Sun, Feb 20, 2005

Rich Tucker | February 20, 2005

If you leave a fox in charge of the henhouse, don?t expect many eggs.

George Will | February 20, 2005

It was a marriage made in heaven, as this politics-saturated city probably understands heaven. Rod Blagojevich, the future governor, met his future wife at a fund-raiser for her father, the alderman from the 33rd Ward for 30 years now.

Larry Kudlow | February 20, 2005

One of the defining characteristics of the presidency of George W. Bush has been that he says what he means, and means what he says.

Sat, Feb 19, 2005

Doug Giles | February 19, 2005

If you read the biographies of great Christian leaders of yesterday and today, you get the sense that the majority of these guys and girls heard clearly from God, obeyed readily and started immediately reaping Taco Bell Grande-size rewards.

Caroline Glick | February 19, 2005

Last Friday night, the TV stations in Israel were in a frenzy over the right-wing incitement against Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's plan to withdraw from Gaza and the northern West Bank and to expel all Jews living in these areas from their homes and communities.

Robert Novak | February 19, 2005

If House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert were to announce his retirement, the most likely successor would be somebody given up for dead a few years ago.

Kathleen Parker | February 19, 2005

Instead, despite having apologized for speaking an unpopular truth, Summers will be the subject of an emergency faculty meeting scheduled Tuesday at which Harvard professors will discuss: What to do about Larry?

Fri, Feb 18, 2005

Thomas Sowell | February 18, 2005

The recent resignation of CNN's news director, Eason Jordan, after his outrageous remarks about our military at an international forum were reported on the Internet, is only the latest in a series of media scandals.

Brent Bozell | February 18, 2005

In this sweeps month of February, all the other networks are pumping up the lesbian themes for much more cynical ratings-grabbing reasons, with hormone-bursting teens as one target audience.

Jonah Goldberg | February 18, 2005

According to the study, local stations stink at covering local politics. And when I say stink, I am being kind.

David Limbaugh | February 18, 2005

Is it any wonder Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld was a little testy -- if you can even call it that -- during his testimony before the House Armed Services Committee this week?

Mona Charen | February 18, 2005

There was a time, dear readers, when I seriously considered closing my e-mail account.

Oliver North | February 18, 2005

On Thursday, President Bush named former U.S. Ambassador to Iraq John Negroponte as the first director of national intelligence.

Rebecca Hagelin | February 18, 2005

Like many other celebrities, he has a personal story that?s quite interesting -- and it involved a dramatic political conversion.

Rich Lowry | February 18, 2005

You might have seen Judith Miller and Matthew Cooper on TV. They are reporters for The New York Times and Time magazine, respectively.

Charles Krauthammer | February 18, 2005

We will never be able to reform the system if the chief reformer does not clearly articulate what the impending crisis is, when it is coming, and why.

Chuck Colson | February 18, 2005

Sex trafficking is about more than prostitutes and traffickers. It?s about the men who buy the services. The identity of some of those men will shock you.

Thu, Feb 17, 2005

Ann Coulter | February 17, 2005

University of Colorado professor Ward Churchill has written that 'unquestionably, America has earned' the attack of 9-11. He calls the attack itself a result of 'gallant sacrifices of the combat teams.'

Larry Elder | February 17, 2005

Get ready for the interest groups and beneficiaries to squeal, scream, cry and ultimately demean. The issue? Why, President George W. Bush's 'lean' 2006 budget. Americans want their welfare state.

Michael Medved | February 17, 2005

In recent weeks, some of the nation's most influential cultural observers have chosen to concentrate their Academy Awards commentary on my harsh reaction on radio and TV about the deceptive packaging of Clint Eastwood's boxing-and-euthanasia epic, "Million Dollar Baby."

Suzanne Fields | February 17, 2005

Camilla Parker Bowles won her man the hard way. She earned him.

Debra J. Saunders | February 17, 2005

To balanced-budget believers, the first big mistake George W. Bush made as president was to not veto the 2002 farm bill.

Emmett Tyrrell | February 17, 2005

While at the Clinton Library, I thought I would review what the Boy President thought of Social Security reform. He was for it.

George Will | February 17, 2005

In President Bush's struggle to carve the federal carcass, bet on the bones.

Larry Kudlow | February 17, 2005

At the Democratic National Committee meeting in Washington, D.C., last Saturday, several party leaders revived the mantra of 'tax cuts for the wealthy' as an attack on President Bush.

Alan Reynolds | February 17, 2005

The AARP claims to represent us seniors, but more often it just lectures us relentlessly.

Marvin Olasky | February 17, 2005

This area dominated largely by immigrants for two centuries is a good place to think about America's growing immigration debate.

John McCaslin | February 17, 2005

The Beltway Beat has learned that Reagan, 83, will come to the District on May 11 for a national salute in her honor.

Ross Mackenzie | February 17, 2005

When things began to get really bad, a group called the Media Research Center (MRC) designated itself monitor of the egregious leftism loping around in the mainstream press, mostly on television.

