Sun, Oct 24, 2004

Paul Jacob | October 24, 2004

Well, that's not quite right. Every time I have to flush twice, I think of Congress.

George Will | October 24, 2004

Not since the election of 1800, the first in which one party displaced another from the presidency, has there been such anxiety about voting.

Sat, Oct 23, 2004

Thomas Sowell | October 23, 2004

While many people are urging us to vote -- regardless of for whom, for what, or for what reason -- there are very few urging us to do what is far more important: Stop and think!

Doug Giles | October 23, 2004

There is no way a Christian can buy into neo-liberal ideology and be faithful to the bigger-than-Dallas teachings of the scripture and expect to continue enjoying his hard-won religious liberties.

Rich Tucker | October 23, 2004

As the election season enters its final days, let?s turn to a great liberal philosopher for some insight: 'If the documents are not what we were led to believe, I?d like to break that story.'

Robert Novak | October 23, 2004

Congressional leaders must agree on details of the independent 9/11 commission recommendations by Tuesday in order to pass an intelligence reform bill before the election and avert a late Democratic attack.

Fri, Oct 22, 2004

Thomas Sowell | October 22, 2004

With the election season coming into the home stretch, the cry of 'Tax cuts for the rich!' is ringing out across the land from Democrats desperate to regain power in Washington.

Brent Bozell | October 22, 2004

Television advertisers not only sell their brand by advertising, they make television itself possible.

Jonah Goldberg | October 22, 2004

On October 21, The Associated Press reported: 'Sen. John Kerry, bracing for a potential fight over election results, will not hesitate to declare victory Nov. 2 and defend it, advisers say."

David Limbaugh | October 22, 2004

Here we are less than two weeks from the election and John Kerry is still playing "hide the ball." The last thing he wants most of us -- excluding his loony, militant base -- to know is who he really is.

Mona Charen | October 22, 2004

Here they come -- the earnest exhortations to get out and vote. You'll be hearing it from television newscasters, MTV, newspaper ads, radio talk show hosts, weathermen, schoolteachers ... you get the idea. Everyone has a duty to vote, they will say.

Oliver North | October 22, 2004

Conspiracy theories and "urban legends" are compelling, especially when people e-mail them to five hundred or so of their closest friends.

Rebecca Hagelin | October 22, 2004

Senator Kerry is trying to make the practice of faith an issue in the presidential election.

Charles Krauthammer | October 22, 2004

he centerpiece of John Kerry's foreign policy is to rebuild our alliances so the world will come to our help, especially in Iraq.

Chuck Colson | October 22, 2004

The tangled rhetoric of the stem-cell debate continues to spread confusion. Only in the presidential campaign it?s dangerous.

Joel Mowbray | October 22, 2004

To listen to the Massachusetts liberal, Bush has a 'secret plan' for eliminating Social Security and reinstating the draft.

Thu, Oct 21, 2004

Ann Coulter | October 21, 2004

While the people of Afghanistan are celebrating their first democratic election and the Iraqis are taking their first steps to democracy, the great thinkers in the Democratic Party are still polishing up their conspiracy theories about the war to liberate Iraq.

Thomas Sowell | October 21, 2004

Who said, 'if you hold your fire until you see the whites of his eyes, you will never know what hit you'? It was President Franklin D. Roosevelt and he said it on May 27, 1941. It applies even more today.

Larry Elder | October 21, 2004

The post-debate media "truth squad" took little time in taking Bush to task for denying he ever said he "wasn't that concerned" about Osama bin Laden. Please.

Mike Adams | October 21, 2004

Well, Clifton, there you go again. I thought we were through with this little exchange but I see that you have updated 'your' website since I last wrote to you.

Cal Thomas | October 21, 2004

When real issues manage to rise above the smoke and mirrors of political warfare in this exhausting presidential campaign, the cost of health care and medical insurance is just behind terrorism and keeping the country safe in top voter concerns.

Suzanne Fields | October 21, 2004

New York City showers big bucks on John Kerry. Stephen Sondheim, the composer of brilliant musicals, posted a $5,000 cover charge on his fund-raiser for the Democratic nominee.

Emmett Tyrrell | October 21, 2004

I see that the convalescing Bill Clinton is about to leave his Chappaqua infirmary to hit the campaign trail for Democratic presidential candidate Jean-Francois Kerry.

Ross Mackenzie | October 21, 2004

To an undiscerning and/or unsuspecting segment of the electorate, John Kerry emerged from the debates with his facade of moderation intact.

George Will | October 21, 2004

The campaign is culminating with reckless charges about the possibility ? actually, the certainty; such is life ? that there will be imperfections in recording perhaps 110 million votes.

Marvin Olasky | October 21, 2004

George W. Bush's years in the White House have been far from Edenic. External blows like the 9-11 attacks and internal problems (particularly confusion about education and poverty-fighting) have sunk some of the optimism of Jan. 20, 2001.

John McCaslin | October 21, 2004

For its November 'Women We Love' issue, Esquire polled 3,414 readers - whose eyes for the ladies tend to favor the GOP.

Rich Lowry | October 21, 2004

It's already starting. Democrats are pumping up the volume on behalf of an insidious lie:

Wed, Oct 20, 2004

Thomas Sowell | October 20, 2004

As if Dan Rather's use of forged documents to try to discredit President Bush shortly before the election was not enough of a clue to the mainstream media's political agenda, ABC News has now joined CBS News in the political spin game.

