Sun, Feb 15, 2004

Paul Jacob | February 15, 2004

The world is full of dictators. Fidel Castro comes to mind. After more than four decades of iron-fisted rule, he is still tossing pro-democracy activists in prison for the awful crime of being, well, pro-democracy.

George Will | February 15, 2004

In the more than 250 days until Nov. 2, John Kerry can answer questions that linger in spite of, or because of, all he has said so far. Such as...

Sat, Feb 14, 2004

Doug Giles | February 14, 2004

Three short months after they tried to table their revisionist Reagan rip-off, they were back at us with their Super-Bowl-Half-Time-Anything-But-Special.

Kathleen Parker | February 14, 2004

Political fads come and go, but who of a certain age would have imagined that military service in Vietnam someday would become the plum presidential resume item?

William F. Buckley | February 14, 2004

The story of Senator John Kerry's mortgaged home in Beacon Hill is worth looking at.

Larry Kudlow | February 14, 2004

President Bush's bounce from the capture of Saddam Hussein has faded. His State of the Union message had clear vision, but it lacked enough rhetorical punch to deliver another bounce.

Robert Novak | February 14, 2004

Sen. John Kerry's campaign is putting out word that it is time for Sen. John Edwards to leave the presidential race.

Fri, Feb 13, 2004

Brent Bozell | February 13, 2004

It is a testament to the dignity of George Bush the Elder that in 1992, he refused to make endless fun of the draft shenanigans of Bill Clinton, who skipped off to Oxford after he received his draft notice to blab endlessly about politics and play strip poker with the lasses.

Jonah Goldberg | February 13, 2004

Since this is Black History Month, I thought it might make sense to take a look at the latest controversy surrounding affirmative action - that is affirmative action for rich white people.

David Limbaugh | February 13, 2004

While many, myself included, are pointing out the numerous inconsistencies in Senator Kerry's recent positions on the issues, I think we also ought to look at his disturbing consistencies from the Vietnam era to the present.

Mona Charen | February 13, 2004

Someday, when brain science has evolved further, specialists may be able to understand how someone like George Bush -- a man of wit and intelligence in private -- can be so unbelievably inarticulate in public. For now, it remains a mystery.

Oliver North | February 13, 2004

Ever since Sept.11, liberals in the United States and abroad have done their best to undermine the War on Terror by maligning the intentions of the Bush administration.

Rich Tucker | February 13, 2004

According to the president?s annual economic report, sending some service industry jobs overseas can be a good idea. In fact, Greg Mankiw, the chairman of Bush?s Council of Economic Advisors, called offshoring ?just a new way to do international trade.?

Rich Lowry | February 13, 2004

The campaign season is still young, yet we already have a strong contender for what might be the most dishonest paragraph of this election year.

Charles Krauthammer | February 13, 2004

The single most puzzling -- and arguably most important -- question of the day is the one no one raises in public: Why have we not been attacked again?

Thu, Feb 12, 2004

Ann Coulter | February 12, 2004

Former Sen. Max Cleland is the Democrats' designated hysteric about George Bush's National Guard service. A triple amputee and Vietnam veteran, Cleland is making the rounds on talk TV, basking in the affection of liberals who have suddenly become jock-sniffers for war veterans and working himself into a lather about President Bush's military service.

Larry Elder | February 12, 2004

Let me tell you what an honor this is. This is like meeting royalty.

Cal Thomas | February 12, 2004

What is so difficult to understand about the Middle East that Western diplomats and politicians continue to play with scenarios that have no hope of succeeding?

Suzanne Fields | February 12, 2004

Cupid's working overtime this Valentine's Day, and he's getting a little help from his friends, including George W. Bush. The president has asked Congress for more than $1 billion to promote, stabilize and strengthen marriage, especially for low-income Americans. But it's the culture that needs help.

Emmett Tyrrell | February 12, 2004

Readers of this column will remember, as apparently political scientists and pundits have not, that in the rancorous months before the Democratic primaries got underway, I identified that one dynamic new political constituency that would decide the winner.

Ed Feulner | February 12, 2004

Let?s not go out of our way to worry needlessly, the way so many misguided souls who are hyperventilating over the USA Patriot Act are.

