Sun, Aug 21, 2005

Doug Giles | August 21, 2005

Ah yes, the good old school daze are back, and the students, teachers and parents are busy bees prepping for the year ahead.

Debra J. Saunders | August 21, 2005

Vacaville's Cindy Sheehan, the mother of Casey Sheehan -- who died in combat in Iraq -- became a public figure when she demanded a second visit with President Bush so he could answer her questions:

Paul Jacob | August 21, 2005

When playing cowboys and Indians as a kid, I always wanted to be the Indian. Little did I know.

George Will | August 21, 2005

Sensible Americans understand that, whatever their opinions about the war's origins and execution, leaving Iraq as a failed state would be disastrous. They also understand that overreaching now would not be a rational response to having underachieved so far.

Sat, Aug 20, 2005

Robert Novak | August 20, 2005

At Cindy Sheehan's side since Aug. 6 when she began her antiwar protest outside President Bush's Texas ranch have been three groups that openly support the Iraqi insurgency against U.S. troops: Code Pink-Women For Peace, United for Peace & Justice, and Veterans For Peace.

Fri, Aug 19, 2005

Brent Bozell | August 19, 2005

In between the incessant screaming of 13-year-old girls for every winner, presenter and commercial break came the award winners, and if this isn't enough to send shivers down the spine of any parent, nothing will.

Mike Adams | August 19, 2005

UNCA Director of Public Information, Merianne Epstein, offered this defense of the taxpayer-supported porn movie screening:

Jonah Goldberg | August 19, 2005

Witness the current fight in Cape Cod over an effort to build wind farms just offshore.

David Limbaugh | August 19, 2005

On those rare occasions that I write a column touching remotely on science, especially if I depart from the conventional wisdom of the greater scientific community, the contemptuous e-mails fill my inbox.

Oliver North | August 19, 2005

The National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States -- otherwise known as the Sept. 11 Commission -- was supposed to suggest changes in law and policy to help protect us from terror attacks.

Jacob Sullum | August 19, 2005

According to the research cited by activists who object to cinematic portrayals of smoking, Lynch's character is part of an insidious plot to lure children into the habit by making it seem cool and glamorous.

Rich Tucker | August 19, 2005

The left’s problems today oddly mirror the right’s problems 10 years ago.

Jennifer Roback Morse | August 19, 2005

The various euphemisms such as ?reproductive self-determination,? and ?reproductive justice,? vastly overstate what government can provide. The government cannot assure anyone that they will achieve their reproductive goals. This so-called freedom is a negation: it is only the right to say ?no? to a baby.

Charles Krauthammer | August 19, 2005

Pulling out of Gaza leaves behind the first truly independent Palestinian state -- uncontrolled and highly militant -- but one from which Israel is fenced off.

Kathleen Parker | August 19, 2005

Moral authority is about to have a showdown in Crawford, Texas, where the parents of soldiers in Iraq will square off in the heat-shimmering periphery of President George W. Bush's averted gaze.

Thu, Aug 18, 2005

Ann Coulter | August 18, 2005

Call me old-fashioned, but a grief-stricken war mother shouldn't have her own full-time PR flack. After your third profile on 'Entertainment Tonight,' you're no longer a grieving mom; you're a C-list celebrity trolling for a book deal or a reality show.

Larry Elder | August 18, 2005

If the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade, what happens?

Suzanne Fields | August 18, 2005

Politics, as every schoolboy was once supposed to know, is the art of compromise.

Matt Towery | August 18, 2005

The needs of seniors used to be predominantly the domain of the New Deal/Great Society Democrats in Congress. Now, they are the worry of even the most self-serving, indifferent politician.

Emmett Tyrrell | August 18, 2005

I am skeptical that this withdrawal will lead to peace.

Marvin Olasky | August 18, 2005

Some churches want their sanctuaries to be cathedrals. A church here had a better idea.

Robert Novak | August 18, 2005

He claimed Iraqi women were better off under Saddam Hussein's barbarous regime than they are likely to be under the nascent democracy. In fact, he said it three times.

George Will | August 18, 2005

Realism is overrated. Putting it aside makes possible some sweet things, such as the idea of Santa Claus. And the fact of minor league baseball.

Alan Reynolds | August 18, 2005

Any estate tax higher than the tax on capital gains is socially counterproductive, hurting the economy and overall tax receipts, while benefiting nobody except estate-tax planners.

Wed, Aug 17, 2005

Mary Katharine Ham | August 17, 2005

Thomas Sowell | August 17, 2005

Bright children and their parents have lost a much-needed friend with the recent death of Professor Julian Stanley of Johns Hopkins University.

Michelle Malkin | August 17, 2005

Curiously, Air America has shown little interest in urging law enforcement officials to track down Cohen and hold him accountable for 'robbing' -- Al's word, not mine -- an inner-city charity in the network's name.

John Stossel | August 17, 2005

On countless food packages, serving sizes have become a confusing joke.

Walter E. Williams | August 17, 2005

Civil rights organizations' expenditure of resources and continued focus on racial discrimination is just as intelligent as it would be for the March of Dimes to continue to expend resources fighting polio in the U.S.

Brent Bozell | August 17, 2005

Which side of the talk radio wars do you suppose our 'mainstream' media outlets favor? If you have to ask, then just look at the news coverage of talk radio scandals.

