Sun, Sep 07, 2003

Paul Jacob | September 07, 2003

"Welcome aboard. This is Joe, your flight captain. We're cruising at such-and-such thousand feet, at such-and-such miles per hour. The skies are clear and we expect smooth sailing. And oh, by the way--I'm unarmed. And the co-pilot is unarmed. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the flight."

George Will | September 07, 2003

Iraq in the throes of rebirth is a reminder that political science is a science of single instances, which means it is not a science.

Ross Mackenzie | September 07, 2003

Forty years ago, in the Far North, I first cast my eyes upon her.

Sat, Sep 06, 2003

David Limbaugh | September 06, 2003

Inevitable post-war problems in Iraq have given some in the antiwar coalition -- liberals, paleoconservatives and Libertarians -- new vitality and increased anxiety.

Robert Novak | September 06, 2003

The prospective resignation from Congress of Republican Rep. Bill Janklow, facing manslaughter charges in an August auto fatality, threatens to reshuffle South Dakota politics to the benefit of Senate Democratic Leader Tom Daschle.

Fri, Sep 05, 2003

Michelle Malkin | September 05, 2003

The open-mouthed kisses between aging pop star Madonna and 15th-minute celebrity clingers Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, broadcast on MTV last week, received widespread media attention. The Sapphic spectacle was rightly condemned as vulgar, cynical, and desperately pathetic but the commentariat missed the real horror.

Jonah Goldberg | September 05, 2003

In America today - never mind Europe and the Middle East - ostensibly sophisticated and enlightened people see nothing particularly controversial about comparing George Bush to Adolph Hitler and the United States of America to Nazi Germany.

Mona Charen | September 05, 2003

Sen. John Kerry announced his run for the presidency surrounded by no fewer than eight American flags and eight veterans of the Vietnam War.

Oliver North | September 05, 2003

The "district work period," as our vaunted "public servants" in the House and Senate like to call their summer vacation, has ended, and Congress is back in session.

Debra J. Saunders | September 05, 2003

How can Republicans who bashed President Bill Clinton for his boorish behavior with women support Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Jacob Sullum | September 05, 2003

When Frank Bird, a local abortion protester, crashed his van through the glass doors of a Planned Parenthood clinic in Houston last March, he was not exercising his First Amendment right to free speech.

Rich Lowry | September 05, 2003

Forget his announcement tour. Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry's most consequential public act recently might be that he openly wept.

Charles Krauthammer | September 05, 2003

In relaunching his presidential campaign on Tuesday, John Kerry did not just recalibrate his campaign. He recalibrated his position on the war in Iraq.

Larry Kudlow | September 05, 2003

August was supposed to be a bad month, but stocks rose anyway. September is supposed to be the worst month of the year, but stocks are surging anyway.

Thu, Sep 04, 2003

Ann Coulter | September 04, 2003

President Lyndon Johnson's war on poverty turned out to be a bigger quagmire than Vietnam. Would that the Democrats would give the war in Iraq as much time to succeed as they are willing to give the "War on Poverty," now entering its 40th year.

Brent Bozell | September 04, 2003

In the minds of the national media elite, Alabama is a strange place that erupts in the news only when some backward action happens.

Larry Elder | September 04, 2003

Walter Cronkite, once called America's most trusted man, once disagreed with me when I called most journalists "liberal." "If by liberal," he told me, "you mean open-minded, then, yes. This is true."

Cal Thomas | September 04, 2003

As the second anniversary of that other day of infamy approaches, I do not need to see TV replays of what happened. As on a DVD, the images are burned into my mind.

Pat Buchanan | September 04, 2003

So it was, long ago, when a young generation of conservatives rose up to declare they would rather go down to defeat with Barry Goldwater than win with Nelson Rockefeller. And lose we did.

Suzanne Fields | September 04, 2003

Mick Jagger is 60. He's still a Rolling Stone, but his audience has gathered more than a little moss.

Emmett Tyrrell | September 04, 2003

Presidents are often faced with carpers even inside the White House, but the great presidents prevail. In time, Sen. John Pierre will find that out.

Joel Mowbray | September 04, 2003

Morbid death-related jokes have long been common in Israel, and many Israelis believe that the number being told at any given time can serve as a rough barometer for the mood of the Israeli people.

Armstrong Williams | September 04, 2003

I had a chance to talk with former Israeli prime minister and current finance minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. During the conversation, Netanyahu drew on his personal experiences to shed light on our own war against terror.

Bruce Bartlett | September 04, 2003

The Republican Party's conservative base is becoming increasingly restless with George W. Bush's unwillingness to restrain the growth of federal spending in any way.

Rich Lowry | September 04, 2003

The flash point in the marijuana wars at the moment is the fight over the medical use of the drug. Schwarzenegger is in favor of legalizing it, as are most Californians.

Robert Novak | September 04, 2003

One reason why Sen. John Kerry has precipitously toppled from being putative Democratic nominee for president to a potential also-ran was demonstrated at the conclusion of his grueling interview on NBC's "Meet the Press" Sunday.

Marvin Olasky | September 04, 2003

Indian police this week arrested two men and two women, and charged them with the late August Bombay bombings that killed 52 persons and wounded 150 more.

Alan Reynolds | September 04, 2003

Until very recently, there was no visible difference between the policy plans of Davis and Bustamante -- i.e., to tax and spend with abandon. But now there is one big difference.

George Will | September 04, 2003

We shall learn on Oct. 7, recall election day, the effects of Schwarzenegger's attempts at courting conservatives.

John McCaslin | September 04, 2003

Washington area residents might be surprised to learn that universities in the District of Columbia and Virginia are among the "Top 10 Activist Campuses" in the world, as rated in the September-October issue of Mother Jones.

