Sun, May 02, 2004

Pat Buchanan | May 02, 2004

Having told reporters repeatedly he has no recollection of being at Kansas City, how can he say what is likely the truth, that he heard the crazy talk, deplored it, denounced it, and got out of Dodge.

Rich Tucker | May 02, 2004

Looks like I might have to turn in my membership in the ?vast right wing conspiracy.? After all, while I favor lower taxes, smaller government and the war in Iraq, I?m missing a key criterion. I don?t own any guns.

Sat, May 01, 2004

Doug Giles | May 01, 2004

According to the secular barbarians, prior to popping out of momma?s womb a child has no right to live. It may be killed by its mother on any whim whatsoever. Nice. How culturally elite. How progressive -- not!

George Will | May 01, 2004

'We came here to start a soccer league,' said a Marine major after a fierce firefight in Fallujah last week.

Kathleen Parker | May 01, 2004

By now everyone has formed an opinion of whether ABC's "20/20" segment on open adoption was in good taste or bad, whether it was a quality documentary or a smarmy reality show, whether advance promotion was over the top or just about right.

Robert Novak | May 01, 2004

Influential Democrats are urging Sen. John Kerry to consider Sen. Joseph Biden of Delaware, the party's principal voice on foreign policy, as his choice for vice president.

Fri, Apr 30, 2004

Brent Bozell | April 30, 2004

Hollywood has never been America's capital of what they call "organized religion." In a town that thrives on instant fame and nearly as instant has-been status, wealth and success can appear to arrive at random, just as surely as bankruptcy, addiction and failure.

Jonah Goldberg | April 30, 2004

Earlier this week, Pennsylvania Republicans - and quite a few Pennsylvania Democrats voting behind enemy lines - opted to renominate Arlen Specter as the GOP Senatorial candidate.

David Limbaugh | April 30, 2004

Senator Charles Schumer and his leftist colleagues on the Senate Judiciary Committee have reached a new low in suggesting that President Bush is being divisive by appointing his political allies to the bench.

Mona Charen | April 30, 2004

The word 'hundreds' is exaggerated. There have actually been about 126 American combat deaths in April.

Neal Boortz | April 30, 2004

I can?t remember who first issued the warning, but they were more on-target than they would ever know. No man?s life, liberty or property is safe while the legislature is in session.

Oliver North | April 30, 2004

Three weeks ago, Andy Rooney, a syndicated newspaper columnist and commentator for CBS News' '60 Minutes,' wrote a column titled, 'Our Soldiers in Iraq Aren't Heroes.'

Charles Krauthammer | April 30, 2004

Kofi Annan's personal representative in Iraq now singles out the policies of the world's one Jewish state -- and only democratic state in the Middle East -- as 'the great poison in the region.'

Larry Kudlow | April 30, 2004

Imagine if every worker in the United States had the opportunity to become an investor. Well, that dream has a shot at reality.

Thu, Apr 29, 2004

Ann Coulter | April 29, 2004

In June 2001, as Mohamed Atta completed his final "to do" list before the 9-11 attacks, Secretary of Transportation Norman Mineta was conducting a major study on whether airport security was improperly screening passengers based on ethnicity.

Thomas Sowell | April 29, 2004

May 2, 2004 will mark the hundredth anniversary of the birth of Bing Crosby, whose recorded voice continues to sing "White Christmas" every Yuletide.

Brent Bozell | April 29, 2004

It's almost impossible to distinguish between Democrats and journalists in their passion to elect Kerry and defeat Bush. 

Larry Elder | April 29, 2004

Gotta give it to Democratic presidential contender John Kerry. He knows how to keep it real. In an MTV interview, the host asked, 'Well, are there any trends out there in music, or even in popular culture in general that have piqued your interest?'

Suzanne Fields | April 29, 2004

Hundreds of thousands of women in pink and purple marched on Washington this week, many bearing placards and banners bashing George W. Bush, demonstrating 'on behalf of women's lives.'

Debra J. Saunders | April 29, 2004

At the end of Monday night's episode of the makeover show 'The Swan,' it was too clear which multiple-cosmetic-surgery survivor would win the dubious honor of competing in the series' 'pageant.'

Emmett Tyrrell | April 29, 2004

John Francois Kerry?s 2004 campaign for the presidency is taking on endearing aspects of Boy Clinton?s 1992 campaign.

John McCaslin | April 29, 2004

How about politicizing your car's dashboard with a John Kerry bobblehead?

