Sun, Nov 02, 2003

Brent Bozell | November 02, 2003

Hollywood starts each TV season with the assumption that sex sells, and it's hard to say it doesn't when almost every show harps on sexual themes like an addled assembly line.

Pat Buchanan | November 02, 2003

Does Ronald Reagan deserve this? Does Nancy, who has nursed her dying husband through a horribly difficult decade as he struggles in the final hours of his life, deserve what is being done to her?

Paul Jacob | November 02, 2003

Many people would like to gag O'Reilly too, so I proposed a peace treaty along the following lines: we let Bill O'Reilly talk, and he lets all the rest of us talk. While many readers signed on to this pact, others had objections.

William F. Buckley | November 02, 2003

The subject of immigration is vigorous on the airwaves. Most recently the contest was between an ardent commentator who had served with the Immigration and Naturalization Service and a retired general who sounded like George Patton.

George Will | November 02, 2003

Three years ago, when Ryan was 41, he walked away from moneymaking to start his real life. Or resume it. Earlier he had been doing what his family has always done, which involves making the rest of us seem like moral slackers.

Sat, Nov 01, 2003

Rich Tucker | November 01, 2003

Journalists don’t make news, although we’re sometimes accused of doing just that. We simply report it. But how we decide what to report (what’s news) and what to ignore (what isn’t) is important, and difficult to define.

Kathleen Parker | November 01, 2003

Georgia Democrat Sen. Zell Miller explained his surprising early endorsement of George Bush for 2004 in terms of trust and the future.

Robert Novak | November 01, 2003

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, a Californian, was upset Wednesday when she found that her meeting with Gov.-elect Arnold Schwarzenegger included a key California Republican: Rep. David Dreier, head of the new governor's transition team.

Fri, Oct 31, 2003

Jonah Goldberg | October 31, 2003

What's left of the noble tradition of assertive liberal internationalism in the Democratic party is now gangrenous. The rot has gotten so bad that even some principled Democrats are amputating themselves from their own party. Retiring Democratic Senator Zell Miller announced on Thursday that he will endorse President Bush for re-election.

David Limbaugh | October 31, 2003

As Democratic presidential hopefuls escalate their criticism of President Bush's policy on Iraq, we should recognize the constant theme amid their calamitous clamor: obstructionism in the War on Terror.

Mona Charen | October 31, 2003

The Left's criticism of President Bush's decision to go to war in Iraq makes no sense historically, strategically or morally.

Oliver North | October 31, 2003

Mr. Secretary: Though your memo was widely misunderstood and misconstrued by my colleagues in the media, it asks all the right questions.

Jacob Sullum | October 31, 2003

I'm a terrible father. Or so I gather from the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation's recent study of "exposure" to electronic media among children 6 and younger.

Charles Krauthammer | October 31, 2003

It is possible to win a counterguerrilla war. The British did so in Malaya in the 1950s. The United States may succeed in doing so in Iraq today. It is far more difficult, however, to defeat the car bomb. It is on the car bomb, therefore, that the Saddam loyalists' hope for victory rides.

Thu, Oct 30, 2003

Ann Coulter | October 30, 2003

The New York Times has proclaimed so many Bush nominees "out of the mainstream" that the editorial calling California Supreme Court Justice Janice Rogers Brown "out of the mainstream" was literally titled: "Out of the Mainstream, Again."

Thomas Sowell | October 30, 2003

Many Americans are concerned because millions of illegal immigrants enter this country and little seems to be done to stop them. But California Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, leader of the Democrats in the House of Representatives, is upset because now something is being done to catch some of them.

Larry Elder | October 30, 2003

As for President Bush, not a bad couple of weeks. First, the economy appears to be bouncing back nicely, with unemployment compensation claims going down, the stock market in a boom, and economic growth last quarter now pegging the '90s boom rate of growth at a brisk 6 or 7 percent.

Mike Adams | October 30, 2003

Since today is my 39th birthday, I've decided to celebrate it by doing something nice. I'm going to apologize for an article I wrote last week, which was critical of the campus diversity movement.

Cal Thomas | October 30, 2003

The New York Times - whose editorial page tirelessly campaigns against any and all tax cuts and sees government as our salvation from virtually every problem - carried an item last Monday (Oct. 27) that must have caused the newspaper's editorial staff to suffer the journalistic equivalent of shock and awe.

Suzanne Fields | October 30, 2003

Chicago was multicultural before "multicultural" was cool. It's a city of neighborhoods," with Greektown, Chinatown and now "Little Village," where a not-so-little community of immigrants from Mexico thrives.

Debra J. Saunders | October 30, 2003

The Democrats have a right to criticize Bush, but the very notion that the war would be cleaner following a different PowerPoint-detailed plan, that the pitfalls could have been foreseen, or that there would be an end in sight to American involvement if only there were Frenchmen fighting side by side with U.S. soldiers, well, it reveals a naivete unbecoming of a White House hopeful.

