Sun, May 09, 2004

Debra J. Saunders | May 09, 2004

If ever there was a group that should understand adults losing control in a group setting, ganging up on weakened individuals and then humiliating them gratuitously, it is journalists.

Paul Jacob | May 09, 2004

Were terrorists to wipe out most of the Congress, how would republican government survive? Some fear the current plan to elect new congressmen won't work. The ensuing elections might be . . . uncompetitive!

Rich Tucker | May 09, 2004

Virtually everyone claims to have opposed it. But, like Duranty in his day, there are still a few communist apologists around.

Larry Kudlow | May 09, 2004

Columnist Tom Friedman of The New York Times recently wrote that 'When Chinese authorities told banks to cut back their wild lending, commodity prices and stock markets tumbled all over the world.'

George Will | May 09, 2004

Michael Barone, America's foremost political analyst, wonders why America produces so many incompetent 18-year-olds but remarkably competent 30-year-olds.

Armstrong Williams | May 09, 2004

Recently I spent quality time with my mother on the family farm in Marion, South Carolina. We had gathered on Good Friday to celebrate her 78th birthday.

Bruce Bartlett | May 09, 2004

Friday's employment report confirms that the economic expansion is accelerating.

Sat, May 08, 2004

Doug Giles | May 08, 2004

Our continued success and expansion has been the product of the brave and the courageous throughout the centuries, men and women who were willing to make every sacrifice for our nation.

Robert Novak | May 08, 2004

The Bush administration has been alerted that Chairman Alan Greenspan will guide the Federal Reserve Board to a small interest rate boost before the presidential election, and President Bush is reported to be satisfied.

Kathleen Parker | May 08, 2004

When President Bush told the world that abuses at Abu Ghraib prison do not reflect American values, he was right.

Fri, May 07, 2004

Brent Bozell | May 07, 2004

It was awarded the status of top news, the front page of The New York Times. Disney was telling its Miramax subsidiary that it could not distribute radical, Bush-loathing Michael Moore's new 'mockumentary.'

Jonah Goldberg | May 07, 2004

CBS should be ashamed for running those photos.

David Limbaugh | May 07, 2004

Pictures, stories and commentaries about American soldiers abusing Iraqi prisoners are dominating the news. They're everywhere. I agree this regrettable incident must be addressed, but let's not lose our heads over it.

Mona Charen | May 07, 2004

Today's picture on the front page of the newspaper shows a naked Iraqi prisoner on the floor. A leash is tied around his neck. Holding the leash is an American soldier.

Neal Boortz | May 07, 2004

To the surprise of absolutely nobody, one of the questions was whether or not Al Sharpton would be a speaker at the Democratic National Convention.

Oliver North | May 07, 2004

Just days ago, I was in Iraq with Marines and soldiers who have left their families to defeat terrorists.

Jacob Sullum | May 07, 2004

'Super Size Me,' a funny but tendentious film that ends with a wishful image of Ronald McDonald's grave, begins with an epigram from McDonald's founder Ray Kroc:

Charles Krauthammer | May 07, 2004

On Sept. 11, America awoke to the great jihad, wondering: What is this about? We have come to agree on the obvious answers: religion, ideology, political power and territory.

Joel Mowbray | May 07, 2004

With violence flaring in Iraq, the United States is shifting much of its focus to former top Saddam loyalists?in order to bring them back.

Thu, May 06, 2004

Ann Coulter | May 06, 2004

Over in the alternative universe of the 9/11 commission hearings watched only by me, Richard Ben-Veniste recently proposed an amazing new standard for investigating Arabs in this country.

Thomas Sowell | May 06, 2004

Those who imagine that collective decision-making by government officials is better than individual decision-making in a market economy should have been present at a recent meeting of the Planning Commission for the city of San Mateo, California.

Michael Barone | May 06, 2004

As fighting rages in Fallujah and Najaf, and as John Kerry explains that he threw his ribbons but not his medals over the wall in 1971, other things are happening that will shape the world and America's place in it for years to come.