Michelle Malkin | October 20, 2004

During World War II, young Rose Will Monroe was the face of American women in adversity: strong, supportive and resolute against the enemy forces that threatened our existence.

Walter E. Williams | October 20, 2004

Politicians have a field day misleading Americans who, as a result of having been dumbed down by our education system, can't think, reason or analyze.

Brent Bozell | October 20, 2004

Liberals are positively panicked at the idea that somewhere, on some station, at some late date, someone will say something negative about John Kerry without a moment for balance on the other side.

Jonah Goldberg | October 20, 2004

I feel the same way about the Electoral College. The mere fact that it has been around for a very long time stands in its favor.

Tony Blankley | October 20, 2004

It's getting to that point in the campaign when more than everything that needed to be said has been said.

Ben Shapiro | October 20, 2004

John Kerry can't stop mouthing off about the so-called 'politics of division.'

Terry Jeffrey | October 20, 2004

John Kerry was for the International Criminal Court before he was (sort of) against it, and he will likely be for it again after Nov. 2.

Linda Chavez | October 20, 2004

I don't like the recent tendency to cast political opponents as 'enemies,' 'liars' and 'evil,' which the Democrats have engaged in far more than Republicans this election season.

Kathleen Parker | October 20, 2004

Let's be clear about one thing: No political candidate ever says anything out of the goodness of his heart.

Robert Novak | October 20, 2004

John Kerry's promise in the last presidential debate that he would impose an abortion litmus test on Supreme Court selections deepened anxiety of pro-life Catholics.

Tue, Oct 19, 2004

Mike Adams | October 19, 2004

Before a recent speech at the University of Georgia, a member of the audience asked me when I would write another installment in my ?unanswered questions? series. Well, here it is:

Star Parker | October 19, 2004

Far too little attention is given to the fact that, although big corporations are supposedly the nation's institutions that preserve and promote freedom and capitalism, the reality often is just the opposite.

David Limbaugh | October 19, 2004

Why do you suppose President Bush gets so much flak for his faith and John Kerry is applauded for his professions of faith -- by the very same people?

Dennis Prager | October 19, 2004

For reasons that are more psychological than political, George W. Bush has been the most hated president in memory.

Pat Buchanan | October 19, 2004

Had George W. Bush made such a remark about John Kerry in the Phoenix debate, the Big Media would have gone to battle stations.

Matt Towery | October 19, 2004

With just two weeks to go, President Bush appears to have shed himself of the post-debate blues and again gained momentum in this seesaw contest for the White House.

Bruce Bartlett | October 19, 2004

They put a lie to John Kerry's contention that the rich are not paying their fair share and should be taxed more.

Armstrong Williams | October 19, 2004

Early on in his presidential campaign, John Kerry capitalized on his four months of action in Vietnam and proclaimed to the American public that he is a man of courage and valor.

John McCaslin | October 19, 2004

A fourth-generation logger from Montana, Bruce Vincent was in tears when he walked out of the Oval Office.

Mon, Oct 18, 2004

Michael Barone | October 18, 2004

Many people expected George W. Bush to fare poorly in the debates on domestic issues. But he seems to have done better than he did in the first debate, which was devoted solely to foreign policy.

Mike Adams | October 18, 2004

Hello again, Cliff. I hope you had a nice weekend. I had a chance to visit ?your? website over the weekend.

Cal Thomas | October 18, 2004

Somin has compiled his analysis from several studies, all of which reveal a lack of knowledge by a majority of voters.

Suzanne Fields | October 18, 2004

Some people think they see the mother lode in the beautiful people, especially the vote of the beautiful women.

Debra J. Saunders | October 18, 2004

Not only did President George Bush and Sen. John Kerry drop the ball on the issue of health care in Wednesday night's presidential debate, but even moderator Bob Schieffer got it wrong when he said of health care, 'We're paying more. We're getting less.'

Diana West | October 18, 2004

With eye-crossingly close presidential polls, it's time to imagine what it would be like to live through the Kerry years.

Phyllis Schlafly | October 18, 2004

The presidential candidate praised abstinence at a key moment in the debate in St. Louis, and he admitted that the Kyoto Protocol treaty on global warming was 'flawed.'

Chuck Colson | October 18, 2004

The presidential debates are over. They?ve been engaging, stimulating, and nail-biting at times, but have they really helped us pick a president?

Rich Lowry | October 18, 2004

Americans have been shocked to learn a flu-vaccine shortage will keep many of them from getting their flu shots this year. They shouldn't be.

Bruce Bartlett | October 18, 2004

A new study suggests that this election may be as much about freedom as anything else, with those placing the highest value on it increasingly identifying with the Republican Party.

Robert Novak | October 18, 2004

John Kerry clearly felt he was riding high in the final presidential debate last week at Tempe, Ariz., when he impulsively and inexplicably noted that Vice President Dick Cheney's daughter Mary is a lesbian.

John Leo | October 18, 2004

Many of us at this justifiably famous newspaper are sorely vexed by assertions that we are somehow guilty of tilting the news to fit our editorial views.

Larry Kudlow | October 18, 2004

Is there more sanity in the federal budget than people think?

Jack Kemp | October 18, 2004

The media and all too many political elites, it seems, never learn. For at least 20 of the past 25 years, there has been constant hand-wringing over the federal budget deficit.

Sun, Oct 17, 2004

Paul Jacob | October 17, 2004

There's something rotten in Denmark. And I catch a whiff of something similarly unpleasant here in a America, too.