Marvin Olasky | April 29, 2004

Want to help the poor and oppressed of Cuba without aiding and abetting the Castro regime? There is a way, and it starts with milk and medicine.

Robert Novak | April 29, 2004

Did the Saudi ambassador really cut a deal with the Bush administration to increase oil production in time for the presidential election?

Alan Reynolds | April 29, 2004

Republican Senator Chuck Hagel of Nebraska recently invited the country to debate reviving the military draft.

Ross Mackenzie | April 29, 2004

At the two-month marker of heightened anguish over Iraq and (oddly less so) the war against terror generally, what better time for pulling off to stretch the legs and appraise the situation?

George Will | April 29, 2004

When a student said he had consulted the great philosophers without finding evidence of God, Benjamin Jowett, master of Oxford's Balliol College from 1870 to 1893, replied, 'If you don't find a God by five o'clock this afternoon, you must leave the college.' Deadlines can be useful spurs.

Wed, Apr 28, 2004

Thomas Sowell | April 28, 2004

Readers sometimes ask why I am seldom seen or heard on television or radio. Mainly it is because I turn down 90 percent of the invitations I get. A recent radio interview shows why.

Michelle Malkin | April 28, 2004

Beautiful young actress Ashley Judd went to Washington last weekend wearing a crucifix and a trendy little T-shirt that boasted: "THIS IS WHAT A FEMINIST LOOKS LIKE."

Walter E. Williams | April 28, 2004

Drs. Abigail and Stephan Thernstrom's new book "No Excuses: Closing the Racial Gap in Learning" shows that the government education whites receive is nothing to write home about, but for blacks, it's no less than a disgraceful disaster.

Brent Bozell | April 28, 2004

The new seriousness at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) toward basic, unmissable profanity on broadcast television and radio is beginning to draw great protest from the proponents of profanity and indecency.

Jonah Goldberg | April 28, 2004

"Medalgate" - the inevitable name for the flap over Kerry's flip-floppery about what he did and what he said about his medals - is an amusing spectacle to behold and a story worth investigating.

Tony Blankley | April 28, 2004

It would appear that John Kerry is running for president for the same reason that chickens cross to the other side of the street: just to get there.

Cal Thomas | April 28, 2004

Often when John Kerry is referred to in the media, it is with the modifier "presumptive" before the word "nominee."

Ben Shapiro | April 28, 2004

The Portland, Ore., chapter of posted the news of Tillman's death accompanied by this headline: 'Dumb Jock Killed in Afghanistan.'

Terry Jeffrey | April 28, 2004

Events of July 30, 2003, at the courthouse in Najaf, a city sacred to Shiite Muslims, may have foreshadowed the larger U.S. effort to establish a new government in Iraq that could finalize our victory there and allow our forces a richly deserved homecoming.

Linda Chavez | April 28, 2004

John Kerry deserves to make atonement to the Vietnamese people -- not for what he did as a young soldier but for what he has done ever since to justify communist tyranny in Vietnam and elsewhere.

Rich Tucker | April 28, 2004

Things were so much easier in the good old days. Back then our isolationism was voluntary.

Rebecca Hagelin | April 28, 2004

When was the last time you looked at a high-school "health" book? If it's been awhile, you'd probably be more than a little shocked by the content of what is known as "Family Life Education" in many states.

Joel Mowbray | April 28, 2004

The first rollback of the de-Baathification in Iraq, which was announced last week, was portrayed as a move to help bring skilled technocrats back into positions where their 'talents' could be put to good use.

Kathleen Parker | April 28, 2004

All the slogans, chants, posters, stickers, gestures, speeches and slurs from Sunday's "pro-choice" march congeal in my mind as this single image:

Chuck Colson | April 28, 2004

The sign of a strong organization is its ability to adapt to changing circumstances. Learn how al Qaeda fits this description.

Tue, Apr 27, 2004

Thomas Sowell | April 27, 2004

A huge headline on the front of a recent issue of the New York Times Magazine said more than they intended: "Now Are We Ready to Talk About Health Care?" Inside was an article with the same title by Hillary Clinton.

David Limbaugh | April 27, 2004

A pro-abortion marcher in Washington on Sunday said, 'I just had to be here to fight for the next generation and the generation after that.' I'd like to ask her which generation aborted babies belong to.

Dennis Prager | April 27, 2004

If you believe that there are many particularly good people on earth, the legend is optimistic. If the world needs only 36 such people to continue its existence, we have nothing to worry about.

