Sat, Nov 26, 2005

Robert Novak | November 26, 2005

There is no doubt Rep. John Boehner of Ohio is quietly enlisting support from fellow House Republicans to elect him as majority leader in January.

Kathleen Parker | November 26, 2005

What a funny world. Where once it was scandalous to be unmarried and pregnant, now it is scandalous to disapprove of another's being unmarried and pregnant.

Fri, Nov 25, 2005

Jonah Goldberg | November 25, 2005

Behold: We have entered the Age When Dinos and Rinos rule the Earth. See them battle each other for absolute dominion!

Ross Mackenzie | November 25, 2005

Items worthy of comment, direct or implied, on a late-November tree of plenty. . .

John McCaslin | November 25, 2005

Word is more wild turkeys are to be had in North America - and more Americans are hunting them.

Brent Bozell | November 25, 2005

You can tell the hip-hop music community has thrown a successful awards show when they can crow that "no one was stabbed in the lung this year."

Mona Charen | November 25, 2005

I don't know if the war in Iraq is ultimately unwinnable, but what I do know makes me skeptical of those who say so.

Charles Krauthammer | November 25, 2005

Uniquely among the capitals of the world, Washington's monumental core pays homage to the word.

Cam Edwards | November 25, 2005

Wisconsin is, by all accounts, a fairly modern state.  They have interstate highways, running water, electricity, and the internet.  But Wisconsin doesn’t have something that forty-six other states do:  concealed carry. 

Thu, Nov 24, 2005

Chuck Colson | November 24, 2005

Today, as families gather, many will recount the story of the first Thanksgiving. But the Pilgrims' story went on. Learn what happened after the feast.

Ann Coulter | November 24, 2005

The vote is all the more shocking because of what it says about the Democrats' motives in attacking the war – as well as alerting us to three members of Congress we really need to keep an eye on.

Thomas Sowell | November 24, 2005

"The New White Flight" was the title of an eye-opening article in the November 20th issue of the Wall Street Journal.

Larry Elder | November 24, 2005

In short, an "extremist" -- to a liberal -- simply means someone with whom they disagree.

David Limbaugh | November 24, 2005

I picked up my friend Michelle Malkin's book, "Unhinged: Exposing Liberals Gone Wild" to peruse it, thinking I would get around to reading it when I finished the other three books I'm currently reading on and off. After reading the first few pages, though, I was hooked and had to read the whole thing.

Suzanne Fields | November 24, 2005

The headline directed me to a story about how to prepare for a stress-free Thanksgiving, and I foolishly thought it would tell me how to avoid the pitfalls at the table with all the brothers and sisters and cousins and aunts.

Matt Towery | November 24, 2005

Virtually every Republican friend I have is talking about the desperate shape of the Republican Party.

Robert Novak | November 24, 2005

The Republican majority in the House of Representatives got out of Washington last weekend for the long Thanksgiving holiday without passing a pending tax bill.

Alan Reynolds | November 24, 2005

Like it or not, Republicans are going to keep hearing President Bush being accused of lying to us about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq for another three years.

Marvin Olasky | November 24, 2005

While Congress plays at cutting a few billion dollars from the bloated federal budget, the larger financial disaster hanging over us is Washington's promises to pay the multibillion-dollar costs of Hurricane Katrina and of hurricanes and earthquakes to come. How did we get into this mess?

Michael Fumento | November 24, 2005

Time again to try to cripple U.S. military efforts in Iraq! It's not enough that whenever we bomb a terrorist safe house we're accused of killing 40 civilians and no terrorists.

Wed, Nov 23, 2005

Rick Santorum | November 23, 2005

Sen. Rick Santorum offers thoughts on religious freedom and giving thanks in America... (more)

Walter E. Williams | November 23, 2005

Princeton University professor and columnist Paul Krugman deservedly won's "Dunce of the Week" award for his New York Times column "French Family Values".

Michelle Malkin | November 23, 2005

This morning before leaving for school, my daughter decided we should make our own Thankful Tree at home and left me this question to ponder: "What are you thankful for, Mommy?"

John Stossel | November 23, 2005

Some lawyers say fast food is dangerous. It can make you fat. I say some lawyers are dangerous. They can make you poor and take away your choices. But special privileges for favored industries, such as the bill the House recently passed to protect the fast-food industry, are the wrong cure.

Brent Bozell | November 23, 2005

Making a mountain out of a molehill is becoming a national media specialty. The news media ought to be awarded advanced degrees for fixing their political microscopes on whatever amoeba of a story will serve their stubborn template: The Iraq war is hopeless; it's Vietnam in the desert.

Jonah Goldberg | November 23, 2005

God, unlike, say, North Dakota, has an uncanny gift for staying in the headlines. Often enough He has His bitterest adversaries to thank for the press.

Tony Blankley | November 23, 2005

Last mid-week, the Senate went off the rail, with a big bipartisan vote (79-19) for an exit strategy to be largely carried out next year. The operative phrase was calling for 2006 to be "a period of significant transition to full Iraqi sovereignty."