Robert Novak | February 17, 2005

Howard Dean, doing a victory lap last week after his final competitor for the Democratic national chairmanship dropped out, greeted a roomful of supporters with a grin and said:

Armstrong Williams | February 17, 2005

The forty years since the passage of the Voting Rights Act in 1965 have turned this country on its axis.

Wed, Feb 16, 2005

Michelle Malkin | February 16, 2005

Kofi Annan must have the world's thickest set of industrial-quality earplugs.

Brent Bozell | February 16, 2005

The media buzz over the rising power of Internet weblogs (the "blogs") reached a new crescendo when CNN's chief of newsgathering, Eason Jordan, resigned over sloppy charges he made at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Jonah Goldberg | February 16, 2005

In short, about the war on terror Dean was dismissively blase. About bike paths he was a pit bull.

Mike Adams | February 16, 2005

Last week, I talked to several attorneys about the possibility of suing the UNC system for creating a 'hostile' work environment.

Tony Blankley | February 16, 2005

Washington has started in on its yearly ferocious battle over the budget. Spendthrifts and budget hawks will be thrilling the public with daring plastic swordplay.

Ben Shapiro | February 16, 2005

With spring training beginning this week, coming off perhaps the greatest playoffs in the sport?s history, all the talk is about a former player and his allegations of steroid use.

Terry Jeffrey | February 16, 2005

An insidious creature lurking in the tax code is getting ready to sucker-punch millions of taxpayers when this year turns into next.

Linda Chavez | February 16, 2005

If you watch a lot of cable television, you've probably seen the ads, especially late at night or early in the morning.

Chuck Colson | February 16, 2005

A year ago a journalist bought freedom for two young prostitutes. This year he went back to find out what happened to them.

Joel Mowbray | February 16, 2005

To see a classic example of the divergence between 'mainstream' and 'alternative' media coverage, consider the portrayal of the Saudis this past week.

Kathleen Parker | February 16, 2005

With the recent toppling of CBS's Dan Rather and now CNN's top news executive, Eason Jordan, I think we can declare without fear of contradiction that rigor mortis is settling over the carcass of the Fourth Estate.

Tue, Feb 15, 2005

Thomas Sowell | February 15, 2005

Professor Ward Churchill of the University of Colorado seems to be enjoying his 15 minutes of infamy for his childish rants against people who were killed in the 9/11 attacks.

Star Parker | February 15, 2005

Am I pushing the envelope too far to suggest that there is common ground between the politics of slavery and the politics of Social Security?

David Limbaugh | February 15, 2005

The Democratic leadership has a funny way of showing its commitment to 'values.'

Dennis Prager | February 15, 2005

Before continuing to make the case for Judeo-Christian values, it is time to answer a question frequently posed by Jews and Christians as well as others:

Matt Towery | February 15, 2005

Talk in recent days from his fellow Republicans and other fellow Americans would lead us to believe that most have a dim outlook of President Bush's political prospects in his second term.

Rich Lowry | February 15, 2005

The AARP recently announced that it is taking its campaign against President Bush's proposed Social Security reform to the nation's youth, hoping to broaden its target audience from the credulous elderly to the credulous young.

Bruce Bartlett | February 15, 2005

Is there any reason to believe that Williams, Gallagher or McManus changed their positions in some way favorable to the administration as the result of whatever largess they received?

John McCaslin | February 15, 2005

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton says she looks forward to working with newly crowned Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean, starting with voting reform.

Mon, Feb 14, 2005

Michael Barone | February 14, 2005

Going into the 2004 election cycle, just about everyone said the Internet was going to change politics. But no one was sure how. Now we know.

Cal Thomas | February 14, 2005

Massachusetts Republican Gov. Mitt Romney has infuriated Harvard scientists by declaring his opposition to stem cell research on embryos created for this purpose.

Suzanne Fields | February 14, 2005

Valentine's Day changes with the ages. In pagan Rome, young women dropped their names into a great urn and young men retrieved them with high hopes.

Diana West | February 14, 2005

It would be a hoot to hop into a time machine and travel 40 years back, with press clippings of Paul McCartney's Super Bowl performance in hand, and try to explain to the folks in 1965 the cultural changes that were in store for them.

Phyllis Schlafly | February 14, 2005

The feminists, who have no sense of humor, have given Americans a big belly laugh, but it's no laughing matter to the principals involved.

Armstrong Williams | February 14, 2005

The President is barnstorming the country trying to change that. Let?s hope people listen now.

Jack Kemp | February 14, 2005

In the 1980s I often said that if you tax something you get less of it, if you subsidize something you get more of it.

John Leo | February 14, 2005

Will they find happiness? Will they achieve peace of mind north of the border? No, they won?t.

Joel Mowbray | February 14, 2005

The most determined enemy the new Secretary of State will face is not across the pond or even across the aisle. No, her greatest threat comes from within the halls of Foggy Bottom, in the form of the career Foreign Service.

Robert Novak | February 14, 2005

Ignored by Washington, the Colombian army has been taking a bloody beating at the hands of an unexpected offensive by Communist guerrillas.

Sun, Feb 13, 2005

Paul Jacob | February 13, 2005

In the Gambling Capital of America, Las Vegas, Nevada, a professor of economics is being hounded by the city's proud university, his employer.