Sun, May 16, 2004

Pat Buchanan | May 16, 2004

When the Warren Court handed down its most famous decision, Brown vs. the Board of Education, on May 17, 1954, this writer had a ringside seat at a high school in the inner city of Washington, D.C.

Paul Jacob | May 16, 2004

Wars can be lost on the battlefield, but not completely won there. That's because war, as the Prussian military strategist Karl von Clausewitz wrote, 'is the continuation of politics by other means.'

George Will | May 16, 2004

The Supreme Court's decision 50 years ago, although an immense blessing to the nation, also carries a melancholy lesson.

William F. Buckley | May 16, 2004

Several voices, trying to sway the public temper -- if not exactly to overlook the grim events, at least to put them in an anesthetic perspective -- are saying:

Larry Kudlow | May 16, 2004

For all the hullabaloo about the widening trade deficit, no one talks about the spectacular performance of U.S. exports. This is a key recovery indicator, and it's booming.

Sat, May 15, 2004

Doug Giles | May 15, 2004

If you?re with me, here?s a word of advice: ignore the ?mature?, carping critics who try to keep you at bay, stifle you in the college classroom, who roll their eyes at you when you disagree with their Michael Moore take on life.

Robert Novak | May 15, 2004

If Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld survives the Iraq prisoner abuse scandal, he may have to lose one of his closest advisers: Dr. Stephen A. Cambone, under secretary of Defense for Intelligence.

Fri, May 14, 2004

Thomas Sowell | May 14, 2004

Although Brown v. Board of Education dealt with race and with schools, its judicial philosophy spread rapidly to issues having nothing to do with race or schools.

Brent Bozell | May 14, 2004

Lost in the hype over the wildly overpublicized finale of "Friends" was its legacy: horny sex chat is now part of the family hour.

Jonah Goldberg | May 14, 2004

The truth is more like the other way around: Right now, I support Bush because I am such a partisan for winning in Iraq.

David Limbaugh | May 14, 2004

There has been no cessation of hostility in the secularists' war against Christianity. The enemies of religious freedom are still operating at full force, and we must keep our eyes on them.

Mona Charen | May 14, 2004

Sometimes a rainbow is reflected in a drop of rain -- and sometimes it's just a muddy mess.

Oliver North | May 14, 2004

Americans are so good at self-flagellation, even a heinous act by others may be insufficient to remind us that we're not so bad after all.

Rich Tucker | May 14, 2004

It probably seems we get quite enough news out of Iraq. Prison abuses, congressional hearings and American deaths dominate the headlines. But even with all the stories being generated there, we still have far fewer journalists than we need in Iraq.

Jacob Sullum | May 14, 2004

In a speech last month, Sen. John McCain said Bradley Smith is unfit to head the Federal Election Commission because his principles prevent him from properly enforcing the nation's campaign laws.

Armstrong Williams | May 14, 2004

American society tilted on its axis when the Supreme Court heard Brown vs. Board of Education in 1953.

Charles Krauthammer | May 14, 2004

Democrats calling for Donald Rumsfeld's resignation invoke the principle of ministerial responsibility: a Cabinet secretary must take ultimate responsibility for what happens on his watch.

Chuck Colson | May 14, 2004

In this November's election, you won't be able to vote -- unless you're registered. Find out how Christian musicians are working to "Redeem the Vote."

Thu, May 13, 2004

Ann Coulter | May 13, 2004

Carroll cited the hoax poll liberals quote every 10 minutes that purports to show people who watch Fox News are ignorant retards.

Thomas Sowell | May 13, 2004

The landmark case of Brown v. Board of Education was immediately about schools, even though it quickly became a precedent for outlawing racial segregation in other government-controlled institutions and programs.

Larry Elder | May 13, 2004

Scandal! Shocking! Shame! A public relations setback for the war! The world no longer trusts America with her loss of the moral high ground!

Mike Adams | May 13, 2004

My favorite quote in the chapter was actually from UCLA Professor Peter Hammond as he discussed the courage that it takes to be trans-gendered.

Suzanne Fields | May 13, 2004

Conversations among pols and pundits on politics and policies are usually more important than what's up on the platform. But there are exceptions.

Debra J. Saunders | May 13, 2004

It's not that "Troy" is a bad movie. It's a good movie -- if you don't care about Homer.

