Sun, Nov 07, 2004

Paul Jacob | November 07, 2004

The media kept telling us that support for term limits was waning. But apparently voters didn't get the memo.

Sat, Nov 06, 2004

Doug Giles | November 06, 2004

The lunatic uber-liberal lug nuts were stunned Wednesday morning that Kerry didn?t carry this election.

Brent Bozell | November 06, 2004

To most Americans, Halloween is a happy occasion for little costumed children to plead with neighbors for handfuls of candy.

Caroline Glick | November 06, 2004

So PLO chieftain Yasser Arafat, the godfather of Islamic terrorism, is now dying or dead in a French military hospital.

Rich Tucker | November 06, 2004

To paraphrase Churchill: Democracy is dangerous. But it?s less dangerous than all the other political systems out there.

Robert Novak | November 06, 2004

Only four of the 26 Democratic challengers for Congress and governorships endorsed and bankrolled by the left-wing MoveOn PAC were elected Tuesday, but some suffered from that organization's support.

Fri, Nov 05, 2004

Thomas Sowell | November 05, 2004

The oldest fraud is the belief that the political left is the party of the poor and the downtrodden.

Mike Adams | November 05, 2004

Arguing with these nattering nabobs and neutered nemeses is occasionally entertaining but seldom challenging. So I decided to hop on an airplane to harvest my first buck of the season.

Jonah Goldberg | November 05, 2004

The Daily Kos, an Internet blog which largely serves as the chief cheerleader and bulletin board for Democrats, thinks the party should fire DNC Chair Terry McAuliffe and replace him with Howard Dean.

David Limbaugh | November 05, 2004

The Democrats' repeated charge that President Bush broke his 2000 campaign promise to be a uniter, not a divider, is fundamentally dishonest and wrongheaded, as is their insistence following this election, that he begin the healing process.

Mona Charen | November 05, 2004

If you knew nothing else about John Edwards than what you could see from his semi-concession speech on Nov. 3, it would be enough to dislike him.

Oliver North | November 05, 2004

The American people spoke loud and clear on Tuesday, and the so-called mainstream media still haven't heard them.

Terry Jeffrey | November 05, 2004

While there were many important issues in Tuesday's historic election, the single most important one for the largest bloc of voters was not the economy, the Iraq War or the Terror War. It was the cultural war.

Ed Feulner | November 05, 2004

It doesn?t happen very often -- maybe every 800,000 years or so, scientists estimate. Changes in the magnetic field cause the earth?s poles to flip. Suddenly north and south are reversed.

Jacob Sullum | November 05, 2004

The conservatives who have been holding their tongues presumably will press him to deliver on his promises. Here are three important ones:

Rich Tucker | November 05, 2004

You can?t be half pregnant, partially dead or -- for that matter -- a 'power-sharing' president. You either are the nation?s leader or you aren?t.

Emmett Tyrrell | November 05, 2004

As always in matters where intellect should preside, the liberals became emotionally involved, losing what little political sense they still had.

Rebecca Hagelin | November 05, 2004

'There's an old saying, 'Do not pray for tasks equal to your powers; pray for powers equal to your tasks.''

Charles Krauthammer | November 05, 2004

Later than most two-term presidents, George Bush got his mandate.

Bruce Bartlett | November 05, 2004

An extremely important debate is going on within both parties today that will have a very important impact on our nation?s future political direction.

Kathleen Parker | November 05, 2004

As stunned Democrats scratch the dry earth for signs and glance heavenward for clues to the strange universe that re-elected George W. Bush, it seems unduly cruel to withhold what Ordinary Americans have known all along.

Thu, Nov 04, 2004

Ann Coulter | November 04, 2004

I guess John Kerry went into the primary without a plan to win the election.

Thomas Sowell | November 04, 2004

Although more people voted for President Bush than for any other President in American history, it was still a narrow victory -- and a narrow escape for this great nation.

Larry Elder | November 04, 2004

So now the world -- and the Democrats -- will have to live with him . . . for four more years.

Suzanne Fields | November 04, 2004

We've finally consigned another election campaign to the history books. How we judge it later may be very different from how we see it today.

Ben Shapiro | November 04, 2004

President Bush campaigned on solid conservative values, and he won on those values.

Robert Novak | November 04, 2004

Remote though his chance was of turning around the crucial outcome in Ohio, it seemed to provide a frail final chance of averting total disaster for the Democratic Party.

Chuck Colson | November 04, 2004

After a long and arduous campaign, the election is finally over. Some are shouting for joy, while others are sure it?s the end of the world. As Christians, we should be doing neither.

Marvin Olasky | November 04, 2004

'We the people' voted Tuesday in a way that may redefine for decades who 'we the people' are and what authority we have.

Ross Mackenzie | November 04, 2004

As late as noon on Election Day, gloom pervaded the Bush election nerve center; the game seemed lost. But a number of things gave the president a famous victory:

George Will | November 04, 2004

Never in this marathon did Kerry himself do anything to change the campaign's dynamics.

Wed, Nov 03, 2004

Michelle Malkin | November 03, 2004

How many times did you hear pollsters, pundits, journalists and Democratic mouthpieces (sorry for the redundancy) say that 'turnout will be key' to a Kerry/Edwards victory? Let's review.

