Sun, Aug 28, 2005

Debra J. Saunders | August 28, 2005

Grizzly People founder Timothy Treadwell had Disney-fied the object of his affection. So, as Herzog chronicles, the 46-year-old bear activist and his 37-year-old girlfriend were mauled and eaten by an Alaskan grizzly in October 2003.

Paul Jacob | August 28, 2005

Ready for your flight? Got your ticket? Your government-issued photo ID? An ice pick?

Sat, Aug 27, 2005

Doug Giles | August 27, 2005

Well, Pat Robertson gave every Christian hater a good reason to toss believers into the Christians-are-terrorists-too category. Hey Pat, take a chill pill or two and relax.

Caroline Glick | August 27, 2005

The deportation of the Jews from the Gaza Strip and northern Samaria over the past week and a half and surrounding events have put paid to two of the foundational myths of the narrative that has been propounded for the past 30 years by the Israeli and international Left.

Robert Novak | August 27, 2005

he first business for the Senate when it reconvenes Sept. 6 after the summer recess will be passing a bill giving native Hawaiians the same status as mainland Indian tribes.

Kathleen Parker | August 27, 2005

Televangelist Pat Robertson's flip-flop on his fantasy moment as an international assassin reminds me of a famous, if possibly apocryphal, story about David Niven as told by Christopher Buckley.

Fri, Aug 26, 2005

Brent Bozell | August 26, 2005

The next time you hear the biggest hearts in Hollywood railing against how the government or corporations waste millions of dollars on their 'toys' rather than helping the poor, think of the Hunter Thompson memorial service.

Jonah Goldberg | August 26, 2005

For the past few years, we've been told (by John Kerry, Howard Dean, and various and sundry editorialists) that George W. Bush has, by fighting the 'wrong war, in the wrong place, at the wrong time,' 'created more terrorists' and 'isolated America' by inflaming passions in the Middle East.

David Limbaugh | August 26, 2005

Perpetual critics of President Bush's initiation and prosecution of the war in Iraq are displaying a perverse glee over his currently low approval ratings and the public's waning support for the war.

Mona Charen | August 26, 2005

James Burnham, philosopher and senior editor of National Review for many years, once nudged Bill Buckley, confiding, 'Bill, you and I think we are putting out a magazine, but what we actually have is Miss Buckley's finishing school for young ladies and gentlemen of conservative persuasion.'

Oliver North | August 26, 2005

The boys will be on their way home in time for the New Year's Day college bowl games. So says the junior senator from Wisconsin.

Mary Katharine Ham | August 26, 2005

Jacob Sullum | August 26, 2005

The CDC is not satisfied with layman's explanations. A few months ago, it sent a crack team of investigators to hunt down the source of West Virginia's obesity outbreak.

Rich Tucker | August 26, 2005

In 2013, we may well be asking not, 'Why did we invade Iraq?' but 'Why didn’t we use our military to prevent Iran from going nuclear?'

Ross Mackenzie | August 26, 2005

This annotated review of August's news, principally happenings in non-local realms, may help others catch up - just as it helps your correspondent..

Charles Krauthammer | August 26, 2005

The world has noted -- though it will not credit, and will soon forget -- those deeply moving scenes of the Israeli evacuation of Gaza:

Larry Kudlow | August 26, 2005

Permit me to take a contrarian view on the economic outlook. It’s not the impact of high energy prices or the housing boom that worries me.

Thu, Aug 25, 2005

Larry Elder | August 25, 2005

'Michael & Me,' my self-financed, independent film, recently debuted on

Cal Thomas | August 25, 2005

With polls showing a decline in public support for the effort to establish stability and self-determination in Iraq, aging hippies from the '60s and their anti-all-war progeny have surfaced and are picketing and singing their protest songs at President Bush's ranch and at venues where he speaks.

Suzanne Fields | August 25, 2005

Bill Gates promises that the Xbox, Microsoft's video game system, will pull the family together in their wired living room, but it's more likely that the Xbox will replace the sandbox.