Emmett Tyrrell | May 13, 2004

Yes, the public gains pictures, film clips and sound bites, but we lose perspective and with that judgment, always at the expense of sound policy.

Ross Mackenzie | May 13, 2004

And so, Abu Ghraib goes into the lexicon with My Lai and other locales of infamy.

Robert Novak | May 13, 2004

Sen. Pat Roberts of Kansas is an old-fashioned conservative and a loyal Republican who happens to be the current chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Bruce Bartlett | May 13, 2004

It is not an overstatement to say that she revolutionized Britain's society and economy in ways no other British leader has ever done.

Marvin Olasky | May 13, 2004

For a good example of what's wrong with liberal journalism, see the top front page headline on yesterday (Wednesday) morning's USA Today:

Alan Reynolds | May 13, 2004

There has been some speculation that the Fed's "patience" might have something to do with the fact that Greenspan is a Republican and this is a presidential election year.

Larry Kudlow | May 13, 2004

A surprising new economic report suggests that the U.S. manufacturing sector is operating at or near full capacity. This raises threatening red flags about Federal Reserve interest-rate policy and higher future inflation.

Rich Lowry | May 13, 2004

If we insist on having an orgy of self-flagellation about the prison abuses at Abu Ghraib, we might as well gain something from it.

John McCaslin | May 13, 2004

Rep. Curt Weldon (R-Penn.) learned a hard lesson about the pursuit of justice in the time of war.

Wed, May 12, 2004

Thomas Sowell | May 12, 2004

The flimsy and cavalier reasoning used by the Supreme Court, set a pattern of judicial activism that has put American law in disarray on all sorts of issues that extend far beyond racial cases.

Michelle Malkin | May 12, 2004

Can we focus for a moment on the unsung Americans in the military who make this nation proud?

Walter E. Williams | May 12, 2004

Now that my spring semester?s work has just about been completed, I decided to bring myself up to speed on these American atrocities.

Brent Bozell | May 12, 2004

Everyone with a civilized bone in his or her body thinks the prisoner abuse is unwarranted, unacceptable and in our most idealistic moments, un-American.

Jonah Goldberg | May 12, 2004

Last week I wrote a column saying that CBS should have thought twice before showing the photos from Abu Ghraib prison.

Tony Blankley | May 12, 2004

Mr. Rumsfeld should keep his bottom firmly in his secretarial chair, not for his own sake but for the sake of his president and the national interest.

Cal Thomas | May 12, 2004

The pre-release prediction from much of Hollywood was that no one wanted to see a religious picture and the film was sure to tank, costing Gibson his personal investment and inflaming anti-Semitic passions around the world.

Terry Jeffrey | May 12, 2004

If America was beginning to forget who our true enemy is in the War on Terror, the enemy has now reminded us.

Ben Shapiro | May 12, 2004

This week marks National Police Week. Presumptive Democratic nominee John Kerry celebrated America's law enforcement officers by stating:

Linda Chavez | May 12, 2004

Ted Kennedy should be ashamed of himself. On Monday, Kennedy proclaimed from the floor of the Senate, 'We now learn Saddam's torture chamber reopened under new management.'

Rebecca Hagelin | May 12, 2004

Should we be shocked that some Americans are capable of such barbaric behavior as depicted in the infamous photos?

George Will | May 12, 2004

Americans must not flinch from absorbing the photographs of what some Americans did in that prison.

Bruce Bartlett | May 12, 2004

On April 28, Miller, the last genuinely conservative Democrat we likely will ever see in the Senate, laid the blame for what ails that august body at the door of the 17th amendment to the Constitution.

Kathleen Parker | May 12, 2004

One does not have to be a minimizer to note that the United States is roiling in hysteria following reports of prisoner abuse at Abu Ghraib.

Tue, May 11, 2004

Thomas Sowell | May 11, 2004

The American Civil War was not about conditions in Andersonville prison and the war in Iraq is not about conditions in Abu Ghraib prison.

David Limbaugh | May 11, 2004

The pugnacious antiwar Left, after shooting mostly blanks at President Bush since we invaded Iraq, believes he is finally wounded. And like sharks, their appetites are surging with the scent of his first drops of blood.

Dennis Prager | May 11, 2004

The world's news media are, with almost no exceptions, agenda-driven rather than news-driven.