Walter E. Williams | November 03, 2004

Black politicians and the civil rights establishment take it as an act of faith that progress for black people requires racial politics and government programs.

Brent Bozell | November 03, 2004

Here's an election-eve story you may have missed, thanks to the 'news' media.

Tony Blankley | November 03, 2004

What I do know is that this has been one hell of a slam bang election season.

Cal Thomas | November 03, 2004

President George W. Bush beat Ronald Reagan, scoring higher in the popular vote than the 40th president.

Terry Jeffrey | November 03, 2004

St. Mary's, it turns out, would have played the game had White City agreed not to suit up their linewoman. But White City declined.

Linda Chavez | November 03, 2004

The real loser in Tuesday's election wasn't Democrat John Kerry, but the liberal media and intellectual elite who demonstrated, once again, how out-of-touch they are with the American public.

Armstrong Williams | November 03, 2004

The voters spoke clearly on that topic Tuesday night when they re-elected President George W Bush.

Larry Kudlow | November 03, 2004

Who would have thought that lying exit polls, socially conservative Democrats, and Evangelical Christians would have dwarfed traditional issues like national security and economic prosperity on Election Day 2004.

Tue, Nov 02, 2004

Star Parker | November 02, 2004

As the time arrives for deciding who our next president will be, I would suggest that there are really two types of candidates.

David Limbaugh | November 02, 2004

They've always been biased, but this year, they barely tried to hide it.

Dennis Prager | November 02, 2004

One of the more popular anti-Republican documents making the rounds on the Internet is titled 'Things You Have to Believe to Vote Republican Today.'

Matt Towery | November 02, 2004

So instead of writing about political polls, strategy and policy, allow me this time to express my own opinions about where we are as a nation and where we might be headed.

Armstrong Williams | November 02, 2004

Now that the election is over, let's hope the White House can focus on the issue of the overmedication of young people with psychotropic drugs.

John McCaslin | November 02, 2004

Nobody was more delighted than historian David Hackett Fischer when former presidential adviser and commentator David Gergen described a defeated Democratic candidate as 'an economic Paul Revere.'

Joel Mowbray | November 02, 2004

He is a politician, of course, and tall tales are often no taller than on the stump.

Bruce Bartlett | November 02, 2004

Since 1980, Democrats have tended to blame their losing candidates for not being tough enough.

Mon, Nov 01, 2004

Thomas Sowell | November 01, 2004

It is hard to think of a single example of men who faced enemy fire side by side and who later publicly denounced each other.

Michael Barone | November 01, 2004

As the campaign races to the end, with George W. Bush holding a slight lead over John Kerry in most polls, it is interesting to go back and see how much of the political conventional wisdom (you read some of it in this space) has proved to be wrong.

Cal Thomas | November 01, 2004

On his latest video release, Osama bin Laden says that what got him thinking about striking back at the 'American-Israeli alliance' on September 11, 2001, was Israel's attack on terrorist sites inside Lebanon in 1982.

Pat Buchanan | November 01, 2004

Yet, thanks to CBS and the Times, Kerry was able, for three days of the last week of the campaign, to make a charge of presidential dereliction of duty that threw Bush off message and on the defensive.

Suzanne Fields | November 01, 2004

Let's hear it for the war of words coming to a close tomorrow, at last. (Applaud with one hand only.) The two candidates have sharpened our focus and nobody's been killed.

Ben Shapiro | November 01, 2004

In Ann Coulter?s newest book, ticking off leftists has never been such fun.

Diana West | November 01, 2004

Ever since John Kerry's presidential nomination was sealed with a scream (Howard Dean's), certain revelations about the Life of Kerry have set off buzzers within me that say there's no way this man will be president.

Phyllis Schlafly | November 01, 2004

The flap over the U.S. Department of Education consigning 300,000 copies of "Helping Your Child to Learn History" to the trash bin is evidence anew that the federal government should have no role in education.

Frank Gaffney | November 01, 2004

If the conventional wisdom is correct, Tuesday?s presidential election will be tightly contested and ultimately decided by the electorate?s concerns about winning the war against terrorists bent on our destruction.

Jack Kemp | November 01, 2004

As I write this column we are in the stage of the presidential campaign similar to that period just after the pilot of a transcontinental flight announces he is on final approach and just before the landing gear is deployed.

Larry Kudlow | November 01, 2004

All campaign long Kerry has flogged Bush on the issue of lost jobs.

Robert Novak | November 01, 2004

To begin his final full week campaigning for the presidency last Monday, John Kerry abandoned previous plans and seized on a single case of missing explosives in Iraq.

Chuck Colson | November 01, 2004

A lot of politicians are paying lip service to traditional marriage this year. But we can't just listen to what they say when the cameras are on. We have to research what they've said throughout their careers, look at their voting records, and figure out where they really stand.

Sun, Oct 31, 2004

Paul Jacob | October 31, 2004

What? You don't have your own attorney on retainer? How on earth do you plan to take part in our elections, then?

Joel Mowbray | October 31, 2004

Two former MTV producers have accomplished what the entire mainstream media thus far has not: they?ve captured the real life and times of the Iraqi people.