Sun, Dec 05, 2004

Paul Jacob | December 05, 2004

The end is near. Well, the end of the year is near. So just published this year's list of Top Ten Most Embarrassing Moments. Obviously, too much of what activists and worrywarts and even scientists publicly claim as science isn't science.

Ed Feulner | December 05, 2004

Ever wish you could just fire your current health plan and hire a better one? If you worked for Uncle Sam right now, you could.

Larry Kudlow | December 05, 2004

If you happen to be passing through St. Simon?s Island or Sea Island, Georgia, in the next couple of days, and have an interest in beautiful paintings, stop in at the Anderson Fine Art Gallery

Sat, Dec 04, 2004

Doug Giles | December 04, 2004

If you?re a guy who wants to keep his guy-ness and not trade it in for the androgynous pomosexual image of the 21st century, then you will receive more scorn than Michael Moore at a NRA luncheon.

Kathleen Parker | December 04, 2004

When most people think of Norman, they think of the University of Oklahoma (OU) Sooners. Galileo, in other words, does not spring immediately to mind.

Robert Novak | December 04, 2004

President Bush reached out to the famously contentious Republican Sen.-elect Tom Coburn of Oklahoma to congratulate him on being elected and to seek his support. The response was somewhat barbed.

Fri, Dec 03, 2004

Jonah Goldberg | December 03, 2004

Upon hearing that the people had lost confidence in the government, the East German Communist playwright Bertolt Brecht quipped that it would be better to dissolve the people and appoint another one.

David Limbaugh | December 03, 2004

The Democratic Party keeps agonizing over why it lost the election and how to recover. Let me suggest this: Quit undermining the electoral process in the name of protecting it.

Mona Charen | December 03, 2004

The first thing that crossed my mind when ethics charges were lodged against Rep. Tom DeLay was, 'I wish Mary McGrory were still alive.'

Oliver North | December 03, 2004

This week, Americans commemorate the 63rd anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor, which killed 2,403 Americans.

Suzanne Fields | December 03, 2004

Tom Brokaw, like a good wine, aged nicely, and he still has the boyish looks easy on female eyes.

Rebecca Hagelin | December 03, 2004

Hollywood just ain?t into selling goodness to kids anymore. But Charlie is.

Charles Krauthammer | December 03, 2004

There has been general back-patting in the West about renewed European-American comity during the Ukrainian crisis.

Rich Lowry | December 03, 2004

How do you make the government of the world's most important rising power quake in fear? You hold a few signs, pass out brochures and engage in peaceful street theater half a world away.

Thu, Dec 02, 2004

Ann Coulter | December 02, 2004

In light of their reaction to the nomination of Condoleezza Rice as secretary of state, I gather liberals have gotten over their enthusiasm for multiculturalist milestones. It's interesting that they dropped their celebrations of the "first woman!" "first black!" "first Asian!" designations at the precise moment that we are about to get our first black female secretary of state.

Thomas Sowell | December 02, 2004

You cannot fight a war without many brave men taking risks with their lives in order to try to accomplish their mission.

Larry Elder | December 02, 2004

Notice, for example, the absence of hysteria when the so-called ban against assault weapons expired.

Suzanne Fields | December 02, 2004

My mom was a full-time mother and I was the envy of my classmates. Not just because she was there, but because she was there and she was fun.

Emmett Tyrrell | December 02, 2004

If you believe that United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan is very smart, as I do, consider what a prodigy his son is.

Marvin Olasky | December 02, 2004

Republicans are winning elections, but the long-term problem of the left dominance within academia remains.

Ross Mackenzie | December 02, 2004

Comments on other news items of note. . .

Robert Novak | December 02, 2004

It was widely presumed that comprehensive reform of intelligence would be considered at a more contemplative pace in the new Congress convening in January.

John McCaslin | December 02, 2004

On Nov. 21, Vice President Dick Cheney, with about six Secret Service agents in tow, made a personal visit to the Johnston & Murphy retail store at Tysons Corner to figure out why his shoes don't fit anymore.

Larry Kudlow | December 02, 2004

If the economy's so bad, why is it so good? Crashing dollar, twin deficits, rising gold, foreigners selling our assets -- the list goes on and on for members of the negative and pessimist mainstream media.

Wed, Dec 01, 2004

Michelle Malkin | December 01, 2004

How do you maintain sanity when wading through the emotional drivel that passes for the OBL's reasoning?

Walter E. Williams | December 01, 2004

Years ago, the lowest of lowdown men wouldn't use the kind of language that's routinely used today not only in the presence of women but often to women.

Brent Bozell | December 01, 2004

After a long reign (and don't underestimate how much they feel they "reign" over American politics), two of the three evening news anchormen are headed for the door.

