Sun, Oct 03, 2004

Mike Adams | October 03, 2004

Recently, some students complained to me that the computer labs had run out of paper on just the second day of the semester here at UNC-Wilmington.

Cal Thomas | October 03, 2004

Sen. John Kerry, though behind in the polls before the debate, remains within striking distance and viable for the next two debate nights and the election based largely on his superior speaking skills.

Debra J. Saunders | October 03, 2004

I'll concede that style counts. It was fair game for critics to say Al Gore's demeanor defined his performance in the 2000 debates.

Diana West | October 03, 2004

George W. Bush's hometown weekly The Lone Star Iconoclast has endorsed John Kerry for president.

Paul Jacob | October 03, 2004

In Washington, D.C., Mayor Anthony A. Williams announced his plans to build a 41,000-seat, city-financed baseball stadium at a price tag of $440 million to entice the Montreal Expos to make the nation's capitol their home. And the people cheer.

George Will | October 03, 2004

Michael Barone, author of The Almanac of American Politics, says Ohio, the 17th state, is 'an epitome of American normalcy.'

Sat, Oct 02, 2004

Doug Giles | October 02, 2004

John Kerry is one smooth operator. In the first debate between President Bush and the Senator, Kerry was winsome, calm, well-spoken and semi-believable.

Robert Novak | October 02, 2004

The well-dressed disrupter at the recent premiere of 'Stolen Honor,' has been identified as a Kerry campaign and Democratic National Committee staffer who had served time for manslaughter in a fatal shooting.

Fri, Oct 01, 2004

Brent Bozell | October 01, 2004

It's always nice when the ratings numbers reflect that not every hit program revolves around sexuality, snide cynicism or ever-escalating insults.

Jonah Goldberg | October 01, 2004

I'm ashamed of myself. I haven't written a word about Iran in years, and Iran may be the most important story no one is talking about.

David Limbaugh | October 01, 2004

Though I am writing this column before the debate for publication after the debate, I want to address Kerry's gnawing, self-inflicted wounds on Iraq, as they are sure to be at the forefront of the discussion.

Mona Charen | October 01, 2004

Drabble is hardly alone. The hate-America club is not at all exclusive, and many of its dues-paying members are Americans themselves.

Oliver North | October 01, 2004

Maybe it's something in the water. Perhaps it's a disorder created by the political silly season back home in the United States.

Rich Tucker | October 01, 2004

Occasionally, a sports reporter will be accused of 'writing his lead on the way to the ballpark.' After all, why wait until the game begins to declare a winner?

Joel Mowbray | October 01, 2004

What did the five individuals named by the Post on September 4?who were a mix of low-level bureaucrats, high-ranking officials, and one former advisor on the Defense Policy Board?have in common?

Charles Krauthammer | October 01, 2004

It was a mistake for John Kerry to spend four days at the Democratic convention establishing his connection to Vietnam. But it was oddly appropriate.

Chuck Colson | October 01, 2004

Plays and musicals have been written about some pretty strange topics. But a musical about presidential assassins? Sounds a little over the top, doesn?t it?

Larry Kudlow | October 01, 2004

Time and again on the campaign trail Kerry argues for a grand international alliance to win the Iraq war. He repeated this in the debate.

Kathleen Parker | October 01, 2004

In divided America, political analysts determinedly seek to peg voters according to demographics, from geography, race, sex and age to religious belief, marital status, education and hobbies.

Thu, Sep 30, 2004

Ann Coulter | September 30, 2004

Apparently, just like in Vietnam, it's taken Kerry only four months to piss off everyone around him.

Mike Adams | September 30, 2004

Make no mistake about it; the university did not just hire its first Republican speaker in Leadership Lecture Series history despite the fact that he is 'conservative.'

Suzanne Fields | September 30, 2004

A schoolboy once asked Nancy Reagan how she liked being married to the president. 'Fine,' she answered with a wry smile, "as long as the president is Ronald Reagan.'

