Sat, Oct 22, 2005

Jacob Sullum | October 22, 2005

The Justice Department's lawsuit against the country's leading tobacco companies accuses them of "racketeering." Yet the government's lawyers are the ones behaving like mobsters.

Robert Novak | October 22, 2005

Largely ignored by the mainstream news media, anti-Iraq War protester Cindy Sheehan has declared she cannot support Hillary Rodham Clinton for president until the senator publicly advocates withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq.

Larry Kudlow | October 22, 2005

President George W. Bush is having a bad October -- and so is the stock market. The two are not unrelated.

Fri, Oct 21, 2005

Chuck Colson | October 21, 2005

As one after another of the 77 million baby boomers become senior citizens, ethical questions about the end of life loom larger and larger.

Brent Bozell | October 21, 2005

There's one extra reason to be excited about watching the World Series between teams that have never or rarely made it to the top. It means that Fox's primetime lineup will go on hiatus for four to seven nights.

Mike Adams | October 21, 2005

Columnist Jon Sanders of the John Locke Foundation in Raleigh, NC has written a blog entry that reveals just how easy it is to get a job teaching Africana Studies at N.C. State University.

Jonah Goldberg | October 21, 2005

The bile accumulating on the right toward the White House has reached China Syndrome proportions and is starting to melt through the floor.

Mona Charen | October 21, 2005

A Sunni grandmother watched the first day of Saddam Hussein's trial on television and scoffed that he should be charged at all.

Oliver North | October 21, 2005

Now I'll be the first to acknowledge that sampling public opinion by listening to the comments of people standing in line to buy my latest book is no scientific survey. But the results are nonetheless refreshing.

Debra J. Saunders | October 21, 2005

Army Maj. Steven Warren, 39, is not happy, because he believes the media are painting an inaccurate picture of what's happening in Iraq.

Rich Tucker | October 21, 2005

No doubt the Iraq’s nervous neighbors -- including dictatorships in Syria and Iran -- would have preferred that violence win out. But it won’t.

Jennifer Biddison | October 21, 2005

When Young America’s Foundation released a list of the Top Ten Conservative Colleges late last year, it was no surprise that Grove City College made the list. 

Kathleen Parker | October 21, 2005

Hardly a day goes by, it seems, without someone invoking the name of Hitler to drive home a political point.

Ross Mackenzie | October 21, 2005

First lady Laura Bush, on whether any of the opposition to Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers derives from sexism: "I think that's possible. . . . (She is) an extraordinarily accomplished woman (who has) broken the glass ceiling."

John McCaslin | October 21, 2005

"The corruption in Washington has gotten so bad that even Republicans can't stomach Republicans any longer." - Tom McMahon, executive director of the Democratic National Committee

Charles Krauthammer | October 21, 2005

We need an exit strategy from this Miers debacle. Krauthammer has it.

Thu, Oct 20, 2005

Ann Coulter | October 20, 2005

Without a conservative theory of constitutional interpretation, Miers will lay the groundwork for a million more Roes.

Brent Bozell | October 20, 2005

On the night before the historic vote, ABC led with bird-flu panic. CBS imagined Karl Rove in a prison jumpsuit. NBC hyped inflation.

Larry Elder | October 20, 2005

Something they don't teach in school -- but should

Suzanne Fields | October 20, 2005

Students at many colleges actually get quite the opposite. They're required to hear, see, speak and study all about evil, as long as it's the evil oppression of everybody in American society.

Matt Towery | October 20, 2005

Two recent happenings illustrate the legal and moral complexities surrounding the concept of private property seizures.

Robert Novak | October 20, 2005

George W. Bush's agents have convinced conservative Republican senators who were heartsick over his nomination of Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court that they must support her to save his presidency. But that does not guarantee her confirmation.

Alan Reynolds | October 20, 2005

Several of the wisest economists and editorial writers I know are recommending that the Federal Reserve should keep raising interest rates until ... until what? Until something bad happens?

George Will | October 20, 2005

General Motors took an interesting turn on Monday. It is going back into the automobile business.

Marvin Olasky | October 20, 2005

We now have trench warfare on the Miers nomination between two opposing armies, both conservative.

Megan Basham | October 20, 2005

North Country works because of the relationships behind the politicizing. Josie’s struggles with her father and her son create moments that even those who’ve never been propositioned on the job can appreciate.

Wed, Oct 19, 2005

Michelle Malkin | October 19, 2005

As they spin the Saddam trial and deride our soldiers in Iraq, the lesson is clear: These media masters of theater are incapable of delivering real drama and good news unless they control the script.

John Stossel | October 19, 2005

Guns are dangerous. But myths are dangerous, too. Myths about guns are very dangerous, because they lead to bad laws. And bad laws kill people.

Walter E. Williams | October 19, 2005

President Bush informed the nation, during a press conference, that he might seek to use the U.S. military to quarantine parts of the nation should there be a serious outbreak of the deadly avian flu that has killed millions of chickens and 60-some people in Southeast Asia.

