fence on the U.S.-Mexico border.

John McCaslin | December 20, 2005

By age 25, she was one of the world's top models. Now, Petra Nemcova is best known for being the woman who, for several hours, desperately clung to a tree, her pelvis broken in four places and her legs unable to move, when the catastrophic tsunami struck South Asia on Dec. 26.

Thomas Sowell | December 20, 2005

It was just a small thing but I was taken aback when I received a memo saying that the offices at work would be shut down during "winter closure." Then it dawned on me that "winter closure" was what we used to call "Christmas vacation."

David Limbaugh | December 20, 2005

As I was watching President Bush's latest news conference, I was again struck by the thought of how different the news climate and public mood would be if the mainstream media (MSM) were truly as unbiased as they pretend to be.

Cal Thomas | December 20, 2005

Iraq's huge voter turnout last week was a clear step forward for the Bush administration's policy and for a stable Iraqi government, if all sides can learn to live together.

Dennis Prager | December 20, 2005

Jews who support the Christian right are "Uncle Jakes."  So says a pro-Israeli Jewish official in his recent column for the Israel Policy Forum, a pro-Israel organization.

Rebecca Hagelin | December 20, 2005

Those who follow politics and government are well acquainted with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice’s sterling character, invaluable experience and superb qualifications for the post.

George Will | December 20, 2005

Assuming that urgent facts convinced him that he should proceed anyway and on his own, what argument convinced him that he lawfully could?

Mon, Dec 19, 2005

W. Thomas Smith, Jr | December 19, 2005

Former White House speechwriter Peggy Noonan believes most biographies of Pope John Paul II “locate” the late pontiff in the context of history and explain his place in it. What they often “avoid,” she says, is speaking “at any great length of what he believed at his core."

Phyllis Schlafly | December 19, 2005

Federal judges have just hit parents with a triple whammy. Two appellate courts held that parents have no right to stop offensive, privacy-invading interrogation of their own children in public schools.

Jack Kemp | December 19, 2005

The concept of supply-side economics has all but been forgotten in Washington, and many of its principles have been abandoned by U.S. policymakers.

Frank Gaffney | December 19, 2005

The news from Iraq at this writing features a video of a terrorist murdering a man believed to be a kidnapped American civilian.

Michael Barone | December 19, 2005

At year's end, it is often useful to look back at the year past and seek to learn its lessons. But it's more useful now, I think, to look back at the past quarter-century.

Mike Adams | December 19, 2005

Chancellor Sullivan: In 2004, you carelessly told a member of the UNC Board of Governors to help you "get Mike Adams off your back" following a decision to hire (for $3000) a porn star to speak at UNC-Greensboro

Star Parker | December 19, 2005

Convicted murderer of four and founder of the notorious Crips gang, Tookie Williams, is gone, executed under the death penalty of the state of California. Now those who protested his conviction, and worked for his clemency, want him to be remembered as a hero.

Diana West | December 19, 2005

There's one good thing about the news that Alwaleed bin Talal, the richest Saudi prince in the world, just bought Harvard and Georgetown universities -- or, at least buried them up to their ivy in $40 million.

John Leo | December 19, 2005

“Tookie” Williams, put to death by lethal injection last week in California, was a “legend” who underwent “a meaningful martyrdom that sent a lasting message to the world,” according to old-time leftist Tom Hayden.

Cam Edwards | December 19, 2005

These men are two of the finest human beings I’ve ever known.  Just talking to them makes me feel like I haven’t done enough for this country.

Robert Novak | December 19, 2005

The House International Relations Committee last Thursday voted 24 to 19 to send to the House floor, "without recommendation," a resolution requiring President Bush to turn over documents relating to 16 words in his 2003 State of the Union Address.

Armstrong Williams | December 19, 2005

During a recent speaking engagement at a DC high school, I talked about the importance of cultivating an entrepreneurial spirit. One student after another told me that the white people would prevent them from becoming successful entrepreneurs. These kids were only teenagers, and they had already given up.

Sun, Dec 18, 2005

Paul Jacob | December 18, 2005

Wikipedia is a marvel of Internet cooperation. Thousands of contributors freely give their time to the project, writing and editing and researching. Unfortunately, a few contributors are saboteurs.