Sun, Aug 22, 2004

Paul Jacob | August 22, 2004

Why do career politicians even bother with elections? Well, increasingly they don't.

Ed Feulner | August 22, 2004

Our country has a problem. And we have a solution. But politics is threatening to interfere.

George Will | August 22, 2004

Because of that law, the company felt compelled to ask the Federal Election Commission whether it can continue to advertise when its founder is running for federal office.

Sat, Aug 21, 2004

Doug Giles | August 21, 2004

Listening to the Democrats speak about John Kerry must be what it was like hearing Saint Peter describe Christ to his fishing buddies. Kerry can do no wrong.

Robert Novak | August 21, 2004

The social conservative Family Research Council, lobbying for a platform plank backing a constitutional amendment against same-sex marriage, is attempting to put a new anti-gay marriage book into the hands of all 4,500 delegates and alternates to the Republican National Convention in New York.

Kathleen Parker | August 21, 2004

When Illinois state Sen. Barack Obama spoke at the Democratic National Convention, he wowed the crowd with his world-class charisma, showstopper presence and ministerial oratory.

Fri, Aug 20, 2004

Thomas Sowell | August 20, 2004

Both candidates to become United States Senator from Illinois are black, but the issues involved range far beyond race.

Brent Bozell | August 20, 2004

Plastic surgeons have also been fictionalized, in a ridiculous and overwrought way, on the FX cable channel's shock-drama 'Nip/Tuck.'

David Limbaugh | August 20, 2004

Since John Kerry can't get his story straight on Iraq even with the benefit of hindsight and tons of "second" chances to explain his position, let's consider how he might deal with other possible threats -- such as Iran.

Mona Charen | August 20, 2004

As the mother of a 10-year-old with juvenile diabetes, I yearn more than most for breakthroughs in scientific research.

Neal Boortz | August 20, 2004

The very milk of human kindness and the spirit of love compel me to write this note to you.

Oliver North | August 20, 2004

Our so-called mainstream media just don't get it. A major, historic announcement was made this week -- and most of the potentates of the press missed it.

Rich Tucker | August 20, 2004

Until recently, many of us assumed that skit was as close as we?d ever come to seeing a journalist cheer on a presidential candidate. Then, John Kerry went to 'Unity 2004.'

Alan Reynolds | August 20, 2004

In a remarkable trilogy of editorials, The Washington Post took a 'fresh look' at the Bush tax cuts of 2001-2003.

Joel Mowbray | August 20, 2004

In a bid to dampen rising oil prices, the House of Saud last week promised to pump an additional 1.3 million barrels per day, indefinitely. The markets, though, didn?t buy what the Saudis were selling?prices didn?t drop?and neither should anyone else.

Charles Krauthammer | August 20, 2004

For 60 years, American troops in the tens of thousands have been sitting in Germany essentially where Eisenhower left them at the end of World War II.

Thu, Aug 19, 2004

Ann Coulter | August 19, 2004

There ought to be a special word ? something German ? to describe the feeling of revulsion normal people experience when reading lines like these from a single article on John Kerry by Laura Blumenfeld in the Washington Post:

Thomas Sowell | August 19, 2004

Back during the first Bush administration, the President invited some civil rights leaders to meet with him at the White House.

Larry Elder | August 19, 2004

Democratic vice-presidential candidate John Edwards sees 'two Americas.'

Cal Thomas | August 19, 2004

Florida, which has the death penalty for convicted murderers, seems ready to impose an intellectual death penalty on poor and minority children who have just begun to escape the confines of their failing public schools.

Suzanne Fields | August 19, 2004

We've got a new poet laureate. (Who can name the last one?)

Bruce Bartlett | August 19, 2004

Still stung by George Bush's victory over Al Gore in the Electoral College four years ago, Democrats in Colorado have found a way to give John Kerry at least four electoral votes even if he loses the state's popular vote.

John McCaslin | August 19, 2004

The following memo, distributed this week by the Energy Department's acting assistant secretary for environmental management (EM) to fellow department officials, is titled 'Tell Me What You Think of This Idea':

Ross Mackenzie | August 19, 2004

As a break from the rising tide of defeatism and all Abu Ghraib all the time, herewith a variety of items in the garden of public issues. . . .

Marvin Olasky | August 19, 2004

Forty years ago, Barry Goldwater triumphed at the Republican convention with his offer to provide 'a choice, not an echo.'

Wed, Aug 18, 2004

Michelle Malkin | August 18, 2004

The New York Times, American Civil Liberties Union, anti-Bush protesters and Muslim activists are all apoplectic over the FBI's efforts to prevent violence and terrorism.

Brent Bozell | August 18, 2004

They're judging them on the seriousness of their threat to the media's ultimate goal: putting John Kerry in the White House.