Larry Elder | May 06, 2004

Had the terrorists released a "toxic cloud," Jordanian officials say 80,000 would have died!

Suzanne Fields | May 06, 2004

War is hell. Nobody will ever improve on William Tecumseh Sherman's famous definition of his craft.

Debra J. Saunders | May 06, 2004

Thousands of American troops have put their lives on the line to liberate a country of strangers. Their sacrifice should not be overshadowed by the antics of a handful of thugs and fools.

Emmett Tyrrell | May 06, 2004

The only support Rush has gotten from the civil liberties strutters is from the American Civil Liberties Union. Bravo the ACLU, and shame on the phonies.

Ed Feulner | May 06, 2004

The roar of good economic news is getting louder.

Rich Lowry | May 06, 2004

The Sudan has been wracked by another wave of government-directed violence, threatening what had been a fragile peace during the past six months.

Alan Reynolds | May 06, 2004

Sen. John Kerry recruited two famous businessmen to what The New York Times described as his "motley team" of economic advisers.

Ross Mackenzie | May 06, 2004

With his recent "Jobs First" bus tour of Midwestern swing states, John Kerry kicked off his general election campaign.

Marvin Olasky | May 06, 2004

After several years of pro-life gains, is the culture swinging left again? No need to worry, for five reasons, with the most important reason last.

Joel Mowbray | May 06, 2004

Reflecting the perverse logic that has guided the U.S. State Department for decades, sixty former diplomats have written an open letter to President Bush denouncing the current administration?s ?unabashed support? for the sole democracy in the Middle East: Israel.

Robert Novak | May 06, 2004

A specter is haunting the House of Representatives -- the specter of reforming the flawed budget process.

John McCaslin | May 06, 2004

Can't we all just get along? Not these days.

Wed, May 05, 2004

Thomas Sowell | May 05, 2004

Jay Leno says that, if John Kerry is elected, he will become the first President who can deliver both the State of the Union address and the rebuttal.

Michelle Malkin | May 05, 2004

The Council on American-Islamic Relations won't condemn Muslim fanatics, but it has declared war on outspoken Americans who will.

Walter E. Williams | May 05, 2004

Last year, Sen. Fritz Hollings (D-S.C.) and Rep. Charles Rangel (D-N.Y.) introduced bills calling for reinstatement of the military draft.

Brent Bozell | May 05, 2004

Where on earth are the press corps who so despised the alleged use of the prosecutor's office for political gain six years ago?

Jonah Goldberg | May 05, 2004

Well, folks, this is precisely what long and hard looks like. Nation building is ugly and difficult; so is cutting out a man's bad heart and putting in a good one.

Tony Blankley | May 05, 2004

This week, Senator Kerry launched a $25-million advertising campaign in which his boat mates commend him for his physical courage in battle 30 years ago.

Cal Thomas | May 05, 2004

Let's get the preliminaries out of the way first: If members of America's armed forces violated any rules and mistreated prisoners of war, they should be punished in accordance with accepted military law.

Ben Shapiro | May 05, 2004

Even on campus, Tillman's death in Afghanistan caused a good deal of grief, soul-searching and pride in our fighting men and women. But not everyone on campus was pro-Tillman.

Terry Jeffrey | May 05, 2004

Time may be proving that on this all-important question, Powell hit his target dead-on.

Linda Chavez | May 05, 2004

They make you want to turn away, those awful pictures of naked men piled into human pyramids while smirking American soldiers give the thumbs-up sign or grin inanely into the camera.

Kathleen Parker | May 05, 2004

Shock and awe are back, this time in the images of U.S. soldiers humiliating Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib prison.

Chuck Colson | May 05, 2004

War is always ugly, and yet our military has done everything possible to see that the War in Iraq is a just war. That makes the photos of abuse even more repulsive.

Tue, May 04, 2004

Thomas Sowell | May 04, 2004

If you ask most people about the cost of medical care, they may tell you how much they have to pay per visit to their doctor's office or the monthly bill for their prescription drugs.

David Limbaugh | May 04, 2004

John Kerry's persistent problems on the campaign trail should come as no surprise. There were reasons he couldn't get traction even with his own party prior to Howard Dean's implosion, and those reasons remain.

