Sun, May 08, 2005

Paul Jacob | May 08, 2005

On a quiet spring morning, they're working in Washington. Working hard, as the president would say. Working hard to regulate, burden, and impede your right to communicate about politics. About them.

Rich Tucker | May 08, 2005

Further brain study is important. But we?d all benefit if doctors showed the same curiosity about whether our childhood vaccination policy needs improvement.

George Will | May 08, 2005

Pat Moynihan was puzzled. He was speaking in March 1994, on an almost deserted Senate floor, about Social Security but some unlikely people were listening.

Sat, May 07, 2005

Doug Giles | May 07, 2005

Never has our nation been more united than in our current consensus that Jennifer Wilbanks is officially coo-coo for Cocoa Puffs.

Caroline Glick | May 07, 2005

One of the first concrete acts that the Bush administration took in the immediate aftermath of the September 11 attacks was to outlaw the Holy Land Fund for Relief and Development and freeze its financial assets.

Robert Novak | May 07, 2005

Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney in a recent secret Washington meeting with national political operatives signaled he probably will forego seeking re-election in 2006 in order to pursue the 2008 Republican presidential nomination.

Fri, May 06, 2005

Jonah Goldberg | May 06, 2005

A lot of eat-your-spinach media critics think it is unseemly for the press to pay attention to the Jackson trial.

David Limbaugh | May 06, 2005

If you want to get a real glimpse of the thought-tyranny of the academic Left, you should look at the case of Scott McConnell, who was recently expelled from Le Moyne College in Syracuse, N.Y., because his personal beliefs didn't fit within the school's indoctrination grid.

Mona Charen | May 06, 2005

The sex educators in Montgomery County, Md., have devised a film for 10th-graders that features a young lady putting a condom on a cucumber. You do wonder, when you read about these things, why they stop there.

Oliver North | May 06, 2005

My bosses at FOX News have sent me on assignment to the 'sandbox,' as our troops have taken to calling Iraq.

Jacob Sullum | May 06, 2005

Critics of the Senate filibuster complain that it's undemocratic and obstructive. These are its two most appealing features.

Rebecca Hagelin | May 06, 2005

Since Hunter was five years old, when his father was killed in an accident, it has been just Katrina and Hunter.

John McCaslin | May 06, 2005

Let's hear it for empires - or so we will hear at an intriguing book forum Tuesday at the American Enterprise Institute, as economist Deepak Lal has written 'In Praise of Empires: Globalization and Order.'

Thu, May 05, 2005

Ann Coulter | May 05, 2005

As far as I can tell, DeLay didn't even cheat at golf during that trip to Scotland. But you know what liberals always say: 'Where there's nothing, there's fire.'

Thomas Sowell | May 05, 2005

Black identity has become a hot item in the movies, on television, and in the schools and colleges.

Larry Elder | May 05, 2005

No more smokers. Is the next step no more Democrats?

Suzanne Fields | May 05, 2005

If there were an Emmy category for stand-up comedy on C-SPAN, she would be this year's odds-on favorite.

Emmett Tyrrell | May 05, 2005

As Saddam Hussein sulks in his prison cell, members of his Coalition of the Evil on the outside have devised yet another grisly innovation in barbarism.

Ross Mackenzie | May 05, 2005

A potpourri of comments and quotes on topics in the news. . .

Robert Novak | May 05, 2005

A Senate rider inserted in an emergency appropriations bill in the dead of the night, which would close a rare window into political foul play at the Internal Revenue Service, was quietly removed Tuesday in Senate-House negotiations.

Alan Reynolds | May 05, 2005

Despite President Bush's promise not to negotiate with himself on Social Security, he keeps tossing out ideas intended to placate Democrats that end up having the opposite effect.

George Will | May 05, 2005

The state of America's political discourse is such that the president has felt it necessary to declare that unbelievers can be good Americans. In last week's prime-time news conference, he said: 'If you choose not to worship, you're equally as patriotic as somebody who does worship.'

Joel Mowbray | May 05, 2005

Clinton?s last appointee to same post had serious ethical?possibly criminal?lapses, but Dems didn?t care.

Michael Fumento | May 05, 2005

'Some Extra Heft May Be Helpful.' That New York Times headline summarizes the tasty tale the media have fed you based on a new study that says the spare tire around your waist may actually give you more mileage in life.

Marvin Olasky | May 05, 2005

John Lithgow at Harvard, Steve Jobs at Stanford, Hillary Clinton at Agnes Scott College ... as commencement season fast approaches, designated orators are mulling over which profundity to utter.

Wed, May 04, 2005

Michelle Malkin | May 04, 2005

I'll get to First Lady Laura Bush's bawdy stand-up routine in a minute. But I want to highlight a related new book out about how young conservatives are shaking up the dominant liberal media culture.

