Sun, Aug 24, 2003

Paul Jacob | August 24, 2003

So far, it looks like the professionals haven't yet figured out exactly which renegade electron sparked the cascade of power outages that darkened eight states and part of Canada, though it looks like the problem may have started in Ohio.

Sat, Aug 23, 2003

David Limbaugh | August 23, 2003

While everyone is focusing on the propriety of Alabama Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore's refusal to remove a Ten Commandments monument from his courthouse, we are giving the federal courts a pass -- and we mustn't.

Kathleen Parker | August 23, 2003

Whatever it was - the rack, the wheel, the inconceivable pain - was too horrible to imagine for either Mel Gibson or William Wallace. But it is indeed quite delightful to consider as a just reward for whoever is responsible for unleashing The Worm(s) on us decent computer-dependent folk in recent days.

Robert Novak | August 23, 2003

New York billionaire entrepreneur Donald Trump telephoned his friend Arnold Schwarzenegger Tuesday and told him he better get rid of billionaire stock-picker Warren Buffett as his economic adviser if he wants to be elected governor of California.

Fri, Aug 22, 2003

Michelle Malkin | August 22, 2003

Left-wing "comedian" Al Franken got tripped up by some big fat lies this week. He's sorry he got caught, but smugly silent about making fun of countless American kids who have taken abstinence vows.

Brent Bozell | August 22, 2003

New York City is billed as the center of American sophistication, the apex of American artistry, a magnet for those who want to join the avant-garde, the enlightened, the cognoscenti, the intelligentsia, or any other vaguely artistic and intellectual word that could apply.

Jonah Goldberg | August 22, 2003

Have you noticed how we don't hear much about Bush-haters? It's odd since not long ago "Clinton-hatred" was a national epidemic.

Mona Charen | August 22, 2003

The bombing of the U.N. headquarters in Baghdad drives home the point that terrorism is the modern face of evil.

Cal Thomas | August 22, 2003

Logicians say it is impossible to hold two conflicting thoughts simultaneously. But I do when it comes to the Ten Commandments case in Alabama and the ongoing debate about the relationship between church and state.

Oliver North | August 22, 2003

The flatbed truck had been loaded with more than 1,500 pounds of explosives -- a 500-pound bomb, mortar and artillery rounds, landmines, grenades and plastic explosives -- all of which are readily available throughout Iraq.

Jacob Sullum | August 22, 2003

Attorney General John Ashcroft is on a publicity tour, promoting the USA PATRIOT Act and preparing the public for a sequel.

Joel Mowbray | August 22, 2003

Flying El Al — Israel’s official airline — is an unparalleled experience. Everyone is subjected to what other airlines consider "strict" scrutiny—and some lucky travelers really go through the ringer. Count me as one of the “lucky” ones.

Thu, Aug 21, 2003

Ann Coulter | August 21, 2003

Speaking at the University of California in Los Angeles this week, California Gov. Gray Davis admitted he had made some mistakes and called the recall effort a "right-wing power grab."

Thomas Sowell | August 21, 2003

Here we are, five months after the war in Iraq began, and we haven't yet solved all of that country's problems. Who would have thought that we would?

Larry Elder | August 21, 2003

If the California gubernatorial recall election smacks of craziness, take a look at Denver.

Cal Thomas | August 21, 2003

The twin terror incidents in Baghdad and Jerusalem last Tuesday (Aug. 19) may have sprung from different sources, but as House Majority Leader Tom DeLay noted, "They are a common enemy."

Suzanne Fields | August 21, 2003

A young woman I know got the last bus out of New York before the big blackout of '03. When the bus hadn't arrived in Washington nearly an hour after it was scheduled, we began asking why.

Rich Tucker | August 21, 2003

Writers make a living stringing words together. So we know that words matter -- but only as long as they have clearly understood definitions.

Emmett Tyrrell | August 21, 2003

It is time to take a break from geopolitics and war, and to write about a matter that is near to my heart, health care. I write as a confirmed hypochondriac. I have more medicines in my medicine cabinet than Arianna Huffington.

Ross Mackenzie | August 21, 2003

Ambling through the detritus of recent weeks, some selected quotations on happenings in the news near and far...

