Sun, Jul 18, 2004

Paul Jacob | July 18, 2004

The sun is shining. The corn is growing in Iowa; there's rice in Arkansas; Idaho soil is preparing to offer up plenty of spuds. And in hot and muggy Washington, D.C., we can expect another bumper crop of hypocrisy.

George Will | July 18, 2004

Of the village's $25 million budget, a quarter comes from various governments. Another quarter comes from donated cars. Which is why Carroll is worried about tax legislation gestating in Congress.

Sat, Jul 17, 2004

Doug Giles | July 17, 2004

As I see it, The God job has two fronts: to reach out to and lock in lost souls and to righteously leaven our current cruddy culture for Him.

Kathleen Parker | July 17, 2004

To fans of theater, this week's Senate debate about same-sex marriage was a genuine farce.

Robert Novak | July 17, 2004

More than 100 Republican House members have signed a letter to President Bush asking that Rep. Henry Hyde of Illinois, currently House International Relations Committee chairman and a leading opponent of abortion, be a prime-time speaker at the Republican National Convention in New York.

Fri, Jul 16, 2004

Brent Bozell | July 16, 2004

In a survey of movies from 1992 to 2003, Thompson found 'today?s movies contain significantly more violence, sex and profanity on average than movies of the same rating a decade ago.'

Jonah Goldberg | July 16, 2004

That's certainly what Bob Dole was thinking when he picked Jack Kemp as his running mate in 1996.

Mike Adams | July 16, 2004

I?m sorry to hear about your recent experience in criminal justice class. I don?t know why so many criminal justice classes include chapters on 'queer theory' these days.

David Limbaugh | July 16, 2004

This move afoot to dump Dick Cheney is more than a clever Democratic ploy to generate GOP chaos since some Republicans favor it, too. But, respectfully, they're wrong.

Mona Charen | July 16, 2004

Let's begin with the fact that Kerry voted for the war. Oh yes, he has since attempted to weasel out of responsibility for that vote by saying that he meant only to give the president negotiating room.

Oliver North | July 16, 2004

Progress is being made, though not fast enough for the carping critics who will use any excuse to attack the president's efforts.

Rich Tucker | July 16, 2004

The Senate, by refusing to consider a constitutional amendment to protect traditional marriage, has put the issue on hiatus. But it will return.

Jacob Sullum | July 16, 2004

Little girls know makeup has something to do with being grown up. But when they try it on, they tend to overdo it.

Bruce Bartlett | July 16, 2004

I have long believed that presidential challengers would help themselves by announcing at least some of their top appointments before the election.

Chuck Colson | July 16, 2004

When you build a tower, the Bible warns, you need to count the cost. The same is true if you want to change the definition of marriage.

Joel Mowbray | July 16, 2004

What Kerry apparently didn?t explain during his interview with the New York Times was about what exactly Bush and Cheney were wrong, or what would have happened differently for soldiers not to have 'lost their lives.'

Jack Kemp | July 16, 2004

Recently Sen. John Kerry announced Sen. John Edwards as his vice-presidential running mate for the 2004 election.

Charles Krauthammer | July 16, 2004

The fence is only one-quarter built, and yet it has already resulted in an astonishing reduction in suicide attacks into Israel.

Thu, Jul 15, 2004

Ann Coulter | July 15, 2004

Another high-profile John Kerry supporter was outed as a nutcase this week: Joseph C. Wilson IV, the Walter Mitty of conspiracy theorists.

Larry Elder | July 15, 2004

Her party must defeat the 'extraordinarily ruthless machine' run by Republicans. -- Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y., at a Democratic fund-raiser. 'Ruthless'?

Suzanne Fields | July 15, 2004

The medium is the message, the texts are on television, and the Internet is awash in words, but fewer than half of Americans over 18 are actually reading 'literature.'

Debra J. Saunders | July 15, 2004

When Sen. John Edwards addressed the San Francisco Chronicle editorial board in February before the California Democratic primary, I asked him if he would ask the Senate to ratify the Kyoto global-warming treaty.