Jonah Goldberg | August 17, 2005

What's interesting, to me at least, is that Mrs. Sheehan represents simply the latest installment in a long, nasty, desperate ideological campaign - and one that demonstrates the logical limits of identity politics.

Tony Blankley | August 17, 2005

Summer is the season for World War II anniversary celebrations: May 8, Victory in Europe Day; June 6, D-Day; Aug. 15, Victory in Japan Day. But one WWII anniversary day is rarely celebrated: Sept. 29.

Cal Thomas | August 17, 2005

Prosperity is a double-edged sword. Right now we are being cut by high gas prices. I wonder if we have the moral clarity embodied in previous generations to do without and not complain. If the economy takes a dive, we will find out.

Ben Shapiro | August 17, 2005

Who is qualified to speak on matters of national security? According to the American left, only pacifists, military members who have served in combat and direct relatives of those slain in combat or in acts of terrorism.

Terry Jeffrey | August 17, 2005

Will a Republican president ever again name a non-stealth conservative to the U.S. Supreme Court? Or will liberal Democrats succeed in imposing not one, but two litmus tests on Supreme Court nominations?

Linda Chavez | August 17, 2005

Sheehan, whose oldest son was killed in Iraq more than a year ago, has been front-page news in the New York Times, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune and dozens of other major newspapers ever since she took up residence outside the president's private retreat.

Larry Kudlow | August 17, 2005

Why President Bush seemingly gets no credit for the strong economy is one of the enduring political mysteries of our time.

Kathleen Parker | August 17, 2005

Ask 1,000 people when President George W. Bush's birthday is, and 999 probably will shrug. Ask 1,000 Cubans when President Fidel Castro's birthday is, and most likely 999 will know.

Tue, Aug 16, 2005

Thomas Sowell | August 16, 2005

Immigration has joined the long list of subjects on which it is taboo to talk sense in plain English.

David Limbaugh | August 16, 2005

There's no denying we face enormous problems in the war on terror and in our quest to aid the Iraqis in launching a constitutional republic, neither of which lends itself to a magical, tidy solution.

Dennis Prager | August 16, 2005

We now have another example of unfounded Jewish (and liberal) fear of conservative Christians -- and another example where Christians need to try to understand, not just react defensively toward, these fears.

Bill Murchison | August 16, 2005

Texas can't seem to solve its school finance problems. But, then, what state seems able to?

Rebecca Hagelin | August 16, 2005

We’ve been bombarded by so many messages about how reading expands the mind, excites the imagination and enhances the vocabulary that many parents have forgotten that the benefit of reading for our children very much depends on what they’re reading.

Bruce Bartlett | August 16, 2005

The problem is that just because the Fed is raising rates gradually doesn't mean that the impact will be gradual. It could come quite abruptly.

Rich Lowry | August 16, 2005

How long can it be until Cindy Sheehan gets her own show on the left-wing radio network Air America?

John McCaslin | August 16, 2005

There was much response to our Lake Tahoe 'Cal Neva Lodge' item from last week.

Mon, Aug 15, 2005

Michael Barone | August 15, 2005

Has a fairer America also become an America with less social mobility? That is the uncomfortable question raised by John Parker's long American survey in The Economist last month.

Star Parker | August 15, 2005

I applaud any new initiative by Democrats to enter into the world of thought and ideas. However, from what I'm reading, it seems questionable that this is really what is happening.

Mike Adams | August 15, 2005

As a father of two (one a college-bound teenager), Mark decided to check out a diversity event at UNC-Asheville.

Cal Thomas | August 15, 2005

There are many valid reasons why President Bush should not meet again with Cindy Sheehan, the mother of Casey Sheehan, who was killed in Iraq. There is one reason he should and that reason trumps the others.

Suzanne Fields | August 15, 2005

Public issues require light not heat, and arguments must be grounded in discriminations made in good conscience. The devil, after all, is still at home in the details.

Debra J. Saunders | August 15, 2005

Why would anyone want to become a police officer when even self-defense is now deemed 'excessive force' and 'racist?'

Diana West | August 15, 2005

There may be a peculiarly Middle Eastern logic to all this, but it's not one we seem able to understand.

Phyllis Schlafly | August 15, 2005

I wish them well with their demands for schools to return to their traditional post-Labor Day opening. But I also wish those parents would show as much concern about what is being taught in the classroom.

Robert Novak | August 15, 2005

Announcing his new stem cell position July 29, the last day the Senate was in session before the summer recess, stepped on his applause lines for the unexpectedly productive pre-recess congressional record.

Herman Cain | August 15, 2005

Congressional Republicans should move reauthorization to the top of their 2006 agenda and vote on the bill a year early. That will take the air out of the Democrat’s election year strategy, making the issue for them as flat as their leadership.

John Leo | August 15, 2005

Of all his accomplishments I admired Peter most for his dramatic comeback.

Armstrong Williams | August 15, 2005

In previous columns I have been adamant that we must remain in Iraq.

Jack Kemp | August 15, 2005

This month 40 years ago, Aug. 6 to be exact, the Voting Rights Act of 1965 finally was enacted into law after a century of congressional stonewalling

Sun, Aug 14, 2005

Paul Jacob | August 14, 2005

Common sense is not so common. Is this just cynicism? If so, why does it describe our political culture so well?

George Will | August 14, 2005

At the other end of Independence Mall sparkles a modernist jewel of America's civic life, the National Constitution Center, a nongovernment institution that opened July 4, 2003, and already has received more than 2 million visitors.