Sat, Mar 15, 2003

David Limbaugh | March 15, 2003

Many extreme leftists have a funny idea about patriotism. The more they show their disgust with America -- especially on foreign soil -- the better patriots they believe they are.

Robert Novak | March 15, 2003

Not only have President Bush and Secretary of State Colin Powell lobbied United Nations Security Council members to support the Iraq war resolution, but they have also asked the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee -- Sen. Richard Lugar -- to help.

Fri, Mar 14, 2003

Thomas Sowell | March 14, 2003

A death in the family is always hard to take, even when it is the death of someone who has lived a long and full life, and was not expected to survive much longer.

Michelle Malkin | March 14, 2003

The Transportation Security Administration is a fiscal black hole, and fiscal conservatives ought to be enraged.

Brent Bozell | March 14, 2003

President Bush consented to another oral exam with his March 6 prime time press conference in the East Room. He passed, and the press failed. More importantly, however, was how they failed. This time, they flunked themselves.

Jonah Goldberg | March 14, 2003

It's the Jews' turn. Over the last year, a number of anti-war arguments have taken center stage. It's a war for oil. It's a war to distract from the war on terrorism or the economy.

Debra J. Saunders | March 14, 2003

"How is it possible for it to be destroyed by those who have a share in it, in the absence of any extraneous influence -- to be destroyed when no one wishes to attack it, to be annihilated when no one repudiates it?"

Rich Tucker | March 14, 2003

African American journalists have one. So do gay and lesbian journalists. And Hispanic journalists. And Asian American journalists. Even female journalists.

Jacob Sullum | March 14, 2003

"We're finally here debating the most difficult, contentious social issue of our day," Sen. Sam Brownback, R-Kan., said shortly before he and 63 of his colleagues voted to ban "partial birth" abortions.

Maggie Gallagher | March 14, 2003

Had it not been for an appeals court stay, almost 10 million American public school students in nine Western states ruled by the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals would have been forced to take a new oath this week: Stop pledging allegiance to this nation, under God.

William F. