Sun, Aug 17, 2003

Debra J. Saunders | August 17, 2003

Readers of Sunday's New York Times Magazine were treated this week to a tidy puff piece about Stanley "Tookie" Williams, the San Quentin inmate now on Death Row for killing four strangers in two 1979 robberies.

Paul Jacob | August 17, 2003

Arnold Schwarzenegger has joined the race for California's hopefully soon-to-be-vacated governor's seat. Great. Arnold's a cool guy.

Rich Tucker | August 17, 2003

It seems there’s always delicious food around -- pizza, burgers, steak -- and I’m stuck with salad and low-fat dressing.

George Will | August 17, 2003

The premise that terrorism thrives where democracy doesn't may seem to generate a duty to universalize democracy. But it is axiomatic that one cannot have a duty to do something that cannot be done.

Kathleen Parker | August 17, 2003

I considered calling in sick today and skipping my column because I'm recovering from dental surgery, which involved a Demerol/Valium cocktail followed by several Percocets for pain.

Sat, Aug 16, 2003

David Limbaugh | August 16, 2003

Hallelujah! Someone in authority is finally fighting back against political correctness. The Bush Administration has warned campus thought-control bullies that it is monitoring their imperious tactics.

Joel Mowbray | August 16, 2003

Thursday’s massive power outages exposed our vulnerabilities in all of three minutes—the amount of time it took for 21 power plants to shut down. But over the next several hours, the whole messy affair demonstrated Americans’ resilience.

Robert Novak | August 16, 2003

George W. Bush's main fund-raisers and contributors expected a pep talk from the president when they were his guests for a barbecue at Crawford, Texas, last weekend but instead received a long and enthusiastic portrayal of U.S. capability to remove "evil" regimes.

Fri, Aug 15, 2003

Brent Bozell | August 15, 2003

I thought Hollywood was supposed to be a place that celebrates a bold artistic vision.

Mona Charen | August 15, 2003

During the Cold War, liberals were always telling us that while the communist states certainly could not claim to have political liberty, they had outperformed the harsh, capitalist West in terms of social services.

Oliver North | August 15, 2003

You can't watch television these days without seeing a story about Kobe Bryant and the allegations that he sexually assaulted a 19-year old woman in a Colorado hotel.

Jacob Sullum | August 15, 2003

Testifying before Congress in April, Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy tried to explain why it's important for judges to have discretion in sentencing.

John McCaslin | August 15, 2003

Early this week, we wrote that President Bush was spending part of his vacation "clearing cedar" on his Texas ranch, only to have several readers write to ask what clearing cedar actually means.

Rich Lowry | August 15, 2003

Democrats think they have found an early chink in the Terminator's armor: Arnold Schwarzenegger voted for Proposition 187 to deny state benefits to illegal immigrants.

Charles Krauthammer | August 15, 2003

The president has nominated Islamic scholar Daniel Pipes to the board of directors of the U.S. Institute of Peace. This has resulted in a nasty eruption of McCarthyism.

Ross Mackenzie | August 15, 2003

A jumble of quotations - mostly about topics and people currently in the news, and mostly commendable...

Thu, Aug 14, 2003

Ann Coulter | August 14, 2003

In June 2002, the liberal American Prospect magazine was hailing California as a "laboratory" for Democratic policies. With "its Democratic governor, U.S. senators, state legislature and congressional delegation," author Harold Meyerson gushed, "California is the only one of the nation's 10 largest states that is uniformly under Democratic control."

Larry Elder | August 14, 2003

In search of the ever-elusive free lunch, California government increased spending in the last four-and-a-half years by nearly 40 percent, well above the 21 percent combined increase in state population growth and inflation.

Cal Thomas | August 14, 2003

Why let a little thing like an unprovoked attack by Hezbollah terrorists who fired shells into northern Israel from southern Lebanon in violation of a previous "peace agreement" stall the road map to perdition, uh, peace?

