Sat, Dec 03, 2005

Robert Novak | December 03, 2005

Worried Republican leaders from both the House and Senate cleared out staffers Wednesday for the first night of their three-day retreat on the Eastern Shore of Maryland to discuss their anxiety about the question of ethics.

Fri, Dec 02, 2005

Larry Kudlow | December 02, 2005

Could it be that George W. Bush, our first MBA president, is adopting a new strategy to aggressively market and merchandise his policies and successes? Finally?

Brent Bozell | December 02, 2005

Some 25 panelists representing the networks, the cable industry, the satellite industry and family organizations (this writer represented one of the three family groups invited) met with Sen. Ted Stevens's (R-Ark.) Commerce Committee in an attempt to resolve the wretched state of affairs of entertainment programming.

Kathleen Parker | December 02, 2005

The celebrity rush to save the life of convicted murderer and gang founder Tookie Williams may be the best argument yet for eliminating the death penalty.

Charles Krauthammer | December 02, 2005

Because we Americans tend to gauge Middle East success by White House signing ceremonies complete with dignitaries, three-way handshakes and pages of treaty provisions, no one seems to have noticed how, in the absence of any of that, there has been amazing recent progress in defusing the Arab-Israeli dispute.

Mike Adams | December 02, 2005

Dear President Cohon: I just visited the webpage for your university and read your following message asking for support from alumni donors:

Jonah Goldberg | December 02, 2005

In 1984, the Supreme Court launched one of America's worst traditions: Christmas Agonistes. This is the ritual where everyone goes batty about what to "do" about Christmas.

David Limbaugh | December 02, 2005

President Bush's speech on our progress in Iraq provides a long-overdue shot in the arm to the president's credibility, our mission in Iraq and his patriotic defenders, who have been tirelessly refuting his detractors, their misinformation, demagoguery and lies with precious little help from the White House.

Mona Charen | December 02, 2005

The CIA is no longer in the business of political assassination. It has, however, moved on to character assassination.

Cal Thomas | December 02, 2005

After previously focusing on "welcoming" all who come to America by whatever means, the president spent most of his recent speech in Tucson, Ariz., sounding like Rep. Tom Tancredo, Colorado Republican, who has been the most vocal proponent of sealing U.S. borders to illegal aliens.

Oliver North | December 02, 2005

This week's Army-Navy gridiron classic was preceded by a lecture at the U.S. Naval Academy from the Commander in Chief on the topic of "Victory."

Rich Tucker | December 02, 2005

Right now, somebody is writing an obituary for your local newspaper. However, if it’s in the paper, fewer people than ever will read it.

John McCaslin | December 02, 2005

"If somebody had taken a picture, it would have been worth a million dollars. He looked kind of stunned."

Thu, Dec 01, 2005

Chuck Colson | December 01, 2005

Are you terrified of the looming specter of avian flu? Perhaps you should be tired of the endless hours of media hype instead.

Ross Mackenzie | December 01, 2005

Question: Who gave the most powerful speech in the House of Representatives during a raucous Nov. 18 debate culminating in a 403-3 vote against pulling troops out of Iraq?

Michael Fumento | December 01, 2005

“Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” But how about “Fool me always?” That’s the mainstream media’s relationship with self-styled “environmental” and “consumer” activist groups.

Ann Coulter | December 01, 2005

I haven't heard Republicans issue this many encomiums to one man since Ronald Reagan died. By now, Murtha has been transformed into the greatest warrior since Alexander the Great and is probably dating Jennifer Aniston.

Larry Elder | December 01, 2005

The White House -- finally -- began pushing back against irresponsible charges that Bush "lied" to the American people in making the case for war.

Suzanne Fields | December 01, 2005

Some among the prosperous and privileged of my acquaintance had a difficult Thanksgiving.

Matt Towery | December 01, 2005

I'm often struck by the generation gap in the many public service opinions I review. The age of 30 seems to be a rough but real dividing line.

Emmett Tyrrell | December 01, 2005

This week in a speech to border and customs agents in Tucson, Ariz., President George W. Bush fastened the nation's attention on our immigration imbroglio.

Robert Novak | December 01, 2005

On Halloween night, crusty conservative Judge Laurence H. Silberman had a scary tale to tell fellow right-wingers gathered for dinner at Washington's University Club.

Alan Reynolds | December 01, 2005

President Bush has reopened a badly needed discussion about comprehensive immigration reform. Even with the few issues he talked about, however, facts are commonly brushed aside in favor of linguistic confusion.

Marvin Olasky | December 01, 2005

Now that we're in December, we'll be hearing lots of end-of-the-year forecasts about what's coming up in 2006 and beyond. Here's my prediction:

Jennifer Biddison | December 01, 2005

As you walk around the mall this month, notice how many store signs skip “Merry Christmas” in favor of a general, meaningless holiday greeting.

Wed, Nov 30, 2005

Larry Kudlow | November 30, 2005

Will someone please explain why the Bush White House and the Republican Congress are not trumpeting this economic boom on a daily basis? Their polls are sagging, but the economy is soaring. This simply shouldn’t be.

Michelle Malkin | November 30, 2005

Janeane Garofalo, left-wing actress-turned-Air America radio host, is a miserable woman.

John Stossel | November 30, 2005

Smoking can kill you. That's why I don't smoke, and it's why you shouldn't, either.

Walter E. Williams | November 30, 2005

Certain jobs are derisively referred to as "burger flipper" or "dead-end" jobs. I'd like someone to define a dead-end job.

Tony Blankley | November 30, 2005

There is a repulsive conversation going on in Washington at the moment. Journalists, un-named Pentagon officials and many politicians are discussing, as if true, the precise method by which President Bush intends to exit from Iraq in time for the midterm elections next year.