Larry Kudlow | August 21, 2003

Try this on for size: A successful Arnold Schwarzenegger plus strong economic recovery spells big victory for George W. Bush.

Kathleen Parker | August 21, 2003

Whether the topic of the day is fatherhood, family, marriage, divorce, childbirth, nutrition, addiction, blackouts or the California recall, some little snip out there launches the "oh-yeah-well-in-primitive-cultures-yadda-yadda-yadda."

Rich Lowry | August 21, 2003

American Indians have always occupied an outsized place in our imagination, usually as a noble people, at one with a pristine North American continent prior to the arrival of the white man. It's time to upgrade the image.

George Will | August 21, 2003

Some very good people thought like this when expecting that Saddam's defeat would trigger a benign domino effect, emboldening Arab moderates and prompting nasty regimes to mend their ways. But inertia rules, as usual.

Marvin Olasky | August 21, 2003

Say what you will about Roy Moore of the Alabama Supreme Court, he does know how to restart a vital national debate that had been stalled.

Armstrong Williams | August 21, 2003

Bracha Toporwitz, a 26-year old resident of Jerusalem, was returning from prayer at the Western Wall with her husband and three children last night when an intense blast ripped through the bus she was on, killing 20 people and wounding 120.

Bruce Bartlett | August 21, 2003

In a recent column, I argued that the manufacturing sector of the U.S. economy is in relatively good shape, despite the sharp decline in manufacturing employment. I clearly touched a nerve with this column.

Alan Reynolds | August 21, 2003

Washington Times columnist Don Lambro recently wrote that some supply-siders (not me) were wary of Arnold Schwarzenegger because adviser Warren Buffett said it makes no sense to pay more property taxes on his $500,000 house in Omaha than on his $4 million house in Laguna Beach.

Wed, Aug 20, 2003

Michelle Malkin | August 20, 2003

Now that Democrat Cruz Bustamante is California's gubernatorial recall front-runner, we can look forward to in-depth media investigations of the Latino candidate's long-held ties to the racial separatist group MEChA, right?

Walter E. Williams | August 20, 2003

What questions might you ask? How about, "What kind of jobs are in the container?" or, "Are they America's high-paying jobs?" Most people would probably say: "You're an idiot! You can't bundle up jobs and ship them overseas!"

Brent Bozell | August 20, 2003

The Arnold Schwarzenegger candidacy may become a classic contest for activists to decide whether they are Republicans or conservatives first. Republicans are urging everyone to jump on the bandwagon, to "wake up and smell the Arnie," to take the pragmatic step that will guarantee the ouster of incompetent Gov. Gray Davis.

David Limbaugh | August 20, 2003

It is undeniable that the overwhelming majority of news anchors and reporters for the major television networks are politically liberal. It is no less deniable that their biases often affect their reporting.

Tony Blankley | August 20, 2003

There are days when it doesn't pay to contemplate on the inanities of modern life. Today is such a day.

Ben Shapiro | August 20, 2003

After finals, Billy comes home for vacation. You ask him what he learned this quarter. "I learned how to be gay," he answers. A stunned silence. "Yeah, I took English 317, Literature and Culture."

Terry Jeffrey | August 20, 2003

When Congress passed President Bush's third major tax cut package this May, every California Democrat in the House of Representatives and both of the state's Democratic senators voted against the package.

Linda Chavez | August 20, 2003

Arnold Schwarzenegger finds himself in the midst of a brewing controversy about his positions on both language and immigration, which could turn into key issues in the campaign for governor.

Rebecca Hagelin | August 20, 2003

I've often wondered what exactly Albert Gore envisioned when he was, um, "inventing" the Internet.

John McCaslin | August 20, 2003

Called the most unique British B&B this side of the pond, Cameron's Restaurant, Pub & Inn in Half Moon Bay, Calif., is addressing the absurdity of the California recall election by offering a 10 percent discount to all gubernatorial candidates.

Armstrong Williams | August 20, 2003

Five years ago, a conference of Episcopalian church leaders flatly declared that the homosexual lifestyle was in direct violation of biblical scriptures.