Matt Towery | August 25, 2005

Now if I can just pass on that open-minded philosophy to some of those who are members of a profession more important and influential than mine -- educators.

Emmett Tyrrell | August 25, 2005

Most of the truly profitable newspapers in the country today are essentially shopping circulars with some cheap journalism printed on those pages not devoted to shopping mall sales.

Marvin Olasky | August 25, 2005

Liberal reporters since 9-11 have frequently equated conservative Christians with Quran-thumping Muslims, but the differences between the two religions are huge.

Robert Novak | August 25, 2005

An alert this week from backers of Judge John Roberts cautions not to take seriously Democratic complaints that they cannot stop his confirmation.

George Will | August 25, 2005

Sad yet riveting, like a wreck by the side of the road, Cindy Sheehan, a plaything of her own sincerities and other peoples' opportunisms, has already been largely erased from the national memory.

Alan Reynolds | August 25, 2005

Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta proposed imaginative fuel efficiency standards for new SUVs, vans and pickups.

John McCaslin | August 25, 2005

Exhibit A - Text of a phone message left by Rep. Charles B. Rangel, New York Democrat, for The Beltway Beat this week:

Wed, Aug 24, 2005

Ann Coulter | August 24, 2005

Reviewing a spate of books about the media last month, federal appellate court judge Richard Posner argued that all the complaints about the media from the right and left simply reflected how market forces are changing the news business.

Thomas Sowell | August 24, 2005

Soaring oil prices have revived the old bogeyman that the world is running out of oil.

Michelle Malkin | August 24, 2005

The Bush administration supports racial profiling -- as long as it's lining the pockets of the right people.

John Stossel | August 24, 2005

Twice we've brought ABC's cameras to Delancey Street, a mutual aid charity in San Francisco.

Walter E. Williams | August 24, 2005

Driving through downtown Washington, D.C., a few weeks ago, I asked myself: What's happened to the character of the American people?

Brent Bozell | August 24, 2005

Remember this the next time ABC toots its own horn as a defender of free speech.

Mike Adams | August 24, 2005

Most people don?t know it, but there is a war currently being waged within the UNC system. The administrations of each of the sixteen campuses are trying to outdo one another when it comes to funding unmitigated idiocy and perversion in the name of 'diversity.'

Jonah Goldberg | August 24, 2005

I'm torn between two symbolic arguments about the future of this country.

Tony Blankley | August 24, 2005

hese mischaracterizations of the president's view on victory are important, because public support of the war is largely based on an expectation of victory.

Terry Jeffrey | August 24, 2005

One might expect the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development to focus exclusively on advancing the health and development of humans.

Ben Shapiro | August 24, 2005

The media salivation over military mother Cindy Sheehan has renewed talk of a 'chickenhawk' contingent controlling American foreign policy.

Linda Chavez | August 24, 2005

Did a small intelligence group within the Defense Department identify hijacker Mohammed Atta as a member of a terrorist cell operating in the U.S. almost two years before he and 18 other terrorists killed 3,000 Americans?

Chuck Colson | August 24, 2005

Who has some of America’s toughest-talking characters fearing for their careers? You might be surprised.

Kathleen Parker | August 24, 2005

You have to figure John Roberts is a shoo-in for the Supreme Court when detractors resort to criticizing his attitude. When he was 17.

Tue, Aug 23, 2005

Thomas Sowell | August 23, 2005

With oil prices passing the record-breaking $60 a barrel level and heading even higher, the word 'crisis' is now being used and all sorts of political 'solutions' are being proposed. Is there really a crisis?

David Limbaugh | August 23, 2005

As the Roberts Supreme Court confirmation hearings approach, it occurs to me that what we need is more than just a vetting of Judge Roberts' judicial philosophy.

Dennis Prager | August 23, 2005

The primary reason Karl Marx hated religion -- specifically Judaism and Christianity -- was that he regarded it as the 'opiate of the masses.'