Debra J. Saunders | September 30, 2004

If the special prosecutor's probe into the identity of Bush administration officials who leaked the name of a CIA agent isn't a witch hunt, it certainly qualifies as a colossal waste of money.

Emmett Tyrrell | September 30, 2004

Frankly, I am somewhat surprised to see how rapidly the cranks and nostalgists who initially opposed our military action in Iraq found themselves in the company of a large chunk of the Democratic Party.

Rebecca Hagelin | September 30, 2004

Advocates of same-sex "marriage" are known to reach for one of the oldest arguments in the liberal arsenal ? that a vote in favor of their point of view is a "smart" vote, and a vote against it is the mark of a knuckle-dragging reactionary.

Bruce Bartlett | September 30, 2004

In years past, it was very hard to get state-level poll data. Few state polls were taken, and their results were mostly available only to political professionals.

Robert Novak | September 30, 2004

The immediate questions are whether he will engage in misstatements during Thursday's first presidential debate, and whether he will be challenged if he does.

Marvin Olasky | September 30, 2004

Last week, former Oregon governor and senator Mark Hatfield, now 82, announced his strong support for the American effort in Iraq.

Alan Reynolds | September 30, 2004

When John Kerry rattles off his tiresome lists of complaints about the economy, it is sometimes challenging to even figure out what he imagines he's saying.

John McCaslin | September 30, 2004

Tommy 'The Matchmaker' Curtis is best known as skipper of the Yacht Club of Bethesda, heralded by Washington newspapers and magazines alike for his astounding ability to match couples and send them happily down the matrimonial aisle.

Rich Lowry | September 30, 2004

John Kerry might yet come back and win. If not, it's possible to pinpoint the moment he and the Democrats put themselves on a glide path toward defeat.

Joel Mowbray | September 30, 2004

Finally, Jimmy Carter?a man who has given the thumbs up to the ?elections? of some of the world?s worst tyrants?has found an election with which he can take issue: Florida

Wed, Sep 29, 2004

Thomas Sowell | September 29, 2004

Current Senate hearings on "mandatory retirement" may have more than a little relevance to the huge question of how to "save" Social Security.

Michelle Malkin | September 29, 2004

Beneath the Christophe-coifed hair, unnaturally taut skin and artificially enhanced tan, there are some naked attributes Kerry cannot conceal:

Walter E. Williams | September 29, 2004

Unfortunately, our courts have increasingly become tools for powerful vested interests, and the constitutional protections of private property mean less and less each day.

Brent Bozell | September 29, 2004

Iraq is shaping up to be the crucial election issue, so when Iraqi Prime Minister Iyad Allawi came to Washington last week to thank America for liberating Iraq, the hardened liberal press corps reacted predictably.

Jonah Goldberg | September 29, 2004

I have a theory to explain why the Democratic presidential ticket is growing lamer by the week. It suffers from a little-understood condition known as the 'Kerry Syndrome.'

Tony Blankley | September 29, 2004

As the first debate looms, people are getting edgy. Bush supporters hope this will be the last hoop he has to leap through before victory.

Cal Thomas | September 29, 2004

According to two recent polls the public's perception of the media's credibility has declined to the point where a substantial and growing number of people see the major newspapers and networks as biased in favor of John Kerry.

Ben Shapiro | September 29, 2004

People my age don't vote much. This election should break from that pattern.

Terry Jeffrey | September 29, 2004

Headlined 'America Needs New Leadership,' the ad, without expressly naming either candidate, argued that President Bush is bad for business and that John Kerry would be better.

Linda Chavez | September 29, 2004

George W. Bush once gave me some good advice -- which I never got the opportunity to use -- now I'd like to return the favor.

Kathleen Parker | September 29, 2004

Much as we'd like to put Dan Rather and CBS to bed without supper, one final point needs a hearing: why this story matters.

