Sun, Aug 08, 2004

Thomas Sowell | August 08, 2004

While Senator John Kerry and his running-mate Senator John Edwards were recently being photographed at lunchtime at Wendy's, to show what regular guys they are, their real lunch was from a local yacht club, which is more their speed in real life.

Brent Bozell | August 08, 2004

Want a primer on societal meltdown? Then turn on the Top 40 pop station in any town, and sample the cultural depths to which too much of today's popular music has sunk.

Paul Jacob | August 08, 2004

Our first election without the First Amendment is, as Alice put it, 'getting curiouser and curiouser.'

George Will | August 08, 2004

Biden has no such delusions about the primacy of personality in international relations. Does Kerry?

Sat, Aug 07, 2004

Doug Giles | August 07, 2004

I?m not buying their rhetoric or the happy, hugging and grinning, let?s eat at Wendy?s shtick they threw our way last week either.

Neal Boortz | August 07, 2004

Most of you will be sending your children to their government schools in the coming weeks.

Kathleen Parker | August 07, 2004

Missouri voters turned out in record numbers Tuesday to express in the privacy of a voting booth what many polite Americans are reluctant to say publicly - that marriage is between a man and a woman.

Robert Novak | August 07, 2004

Democratic insiders privately complained that when John Kerry indicated last weekend he had a secret plan to return U.S. troops from Iraq, he sounded too much like Richard Nixon 36 years ago.

Fri, Aug 06, 2004

Thomas Sowell | August 06, 2004

A recent angry e-mail from a reader said that certain issues should not be determined by 'the dictates of the market.' With a mere turn of a phrase, he had turned reality upside down.

Jonah Goldberg | August 06, 2004

In one of my favorite episodes of 'M*A*S*H,' Hawkeye and Trapper John were desperate to procure a medical incubator.

Mike Adams | August 06, 2004

Hi Mike. Noah here. I have been reading your recent exchange with the terrorist organization, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). My

David Limbaugh | August 06, 2004

I have a few more questions about John Kerry's foreign policy and national security 'vision,' as laid out (or not) in his convention speech and elsewhere.

Mona Charen | August 06, 2004

George W. Bush has consistently done the right things during his term in office. Where he has had less success is in saying the right things at the right time.

Oliver North | August 06, 2004

Last week, I left Ar Ramadi, Iraq, and headed home for a little R&R at the beach with those I love the most.

Jacob Sullum | August 06, 2004

Just before dawn on July 14, 1981, Detroit police hooked a tow truck to the basement door of the Immaculate Conception Church on Trombly Street and tore it off its hinges.

Charles Krauthammer | August 06, 2004

No bounce for Kerry. The Democrats and their pollsters will tell you this is because the electorate has already made up its mind. But if that is the case, why are they campaigning?

Thu, Aug 05, 2004

Ann Coulter | August 05, 2004

Even I, someone who has not exactly had her eyes closed to Clinton-era buffoonery, did not imagine that the most corrupt administration in the history of the country would find a way to keep having scandals while out of office.

Thomas Sowell | August 05, 2004

The politicians who run Santa Monica have simply decided that people should not be able to build a high wall of hedges around themselves.

Brent Bozell | August 05, 2004

Two weeks before the Democratic National Convention, Newsweek's Evan Thomas told us to expect the media to add up to 15 points to Kerry's finishing percentage.

Larry Elder | August 05, 2004

At the Democratic National Convention, Janeane Garofalo -- comedienne, talk show host and liberal pundit -- called me a "house Negro" and a "fascist." Well!

Mike Adams | August 05, 2004

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) would like equal space to address the absurd comments in Mike S. Adams' article, 'PETA Principles.'

Suzanne Fields | August 05, 2004

Oy vay , as my bubby would say. A lot of Jews will vote Republican this year. Bubby's spinning in the great beyond.

Emmett Tyrrell | August 05, 2004

My spies, who are everywhere, tell me that ?no one knows more about the history of boxing than Mike Tyson.? Is that really true?

George Will | August 05, 2004

Mr. Kerry, in your convention speech you threw caution to the wind and endorsed what you called 'one of the oldest Commandments: 'Honor thy father and thy mother.'' Oldest? Were they not all published together?

John McCaslin | August 05, 2004

The Beltway Beat has confirmed that an "incident" is under investigation at the Alexandria Detention Center involving accused terrorist Zacarias Moussaoui and his reported use of a personal cell phone belonging to a jail employee.

Marvin Olasky | August 05, 2004

With the Olympics starting next week, do any of you remember Milton of Kroton, Diagoras of Rhodes or Theagenes of Thasos?

Ross Mackenzie | August 05, 2004

Complaints mount about the U.S. intervention in Iraq. They fall into two basic categories - about the war generally and about interrogation abuses specifically.

Alan Reynolds | August 05, 2004

I'm not fond of political pandering by either Party, yet was force-fed a ton of it during the Democratic convention.

Robert Novak | August 05, 2004

With the Republican National Convention's platform committee convening in New York less than three weeks from now, no draft platform exists, no subcommittees have been named and no special lodging for committee members has been assigned.

Larry Kudlow | August 05, 2004

House Speaker Dennis Hastert tends to operate behind the scenes. He?s not one to make long public speeches or bask in the Washington glow.

Wed, Aug 04, 2004

Michelle Malkin | August 04, 2004

Every five years, a herd of perpetually disgruntled minority journalists gathers together to decry the lack of "diversity" in the media.

Walter E. Williams | August 04, 2004

If there is one general characteristic of white liberals, it's their condescending and demeaning attitude toward blacks.

Jonah Goldberg | August 04, 2004

It was hardly shocking that Al Sharpton was permitted to speak at the Democratic Convention. But a scandal needn't be a surprise to still be a scandal.

