Sun, May 01, 2005

Paul Jacob | May 01, 2005

The making of law, like the making of sausage, is said to be necessarily messy. I'm not so sure. Not all sausages are equal. Neither are laws. Or lawmakers. Some are less disgusting than others.

George Will | May 01, 2005

In 1962 half the cars sold in America were made by GM. Now its market share is roughly 25 percent.

Sat, Apr 30, 2005

Doug Giles | April 30, 2005

I got a few emails from some Christians after my last column, ?A Time to Kill,? ran.

Caroline Glick | April 30, 2005

So it looks like the EU's constitution might have run up against an iceberg.

Rich Tucker | April 30, 2005

Recently, the government announced it soon might face shortages of many common childhood vaccines. The federal stockpile, supposed to contain 41 million doses, now holds only about 13 million doses.

Kathleen Parker | April 30, 2005

Imagine someone you may not know or like taking your daughter without your knowledge to another state to have her appendix removed. Or to have a hysterectomy. Or even to have her wisdom teeth removed.

Robert Novak | April 30, 2005

The decision by the House Republican leadership to go back to the old House Ethics Committee rules to govern the investigation of Majority Leader Tom DeLay was wholly the work of Speaker J. Dennis Hastert, who did not ask for a show of hands from his colleagues.

Fri, Apr 29, 2005

Ann Coulter | April 29, 2005

In one sentence Republicans should state that the so-called 'nuclear option' means: 'Majority vote wins.' (This is as opposed to the Democrats' mantra, which is 'Our side always wins.')

Brent Bozell | April 29, 2005

Corporate lobbies give both liberals and conservatives the willies. They don't have one of those strict and thorny ideologies that supposedly ruins Washington.

Jonah Goldberg | April 29, 2005

I was recently invited to speak to C-Fact, a conservative environmentalist group at the University of Minnesota.

Mona Charen | April 29, 2005

Last month, the leading lights of journalism reported (with a trace of smugness) the results of a study showing that adolescents who took a pledge of sexual abstinence were almost as likely as those who took no pledges to contract sexually transmitted diseases.

Oliver North | April 29, 2005

Out here on the left coast, where mudslides are included in weather reports and "the Terminator" governs, people are talking about Condi Rice and her first trip to Latin America as secretary of state.

Jacob Sullum | April 29, 2005

A year ago, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) banned dietary supplements containing the herbal stimulant ephedra.

Rebecca Hagelin | April 29, 2005

The speaker, an 18-year-old concession-stand worker named Ben Meredith, was explaining to a Los Angeles Times reporter why virtually no young people were trying to get in to see 'Inside Deep Throat' at an Orange County, Calif., theater.

Charles Krauthammer | April 29, 2005

Irving Kristol, co-founder and co-editor throughout its life, presided at the interment, a small dinner of past contributors and friends of the magazine.

Thu, Apr 28, 2005

Larry Elder | April 28, 2005

If elected, Villaraigosa would become the first Latino mayor in the city of Los Angeles since the 1870s.

Mike Adams | April 28, 2005

I don't even know what the term 'chancellor' means. It sounds like an overpaid, pompous a-- to me.

David Limbaugh | April 28, 2005

If I didn't know better, I would think liberal politicians and columnists were out to prove the thesis of my book -- that there truly is a war being waged against Christianity and Christians in the United States.

Caroline Glick | April 28, 2005

Last May, in the aftermath of the massacre of the Hatuel family; the rocket propelled grenade attacks on IDF forces and a steep increase in arms smuggling from Egypt through tunnels to Rafah, the IDF launched Operation Rainbow in Gaza.

Suzanne Fields | April 28, 2005

It's a cliche of punditry that Republicans are the Daddy Party and the Democrats are the Mommy Party.

Debra J. Saunders | April 28, 2005

Do Americans want the government to tell a business what it has to sell?

Emmett Tyrrell | April 28, 2005

Today I realize how treacherous it is for writers to remind others of their prior timorousness or imbecility.

John McCaslin | April 28, 2005

'I want to thank the mayor for being here. Lyda Ann Thomas greeted me coming in. I said, 'Do you still have Splash Day?'

Robert Novak | April 28, 2005

It is hard to exaggerate how much Coburn's rhetoric riles pork-loving colleagues, explaining the absurd ethics proceeding against him.

Alan Reynolds | April 28, 2005

When the March consumer price index showed a 0.6 percent rise for the month and 3.1 percent for the year, many claimed inflation had suddenly become a big problem the Fed will have to battle with a series of interest rate hikes.

Kathleen Parker | April 28, 2005

When it comes to global warming, Americans have a right to be confused. Is it a problem or isn't it?

Ross Mackenzie | April 28, 2005

What are some truths about the filibuster, blameworthiness and the nuclear option?

Michael Fumento | April 28, 2005

The yanking from the market of both Vioxx and Bextra, members of a new generation of pain relievers called COX-2 inhibitors, has critics ripping raw flesh off the Food and Drug Administration.

Larry Kudlow | April 28, 2005

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid doesn?t seem to get the fact that George W. Bush won the presidential election last November.

Marvin Olasky | April 28, 2005

Sometimes the meetings were a three-ring circus, with visitors waiting in two conference rooms within Santorum's suite and a third group sitting in his office.

Joel Mowbray | April 28, 2005

The Department of Homeland Security is releasing drug smugglers and human traffickers, and perhaps even suspected terrorists and violent felons, as a matter of policy ? because it doesn?t have the resources to keep them in custody.

Wed, Apr 27, 2005

Michelle Malkin | April 27, 2005

In a letter to U.S. Department of Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Sen. Clinton, D-N.Y., wrote this week: 'National security and, in particular, security at our borders, must continue to be paramount.'