Suzanne Fields | August 14, 2003

August, not April, is the cruelest month. The days are still long, but with the impatient intensity of the waning summer of boundless sky, yellow sun and white sand, foaming edges of ocean.

Emmett Tyrrell | August 14, 2003

The Israelis need to get on with finishing their fence. Its electronic systems on both sides will save lives, even the lives of the would-be suicide murderers.

Maggie Gallagher | August 14, 2003

So the U.S. Anglicans have decided to consecrate a bishop who believes gay sex can be sacramental and practices what he preaches.

Bruce Bartlett | August 14, 2003

Everybody seems to be worried about manufacturing these days. All the Democratic presidential candidates condemn the practice of "outsourcing" -- laying off manufacturing workers and buying their output more cheaply from China.

Marvin Olasky | August 14, 2003

Coach Dave Bliss failed in his attempt to turn Baylor University's basketball team into a major power. On Aug. 8, he resigned amid accusations of payoffs, players' drug use and other improper activities, all brought to the forefront during media attention resulting from the tragedy of one of his players killing another.

Alan Reynolds | August 14, 2003

As if it wasn't bad enough to have both state and federal prosecutors trying to fine and regulate American business to death by whim, the European Union is now getting into that game.

Larry Kudlow | August 14, 2003

Not one in a thousand media commentators recognize that the big-bang bond sell-off in the United States is actually an international phenomenon, one that signifies the potential for an economic growth recovery throughout the world.

Ross Mackenzie | August 14, 2003

Last pieces from the files, for a while...

Robert Novak | August 14, 2003

Arnold Schwarzenegger may not be much of a Republican and not conservative at all, but George W. Bush welcomes anybody invigorating a comatose California GOP.

Wed, Aug 13, 2003

Thomas Sowell | August 13, 2003

Arnold Schwarzenegger has made a big splash in the media by entering the California governor's race. But the real news out of California came a few days before Arnold's political bombshell.

Walter E. Williams | August 13, 2003

Anyone who believes President Bush's Africa initiative, including sending U.S. troops to Liberia, will amount to more than a hill of beans is whistling Dixie.

Brent Bozell | August 13, 2003

The headlines everywhere are focusing on the California recall election, and everywhere you turn you're hearing a reporter focus on the "wacky" or "circus" element.

David Limbaugh | August 13, 2003

At a time when our nation is under attack and forces are determined to destroy it, it might serve us well to examine the mindset that many believe has been historically slow to recognize threats against this nation and even slower to act on them.

Tony Blankley | August 13, 2003

Most curious of all Mr. Will's belittling observations was his charge that California's Republican Party is frivolous and opportunistic. That is a cruel and unfair charge coming from a principled conservative such as Mr. Will.

Debra J. Saunders | August 13, 2003

People who don't live here think that Californians must be insane to even contemplate electing Arnold Schwarzenegger as governor.

Ben Shapiro | August 13, 2003

Conservatives are upset with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Cal Thomas writes that Arnold "is a social liberal and is bound to disappoint conservative Republicans." George Will states that Schwarzenegger "could hardly be less like Reagan." Mona Charen derides the leading candidate for California governor as a Ross Perot clone.

Terry Jeffrey | August 13, 2003

It once was established wisdom that California stood on the cutting edge of American culture, and, in Republican politics at least, the established wisdom was correct.

Linda Chavez | August 13, 2003

Talk to Milton Friedman, the Nobel-winning economist whose free market theories you reportedly embrace.

Rebecca Hagelin | August 13, 2003

Have you ever been asleep on a plane, only to be rudely awakened by a sudden jolt? One minute, it's smooth flying. The next, BAM! The plane hits some air pocket and falls fast enough to nearly bounce you out of your seat.

Kathleen Parker | August 13, 2003

Our either-or cultural template has come to an unattractive head during the recent Gay Moment, as these days are being dubbed.

Armstrong Williams | August 13, 2003

Condoleezza Rice, a woman of unfailing intensity and focus, is one of the engines hauling along the war on terror.

John McCaslin | August 13, 2003

How much is $400 billion?