Mike Adams | August 04, 2004

Shortly after Mitchell?s actions, the college?s Title IX officer Maryanne Horowitz decided that one of Antebi?s broadcasts constituted sexual harassment against his entire audience.

Tony Blankley | August 04, 2004

On Friday, July 23, Sen. John Kerry took the first significant substantive act of what would be a Kerry presidency: It was a cynical, possibly dangerous, political stunt.

Ben Shapiro | August 04, 2004

In any case, I'm far more concerned with John Kerry's record since he got back to the United States.

Terry Jeffrey | August 04, 2004

One of the most dramatic segments in John Kerry's speech at the Democratic National Convention seemed at first listening to be a ringing re-affirmation of a traditional American principle.

Debra J. Saunders | August 04, 2004

Another beautiful young white woman missing and another hinky husband -- add them together, and you get another murder-trial media circus.

Linda Chavez | August 04, 2004

During the convention, controversy swirled among some veterans over footage used in Kerry's biographical film introducing him to the convention and the nation.

Kathleen Parker | August 04, 2004

In the arsenal of terror, surely the cheapest and most effective weapon is our own self-defeating cynicism.

Rich Lowry | August 04, 2004

In dropping the "un-American" bomb she highlighted an important truth about today's politics: It is the Democrats who routinely question the GOP's patriotism, not the other way around.

Tue, Aug 03, 2004

Thomas Sowell | August 03, 2004

My ears picked up when my wife told me that she was one of the beneficiaries of a class-action lawsuit that brought a settlement of more than $100 million.

Star Parker | August 03, 2004

I never thought I'd be nodding my head in agreement with Al Sharpton.

David Limbaugh | August 03, 2004

This is the first of two columns -- one won't be enough -- addressing the audacious statements in John Kerry's convention speech.

Cal Thomas | August 03, 2004

In his nomination acceptance speech Thursday night (July 29), today's JFK claimed there is a huge economic gap. Really? Not according to Business Week magazine.

Dennis Prager | August 03, 2004

After spending the week at the Democratic National Convention broadcasting my radio show, it was not easy to choose which aspect of the convention I would devote my column to.

Matt Towery | August 03, 2004

I am continually amazed by the number of knowledgeable conservatives who underestimate Sen. Hillary Clinton's popularity.

Maggie Gallagher | August 03, 2004

For John Kerry, this religion thing is a problem. On the one hand, he wants to appeal to Dem elites who tend to be (let's face it) more secular than not.

Joel Mowbray | August 03, 2004

For very good reason, the rule of thumb is that a presidential candidate gains ground following his party?s convention: It almost always happens. But it didn?t happen for John Kerry.

Bruce Bartlett | August 03, 2004

The main reason why I think Bush will win is that by historical standards, the economy is doing well enough.

Armstrong Williams | August 03, 2004

When John Kerry addressed the nation last week, he expressed hope that 'we are on God's side.'

John McCaslin | August 03, 2004

Last November, The Beltway Beat called attention to the remains of up to five U.S. Navy airmen still sitting above ground in Greenland, where they perished in 1962 while hunting for Russian submarines.

Larry Kudlow | August 03, 2004

The Commerce Department has revised data for gross domestic product, sparking a minor debate as to whether a recession actually occurred in 2001.

Mon, Aug 02, 2004

Michael Barone | August 02, 2004

The Democratic delegates, almost all selected by the Kerry campaign, came to Boston joined not by love of John Kerry but by hate for George W. Bush -- and all they believe he stands for.

Cal Thomas | August 02, 2004

Like Nixon, Kerry says he can't reveal his plan because he doesn't want to '(negotiate) it publicly.'

Suzanne Fields | August 02, 2004

Fear and loathing of President Bush was the dish of the day, served piping hot with a side of contempt to the Democrats assembled in Boston's Fleet Center.

Diana West | August 02, 2004

Here's an un-Conventional line of thought: I've sometimes wondered, idly, how it could be that John Kerry had so many pictures of himself from his Navy days in Vietnam.

Phyllis Schlafly | August 02, 2004

Kansas passed a law allowing illegal immigrants to attend state universities at discount tuition rates. Consequently, some out-of-state U.S. citizens who have to pay higher tuition just filed a lawsuit.

Rich Tucker | August 02, 2004

We the voters must keep the pressure on. Congress should take action, or else explain why it isn?t acting.

Jack Kemp | August 02, 2004

I was glad to hear Sen. John Kerry quote Abraham Lincoln as he accepted the Democratic nomination, but he did not read Lincoln far enough.

Robert Novak | August 02, 2004

On the floor of the FleetCenter Thursday night, hours before John Kerry was to deliver his acceptance speech, the talk was about an exciting maneuver planned by the Democratic presidential nominee.

Chuck Colson | August 02, 2004

Every person who believes that life is a sacred gift from God needs to take a stand against the buying, selling, and exploiting of human beings.

John Leo | August 02, 2004

Rub your eyes. Did we just see a Democratic convention brimming with flag-waving patriotism, respect for the military, and references to God and values?

Sun, Aug 01, 2004

Mike Adams | August 01, 2004

We just think back to the promises we kept; the promise never to grow old and the promise never to stop laughing. And, above all, never to let old friendships die.

Debra J. Saunders | August 01, 2004

t the Democratic National Convention, the gulf between rhetoric and reality is breathtaking.

Paul Jacob | August 01, 2004

I'd like to think that my morality is strong enough that, were I to be made a prison guard, I would resist the brutality that prison guards in America and Abu Ghraib and elsewhere too readily practice, with gusto.

George Will | August 01, 2004

The Democrats in Boston did much to justify two much-disparaged things -- party conventions and platforms.