Chuck Colson | September 04, 2003

Late night comics joke about it; movies use it in snappy come-backs; and some say they deserve it. But prison rape is a vicious crime. And a new law is seeking to stop it.

Wed, Sep 03, 2003

Thomas Sowell | September 03, 2003

In hip and non-judgmental California, Democrats are suddenly expressing shock over Arnold Schwarzenegger's past sex life, his father's politics, and the example that his movies may have set for the young.

Michelle Malkin | September 03, 2003

Conservatives with a conscience should be appalled by the powerful GOP representative.

Walter E. Williams | September 03, 2003

Many of America's colleges and universities have become the modern leaders of racism and intolerance.

Jonah Goldberg | September 03, 2003

The Times' story noted an interesting development north of the border: Now that gays are free to marry, not many of them want to.

David Limbaugh | September 03, 2003

For the 2004 presidential election, it appears Democrats are putting all their presidential prospect eggs in just two baskets, anti-Bush and antiwar.

Tony Blankley | September 03, 2003

Over a month ago (when John Kerry was known as the front-runner), I predicted on the "McLaughlin Group" TV show that by September, Senator John Kerry's campaign would be in crisis.

Terry Jeffrey | September 03, 2003

If you assume that Democratic Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York intends to be elected president someday, you can also assume she is now betting George W. Bush will be re-elected next year.

Ben Shapiro | September 03, 2003

Crossing the line has been a staple of the MTV Awards since its start. Each year, someone has to do something outrageous. And Spears has a history of pushing the envelope.

Linda Chavez | September 03, 2003

John Kerry, the junior senator from Massachusetts who would be president, wants us to know that he's a war hero and George W. Bush isn't.

Frank Gaffney | September 03, 2003

When Senate Commerce Committee Chairman John McCain opens a hearing today on an Air Force proposal to lease 100 Boeing 767 tanker aircraft, he will cast himself as a defender of the public interest against wasteful defense spending.

Rebecca Hagelin | September 03, 2003

In our home, the message is loud and clear: Clean up after yourself. Somehow, government hasn't gotten the message. When it comes to the environment, Big Brother wants to clean up – or attempt to – for everybody.

Tue, Sep 02, 2003

Mona Charen | September 02, 2003

Many have expressed doubts that America can influence the Middle East. But I submit that our cultural sway is already in evidence.

Cal Thomas | September 02, 2003

Among the few advantages of changing residences is going through stuff you have saved, believing it might someday be useful.

Dennis Prager | September 02, 2003

In a period of two weeks during August, more than 11,000 elderly French men and women died of heat stroke.

Debra J. Saunders | September 02, 2003

The legal eagles in charge of the American Civil Liberties Union obviously have decided to ditch the pretense that they care about all Americans' civil rights. Only schoolchildren -- and very naive ones at that -- believe that pose anyway.

Diana West | September 02, 2003

One thing about this summer, there was no so-called silly season. There was too much menace, from Iraq to Indonesia to northern Virginia, for the media to muster the enthusiasm to obsessively tally shark attacks, assiduously track global warming, or chronicle even the most vapid celebrity breakups as if they mattered.

Matt Towery | September 02, 2003

My love for watching football would seem to have little to do with a column dedicated to analyzing public opinion on weightier topics.

Bill Murchison | September 02, 2003

For digesting news accounts of Iraqi chaos, what background accompaniment might be suitable? Here's a suggestion: the 1,800 pages of freshly released radio transcripts from the World Trade Center, Sept. 11, 2001. Snatches of dialogue such as these:

John McCaslin | September 02, 2003

This column has learned that the Defense Intelligence Agency, given "extraordinary demands placed upon agency personnel" in fighting the U.S.-led war on terrorism, is affecting a "mandatory deployment policy" that could soon deploy DIA civilian employees to Iraq.

Joel Mowbray | September 02, 2003

With no visible traces of the mass murder, I needed two Israelis—one of whom had been there at the time of the blast—who were talking nearby to show me the exact location of the tragedy.

Jack Kemp | September 02, 2003

I know there are concerned moms out there reading this article and shaking their heads thinking, "No way would I permit my child to play such a dangerous sport."

Bruce Bartlett | September 02, 2003

Like many Americans, I never heard of California Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante until recently.

Mon, Sep 01, 2003

Suzanne Fields | September 01, 2003

The Ten Commandments dominate the religious news in Savannah and a lot of other places in the South and elsewhere, but Savannah revels in "wickedness."

Phyllis Schlafly | September 01, 2003

The secularists are gloating. They got a court order to remove the Ten Commandments monument from the rotunda of the Alabama Judicial Building and another court order to suspend Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore who put it there.

William F. Buckley | September 01, 2003

At this writing, Sen. Joe Lieberman is scheduled to appear at Yale to give a speech supporting the strikers. It will be called, 'Why Politicians Running for President Support Your Strike.'

Robert Novak | September 01, 2003

On Oct. 12, 2000, the day of the devastating terrorist attack on the USS Cole, President Clinton's highest-level national security team met to determine what to do.

Sun, Aug 31, 2003

Pat Buchanan | August 31, 2003

The granite monument of the Ten Commandments has been rolled out of the Alabama Supreme Court building in Montgomery. Chief Justice Roy Moore has been suspended. Yet, in his defeat there is victory.

Paul Jacob | August 31, 2003

Michigan has hit the jackpot when it comes to dumb sayings about term limits by lobbyists who hate term limits.

George Will | August 31, 2003

For some Republicans, Howard Dean's supremacy among Democratic presidential aspirants causes merriment.