Rebecca Hagelin | October 30, 2003

When Vice President Richard Cheney came here recently to give a speech, I must admit it was a heart-stopping event that reminded me that the war against evil that was set in motion after the events of September 11 is a war we must continue, and one well worth fighting.

Emmett Tyrrell | October 30, 2003

Today the Bush administration, like the Roosevelt and Truman administrations, has no alternative but to resist terrorism and the states that support terrorism. The administration's job is made all the more difficult by the Democratic presidential candidates' cheap shots.

Alan Reynolds | October 30, 2003

Mutual funds are suffering the glare of regulators' high beams because some sharpies trade the funds too quickly ("market timing") or after regular business hours ("late trading").

Rich Lowry | October 30, 2003

Lord knows that Howard Dean deserves to be attacked. The Democratic front-runner has said -- if not in so many words -- that his first act as president would be to run to Paris to apologize for the fact that the United States toppled Saddam Hussein.

Larry Kudlow | October 30, 2003

At this week's Federal Reserve meeting, the benchmark policy rate was held at its lowest level since 1958, and according to the Fed's policy statement it will remain there for "a considerable period."

George Will | October 30, 2003

Of capital punishment, Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney says: "It makes reason stare." Indeed it does.

Robert Novak | October 30, 2003

Rudy Giuliani was here earlier. Dick Cheney campaigned in the state Monday. George W. Bush on Saturday will make two stops in Mississippi. And to cap it off, auto driver Darrell Waltrip arrives before Tuesday's election. All are trying their best to elect as governor Haley Barbour, a major player in national Republican politics for a generation.

Ross Mackenzie | October 30, 2003

For sheer compelling dismay, perhaps no subject matches accounts of the enormities man inflicts on his fellow man.

Marvin Olasky | October 30, 2003

"Likeable." I once told Texas journalism students that they should never use so subjective an adjective. I asked, "Can you name a single person who is likeable to everyone?"

Wed, Oct 29, 2003

Thomas Sowell | October 29, 2003

You want to know what liberal bias and media spin are? Try a headline in the San Francisco Chronicle of October 25th: "California School Rankings Improve."

Michelle Malkin | October 29, 2003

On Oct. 3, an illegal alien truck driver from Canada was caught hauling a shipment of Humvees into northern Maine. They weren't just any Humvees.

Walter E. Williams | October 29, 2003

Popular recognition of the education meltdown has led to calls for student testing as a condition for high school graduation. The public education establishment resists such tests.

Brent Bozell | October 29, 2003

The cover of Newsweek screams from the mailbox and the magazine rack: "BUSH'S $87 BILLION MESS." In case that rhetorical punch isn't strong enough, it adds the promise of uncovering "Waste, Chaos and Cronyism."

Jonah Goldberg | October 29, 2003

For weeks Washington has been the site of a colossal game of hot potato over who's to "blame" for the Iraq war. Or, more specifically, who's to blame for the "bad intelligence" over Iraq's as-of-yet-undiscovered stockpiles of WMD.

Tony Blankley | October 29, 2003

President Bush continues to amaze, baffle and infuriate most of the Washington political class.

Terry Jeffrey | October 29, 2003

"Quid est veritas?" What is truth? So asked the great and powerful Roman procurator Pontius Pilate of a lowly Galilean carpenter named Jesus. The question runs like an irresistible undercurrent throughout Mel Gibson's still-unfinished movie, "The Passion of Christ."

Ben Shapiro | October 29, 2003

The California wildfires are a tragedy of monumental proportions. As with most other tragedies, however, the situation is not without its share of blame. A large portion of the blame must be laid at the feet of the radical environmental movement.

Linda Chavez | October 29, 2003

It's a good thing the current crop of Democratic candidates weren't running for president in 1944. Instead of defeating Hitler and Tojo, we might have ended up with an "exit strategy" that saved American lives in the short run but cost us our freedom and way of life.

Maggie Gallagher | October 29, 2003

The case of Terri Schiavo, the young woman Gov. Jeb Bush saved from death by dehydration, is not 'the case of a woman who is disabled being starved to death.' Instead, 'the real moral issue is these sort of thorny disagreements that occur in the settings of real families. '

Kathleen Parker | October 29, 2003

In a nutshell - and in perfect tune with Bush's imperative that we "get back to normal" - Cannon posits the Darwinian notion that the opportunity to pursue happiness is what fuels our drive and willingness to fight for and preserve liberty.

William F. Buckley | October 29, 2003

Everybody sell! was the slogan of William I. Nichols years ago when he headed up This Week, the largest-selling Sunday supplement of the day.