Dennis Prager | May 04, 2004

Of all the arguments against same-sex marriage, the most immediately compelling is that it is hurts children. If children have a right to anything, it is to begin life with a mother and father.

Matt Towery | May 04, 2004

Summer is swiftly approaching and, with it, a yearly barometer of the public's confidence in both its nation's pocketbook and its own.

Maggie Gallagher | May 04, 2004

It's Mother's Day again. Time to reflect, with gratitude, on the continuing power and presence of senseless love in our lives.

Bill Murchison | May 04, 2004

Imagine if the federal government passed a law that limited advertising of one political point of view.

William F. Buckley | May 04, 2004

I am in favor of the First Amendment guarantee of free speech, with one exception.

Bruce Bartlett | May 04, 2004

On tax policy, it is pretty clear what the two major parties think.

John McCaslin | May 04, 2004

As she prepared to deliver Saturday's commencement at Miami Dade College in Florida, first lady Laura Bush tried to recall the advice that her own graduation speaker gave her university class to prepare for the future.

Rich Lowry | May 04, 2004

The U.S. Congress doesn't have any Dunwiches, but it is being eaten away by its own form of systemic corruption -- the drawing of congressional districts to hand them irrevocably to one or another of the political parties.

Mon, May 03, 2004

Mike Adams | May 03, 2004

Between now and May 10, I am asking students, faculty, and staff all around the country to set aside several hours (or days) to make a complete list of every form of speech they have ever encountered that made them feel even slightly uncomfortable while on campus.

Cal Thomas | May 03, 2004

Let's raise a glass with Dubliners to the larger European Union. But given the history of Europe, I wouldn't bet more than a pint of Guinness on a successful outcome.

Suzanne Fields | May 03, 2004

Biography, like life, is unfair. It relentlessly documents the deeds of the past, but it's selective in interpretation. Biography is kind to some and merciless to others, but biography is not necessarily destiny for men who would be president.

Debra J. Saunders | May 03, 2004

The worst of it is, these critics seem to think that a country can go to war without making any mistakes.

Diana West | May 03, 2004

If you, like me, missed out on the March for Women's Lives in Washington last weekend, fret not; The Washington Post was there, and thank goodness.

Paul Jacob | May 03, 2004

'They had a gun to our head. They took hostages, and they promised to start shooting.' This is not the complaint of a victim of a horrible crime -- unless democracy is a horrible crime.

Phyllis Schlafly | May 03, 2004

A favorite argument of the people who support amnesty for illegal aliens goes something like this:

Bruce Bartlett | May 03, 2004

We may owe the slowness of the economic recovery to those who thought that phasing-in the 2001 tax cut was the "responsible" thing to do.

Robert Novak | May 03, 2004

Readers of the Catholic Standard, official publication of the Archdiocese of Washington, D.C., raised their eyebrows two weeks ago.

John Leo | May 03, 2004

In a deeply therapeutic culture, apologies function like secular sacraments. But more and more people demand them, while fewer and fewer are willing to give them.

Armstrong Williams | May 03, 2004

Amidst the bloodiest month since the U.S.-led invasion began in March 2003, it has become clear that the loss of soldier's lives in Iraq is not just cause for anger, fear or mourning, it's also big business.

Chuck Colson | May 03, 2004

Globalization has made us much more aware of religious persecution -- and has given us the obligation to do something about it.

Jack Kemp | May 03, 2004

The report outlines 100 recommendations to protect Americans and is must reading for every member of Congress and concerned American citizen.

Sun, May 02, 2004

Pat Buchanan | May 02, 2004

Having told reporters repeatedly he has no recollection of being at Kansas City, how can he say what is likely the truth, that he heard the crazy talk, deplored it, denounced it, and got out of Dodge.

Rich Tucker | May 02, 2004

Looks like I might have to turn in my membership in the ?vast right wing conspiracy.? After all, while I favor lower taxes, smaller government and the war in Iraq, I?m missing a key criterion. I don?t own any guns.