Sun, Nov 21, 2004

Debra J. Saunders | November 21, 2004

'America is a strange country. All of its best generals are journalists,' quipped Defense Undersecretary Douglas J. Feith in the middle of an interview Thursday.

Paul Jacob | November 21, 2004

The most important news story of this fall, ultimately more important than the re-election of the president, was the awarding of the X Prize to Burt Rutan for his SpaceShipOne flights.

Sat, Nov 20, 2004

Doug Giles | November 20, 2004

When you ask the average Joe today how he would describe a Christian, he?s likely to come back with a characterization of someone who is intellectually weak, physically out of shape, economically unproductive, morally spineless, and a constant complainer.

Caroline Glick | November 20, 2004

The agreement that France, Germany and Britain reached with Iran this week signals that the diplomatic option of dealing with Iran's nuclear weapons program no longer exists.

Armstrong Williams | November 20, 2004

Nearly two years ago the Bush administration froze out Yasser Arafat. Their reasoning was straightforward: Arafat had no real intention of facilitating peace. Stirring his people?s hatred is how he kept himself in power.

Robert Novak | November 20, 2004

Sentiment in conservative circles strongly favors promoting Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas to chief justice if ailing William Rehnquist leaves the nation's top judicial position.

Kathleen Parker | November 20, 2004

The case of the Marine shooting in Fallujah pits a young warrior in the clutch of terror and nanosecond judgment against the Monday-morning quarterbacking of theoretical second-guessers.

Fri, Nov 19, 2004

Thomas Sowell | November 19, 2004

Cats are supposed to have nine lives but fallacies must have at least ninety. Some notions will be believed, no matter how many times they have been refuted by facts.

Brent Bozell | November 19, 2004

So much for Hollywood and the NFL being shocked -- shocked! -- over Janet Jackson's 'accidental' breast nudity.

Mike Adams | November 19, 2004

If you think that comparing Evangelical Christians to the Taliban sounds extreme, you might just be a normal American.

Jonah Goldberg | November 19, 2004

John Kerry was right about at least one thing. He repeatedly said that if Bush were re-elected we'd get 'more of the same.'

David Limbaugh | November 19, 2004

The liberal chattering class has literally gone off its collective rocker.

Mona Charen | November 19, 2004

As Americans were reaffirming the war on terror by re-electing George W. Bush, Europe was slapped hard across the face by the murder of Theo van Gogh, a Dutch filmmaker and outspoken critic of Islam.

Oliver North | November 19, 2004

By now, almost everyone in the world with a television has seen the videotape that appears to show a U.S. Marine shooting a wounded Iraqi terrorist inside a mosque in Fallujah.

Ed Feulner | November 19, 2004

As President Bush rebuilds his cabinet, we can expect to hear many in the media and on Capitol Hill claim the president lacks a mandate for his nominees and his policies.

Rich Tucker | November 19, 2004

To paraphrase Churchill: Democracy is dangerous. But it?s less dangerous than all the other political systems out there.

Bruce Bartlett | November 19, 2004

On Tuesday, the Public Broadcasting Service ran a scathing attack on Wal-Mart, the world's largest retailer, on its 'Frontline' series.

Rich Lowry | November 19, 2004

Mary Eberstadt has written an unwelcome book. That doesn't make it any less important or less necessary.

Thu, Nov 18, 2004

Ann Coulter | November 18, 2004

As we wait for CBS to concede the election, Democrats are claiming Kerry lost because Americans are stupid ? and if there's one thing voters respond to, it's crude insults.

Thomas Sowell | November 18, 2004

During the recent election campaign, it has been a liberal mantra that they 'support the troops' while opposing the war in Iraq.

Larry Elder | November 18, 2004

Now, with Arafat's death, the chorus demands that the White House 'seize the initiative' and 'restart the peace process.' Peace process?

Suzanne Fields | November 18, 2004

Seen from the air, Israel is a plaid of fields and forests of green, claiming a promise for the future. What a pity that Muslims have no such promise for the state of Palestine.

Emmett Tyrrell | November 18, 2004

History takes time. To understand the historic decline of the Democratic Party, I have found it useful to reach back to a book I wrote in 1984.

Alan Reynolds | November 18, 2004

President Bush appears serious about tackling "fundamental tax reform" within the next four years, although enhancing alternatives to Social Security and Medicare may well deserve his first turn at bat.

Ross Mackenzie | November 18, 2004

Herewith some key policy recommendations for the second Bush administration now forming up - with emphasis on a biggie. . . .

Marvin Olasky | November 18, 2004

November is National Adoption Month, but you'd never know it from reading the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune or USA Today.

John McCaslin | November 18, 2004

One thing is clear: Not all Irish eyes are smiling.

Robert Novak | November 18, 2004

After President Bush nominated him to be Director of Central Intelligence (DCI), Rep. Porter Goss walked across the Capitol to meet with a senator he hardly knew and who had criticized him: John McCain.

Wed, Nov 17, 2004

Michelle Malkin | November 17, 2004

Bradley Gene McGee was tortured and beaten to death 15 years ago. Thanks to our senseless courts, one of his callous killers is free to strike again.

Walter E. Williams | November 17, 2004

If Krugman is right, wouldn't the terrorists have done us a bigger economic favor if they had destroyed buildings in other cities?