Emmett Tyrrell | July 15, 2004

When Bill Casey, my old friend and once my lawyer, was CIA director during the Reagan administration, he often confided that his was 'the best job in Washington.'

Robert Novak | July 15, 2004

Like Sherlock Holmes's dog that did not bark, the most remarkable aspect of last week's Senate Intelligence Committee report is what its Democratic members did not say.

Alan Reynolds | July 15, 2004

Soon after Sen. John Kerry proposed raising the national minimum wage from $5.15 to $7 by 2007, that proposal received predictable cheers from some quarters and predictable boos from others.

Chuck Colson | July 15, 2004

There are times when a defeat can set up the conditions for a great victory. Find out how yesterday's Federal Marriage Amendment vote in the Senate was just that sort of situation.

John McCaslin | July 15, 2004

As Miss America listened, Shahryar provided The Beltway Beat with a progress report on his homeland.

Larry Kudlow | July 15, 2004

If it's not bad enough that rapid economic recovery has neutered Sen. Kerry's principal domestic criticism of President Bush, now comes even worse news for the Democratic campaign:

George Will | July 15, 2004

From this metropolis to the rural stretches near the Oregon border, California's contentment with Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is palpable.

Ross Mackenzie | July 15, 2004

The congressional jockeying and debate - so-called - about a proposed constitutional amendment proscribing homosexual marriage (HM) has not solved much except to clarify where certain political lofties stand.

Marvin Olasky | July 15, 2004

When President Bush was here on June 28-29 for the NATO summit, he steered away from talk about a 'clash of civilizations' between Christianity and Islam.

Rich Lowry | July 15, 2004

It's not going to happen, because Bush is loyal to a fault, and Cheney is, in any case, popular and valued within the administration.

Wed, Jul 14, 2004

Thomas Sowell | July 14, 2004

One of the maddening things about some computer programs and computerized products is their making you fight your way through a maze of complications to do simple things.

Michelle Malkin | July 14, 2004

Add the flag of the Philippines to the International Hall of Appeasers. Sign this pitiful nation up for a lifetime membership to the Axis of Weasels.

Walter E. Williams | July 14, 2004

Bill Cosby rattled the cages again a fortnight ago in his address before Jesse Jackson's 33rd Annual Rainbow/PUSH Coalition conference in Chicago. Let's look at some of his remarks.

Brent Bozell | July 14, 2004

Political reporters think Americans are uneducated and easy to command.

Jonah Goldberg | July 14, 2004

As a journalist I never saw any reason to refine my rationale for going to war down to a bureaucratically or politically convenient ?er-Reason.

Tony Blankley | July 14, 2004

Although he makes regular rude noises about President Bush's Iraq policy, Senator Kerry has tucked his technical position as close to the president's as he can without actually endorsing it in every detail.

Cal Thomas | July 14, 2004

The NAACP bills itself 'nonpartisan' so that it might continue to enjoy the fruits of its tax-exempt status, but the rhetoric from its leaders is outrageously partisan.

Ben Shapiro | July 14, 2004

This week, I began to think for the first time about what I would write if Sen. John Kerry were elected president in November.

Terry Jeffrey | July 14, 2004

The Senate Select Intelligence Committee report on pre-war U.S. intelligence in Iraq inspires two unexpected questions:

Linda Chavez | July 14, 2004

Apparently, Democrats John Kerry and John Edwards think it's funny to compare Hispanic Republicans to roaches -- or so it seems based on their behavior.

Rebecca Hagelin | July 14, 2004

This week, the United States Senate will take the first step in deciding who gets to define marriage for the entire nation: activist judges ? or the American people.

Joel Mowbray | July 14, 2004

Under utopian scenarios, perhaps Israel?s unilateral disarmament could lead to lasting Middle East peace.

Tue, Jul 13, 2004

Thomas Sowell | July 13, 2004

Reactions to Bill Cosby's recent criticisms of some counterproductive ghetto behavior patterns have ranged from applause from some in the black audience that heard him to a cheap attack from white liberal Barbara Ehrenreich in the New York Times.

Mike Adams | July 13, 2004

In your letter, you cite my ?mischaracterization? of the thesis of Bowling for Columbine as the main flaw in my editorial.