Mike Adams | October 19, 2005

After my first “Colleges to avoid” column, numerous readers wrote asking whether I would also recommend colleges to attend.

Jonah Goldberg | October 19, 2005

Many righties are moping like the kids in those old commercials who are rescued from the doldrums by yelling, "Hey Kool Aid!"

Cal Thomas | October 19, 2005

In its latest Prime Cuts report, Citizens Against Government Waste has provided some splendid examples of how government squanders our money on ridiculous things.

Ben Shapiro | October 19, 2005

Three years ago in this space, I warned that "the biggest development of the last decade is being overlooked: Russia is renewing her relations with America's enemies."

Terry Jeffrey | October 19, 2005

Bush, it must be assumed, has done a pre-emptive Borking of his own Supreme Court nominees.

Debra J. Saunders | October 19, 2005

In this instance, the Bush-hating left has been ready to discard its principles in order to discredit a journalist who wrote stories it doesn't like. If they could jail her for her reporting, they would.

Linda Chavez | October 19, 2005

In the Middle Ages, the court fool was often the only person who could point out the king's foibles and live to tell about it.

Kathleen Parker | October 19, 2005

Here are the headlines you may have missed: "Iraqi democracy takes bow to standing ovation, global applause" Or "Iraqi voter turnout another blow to al-Qaida." Or perhaps: "Joyful Americans dance in streets as Iraqi voters approve new constitution."

Tue, Oct 18, 2005

Chuck Colson | October 18, 2005

According to Edward Caden, a retired California prison official, “prisons are a prime, prime target for terrorist recruiting,” and the recruiters include al-Qaeda.

Thomas Sowell | October 18, 2005

I usually read the Wall Street Journal before breakfast. I can't take the New York Times on an empty stomach.

David Limbaugh | October 18, 2005

Conservatives have been inquiring about Harriet Miers' judicial philosophy; perhaps they also ought to be focusing on the Senate's confirmation philosophy.

Phyllis Schlafly | October 18, 2005

If U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John G. Roberts' confirmation hearing is any guide, we won't learn anything from Harriet Miers' confirmation hearing. So here are some questions we would like President George W. Bush to answer.

Rebecca Hagelin | October 18, 2005

A third-term congressman from Indiana, Pence has been sorely tested lately, enduring a fire that few of us would want to withstand -- and he’s demonstrating that he’s as good as gold.

Bill Murchison | October 18, 2005

Give Mr. Bush a little credit. His record isn't half as bleak as vox populi seems to believe -- and his luck looks due for a little change.

Horace Cooper | October 18, 2005

Former President Harry Truman once said, "If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog." Harriet Miers is finding there's a lot of truth to this axiom.

Patrick Hynes | October 18, 2005

The invisible hand of free-market competition has a way of shoving fat-and-happy industries into providing better products and higher quality services, all at lower prices.

John McCaslin | October 18, 2005

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, sat down and wrote about her displeasure, mailing her opinions to a fellow House minority leader in the Connecticut General Assembly.

George Will | October 18, 2005

Eccentric language often is symptomatic of peculiar thinking, and when the history of America's Iraq intervention is written, attention should be paid to the interveners' frequent use of the locution "to stand up."

Bruce Bartlett | October 18, 2005

The White House appears to have been truly blindsided by the vehemently negative response from conservative intellectuals to the nomination of Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court.

Mon, Oct 17, 2005

Mary Katharine Ham | October 17, 2005

Michael Barone | October 17, 2005

We Americans are lucky to live in a country with a history full of noble ideas, great leaders and awe-inspiring accomplishments. Sadly, many of our elites want no part of it.

Star Parker | October 17, 2005

Black problems today are in individual hearts, minds and homes. This is where they need to be solved. The only reason to go to Washington is to get rid of existing barriers to allowing this to happen.

Cal Thomas | October 17, 2005

According to some, Hurricane Katrina was a plot by the Bush Administration to eliminate their "black problem."

Suzanne Fields | October 17, 2005

Three weeks after the inconclusive German election, often compared to the U.S. presidential election of 2000 because it, too, went into overtime, Angela Merkel emerged with a Mona Lisa smirk.

Diana West | October 17, 2005

There are two things every American should know about Virginia's governor's race:

Jennifer Roback Morse | October 17, 2005

Small children going between two households have to devote energy and ingenuity trying to figure out what to do.

John Leo | October 17, 2005

The cultural left has a new tool for enforcing political conformity in schools of education.

Jack Kemp | October 17, 2005

The most fundamental right of our democratic system of government is this right of citizens to participate in the political process.

Armstrong Williams | October 17, 2005

It is the oldest political gambit in the book: If you can’t attack the message, attack the messenger.

Robert Novak | October 17, 2005

A short visit here reveals the scope of the problem.

Sun, Oct 16, 2005

Paul Jacob | October 16, 2005

The U.S. spends $200 million annually to help prevent malaria in the rest of the world. But none of the money goes for the agent that actually enabled Americans to get a handle on the spread of the disease.