Debra J. Saunders | May 11, 2004

What the Rumsfeld-must-go crowd doesn't seem to understand is that it is not the Pentagon's job to make it more difficult for the American-led coalition to win the war in Iraq.

Matt Towery | May 11, 2004

I'm certainly out on a ledge by choosing to challenge someone with the name identification and skill of pollster John Zogby.

Maggie Gallagher | May 11, 2004

This May 17 marks two important events in our American life: the 50th anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education, and the introduction of court-imposed same-sex marriage in Massachusetts.

Chuck Colson | May 11, 2004

Witnesses in court swear to "tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth." Now the vile truth about partial-birth abortions is coming out in court.

William F. Buckley | May 11, 2004

Seeking relief from the special hideousness of the Abu Ghraib scene, some commentators thought back to My Lai.

Joel Mowbray | May 11, 2004

When Daniel Dow returned home Thursday evening, he noticed he had a voice mail message. To his great surprise, it was left by his Congressman, Pete Stark (D-CA), in response to a fax he had sent in an hour earlier.

John McCaslin | May 11, 2004

It seems the Pentagon's postal system isn't any speedier than Uncle Sam's - yet another cause for Democrats to demand the resignation of Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld.

Mon, May 10, 2004

Michael Barone | May 10, 2004

As this is written, no one knows just what effect the gruesome photos from Baghdad's Abu Ghraib prison will have on George W. Bush's poll numbers.

Mike Adams | May 10, 2004

When I asked her if there was any interesting news while I was out of town, she informed me that on Wednesday the first murder of a UNCW student had occurred on our campus.

Cal Thomas | May 10, 2004

We think apologizing is going to change such attitudes? It won't, but total victory might. Let's get on with that and engage in the psychobabble later.

Suzanne Fields | May 10, 2004

Those photographs of Muslim prisoners in an Iraqi prison fuel the rage of Muslims everywhere because they go to the psychology of identity, reinforcing humiliation.

Diana West | May 10, 2004

Abu Ghraib is, more than anything else, the fulfillment of the media dream, the Vietnam they think they never had.

Phyllis Schlafly | May 10, 2004

How votes in the November 2004 general election will be counted broke into the news recently when California Secretary of State Kevin Shelley banned the use of 14,000 touch-screen voting machines because of security and reliability concerns.

Bruce Bartlett | May 10, 2004

With loss of the economy as an issue, Kerry and the Democrats may have no choice but to ratchet up their attacks on Bush's Iraq policy as their only hope of victory.

Rich Lowry | May 10, 2004

So it is that in Abu Ghraib and its aftermath we see some of the seamy undercurrents of America magnified in a horrifying fashion.

John Leo | May 10, 2004

Some American Catholic bishops are asking Catholic politicians to refrain from taking Communion if they cannot accept their faith's teaching on abortion.

Armstrong Williams | May 10, 2004

There is a culture of violence that is threatening to destroy black America.

Jack Kemp | May 10, 2004

The 1954 landmark Supreme Court case Brown v. the Board of Education helped our nation live up to the meaning of our declaration in 1776 of equality of opportunity for all.

Sun, May 09, 2004

Debra J. Saunders | May 09, 2004

If ever there was a group that should understand adults losing control in a group setting, ganging up on weakened individuals and then humiliating them gratuitously, it is journalists.

Paul Jacob | May 09, 2004

Were terrorists to wipe out most of the Congress, how would republican government survive? Some fear the current plan to elect new congressmen won't work. The ensuing elections might be . . . uncompetitive!

Rich Tucker | May 09, 2004

Virtually everyone claims to have opposed it. But, like Duranty in his day, there are still a few communist apologists around.

Larry Kudlow | May 09, 2004

Columnist Tom Friedman of The New York Times recently wrote that 'When Chinese authorities told banks to cut back their wild lending, commodity prices and stock markets tumbled all over the world.'

George Will | May 09, 2004

Michael Barone, America's foremost political analyst, wonders why America produces so many incompetent 18-year-olds but remarkably competent 30-year-olds.

Armstrong Williams | May 09, 2004

Recently I spent quality time with my mother on the family farm in Marion, South Carolina. We had gathered on Good Friday to celebrate her 78th birthday.

Bruce Bartlett | May 09, 2004

Friday's employment report confirms that the economic expansion is accelerating.