Phyllis Schlafly | August 23, 2005

It's fair game to compare the free ride they gave to U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg with their searching the archives to pillory every word ever written by Supreme Court nominee John Roberts.

Rebecca Hagelin | August 23, 2005

It’s not uncommon for parents who fight the culture on a daily basis to assume they’re alone -- that no one else shares their concerns.

Bill Murchison | August 23, 2005

The story from Angleton, Texas, is -- well, you know by now: Merck & Co. killed Robert C. Ernst!

Bruce Bartlett | August 23, 2005

Financial bubbles have fascinated economists for hundreds of years.

John McCaslin | August 23, 2005

Rep. Charles B. Rangel, New York Democrat, says 'the destruction of the black family' today can be traced to a single man from England who purposely paid a visit to Virginia during the early 18th century.

Joel Mowbray | August 23, 2005

Washington, D.C. talk radio station WMAL, 630 AM, has caved to pressure from the Council on American-Islamic Relations, a group that has savaged journalists, critics of radical Islam, even the Fox TV show '24'—but which just as steadfastly has refused to specifically condemn various Islamic terrorist organizations.

Mon, Aug 22, 2005

Michael Barone | August 22, 2005

Metrics are hard to come by in the war on terrorism.

Star Parker | August 22, 2005

A Spanish-speaking academic friend tells me that the Spanish roots from which the name of my home state, California, is derived mean 'hot as an oven.' This is quite apt these days. California is a seething cauldron on the issue of illegal immigration.

Cal Thomas | August 22, 2005

Israel tosses pieces of land at the Palestinian side, but once it is consumed, the Palestinians only want more until their real objective - the consumption of Israel - is reached and their hunger satiated.

Michael Medved | August 22, 2005

With all the misguided attempts to compare our current struggle in Iraq with America's most disastrous prior war, it's crucial for informed citizens to understand the profound contrasts and distinctions between Vietnam and Iraq - and to simultaneously come to terms with the one great and essential similarity.

Suzanne Fields | August 22, 2005

Angela Merkel, the opposition candidate in the coming German parliamentary elections, has been called 'the German Margaret Thatcher,' but the press treats her more like Hillary Clinton, circa 1993. She isn't dressing for success.

Diana West | August 22, 2005

It's time to get back to basics. And by basics, I mean getting back to First Term W.

Frank Gaffney | August 22, 2005

Like John Wayne in a classic Hollywood Western, John Bolton has ridden to the rescue at the United Nations with scarcely a moment to spare.

Armstrong Williams | August 22, 2005

Pop Quiz: You’re a Cop. You respond to a domestic abuse call. You bang on the door. The door opens. Standing before you, like a sight of ineffable grandeur, is a bored housewife.

John Leo | August 22, 2005

Do-gooders are all around us now, trying to ban everything from kids' games to ketchup.

Jack Kemp | August 22, 2005

I first fell in love with Habitat for Humanity in 1989 when Habitat's founding visionary, Millard Fuller, called me during my first week as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for President Bush 41.

Chuck Colson | August 22, 2005

America is still the land of opportunity, and so people come—often illegally.

Robert Novak | August 22, 2005

The Base Realignment and Closure Commission (BRAC) will have finished its work by week's end, and Ellsworth Air Force Base in South Dakota probably will be closed forever.

Sun, Aug 21, 2005

Doug Giles | August 21, 2005

Ah yes, the good old school daze are back, and the students, teachers and parents are busy bees prepping for the year ahead.

Debra J. Saunders | August 21, 2005

Vacaville's Cindy Sheehan, the mother of Casey Sheehan -- who died in combat in Iraq -- became a public figure when she demanded a second visit with President Bush so he could answer her questions:

Paul Jacob | August 21, 2005

When playing cowboys and Indians as a kid, I always wanted to be the Indian. Little did I know.

George Will | August 21, 2005

Sensible Americans understand that, whatever their opinions about the war's origins and execution, leaving Iraq as a failed state would be disastrous. They also understand that overreaching now would not be a rational response to having underachieved so far.