Tue, Aug 12, 2003

Thomas Sowell | August 12, 2003

Justice Anthony Kennedy won an outburst of applause at a recent meeting of the American Bar Association in San Francisco when he criticized mandatory sentencing laws.

Mona Charen | August 12, 2003

The nation owes Arnold Schwarzenegger gratitude for pushing Kobe Bryant out of the headlines for the first time in weeks.

Dennis Prager | August 12, 2003

Why do people hold liberal-left positions? (Liberal and left were once very different, but not anymore.)

Matt Towery | August 12, 2003

I see little chance for a Democrat to defeat George W. Bush next year. Certainly not if one of the candidates doesn't soon break out of the pack of no-names and at least win the dubious honor of being the Democrats' 2004 nominee.

Bill Murchison | August 12, 2003

Well, I guess, to be completely accurate, the California recall election is rough, raucous and regrettable. An affront to accepted political science standards, by gosh.

Frank Gaffney | August 12, 2003

A curious thing happens when conservatives are elected President of the United States -- particularly if they have the temerity to govern as conservatives:

Chuck Colson | August 12, 2003

Reflections on thirty years of faith.

Rich Lowry | August 12, 2003

If you weren't thrilled by Arnold Schwarzenegger's surprise announcement of his gubernatorial candidacy last week, you either have no heart or work as a lobbyist for a California public-employees union.

Bruce Bartlett | August 12, 2003

I don't believe that anyone in the Bush administration consciously desires an American empire, although they are being urged to pursue one by pundits like William Kristol. But I do think there is a danger that the United States will back into imperialism if we aren't careful.

Joel Mowbray | August 12, 2003

The bomb blast outside the Jordanian Embassy in Baghdad sent an unmistakable message to the moderate Arab state: Don’t support the U.S. or a free Iraq.

Mon, Aug 11, 2003

Cal Thomas | August 11, 2003

Ronald Reagan was an actor who became governor of California, so why not Arnold Schwarzenegger? Or so the argument goes.

Diana West | August 11, 2003

Even in a culture as (how to put it?) comfortable with its own relativism as ours is, it's unlikely that a recent Washington Post front-page article about Canada's "safe injection sites" for intravenous drug users went down quite as smoothly as the morning coffee.

Phyllis Schlafly | August 11, 2003

We live in a global economy, right? But the elites mouthing this mantra haven't shared with the U.S. people the news that globalism not only means open borders for the movement of goods and the migration of peoples, but also textbooks teaching children to be citizens of the world instead of patriots.

John Leo | August 11, 2003

Donald Sutherland and I have much in common. We went to the same school and graduated in the same class, but he is 6 foot 4 and I am 4 inches shorter, so I cannot be part of the new identity group that claims him as a member.

Jack Kemp | August 11, 2003

President Bush will interrupt his vacation in Crawford, Texas, next week to hold a brainstorm session with his economic team about how to create jobs.

George Will | August 11, 2003

And Schwarzenegger is intelligent enough to be a successful entrepreneur and to be bored making silly movies. He is intelligent enough to be governor. But Jimmy Carter and Richard Nixon -- and Lenin, for that mater -- were intelligent.

Robert Novak | August 11, 2003

On the evening of July 30, the usually circumspect senators engaged in a rare confrontation over religion.

Kathleen Parker | August 11, 2003

"Media arrogance" is to redundancy what "military intelligence" has been to oxymorons. Still, the degree of arrogance of which the media are sometimes capable is stunning, as with the current debate about naming rape victims.

Sun, Aug 10, 2003

Pat Buchanan | August 10, 2003

Insensitive, you say? Consider his conduct. Fifteen years ago, Robinson dissolved his marriage, dumped his wife, abandoned his two little girls and went off to shack up.

William F. Buckley | August 10, 2003

In the every-two-minutes bulletins on the sex/marriage/gay-religion wars, we detect wisps of mockery directed at conventional marriage with conventional aims.

George Will | August 10, 2003

This just in: Conservatism often is symptomatic of a psychological syndrome.