Debra J. Saunders | April 27, 2004

At age 20, Padilla brandished a gun in a fit of road rage. Authorities then charged him with battery against a jail guard. Padilla repented and pleaded guilty. He found Jesus. Then, he found Mohammed.

Matt Towery | April 27, 2004

Whether Kennedy's statement was a dispassionate assessment of the situation, or a trial balloon for the Democrats' big theme this election season, our most recent InsiderAdvantage survey indicates that most Americans are not yet persuaded that Kennedy is correct.

Maggie Gallagher | April 27, 2004

The New York Times provides a rare glimpse of the insiders' point of view in a recent story about the disappointing performance of a string of movies aimed at young girls this spring.

Armstrong Williams | April 27, 2004

Coming off the worst week of his presidency - a week that included renewed violence in Iraq, claims by former terrorism czar Richard A. Clarke that the administration rushed to war in Iraq and intense scrutiny at home from the 9-11 commission - President Bush's poll numbers remain steady.

Bruce Bartlett | April 27, 2004

It is becoming harder and harder to find any who don't think that the Federal Reserve needs to tighten monetary policy soon.

John McCaslin | April 27, 2004

Now, as the Pentagon boss alluded to recently while lecturing the nation's newspaper editors, he's become music to a composer's ears. Actually, a half-dozen composers from around the United States.

Rich Lowry | April 27, 2004

Huntington's prodigious credibility makes his warning of the possible end of the United States as we know it in his new book, "Who Are We?," all the more alarming.

William F. Buckley | April 27, 2004

The languor of the law that protects minorities and minority opinion can be beautiful. It can also be plain dumb, as when old ladies are forced to pull off their shoes at airport security, when the arrows are out there clearly pointing at Detroit and Chicago.

Joel Mowbray | April 27, 2004

In recent weeks, a long-brewing conspiratorial question managed to make its way off of loony web sites and onto the front page of the paper of record, the New York Times: What did Bush know, and when did he know it, before 9/11?

Mon, Apr 26, 2004

Mike Adams | April 26, 2004

Well, it?s happened again. Recently, one of my liberal readers wrote to chastise me for my arrogance and condescension. Of course, I?m not really arrogant and condescending but he doesn?t know that because he?s not as smart as I am.

Cal Thomas | April 26, 2004

John Kerry made a familiar statement about abortion last week. Bill Clinton said it before him.

Suzanne Fields | April 26, 2004

Call it the McDiet or Ronald McDonalds' Revenge, or Downsizing without the Supersizer, but you really can dine out under the Golden Arches, lose weight and not waste your time finding a lawyer to sue somebody else for the damages you inflict on yourself.

Diana West | April 26, 2004

I wasn't going to write about the non-release or the release of John Kerry's military record.

Phyllis Schlafly | April 26, 2004

The television news brings us daily graphic reports from Iraq, where valiant Americans are battling danger, death and destruction. So why don't we get coverage about similar dramatic and scary confrontations taking place on the U.S. border?

Jack Kemp | April 26, 2004

Last Friday, when I first heard of the death of Sgt. Pat Tillman, I couldn't even find the words to express my grief.

Rich Lowry | April 26, 2004

U.S. national security depends on what happens on this sand-flea-infested island in the middle of a swamp.

Bruce Bartlett | April 26, 2004

Once again, Bob Woodward is in the news with yet another best-selling book, 'Plan of Attack,' which covers the Iraq war from inside the White House.

Robert Novak | April 26, 2004

Coal is a side issue in Congress, but it is critical to two states won by Bush in 2000 that could decide the 2004 presidential election.

John Leo | April 26, 2004

Some critics think President Bush looked much worse in the 60 Minutes coverage of Bob Woodward?s book "Plan of Attack" than he did in the book itself.

Sun, Apr 25, 2004

Paul Jacob | April 25, 2004

According to some leading journalists and consumer activists, ABC's news division suffers from a major problem: John Stossel.

William F. Buckley | April 25, 2004

President Bush went to Pittsburgh on Monday and called on Republicans (you have to be one, to qualify to vote in next Tuesday's primary) to vote for the incumbent senator, Arlen Specter. That endorsement sent shivers down the spines of GOP conservatives, who are rooting for the other candidate, Patrick J. Toomey.

George Will | April 25, 2004

Even in what passes for repose, your basic 11-year-old boy resembles the former Yugoslavia -- a unity of sorts, but with fidgeting and jostling elements. Andrew Nesbitt is like that, only more so, because he has Tourette syndrome.