Walter E. Williams | April 27, 2005

If we developed the practice of removing products from the market because some people are harmed by them, we might starve to death.

Brent Bozell | April 27, 2005

Chris Matthews really needs to retire the name 'Hardball' for his talk show on MSNBC. When it comes to liberal or radical guests, he ought to rename the show 'Cuddles with Chris.'

Jonah Goldberg | April 27, 2005

Here is the undeniable, irrefutable truth of the whole controversy over John Bolton's embattled nomination for the job as America's ambassador to the United Nations.

Mike Adams | April 27, 2005

As you can imagine, I get a lot of stupid questions during exam week from both stressing and pretending-to-be-stressing students.

Tony Blankley | April 27, 2005

Almost 100 percent of the mental energy in Congress, and at least 50 percent of the White House mental energy is currently being expended trying either to destroy or protect John Bolton and Tom DeLay.

Cal Thomas | April 27, 2005

We'll now see if Democrats are as enthusiastic about maintaining an ethical standard when some of their own are questioned along with Tom DeLay.

Ben Shapiro | April 27, 2005

Republicans are so used to being a minority party -- or at least a party in control of single branches of government at a time -- that they have no idea how to get things done in this new political environment.

Terry Jeffrey | April 27, 2005

When California Supreme Court Justice Janice Rogers Brown faced a retention vote in 1998, 76 percent of Californians voted to keep her on their state's highest court.

Linda Chavez | April 27, 2005

There is no question that Democrats have been obstructionist in blocking President Bush's nominees, but I am still uncomfortable with the way the GOP is trying to solve this problem.

John McCaslin | April 27, 2005

Iraqi journalists attending a workshop in Jordan last week faulted fellow journalists, including Arab reporters, for concentrating too heavily on negative stories in their country.

Kathleen Parker | April 27, 2005

In the history of unseemly trends, surely the current battle among adults over the intricacies of teen sex ranks near the top. Just reading the words 'teen sex' sends me rocketing through wormholes of ennui.

Armstrong Williams | April 27, 2005

In place of the emotionally fruitful kind of relationship that once led to marriage, daddy?s little girl is engaging in a series of emotionally detached physical encounters.

Tue, Apr 26, 2005

Thomas Sowell | April 26, 2005

The future of the legal and political system of this country may be on the line when two judicial nominees that the Democrats refused to let the Senate vote on in the last Congress are being again submitted for a vote.

David Limbaugh | April 26, 2005

If Democrats weren't afraid to admit the real reasons they are obstructing the nomination of John Bolton to be our next United Nations ambassador, they wouldn't be interposing such embarrassingly lame objections as 'John Bolton once yelled at an insubordinate subordinate.'

Dennis Prager | April 26, 2005

During the worst of the Palestinian terror attacks on Israelis, I visited Israel and made a documentary ("Israel in a Time of Terror") about how Israelis regarded and lived with the murdering of their fellow men, women and children.

Bill Murchison | April 26, 2005

The campaign for Senate confirmation of President Bush's judicial nominees got serious Sunday. God took a hand.

Rich Lowry | April 26, 2005

When you have little positive to offer and the tide of history seems to be moving against you, obstruction ? whether through opportunistic federalism or the filibuster ? becomes not just a tactic, but a kind of sacred cause. Just ask Senator Eastland.

Bruce Bartlett | April 26, 2005

A key reason why we have a problem with entitlement programs like Social Security is that they were enacted with insufficient regard to their long-term finances.

Herman Cain | April 26, 2005

Congressional Democrats, their allies in liberal media outlets, and left-leaning groups like the AARP and NAACP are losing their war of negative rhetoric and distortion against restructuring Social Security.

Mon, Apr 25, 2005

Michael Barone | April 25, 2005

If you read the headlines, you run the risk of thinking we are headed toward a theocracy.

Mike Adams | April 25, 2005

Most college professors look forward to the summer because May, June, and July are the three best reasons to become a professor in the first place.

Cal Thomas | April 25, 2005

More than 40 years ago, Ronald Reagan delivered a televised address called 'A Time for Choosing' about the ideological choices Americans faced in the 1964 presidential election between Lyndon Johnson and Barry Goldwater.

Suzanne Fields | April 25, 2005

It seems that it takes more than a little chutzpah on the part of this Jewish columnist to interpret the ideas of the pope, but he is not without significance for all of us, because of the influence he will have on cultural attitudes.

Diana West | April 25, 2005

There's something in the air -- and it's not the prattle of baby birds. It's chatter. Some people listen to the sound, hear dialogue and say it's swell.

Phyllis Schlafly | April 25, 2005

A recent small gathering of conservatives who dared to criticize judicial supremacists has caused an outpouring of paranoia among liberals and others who want judges to make the major social and political decisions of our times.

Chuck Colson | April 25, 2005

More than two hundred years ago Alexander Hamilton laid down the rules for Senate confirmation of judges. Today, it's time that the Senate followed them.

Robert Novak | April 25, 2005

The White House and Republican Senate leaders have a little better than two weeks to save John Bolton as ambassador to the United Nations after last Tuesday's fiasco in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

John Leo | April 25, 2005

Will "justice sunday" turn out to be a political and religious mistake?

Jack Kemp | April 25, 2005

Although the New York Times editorial staff and I frequently disagree, on this issue we see eye to eye.

Sun, Apr 24, 2005

Brent Bozell | April 24, 2005

Many American parents worry that their children are too glassy-eyed before their video game consoles and can't even find the door to play outside even as the weather gets terrific.

Paul Jacob | April 24, 2005

How stupid do politicians think we are?

George Will | April 24, 2005

If you awake before dawn you probably hear a daily sound that may become as anachronistic as the clatter of horses' hooves on urban cobblestones. The sound is the slap of the morning paper on the sidewalk.