Tue, Aug 19, 2003

Mona Charen | August 19, 2003

Two recent news stories illustrate one of the unmentionables of modern life -- namely, that Western culture is superior to others. As the United States is now engaged in a protracted and expensive effort to remake the Middle East, we ought to be clear about what we are doing and why.

Cal Thomas | August 19, 2003

The first thing that crossed my mind when the lights went out on the 22nd floor of my Times Square Hotel last Thursday afternoon was, "Klaatu warned us." OK, it wasn't the first thing, but it makes for a more interesting lead sentence.

Dennis Prager | August 19, 2003

In the first part of "What Makes a Liberal?" among the points I made -- but could not develop in the space of a column -- was that "liberal" and "left" have become indistinguishable. This is new. And it is a tragedy for the nation and the world.

Matt Towery | August 19, 2003

Some campaigns peak too soon. We'll soon know if the two hottest names in politics this summer, Arnold Schwarzenegger and former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean, are bright new stars or just streaking meteors about to fizzle out.

Diana West | August 19, 2003

Riding The New York Times' rising tide is Mullah Mustapha Kreikar, a man the newspaper somewhat mildly calls the "founding spiritual leader" of Ansar al-Islam.

Bill Murchison | August 19, 2003

Well. We know who wins whenever states butt heads with the federal government. We know, for one thing, who controls the B-52s and paratroop divisions.

Frank Gaffney | August 19, 2003

A curious thing happens when conservatives are elected President of the United States -- particularly if they have the temerity to govern as conservatives.

Rich Lowry | August 19, 2003

In the 1990s, a few lunatics accused President Clinton of murder and other crimes, leading to the coinage of the phrase "Clinton-hating."

Bruce Bartlett | August 19, 2003

Now some neoconservatives are saying that their philosophy underpins the administration's domestic and economic policy, as well.

Mon, Aug 18, 2003

Pat Buchanan | August 18, 2003

'Is it a rebellion?' asked Louis XVI of the count who informed him of the fall of the Bastille.

Suzanne Fields | August 18, 2003

Arnold Schwarzenegger has muscled himself onto the national stage as a spectacular example of what it takes to be famous in our time.

Debra J. Saunders | August 18, 2003

If he had taken an exit and left the federal road, his sentence likely would have been measured in terms of months, not years.

Phyllis Schlafly | August 18, 2003

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg recently joined U.S. Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y., former U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno, anti-Pledge-of-Allegiance Judge Stephen Reinhardt and other like-minded liberals and feminists to launch a new organization called the American Constitution Society.

George Will | August 18, 2003

This anniversary reminds us that America is not new to the business of regime change.

Jack Kemp | August 18, 2003

Arnold Schwarzenegger is one among three other serious candidates for the California governorship who has a chance to reverse this harmful cycle if he wins the California statehouse. But Schwarzenegger will never succeed if he insists on listening to billionaire investor Warren Buffett, whom he recently appointed his economic adviser.

Robert Novak | August 18, 2003

With Congress in recess, the chairman of the House International Relations Committee issued a two-paragraph statement containing a startling allegation.

John Leo | August 18, 2003

Reality is always in need of buffing, so the euphemism industry is booming.

Chuck Colson | August 18, 2003

"Same-sex 'marriage' is coming," many say, "and we can't stop it." Developments in Canada may be telling a different story.

Sun, Aug 17, 2003

Debra J. Saunders | August 17, 2003

Readers of Sunday's New York Times Magazine were treated this week to a tidy puff piece about Stanley "Tookie" Williams, the San Quentin inmate now on Death Row for killing four strangers in two 1979 robberies.

Paul Jacob | August 17, 2003

Arnold Schwarzenegger has joined the race for California's hopefully soon-to-be-vacated governor's seat. Great. Arnold's a cool guy.

Rich Tucker | August 17, 2003

It seems there’s always delicious food around -- pizza, burgers, steak -- and I’m stuck with salad and low-fat dressing.

Kathleen Parker | August 17, 2003

I considered calling in sick today and skipping my column because I'm recovering from dental surgery, which involved a Demerol/Valium cocktail followed by several Percocets for pain.

George Will | August 17, 2003

The premise that terrorism thrives where democracy doesn't may seem to generate a duty to universalize democracy. But it is axiomatic that one cannot have a duty to do something that cannot be done.