Ross Mackenzie | February 12, 2004

So here we are again, well into another calendar - and the past year's winning quotations from the media (mostly television) rated by the Media Research Council. It's full of doozies.

Robert Novak | February 12, 2004

All week long in the capital, worried Republicans buzzed about George W. Bush's Sunday interview on NBC's "Meet the Press."

John McCaslin | February 12, 2004

Osama bin Laden's days may be numbered if Rep. Henry J. Hyde (R-Ill.) gets the loot he's after.

Marvin Olasky | February 12, 2004

Today, Feb. 12, is Lincoln's birthday, and in his honor I'd like to quote just a few of the things he said that would horrify secular liberal reporters today.

Bruce Bartlett | February 12, 2004

The fact is that economic forecasting is not very good in general, and all administration forecasts tend to be fairly far off.

George Will | February 12, 2004

Saturday, Valentine's Day, sweets will be showered on sweethearts -- a bonanza for candy makers. But the very next day all 242 Fannie May and Fanny Farmer chocolate candy stores will be closed.

Joel Mowbray | February 12, 2004

Although Osama bin Laden has long used videos for recruitment and garnering political support, an MTV-style music video in Britain seems to be the first radical Islamic propaganda to utilize an overtly Americanized approach to reaching Muslim youths. And it may just be catching on.

Alan Reynolds | February 12, 2004

Why do investors pay no attention to Greenspan's warnings about budget deficits? Because they know these warnings are based on archaic theoretical conventions that have recently been well tested and found false.

Chuck Colson | February 12, 2004

The cover of the latest Newsweek magazine asks the right question: ?Who killed Jesus?? This has been a raging debate for a year, since Mel Gibson started his remarkable film project The Passion of the Christ.

Wed, Feb 11, 2004

Thomas Sowell | February 11, 2004

Those of us who believe in the brotherhood of man have to be able to accept the negative, as well as the positive, aspects of that belief.

Michelle Malkin | February 11, 2004

New York City Mayor Michael "Nanny" Bloomberg, he of the smooth hands and Nurse Ratched smirk, made international headlines with his selective war on smokers.

Walter E. Williams | February 11, 2004

Having been deserted by her husband, my mother worked. That meant that my one-year-younger sister and I often lunched by ourselves during our pre-teen years.

Jonah Goldberg | February 11, 2004

By now you must have heard John Kerry say this: "I know something about aircraft carriers for real. And if George Bush wants to make this election about national security, I have three words for him he'll understand: Bring. It. On."

Tony Blankley | February 11, 2004

The Boston Globe -- the respected, liberal newspaper owned by the New York Times -- ran an article last week that Bush critics might wish to read carefully.

Terry Jeffrey | February 11, 2004

For days, the cable networks broadcast the sickening scene drawn from the security video of a Sarasota, Fla., carwash: A man in a mechanic's uniform grabs the wrist of a confused 11-year-old Carlie Brucia and leads her away.

Debra J. Saunders | February 11, 2004

Clinton, you may recall, also was no war hero, no veteran and no recipient of military medals. Yet somehow, Bubba beat two medal-earning war heroes (President George H.W. Bush and former Sen. Bob Dole) in bids for the White House.

Ben Shapiro | February 11, 2004

John Kerry is running as a Vietnam veteran. The Kerry campaign Web site states: "When John Kerry returned home from Vietnam, he joined his fellow veterans in vowing never to abandon future veterans of America's wars."

Linda Chavez | February 11, 2004

Any hopes that the press would give President George W. Bush a fair shake in the coming election were dashed this week when the White House press corps reacted to the release of the president's National Guard records like raw meat thrown into a tank of barracudas.

Rebecca Hagelin | February 11, 2004

Four activist judges in Massachusetts may have just marked the beginning of the end for America.

Maggie Gallagher | February 11, 2004

With Sen. John Kerry the massive front-runner, the '04 presidential race (once quaintly referred to as the 'fall campaign' has begun in earnest.

Armstrong Williams | February 11, 2004

So, how does the NAACP choose to celebrate Black History Month? Among other things, they've nominated alleged rapist, child pornographer and drug addict R. Kelly for their annual image award.

