Sat, Dec 10, 2005

Doug Giles | December 10, 2005

This is the final volley in my series on how to screw up your life royally. 

Rich Tucker | December 10, 2005

Every sport has an off-season. In golf, it’s called the “Silly Season,” the few months between official tournaments when players go out and earn scads of money in skins games and other made-for-TV competitions.

Kathleen Parker | December 10, 2005

Aspiring stateswomen have few role models on American soil. Thus, it's an invent-as-you-go process for people such as Hillary Clinton, one of only a few women in the U.S. Senate and the most likely Democratic candidate for president in 2008.

Robert Novak | December 10, 2005

President Bush surprised well-heeled supporters Monday at an unannounced fund-raiser at a rented house in the Georgetown section of Washington by spending more than a third of his 45-minute speech on immigration.

Fri, Dec 09, 2005

Chuck Colson | December 09, 2005

The new Narnia film is having wonderful unintended consequences. It is encouraging people to read the Narnia books and the other works of C. S. Lewis.

Charles Krauthammer | December 09, 2005

Of all the mistakes that the Bush administration has committed in Iraq, none is as gratuitous and self-inflicted as the bungling of the trial of Saddam Hussein.

Brent Bozell | December 09, 2005

Pope John Paul II led a remarkable life at the center of Europe, not only dynamically rising to the top of the Catholic Church, but resisting two different totalitarian oppressors in his native Poland.

Jonah Goldberg | December 09, 2005

What does Hollywood think about torture?

David Limbaugh | December 09, 2005

At the core of the Democrats' incessant carping about the war in Iraq is their oft-stated belief that our attack on Iraq and our continued presence there are fueling the terrorist movement.

Mona Charen | December 09, 2005

Twenty women of all ages, races, and backgrounds push back against the onslaught of vulgarity and loutishness that infests, no, is popular culture in our day.

Oliver North | December 09, 2005

As I make my way, once again, to Iraq to cover the progress U.S. troops have made in rebuilding that country, I have mixed emotions.

Alan Reynolds | December 09, 2005

If you enjoy mysteries and puzzles, you should love economics. And if you hate math, that's no problem.

Thu, Dec 08, 2005

Mike Adams | December 08, 2005

Dear Professor Mirecki: My name is Mike Adams. I am a columnist for Just a few minutes ago, I called your office seeking an interview about your alleged roadside beating at the hands of two apparent Christian fundamentalists.

Thomas Sowell | December 08, 2005

From time to time, readers ask me what books have made the biggest difference in my life.

Larry Elder | December 08, 2005

What to do when you encounter someone who instinctively, pathologically hates President George W. Bush?

Cal Thomas | December 08, 2005

The late Peter Jennings would be mildly amused that ABC News has named two anchors to replace him.

Suzanne Fields | December 08, 2005

Heidi Fleiss thinks she's onto something big. She wants to open a brothel for women.

Matt Towery | December 08, 2005

I'm wandering into unknown terrain when I examine the latest InsiderAdvantage survey in Florida.

Emmett Tyrrell | December 08, 2005

The president is out on the hustings. He is exhorting steadfastness on the war. He is booming the economy. He will be getting hoarse quite soon.

Burt Prelutsky | December 08, 2005

I never thought I’d live to see the day that Christmas would become a dirty word.

Marvin Olasky | December 08, 2005

In a congressional hearing Tuesday, liberals said that racism caused delays in Hurricane Katrina relief and rescue. They're right, but they misidentified the culprit.

Todd Manzi | December 08, 2005

We know how important the will of the American people is regarding the war. Doesn’t the will of the terrorists matter also? If their cause looks lost, they will attack less. If they think they have a chance to win, they will attack more.

Larry Kudlow | December 08, 2005

Could it be that George W. Bush, our first MBA president, is adopting a new strategy to aggressively market and merchandise his policies and successes? Finally?

Ross Mackenzie | December 08, 2005

Staggering stats and brief comments on this and that. . .

Jennifer Biddison | December 08, 2005

More than 100 of the top legal experts in the country – both liberal and conservative – have put their brains and expertise together to unveil what our Founding Fathers really meant when they wrote the Constitution more than 200 years ago. 