Ben Shapiro | November 30, 2005

Harrison, who estimates that he has aborted over 20,000 unborn children, also sees abortion as a life-giving procedure, describing his patients as "born again."

Terry Jeffrey | November 30, 2005

The immigration-reform speech President Bush delivered this week raises the question of whether he will hold the security of our borders hostage until Congress enacts what he calls a "temporary worker" program.

Linda Chavez | November 30, 2005

President Bush is deeply committed to immigration reform, an issue on which he clearly hoped to establish a lasting legacy when he came into office five years ago.

Kathleen Parker | November 30, 2005

While American civilians and politicians debate when and whether to withdraw troops from Iraq, the buzz among some military lawyers has been a recent Pentagon rule change that they say potentially limits service members' ability to defend themselves.

Cam Edwards | November 30, 2005

As much as I hate to do it, I applaud these activists for operating within the bounds of the law, even if the ideas they promote exist outside the bounds of common sense.   

Tue, Nov 29, 2005

Thomas Sowell | November 29, 2005

Bumper sticker in Berkeley: "Animals are little people in fur coats."

Rebecca Hagelin | November 29, 2005

I’m talking about a place where you could soak up the wise musings of some of the brightest minds around. GPAs don’t matter: All that’s required is an inquisitive mind.

Mike Adams | November 29, 2005

These days, feminists are having a hard time figuring out why the only people who take them seriously are other feminists.

David Limbaugh | November 29, 2005

Did you hear about the University of Wisconsin -- Eau Claire (UWEC) banning resident assistants (RAs) from leading Bible studies in their own dormitories?

Cal Thomas | November 29, 2005

The Bush administration is partly responsible for declining poll numbers and the growing public disapproval of the war in Iraq.

Dennis Prager | November 29, 2005

Those of us who believe in the death penalty for some murders are told by opponents of the death penalty that if the state executes an innocent man, we have blood on our hands.

Bill Murchison | November 29, 2005

The Texas Supreme Court having just mandated an overhaul of the state's school finance system without simultaneously mandating a spending increase, the moans will rise fortissimo.

Clinton W. Taylor | November 29, 2005

The Left’s outrage factory has been working double shifts these days, fabricating massive quantities of indignation over the "illegal" use of white phosphorus--also known as “Willie Pete” or “Willie Peter”--artillery rounds by American Marines in the siege of Fallujah. If the anti-war activists are so incensed by the use of incendiary weapons, however, they might want to look a little closer to home.

Lorie Byrd | November 29, 2005

This month, the president finally began to fight back against the Democrats’ claims that he lied about pre-war intelligence and misled the country into war in Iraq.

Mon, Nov 28, 2005

Phyllis Schlafly | November 28, 2005

Clinton is gone from the White House, but the federalization laws of his administration - Goals 2000, School-to-Work, and Workforce Investment - are still in place.

Michael Barone | November 28, 2005

Will the United States become more or less like continental Europe? That's one way to frame the central question of domestic policy.

Mike Adams | November 28, 2005

At the end of my recent column highlighting the tolerance, integrity, and competence of Warren County Community College Professor John Daly, I promised my readers some insight into why he seems so angry.

Star Parker | November 28, 2005

Every year the day before Thanksgiving, the Wall Street Journal publishes an excerpt from the journal of one of the pilgrim settlers of the Plymouth Colony in 1620.

Suzanne Fields | November 28, 2005

College has always been about pranks, the more bizarre the better. Swallowing goldfish shocked the home folks in Grandpa's day.

Diana West | November 28, 2005

Maybe the best comment on the French Intifada came from French Tourism Minister Leon Bertrand: "You get the impression that France is awash with flames and blood, which is not at all the case," he said.

Armstrong Williams | November 28, 2005

I like sports, have always liked sports, and as a child would often stare wide-eyed at the television set, entranced by the athletes striving for perfection.

Patrick Hynes | November 28, 2005

A recent report published by the National Bureau of Economic Research provides penetrating insight into the role of religion in America.

Jennifer Roback Morse | November 28, 2005

Dennis Prager recently argued that the Left values equality more than it hates evil. He is absolutely right. But I can go Dennis Prager one better: the Left hates sex.

Robert Novak | November 28, 2005

On Nov. 16, as Congress raced to adjourn for Thanksgiving, Senate Democratic Whip Richard J. Durbin found time to sit down with Republican political activist C. Boyden Gray.

John Leo | November 28, 2005

In a burst of anti-war triumphalism, Harold Meyerson of the Washington Post wrote last week that President Bush and the Bushies have run out of “elitists whom they can demonize.”

Megan Basham | November 28, 2005

Later that evening, indulging in a chocolate soufflé in my ultra-cozy bed made up with linens that probably cost more than my car, I mentally begin constructing the reviews and reports that make these junkets--all-expenses paid trips film studios provide critics so that we can watch their movies, interview their stars, and, hopefully, recommend their product--necessary.

Sun, Nov 27, 2005

Doug Giles | November 27, 2005

What the heck is up with all the Merry Christmasphobia? 

Caroline Glick | November 27, 2005

There are two types of political leaders in democratic systems of government: those whose political power grows in tandem with that of their party and political base, and those whose political power grows on the back of their party and political base.

Paul Jacob | November 27, 2005

There's a certain type of "activist judge" everybody seems to like. One's in the news right now, defending kittens.

Rich Tucker | November 27, 2005

Oh goody.  Patrick Fitzgerald, the special prosecutor who’s been investigating the supposed outing of a CIA operative, plans to present evidence to another federal grand jury.

George Will | November 27, 2005

As the home of Danielsism, and of Penceism, it -- with its bought, not rented BMV floor mats -- is the wave of the future.