Jonah Goldberg | December 01, 2004

Federalism! It's not just for conservatives anymore!

Tony Blankley | December 01, 2004

For the next four years you can take it as an immutable Washington truth that when President Bush is allied with the Senate and most of the mainstream media against the conservative Republican base in the House of Representatives, he is on a quick path to a big mistake.

Cal Thomas | December 01, 2004

One might expect a book written by a sitting United States senator to be self-serving and pretentious.

Ben Shapiro | December 01, 2004

In all likelihood, Warner Bros., which produced the film, will still recoup its costs, despite the probability that 'Alexander' won?t come close to $100 million in domestic grosses.

Terry Jeffrey | December 01, 2004

One man's dream, they say, is another man's nightmare.

Linda Chavez | December 01, 2004

The International Committee of the Red Cross has accused the United States of torturing enemy combatant prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

Kathleen Parker | December 01, 2004

The "broken windows" theory of social breakdown goes more or less like this: If a broken window in a building is left unrepaired, pretty soon all the windows are broken, and so goes the neighborhood.

George Will | December 01, 2004

The White House used the front page of Monday's Washington Post to cashier a Cabinet member.

John McCaslin | December 01, 2004

It certainly was a unique appearance by Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist - a heart surgeon in real life - before the Federalist Society 2004 National Convention.

Tue, Nov 30, 2004

Star Parker | November 30, 2004

President Bush's nomination of Condoleezza Rice to be our next secretary of state is a fitting and symbolic beginning to a new wave of change only possible in a country as strong and free as ours.

Mike Adams | November 30, 2004

After reading many of my articles, concerned parents often ask me the $64,000 question:

David Limbaugh | November 30, 2004

I'm struck by the irony of the liberal punditry warning Republicans not to interpret their sweeping victories as a mandate because such "arrogance" could lead to a voter backlash.

Dennis Prager | November 30, 2004

The death of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat raises an interesting and significant question: Is it morally and theologically acceptable to hope anyone goes to hell?

Matt Towery | November 30, 2004

If you are tired of reading about the NBA brawl that broke out recently in Detroit, let me offer one bit of empirical data to confirm the increasingly common opinion that professional basketball in America is losing support.

Rich Tucker | November 30, 2004

Lately, some kind readers have encouraged me to give up column writing. Well, okay. Allow me to announce my resignation, effective Dec. 31 ? 2042.

Rich Lowry | November 30, 2004

The conspiracy theorists focus on Franklin County, home of the heavily Democratic city of Columbus.

George Will | November 30, 2004

Perhaps Secretary Powell intended the wide arc of his scythe to encompass Moscow when he said that corrupt elections cannot create legitimate governments.

Armstrong Williams | November 30, 2004

Democracy in the Middle East will not come through Iraq or Afghanistan.

Mon, Nov 29, 2004

Michael Barone | November 29, 2004

In the next few weeks, millions of American employees will choose which health insurance plan will cover them and their families for calendar year 2005.

Mike Adams | November 29, 2004

Welcome to student orientation at the University of Alabama (UA). We are pleased to have each and every one of you join our university community.

Cal Thomas | November 29, 2004

If Democrats want to get back in the "values" game and change the perception of their party as being full of secularists intent on removing any reference to God from culture and even the history of America, they can start in the government schools.

Suzanne Fields | November 29, 2004

Certain housewives (like some other people) lead lives of quiet desperation. When they get on television, their desperation gets quite loud.

Diana West | November 29, 2004

It may be a time of Thanksgiving, but my dissatisfaction runs deep.

Frank Gaffney | November 29, 2004

The heat is on. Advocates of history?s most sweeping and least-considered ?reform? of the U.S. intelligence community are intent on having their way.

Jack Kemp | November 29, 2004

One such truth is: What we don't know usually doesn't harm us nearly as much as what we think we know that isn't true.

Chuck Colson | November 29, 2004

Today is the birthday of one of the most remarkable Christians of the twentieth century?a Christian who, if he saw our world today, could rightly say, ?I told you so.?

Robert Novak | November 29, 2004

U.S. diplomats here respond to Jacques Chirac's continued Yankee-bashing following George W. Bush's re-election by saying the French president is out of step with his people, who are not nearly that anti-American.

John Leo | November 29, 2004

It?s time for the 2004 awards for over-the-top rhetoric.

Sun, Nov 28, 2004

Paul Jacob | November 28, 2004

There is no such thing as a free . . . ride. Washington, D.C.'s transit system, known as Metro, provides ample proof.

George Will | November 28, 2004

Oh, well, if studies say so. The great secret is out: liberals dominate campuses. Coming soon: 'Moon Implicated in Tides, Studies Find.'