William F. Buckley | February 11, 2004

If President Bush had had in hand the now-famous letter to the al-Qaida leaders urging civil war in Iraq, would that have helped him in his encounter with Tim Russert on 'Meet the Press'?

Kathleen Parker | February 11, 2004

President George W. Bush's now-exhaustively vetted interview Sunday with Tim Russert on "Meet the Press" proved the O.J. principle once again: People see and hear what they are predisposed to see and hear.

Tue, Feb 10, 2004

Thomas Sowell | February 10, 2004

The issue of "weapons of mass destruction" is being played for all it is worth as a weapon of political destruction. In fact, it is being played for more than it is worth.

David Limbaugh | February 10, 2004

If Democrats are going to continue to beat up President Bush over the WMD question, don't you think it's time for their leading contenders, Senator Kerry and Edwards, to give an accounting on this matter as well?

Dennis Prager | February 10, 2004

The following is an imagined interview with the Massachusetts Supreme Court justices who ruled that Massachusetts must redefine marriage to include persons of the same sex.

Matt Towery | February 10, 2004

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the increasing risk that President Bush could tumble in the polls and actually lose the election this fall.

Bill Murchison | February 10, 2004

The Democrats' probable presidential nominee makes it as plain as day. "They're extreme; we're mainstream," says John Kerry.

John McCaslin | February 10, 2004

Will King George retain his White House throne, or might we have King John?

Bruce Bartlett | February 10, 2004

One of the biggest beefs that liberals have against conservatives is that the latter are reflexively pro-business.

Mon, Feb 09, 2004

Thomas Sowell | February 09, 2004

It is a sad but understandable fact that there are many places where the poor cannot afford to buy a house. California has the distinction of having many places where the affluent cannot afford to buy or build a house -- and it is not necessarily a slam dunk for the rich.

Mike Adams | February 09, 2004

Over the course of the last year, many parents expressing concern over the increasing hostility towards both conservatism and Christianity on America?s college campuses have written me.

Cal Thomas | February 09, 2004

For months, President Bush has been a sitting duck, taking incoming rhetorical fire from Democratic opponents and a willing media eager to bring down his poll numbers so they can have themselves a contest.

Diana West | February 09, 2004

Given there were more Internet searches for this one singer's mammary gland than even the attacks of Sept. 11, we must devote a passing thought to Jackson's rough exhibitionism.

Phyllis Schlafly | February 09, 2004

CBS-TV proved again that it is determined to offend our moral sensibilities and trash our culture. The shocking display of Janet Jackson's breast, decorated for maximum eye-catching attraction, was undoubtedly deliberate.

Joel Mowbray | February 09, 2004

Imagine we had known in summer 2001 that al Qaeda was planning a strike on American soil that would claim the lives of thousands of innocents. Imagine that our pleas for cooperation to the Taliban, the government harboring Osama bin Laden?s terrorist network, were rebuffed.

Rich Lowry | February 09, 2004

Bush critics have a question about his conduct in the war on terrorism almost as pressing as the ubiquitous "Where are the WMD in Iraq?" It is "Where are the tax increases here at home?"

Robert Novak | February 09, 2004

Manuel Miranda, Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist's staff lawyer who ran his judicial confirmation campaign, last Friday resigned under pressure.

Jack Kemp | February 09, 2004

On "Meet the Press" Sunday, Tim Russert challenged President Bush about the past.

Sun, Feb 08, 2004

Paul Jacob | February 08, 2004

The fact is the FCC has not, will not and cannot save us, or our children, from violent and sexually inappropriate images, crude language or a steady stream of immorality on radio and television.

George Will | February 08, 2004

After this winter of his discontent, the president needs Spring Training. He is far from midseason form, and his accumulating errors are undermining the premise of his re-election campaign.

Larry Kudlow | February 08, 2004

Happy birthday, Mr. President -- that's President Ronald Reagan, who turned 93 on Friday.

John Leo | February 08, 2004

An actual debate on the merits of racial preferences has taken place on an American campus, Utah State University. Whether the Guinness World Records book is interested in this news is not certain.