Tue, Oct 28, 2003

Thomas Sowell | October 28, 2003

A racist cartoon, linking Janice Rogers Brown with Justice Clarence Thomas, Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice, was on display at the Senate Judiciary Committee's confirmation hearings on Justice Brown's nomination to the federal Court of Appeals in Washington.

David Limbaugh | October 28, 2003

As a conservative my fervent hope is that the televised event enjoyed astronomical ratings. Voters need to see what these people are saying.

Cal Thomas | October 28, 2003

CBS will air a miniseries, "The Reagans," Nov. 16 and 18. If a script obtained by the New York Times correctly depicts the final product, the show will bear as much resemblance to the real Ronald Reagan as Santa Claus reflects the real meaning of Christmas.

Dennis Prager | October 28, 2003

Early this past summer, Mel Gibson invited me to see "The Passion," his film on the trial and crucifixion of Jesus. The invitation was significant in that I was the first practicing Jew and active member of the American Jewish community to be invited.

Debra J. Saunders | October 28, 2003

In essence, Zavala bet $2,000 that the federal government wouldn't enforce federal law. His bad luck: He lost.

Matt Towery | October 28, 2003

These days it seems there is no room at the inn for Americans who choose to view public issues on a case-by-case basis, without pre-conceived policy or political prejudices.

John McCaslin | October 28, 2003

A classic Monty Python skit about a woman ordering breakfast at a restaurant was performed by Sen. Patrick J. Leahy (D-Vt.) just before the Senate unanimously passed a bill designed to crack down on Internet spam.

Chuck Colson | October 28, 2003

The late TV and media critic, Neil Postman, warned that we ought to kill our TVs. Not a bad idea.

Bruce Bartlett | October 28, 2003

In a recent column, I predicted that President Bush will likely be forced into a budget deal involving higher taxes sometime after next year's election because of rising interest rates. Some of my friends thought I was endorsing such an action. I was not.

Mon, Oct 27, 2003

Mike Adams | October 27, 2003

dollars and zero cents. On that little line designated "for" (or "memo"), I am writing the words "tolerance" and "diversity." I intend to repeat this ritual every month until they stop depriving students of their basic constitutional rights.

Pat Buchanan | October 27, 2003

Lt. Gen. William G. "Jerry" Boykin, the former Delta Force commander, seems to be exactly the kind of warrior America needs to lead us in battle against the kind of fanatics we face.

Suzanne Fields | October 27, 2003

The secular lives that most of us lead, no matter what our faith (or lack of it), can often keep us from seeking tough answers to hard questions.

Debra J. Saunders | October 27, 2003

If you took all failed, trendy education bureaucrat ideas, packaged them in a school and put radical animal-rights activists in charge of it, you'd end up with something like the Humane Education Learning Community -- a kindergarten-through-sixth-grade charter school approved by Sacramento's San Juan Unified School District.

Diana West | October 27, 2003

Confused over the Lt. Gen. William Boykin furor? There may come a time when the future's historians explain the controversy this way:

Phyllis Schlafly | October 27, 2003

A gaudy sign reading "No Child Left Behind," the education slogan of the Bush administration, welcomes visitors to the Department of Education in Washington, D.C.

Armstrong Williams | October 27, 2003

When I travel around the country, people consistently ask me why they aren't hearing more about Rev. Al Sharpton's and Carol Mosley Braun's bid for the presidency. Often they lean forward and whisper, "Is it racism?"

John Leo | October 27, 2003

One of the best researchers and generation-watchers, Ann Clurman of the Yankelovich Partners, suggests "authenticity, authorship, and autonomy" as the three nouns for the emerging millennials, also known as generation Y or the "echo boomers."

Rich Lowry | October 27, 2003

Everyone in Washington is congratulating themselves on an agreement last week that will probably lead to the creation of a new $400 billion prescription drug benefit.

Robert Novak | October 27, 2003

Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, frustrated by the audacious campaign of Democrats blocking judicial confirmations, begins a counter-offensive this week.

Jack Kemp | October 27, 2003

The recent "donors' conference" in Madrid, Spain, raised $13 billion in addition to the $20 billion provided by the United States for Iraqi reconstruction, much of which will come in loans. The good news about the conference is that it exceeded expectations, and it shows progress in the right direction.

Sun, Oct 26, 2003

Brent Bozell | October 26, 2003

If Ronald Reagan were still in his prime, presidential 1980s form, he'd be saying to Hollywood: "There you go again."

Paul Jacob | October 26, 2003

Actually they're not rules, they're laws: the laws of logic. These laws can get complicated. But they boil down to just one: the law of identity.

George Will | October 26, 2003

Creative thinkers do not merely answer questions that interest others, they answer questions that others have not realized are interesting or even are questions. For example...

William F. Buckley | October 26, 2003

The memorandum by Donald Rumsfeld circulated we are told, to only four people, brings to mind the lesson my old friend and mentor, the strategist James Burnham, once told his fellow editors.