John Stossel | May 04, 2005

Do you pay big bucks for "better quality" coffee? Maybe you spring for Dean & DeLuca's beans, which cost $12 per pound. Well, wake up -- have someone give you a blind taste test -- because you're probably wasting your money.

Walter E. Williams | May 04, 2005

Let's talk about the rich -- those people who, according to former Congressman Richard Gephardt, are 'winners in life's lottery.' Or the people whom director Michael Moore preaches, in his book 'Dude, Where's my Country?' got rich off the backs of the poor.

Star Parker | May 04, 2005

Those with weak hearts can feel comfortable reading this material. There are no surprises here, either in the data reported or in the recommendations made.

Mike Adams | May 04, 2005

When I was in grammar school there was a kid on my block named David. He often tried to make others look like idiots by accusing them of saying things they never really said.

Jonah Goldberg | May 04, 2005

Some smart 'netrepreneur' should get to work on a parody song titled 'Bloggers Killed the Newspaper Star.'

Cal Thomas | May 04, 2005

Like many other people, I wondered what happened to all of the communists after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991.

Ben Shapiro | May 04, 2005

Gov. Jeb Bush of Florida is under fire once again for upholding traditional morality. And, once again, his detractors are citing the "right to privacy" to attack him.

Terry Jeffrey | May 04, 2005

Some of the lingo used in the nation's capital during the recent debate over a federal budget resolution reveals the perverse perspective professional politicians have developed when it comes to spending taxpayers' money.

Debra J. Saunders | May 04, 2005

Backing out of a wedding -- that's between two people. Staging a kidnapping -- where government agents and citizens join the search -- is America's business.

Linda Chavez | May 04, 2005

The "Minutemen" have left their posts along a short stretch of the Arizona border with Mexico after their month-long effort to stem the flow of illegal immigration.

Kathleen Parker | May 04, 2005

First lady Laura Bush's show-stealing debut as a comedienne at Saturday night's annual White House Correspondents' Association dinner had the audience hooting with laughter.

Tue, May 03, 2005

Thomas Sowell | May 03, 2005

Social Security used to be called the third rail of politics but illegal immigration is the real third rail that both political parties are afraid to touch.

David Limbaugh | May 03, 2005

Two recent news items, both involving Democrat senators, underscore the intellectual and moral bankruptcy of the modern Democratic Party.

Dennis Prager | May 03, 2005

Nothing more separates Judeo-Christian values from secular values than the question of whether morality -- what is good or evil -- is absolute or relative.

Bill Murchison | May 03, 2005

A sure way to inspire correspondence from one of my dedicated readers -- we'll call her Jane -- is to intimate by phrase or nuance that anything is amiss with the Democratic Party.

Chuck Colson | May 03, 2005

We just observed North Korea Freedom Week, focusing Washington on the suffering in that country. Find out what can be done to stop the human-rights abuses there.

Bruce Bartlett | May 03, 2005

I have written many times before about what a dopy idea I think this is.

John McCaslin | May 03, 2005

Average amount the Bush administration has spent per year on contracts with public-relations firms: $62.5 million

Mon, May 02, 2005

Cal Thomas | May 02, 2005

On Fox's '24' action-drama show Monday nights, art doesn't imitate life.

Suzanne Fields | May 02, 2005

Congress is spending a lot of hot air on the question: to filibuster or not to filibuster.

Diana West | May 02, 2005

See-no-evil, hear-no-evil, speak-no-evil monkeys aren't the best role models for journalists.

Phyllis Schlafly | May 02, 2005

The European ruling elite is having a collective nervous breakdown for fear the French will vote on May 29 and to reject the European Union constitution.

Armstrong Williams | May 02, 2005

Two decades ago Hizballah pioneered suicide bombings. In the time since, Hizballah has become the main sponsor of terrorism in the Palestinian territories.

Rich Lowry | May 02, 2005

President Bush said the other day that he wishes he could wave a magic wand and make gas prices go down.

Larry Kudlow | May 02, 2005

If you listen too hard to pessimistic pundits you can get all lathered up over the risks of stagflation -- slower growth and higher prices. Don?t go there.

Herman Cain | May 02, 2005

Nearly every day we are bombarded with reports on television, radio and in the newspapers alleging that a majority of the public does not support President Bush's plan to restructure Social Security.

Jack Kemp | May 02, 2005

I learned early in my political career, representing a working-class district in Buffalo, N.Y., that the politics of pain and austerity is a loser, and what's worse it is bad economics.

John Leo | May 02, 2005

Does it matter that Townsel is a liberal Democrat and founder of the Dallas chapter of Mothers Opposing Bush?

Sun, May 01, 2005

Paul Jacob | May 01, 2005

The making of law, like the making of sausage, is said to be necessarily messy. I'm not so sure. Not all sausages are equal. Neither are laws. Or lawmakers. Some are less disgusting than others.

George Will | May 01, 2005

In 1962 half the cars sold in America were made by GM. Now its market share is roughly 25 percent.