Ben Shapiro | November 23, 2005

In my house, we have a great tradition on Thanksgiving: We go around the table, and each person in my family explains what they're most thankful for.

Terry Jeffrey | November 23, 2005

Administrators of failing public schools can rejoice. Education Secretary Margaret Spellings has come up with a plan that could postpone their final exams -- and save them from flunking out of their jobs.

Linda Chavez | November 23, 2005

My father died in 1978, but every Thanksgiving I remember his story as if it were my own.

Jacob Sullum | November 23, 2005

At my local drugstore, shelves of cold and allergy medicine have been replaced by merchandise cards hanging from metal rods. If I want to buy one of these remedies, I have to take the corresponding card to the pharmacist's counter, wait in line, show my ID and add my name to a register.

Kathleen Parker | November 23, 2005

The question is: Do Americans really want to live in a world without newspapers?

Megan Basham | November 23, 2005

Though the premise itself feels slightly outdated, like this movie had the potential to be a great afternoon out for the whole family. Too bad it doesn't live up to that potential.

Megan Basham | November 23, 2005

That’s why I’m able to tell you that Just Friends is the movie equivalent of buttered popcorn--salty, crackling, and not terribly nutritious, but still a lot of fun to feast on.

Tue, Nov 22, 2005

John McCaslin | November 22, 2005

Escaping Washington politics is becoming increasingly difficult these days.  I made one such attempt a decade ago when Newt Gingrich and his able assistant, Tony Blankley (now editorial-page editor of The Washington Times), ruled the roost on Capitol Hill.

Thomas Sowell | November 22, 2005

This kind of reasoning -- if it can be called reasoning -- is reflected in the stampede to ban torture by Congressional legislation.

David Limbaugh | November 22, 2005

If you were to inject the whole lot of them with truth serum and turn them loose with microphones and recording equipment, here's what you might hear.

Dennis Prager | November 22, 2005

If you want to understand the Left, most of what you need to know can be summarized thus: The Left hates inequality, not evil.

Rebecca Hagelin | November 22, 2005

It’s easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of a busy Thanksgiving and forget that we gather for a simple and sacred purpose -- to say thanks.

Bill Murchison | November 22, 2005

Maybe we could just, you know, take a break from the Murtha mess and the rivalries that underlie it -- large as they are -- and note a notable birthday, that of William F. Buckley Jr., which occurs this Thanksgiving.

Mon, Nov 21, 2005

Cal Thomas | November 21, 2005

We now have a legitimate comparison between the Vietnam War and what is taking place in Iraq.

Cam Edwards | November 21, 2005

Animal rights terrorists have won a battle in New York, and all it took was a few gallons of paint and a little trespassing. 

Michael Barone | November 21, 2005

It is said that a big lie can work if it is repeated often enough. For weeks, leading Democrats have been hammering away at the Big Lie that George W. Bush lied about weapons of mass destruction in Saddam Hussein's Iraq.

Mike Adams | November 21, 2005

Rebecca Beach is a freshman at Warren County Community College (WCCC) in Washington, New Jersey. Recently, she sent an email to the faculty at her school announcing the appearance of a decorated Iraq war hero named Lt. Colonel Scott Rutter.

Star Parker | November 21, 2005

Anyone who would like insight into why black poverty in America persists in the pathological way it does should read a recent lead story in National Journal called "Social Policy - The Katrina Experiment."

Suzanne Fields | November 21, 2005

The argument between evolution and religion, continuing to roil the nation's politics, is undergoing change. Undergoing evolution, you might say.

Jennifer Roback Morse | November 21, 2005

School districts around the country breathed a sigh of relief last week when the Supreme Court ruled on an arcane dispute involving the federal government’s mandate for special education students.

Robert Novak | November 21, 2005

Democratic senators from six red states returned home over the weekend for the Thanksgiving recess to confront television ads connecting critics of Judge Samuel Alito's nomination to the Supreme Court with left-wing special interests.

John Leo | November 21, 2005

Folks, we’re talking here with Terry Carville-Begala, the famed political strategist. How goes the fight to trash Bush’s Supreme Court nominee, Sam Alito?

Jack Kemp | November 21, 2005

I applaud Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, who recently announced that, "Asbestos reform will be the first major piece of legislation that we consider in late January when we return."

Armstrong Williams | November 21, 2005

As most Americans are tempted by the scents of turkey and cranberries this holiday season, the families and friends of those who lost their lives in the Hurricane Katrina disaster will be reconciling themselves to the overwhelming emptiness of death.

Sun, Nov 20, 2005

Paul Jacob | November 20, 2005

Some folks don't like Wal-Mart. Okay. Fine. It's a free country. No one should be forced at gunpoint to shop at Wal-Mart. Or to work there.

George Will | November 20, 2005

With everyone chatting on cell phones when not floating in iPod-land, ``this is an age of social autism, in which people just can't see the value of imagining their impact on others.''