Brent Bozell | November 17, 2004

It might seem odd to compare and contrast two news stories from last week -- the resignation announcement of Attorney General John Ashcroft and the Paris death of Palestinian terrorist Yasser Arafat.

Tony Blankley | November 17, 2004

If you think the fighting has been rough in Fallujah, wait until you see Washington in the springtime.

Cal Thomas | November 17, 2004

In nominating Condoleezza Rice to replace Colin Powell as Secretary of State, President Bush has chosen someone who is a kindred spirit.

Ben Shapiro | November 17, 2004

It must be nice to be Kofi Annan, the Secretary General of the United Nations.

Terry Jeffrey | November 17, 2004

According to Time, al-Masri told interrogators that Al Qaeda has considered plans to 'smuggle nuclear materials to Mexico, then operatives would carry material into the U.S.'

Linda Chavez | November 17, 2004

By nominating National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice to become secretary of state and White House Counsel Alberto Gonzales to become attorney general, President Bush is sending a clear message.

Maggie Gallagher | November 17, 2004

What's the Worst Prediction About the Blue-Red Divide by a Journalist?

William F. Buckley | November 17, 2004

So it will be Condoleezza Rice. We must deny the temptation to ruffles and flourishes which, heaven knows, one might revel in for a good hour. A woman!

Chuck Colson | November 17, 2004

European papers have called the re-election of George Bush a threat. And yet they keep ignoring a time bomb in their own midst?the real threat to Europe.

George Will | November 17, 2004

Herewith some hard questions senators might ask in her confirmation hearings:

Rich Lowry | November 17, 2004

2004 might turn out to be the year when blacks began their journey in the liberal imagination from perpetual victims of bigotry to "bigots" themselves.

Kathleen Parker | November 17, 2004

Following days of spin and commentary, we can confidently declare a new urban legend: George W. Bush was elected by right-wing, science-hating, vengeful Christian zealots.

Tue, Nov 16, 2004

Star Parker | November 16, 2004

The 2004 presidential election has been depicted as pitting those of faith against secularists. But this is really inaccurate.

David Limbaugh | November 16, 2004

Some are touting this week's opening of the Clinton presidential library as a potentially momentous event -- not because of the library itself, but because Democratic bigwigs will be together to discuss the future of their party.

Dennis Prager | November 16, 2004

For the overwhelming majority of millions of citizens of Los Angeles County over the past 50 years, this seal has aroused no opposition.

Matt Towery | November 16, 2004

Last summer, our InsiderAdvantage national survey asked Americans if they intended to travel more or less than they did the prior summer.

Ed Feulner | November 16, 2004

It?s company policy at The New York Times that opinion columnists may not officially endorse presidential candidates. Still, there was no doubt during the past year which man most of the page?s writers were backing.

Bruce Bartlett | November 16, 2004

According to a new report from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, that governments of the left in Europe have been doing pretty much the same thing as President Bush has done here.

John McCaslin | November 16, 2004

One of the more frightening post-Sept. 11 reports is handed to us by Rep. Roscoe G. Bartlett, Maryland Republican, detailing how an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack could disrupt electronic systems across the entire continental United States for years on end.

Armstrong Williams | November 16, 2004

The Democrats are out of step with America and, if they want to be a long-term, stable governing body, that is going to have to change.

Mon, Nov 15, 2004

Mike Adams | November 15, 2004

I have some pretty bad news and some really bad news.

Cal Thomas | November 15, 2004

It would appear that no one running to replace Arafat, and probably most, if not all, of those voting for his successor, will express anything but the dominant religious and political party line.

Suzanne Fields | November 15, 2004

The culture war is real, but it's not about pitting Republican against Democrat, the God-fearing against godless or even about conservative against liberal.

Diana West | November 15, 2004

'Better fled than red' is how one wag put it, explaining the blue-state of mind that now weighs expatriate-ism as a coping strategy against 'Bush II: Red-state Nation.'

Phyllis Schlafly | November 15, 2004

Democrats are trying to make a campaign issue out of President Bush's alleged plan to "privatize" Social Security, scaring seniors into thinking their checks will be cut off.

Larry Kudlow | November 15, 2004

Is there too much panic about the so-called dollar decline? You bet there is.

John Leo | November 15, 2004

The unending 50-year war over Alfred Kinsey and his sex research is about to flare up once again, thanks to the new movie Kinsey.

Robert Novak | November 15, 2004

He is a freshman Republican from Minnesota completing his second year in Washington, and he was talking about the United Nations and its pious secretary general, Kofi Annan.

Jack Kemp | November 15, 2004

While many debate what exactly that mandate actually is, one is readily apparent: do not obstruct qualified judicial nominees.

Charles Krauthammer | November 15, 2004

The outpouring of tributes to Yasser Arafat is marked by two themes:

Sun, Nov 14, 2004

Paul Jacob | November 14, 2004

There's nothing wrong with questioning the standards that are set for any endeavor, for any area of human activity whatsoever ? especially when it concerns our kids. Rules can, do and must change to meet changing circumstances. Of course.

Bruce Bartlett | November 14, 2004

In his post-election press conference, President Bush laid out an extremely ambitious second-term agenda.