George Will | December 08, 2005

Feeling, evidently, flush with (other people's) cash, the Senate has concocted a novel way to spend $3 billion: Create a new entitlement. The Senate has passed -- and so has the House, with differences -- an entitlement to digital television.

Joel Mowbray | December 08, 2005

While most of Washington was preoccupied with playing the Plame game in late October, the Bush Administration took an apparent turn toward appeasement.

Robert Novak | December 08, 2005

Intended to punish the oil industry for making so much money, the provision actually would increase American dependency on foreign oil producers.

Michael Fumento | December 08, 2005

There is no commercially available vaccine for avian influenza type H5N1, but we're getting close.

Wed, Dec 07, 2005

Ann Coulter | December 07, 2005

Democrat prosecutor Ronnie Earle's conspiracy charge against Tom DeLay was thrown out this week, which came as a surprise to people who think it's normal for a prosecutor to have to empanel six grand juries in order to get an indictment on simple fund-raising violations.

John McCaslin | December 07, 2005

The Pentagon says it's not out of the realm of possibility.

Jonah Goldberg | December 07, 2005

Liberals have been suffering from conservative envy for several years now. Oh, they don't envy us our evil ways, our penchant for extreme cruelty or the fact that we smell like cabbage. They envy us our toys and success.

Michelle Malkin | December 07, 2005

Hillary Clinton is seeing pink. Code Pink.

John Stossel | December 07, 2005

As I watch people comb through old documents and parse interviews for clues to the nominees' positions on high-profile constitutional questions, I'm struck by how little attention has been given to one of the biggest problems in America's judicial system: the enormous cost and creativity-killing pace of ordinary civil cases.

Walter E. Williams | December 07, 2005

With all the recent hype and demagoguery about gasoline price-gouging, maybe it's time to talk about the basics of exchange. First, what is exchange? Exchange occurs when an owner transfers property rights or title to that which is his.

Brent Bozell | December 07, 2005

Brian Williams has wrapped up his first year anchoring "NBC Nightly News," and he is presenting himself as this year's new face of the TV news kingdom.

Tony Blankley | December 07, 2005

Do you remember back a few months when it was reported that the CIA had determined that Iran was probably 10 years away from being able to develop a nuclear bomb?

Ben Shapiro | December 07, 2005

Steven Spielberg's new movie, "Munich," is all set to premiere on Dec. 23. No one has seen the movie yet except for Time Magazine, which sycophantically granted its Dec. 12 cover to "Spielberg's Secret Masterpiece."

Terry Jeffrey | December 07, 2005

The Supreme Court heard arguments this week in the case of Rumsfeld v. Forum for Academic and Institutional Rights.

Linda Chavez | December 07, 2005

It might be easier to take seriously the latest report of the 9/11 commission if it weren't filled with politically correct nostrums that will do little to protect us from terrorism.

Jacob Sullum | December 07, 2005

Our latest "Sleeper" moment came when researchers announced that drinkers are less prone to obesity than teetotalers.

Horace Cooper | December 07, 2005

Judge Samuel Alito’s critics are once again relying on distortion and misrepresentation to malign his record. This time the focus is his record involving death penalty cases. 

Kathleen Parker | December 07, 2005

It's not that Murtha doesn't deserve airtime to voice a point of view many Americans share. It's that Lieberman surely deserves at least equal time for a point of view that other Americans, as well as most Iraqis, share.

Cam Edwards | December 07, 2005

Who said “The idea that the Americans are going to win the war in Iraq is an idea which is just plain wrong.”

Tue, Dec 06, 2005

Chuck Colson | December 06, 2005

The world is discovering a shocking fact about suicide bombers: Many of them look just like the boy down the street or the girl next door.

Armstrong Williams | December 06, 2005

Receiving far less attention are the working class heroes, who go about their solitary work routines with quiet dignity, come home from another grueling day, yet still find time to interact with their children.

Cam Edwards | December 06, 2005

Mike Wallace says President Bush is afraid to be interviewed by him.  The 87-year old reporter for “60 Minutes” made the comment on MSNBC’s “Hardball” earlier this week, in an exchange with host Chris Matthews.