Mike Adams | August 18, 2004

The other day I woke up in a great mood. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and I was thinking about how I could make the world a better, more diverse place.

Tony Blankley | August 18, 2004

Only a few short weeks ago, John Kerry was enjoying the temperate climate and familiar old stones of his native Boston.

Terry Jeffrey | August 18, 2004

Who has allowed more harm to come to more babies during childbirth: John Edwards or the doctors he sued?

Ben Shapiro | August 18, 2004

Amid stories of US basketball defeat and Michael Phelps' doomed quest for seven gold medals, the true spirit of the Olympics shone through this week with uncommon clarity.

Rebecca Hagelin | August 18, 2004

Want to know how you're doing as a parent? Check out how your children are doing when it comes to minding their manners.

Robert Novak | August 18, 2004

In the long run, however, the trouble with Holtz-Eakin is economic rather than political.

Kathleen Parker | August 18, 2004

The deluge that Hurricane Charley dumped across Florida was a puddle compared with the titanic swells clogging America's tear ducts in the wake of New Jersey Gov. James McGreevey's monumentally brave confession: 'I am a gay American.'

John McCaslin | August 18, 2004

Capitol Hill's top watchdog on illegal immigration, Rep. Tom Tancredo, is not a happy camper these days.

Tue, Aug 17, 2004

Thomas Sowell | August 17, 2004

August 20th marks the 40th anniversary of one of the major turning points in American social history.

Walter E. Williams | August 17, 2004

Positive reader response to "Socialism Is Evil" was quite surprising.

Star Parker | August 17, 2004

It seems almost providential that the first contest for the United States Senate between two black men, Democrat Barack Obama and Republican Alan Keyes, is taking place in Illinois, the land of Lincoln.

David Limbaugh | August 17, 2004

Contrary to the polite, watered-down dismissals of much of the beltway pundit community, there is simply no way to chalk up the opposing stories of John Kerry and the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth as mutually honest differences of opinion.

Dennis Prager | August 17, 2004

New Jersey Governor James McGreevey's resignation statement was brilliant.

John Leo | August 17, 2004

John Kerry has repeatedly spoken of President Bush's "ban" on stem cell research. Kerry knows very well it isn't a "ban" or that Bush isn't "shutting down" research.

Rich Lowry | August 17, 2004

'Bush lied' is still gospel for Bush critics, even though it has become such a tattered article of faith that it is near total disintegration.

Joel Mowbray | August 17, 2004

Now that President Bush is turning his attention to reforming the national security apparatus, one policy prescription not explicitly endorsed by the panel could prove to be one of the most effective: enforcing existing visa laws.

Mon, Aug 16, 2004

Brent Bozell | August 16, 2004

Bruce Springsteen has been the darling of the rock press for three decades, first marked by simultaneous Time and Newsweek cover stories in 1975, when he hadn't yet had a big hit song.

Michael Barone | August 16, 2004

This was not the only time during the last 35 years that Kerry has claimed that he was in Cambodia in Christmastime 1968.

Mike Adams | August 16, 2004

UNC administrators had better stock up on Maalox because it?s going to be a long week in Chapel Hill.

Cal Thomas | August 16, 2004

Add "gayness" to patriotism and religion as a final refuge for scoundrels.

Suzanne Fields | August 16, 2004

George W. Bush is not necessarily the wittiest man to campaign for president since Abraham Lincoln's dry wit drove his detractors to distraction, but he's capable of the occasional zinger.

Phyllis Schlafly | August 16, 2004

As the country appears so closely divided between red and blue states, Democrats are seeking oddball constituencies to enhance their numbers.

Jack Kemp | August 16, 2004

Sen. John Kerry has begun to elaborate on the economic agenda that he presented in just a few lines during his speech at the Democratic National Convention.

Robert Novak | August 16, 2004

The passionate debate over John Kerry's war record has become a question of credibility.

John Leo | August 16, 2004

The American Civil Liberties Union has taken yet another embarrassing position, this one involving an antiterrorism agreement it made with the federal government and then decided to ignore.

Sun, Aug 15, 2004

Paul Jacob | August 15, 2004

New Jersey Governor James McGreevey surprised his state and the nation, announcing that "My truth is that I am a gay American." With this statement and his resignation, McGreevey certainly got attention ? but did he draw attention to the truth?

Bruce Bartlett | August 15, 2004

Cassandra was a creature from Greek mythology that was given the gift of prophecy, but cursed by never being believed, even though her predictions were always correct.

William F. Buckley | August 15, 2004

In the matter of the resignation of Governor McGreevey, the impulse is to say: Let it alone ? it is a private act. But that is the thoughtless, even cowardly way of disposing of the event, because it is tied in so many ways to public questions that need thought and exploration.

George Will | August 15, 2004

Zoellick, the most important government official most voters have never heard of, holds a job that is one of the underestimated stakes in this presidential election.