Star Parker | July 13, 2004

To the obvious dismay of the black political establishment, Bill Cosby still is not behaving.

David Limbaugh | July 13, 2004

If lying is wrong -- and it is -- lying about lying (falsely accusing others of lying) is also wrong. So if lying about WMD is wrong, so are false accusations that President Bush lied about WMD.

Dennis Prager | July 13, 2004

Needless to say, given the politics of The New York Times and its interviewer, the questions were nearly all challenging. But nothing quite prepared a reader for this one:

Debra J. Saunders | July 13, 2004

If the United Nations didn't want Hussein to pocket kickbacks, it should not have allowed his regime to negotiate oil contracts. But it did.

Matt Towery | July 13, 2004

In politics and polling, you sometimes have to take an extra step back to get a wide angle on what truly interests the public -- as opposed to what the politicians think or want the public to be interested in.

Bill Murchison | July 13, 2004

Well, just who's happy that the Senate this week is debating the Federal Marriage Amendment, defining marriage as the union exclusively of a man and a woman?

Bruce Bartlett | July 13, 2004

According to the report, the underground economy varies from 1.5 percent of gross domestic product in the United Kingdom to almost half in the Kyrgyz Republic.

Armstrong Williams | July 13, 2004

A recent Newsweek cover story about the rising incidence of female infidelity perfectly embodies the pop culture's anti-family agenda.

John McCaslin | July 13, 2004

The family of U.S. Air Force Maj. Gregory Stone was shocked to learn that video footage of the major's Arlington National Cemetery burial was included by Michael Moore in his movie 'Fahrenheit 9/11.'

Kathleen Parker | July 13, 2004

'When Clinton lied, nobody died.' So goes the mantra of the Bush-lied crowd, who are loath to surrender their rhyming couplet even in the face of contrary evidence.

Mon, Jul 12, 2004

Michael Barone | July 12, 2004

There are two approaches to terrorists. One is to fight them with every weapon you can -- the military, intelligence services, interdiction of money flows, diplomacy.

Cal Thomas | July 12, 2004

The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence has found that bad information was provided to the Bush administration in the run-up to the Iraq war.

Suzanne Fields | July 12, 2004

John Edwards says we live in two Americas, and he may be right. But the two Americas are not about the haves and the have-nots. They're about those who take the world seriously and those who don't.

Debra J. Saunders | July 12, 2004

I just wanted to get your attention amid all the misinformation about 1) former Enron CEO Kenneth Lay and 2) how his ties with President Bush hurt Californians.

Diana West | July 12, 2004

I find myself in a curious emotional state over the announcement of a winner in the John Kerry veepstakes.

Phyllis Schlafly | July 12, 2004

Do you ever wonder why the Internet is so polluted with pornography? The Supreme Court just reminded us why: It blocks every attempt by Congress to regulate the pornographers.

John Leo | July 12, 2004

Word that Bremer actually gave the speech is something of a collector?s item among American reporters.

Rich Lowry | July 12, 2004

What to make of a political party that doesn't officially have a position on the biggest policy question in our politics?

Joel Mowbray | July 12, 2004

Kerry's VP announcement had at least one glaring omission--not one reference to al Qaeda, radical Islam, or even terrorism.

Robert Novak | July 12, 2004

mid the spontaneous outpouring of respect and affection for Ronald Reagan following his death, a discordant note was sounded by his son.

Armstrong Williams | July 12, 2004

NAACP Chairman Julian Bond opened the organization's 95th annual convention with harsh words for the Republicans and the President.

Sun, Jul 11, 2004

Thomas Sowell | July 11, 2004

To those who do not want to face up to hard and brutal choices in a nuclear age, the magic formula is to turn to something called 'the international community' -- or, more concretely, the United Nations or 'our European allies.'

Paul Jacob | July 11, 2004

The future of America does not hinge on the outcome of this August's primary election for tax collector in Seminole County, Florida. But then again, maybe in a way it does.

George Will | July 11, 2004

Under Washington's new scorched-earth ethic of bitter partisanship, there is a supermajority requirement for any significant action.