Thomas Sowell | December 06, 2005

My annual list of books to recommend as Christmas presents is led by the clearest front-runner in years:

David Limbaugh | December 06, 2005

Today, Republican judicial nominees must engage in a distasteful cat-and-mouse charade whereby they are badgered to repent from any past blasphemies in which they contradicted liberal church doctrine on abortion.

Dennis Prager | December 06, 2005

Decades of radio counseling, personal experience, and public and private discussions about marriage prompt me to write this list of questions for anyone contemplating marriage.

Bill Murchison | December 06, 2005

This isn't one more disquisition on the emergence of "Happy Holidays" as a politically correct substitute for a quasi-theological salute like "Merry Christmas."

Rebecca Hagelin | December 06, 2005

And so, just in time for Christmas, iPod users have the ability to download movies that years ago could be watched only by those willing to patronize some broken-down theater in the seediest part of town.

Bruce Bartlett | December 06, 2005

A few weeks ago, the Internal Revenue Service released data on tax year 2003.

Mon, Dec 05, 2005

Cal Thomas | December 05, 2005

The Pentagon is investigating allegations that the military paid to have positive stories about the war published in Iraqi newspapers.

Michael Barone | December 05, 2005

Metrics and specifics. That's what George W. Bush provided, finally, for the American people in his speech last week at the Naval Academy in Annapolis.

Jack Kemp | December 05, 2005

In more than three decades of political involvement, I've never witnessed such pessimism, gloom and doom over the nation's economy emanating from people who should know better.

Phyllis Schlafly | December 05, 2005

It's called the H-1B racket, and it's very profitable for the big corporations.

Star Parker | December 05, 2005

I hadn't given much thought to the new NBA player dress code until I got a call the other day from an ESPN producer asking me if I would consider debating Snoop Dogg and Ice Cube on the issue.

Mike Adams | December 05, 2005

Recently, an atheist student organization at The University of Texas at San Antonio set up a “Smut for Smut” booth allowing students to exchange their religious scriptures (mostly the Holy Bible) for pornography

Suzanne Fields | December 05, 2005

The Iraqis, who know better than anyone about what's going on in their country, are more optimistic about winning the war for democracy than the Americans.

Diana West | December 05, 2005

John Leo | December 05, 2005

The case of Michelle McCusker, the unmarried and pregnant teacher fired by a Catholic school, may turn out to be an important one, with heavy impact on our understanding of religious liberty.

Robert Novak | December 05, 2005

U.S. Marines, while fighting valiantly in Iraq, are on the verge of serious defeat on Capitol Hill.

Jennifer Roback Morse | December 05, 2005

Radio talk show host Sean Hannity has issued a challenge to college students trapped in left-wing classes. 

Megan Basham | December 05, 2005

Just as in the animated MTV series the movie is based on, scantily-dressed Aeon Flux (Theron) is the future’s deadliest assassin. However, for the big screen version, we’re finally told who Aeon is assassinating and why.

Michael Medved | December 05, 2005

Based on classic children's books by the beloved Christian advocate C.S. Lewis, the first movie in the series features an all-powerful lion, Aslan, (voiced by Liam Neeson) who sacrifices himself for a spoiled child, then comes back to life to defeat the forces of death and evil.

Sun, Dec 04, 2005

Doug Giles | December 04, 2005

Y’know, I bet Snoop Dog and Jamie Foxx wouldn’t be screaming, “free Tookie!” if Stanley Williams had splattered the brains of one of their innocent kids in a 7-Eleven or in a motel lobby with his 12 gauge. 

George Will | December 04, 2005

If Congress had the rule of the Locrians, a people in ancient Greece, it would have been fatal to Sen. Byron Dorgan, the North Dakota Democrat. He recently got 34 colleagues, none of them Republicans, to vote for his measure to punish oil companies for earning profits that, relative to revenue, were unimpressive.

Paul Jacob | December 04, 2005

Quietly, behind the scenes, the totalitarian impulse is rearing its ugly head, this time in Oklahoma.