Tue, Sep 28, 2004

Thomas Sowell | September 28, 2004

Would you sign a contract that enabled the other party to change the terms of that contract at will, while you could neither stop him nor make any changes of your own?

Mike Adams | September 28, 2004

According to The Spartan, the new conservative student newspaper at UNCG, the Office of Student Life (OSL) hired a convicted sex offender as an employee, found out about it and decided not to fire him.

Star Parker | September 28, 2004

The gay marriage issue has struck a nerve in the black community and may well mark the beginning of a sea change in black voting behavior.

Dennis Prager | September 28, 2004

The Trump International Hotel notified me and its other guests that we all had to leave the hotel because Hurricane Jeanne was headed to the South Florida coast.

Debra J. Saunders | September 28, 2004

Never in my lifetime has a presidential campaign tried to get a candidate elected by insulting America's best allies, even as they are putting their sons' lives on the line.

Matt Towery | September 28, 2004

Sometimes the dumbest thing a politician can do is to follow polls religiously. Presumably that's what the John Kerry campaign did when it decided to put all its campaign eggs in the basket labeled 'Iraq.'

Larry Kudlow | September 28, 2004

One of the reasons John Kerry is going to lose the foreign-policy debate Thursday night in Coral Gables, Fla., is that he is a pessimist and a defeatist.

Bruce Bartlett | September 28, 2004

Politicians are too busy raising money and journalists are too busy faking documents to bother with talking to real people.

Rich Lowry | September 28, 2004

Does terrorism threaten single men or women? One could be forgiven for thinking it doesn't when listening to John Kerry's latest pronouncements on terror.

John McCaslin | September 28, 2004

Democratic presidential nominee Sen. John Kerry can't escape the 'Swift Boat' wake, although CBS News anchor Dan Rather's 'bias' tops all political buzzwords in the Global Language Monitor's September PQ (Political-sensitivity Quotient) Index.

Ross Mackenzie | September 28, 2004

A smorgasbord of items affecting the presidential campaign, particularly the Democratic challenger. .

Armstrong Williams | September 28, 2004

Just ask the people in ward 8 who recently elected Barry to the D.C. City Council.

Mon, Sep 27, 2004

Michael Barone | September 27, 2004

John Kerry's latest zigzag on Iraq leaves a sharp difference between him and George W. Bush on that issue.

Mike Adams | September 27, 2004

In a recent interview with our local New York Times affiliate, Dr. Lynne Snowden characterized me as a 'pathological liar' who is 'mentally unbalanced.'

Cal Thomas | September 27, 2004

After the seemingly endless preliminaries, now comes the main event Thursday night.

Suzanne Fields | September 27, 2004

Only the bravest among us in Washington, where the 'Redskins' are loved for their football prowess and scorned for their name, would be bold enough to put a museum on the Mall to honor the first Americans and name it for the American Indian instead of the currently fashionable 'Native American.'

Diana West | September 27, 2004

There is a natural impulse to pounce and hold John Kerry to his latest pronouncement on Iraq.

Phyllis Schlafly | September 27, 2004

Don't think that lawsuits about the Ten Commandments and the Pledge of Allegiance are settled because Alabama Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore was fired.

Frank Gaffney | September 27, 2004

Suddenly, the hottest phenomenon in presidential politics is the metamorphosis of women from 'soccer moms' to 'security moms.'

John Leo | September 27, 2004

Why was CBS so determined to broadcast its alleged scoop about George Bush?s National Guard service before the story was properly checked out?

Robert Novak | September 27, 2004

The CIA is a long way from those extremes, but it is supposed to be a resource -- not a critic -- for the president.

Jack Kemp | September 27, 2004

It has been a long time since the federal government made a serious effort at urban renewal and development.

Sun, Sep 26, 2004

Pat Buchanan | September 26, 2004

Something remains puzzling about the Rathergate scandal.

Paul Jacob | September 26, 2004

One of the profoundest explanations of freedom does not contain the word "freedom." Or "liberty."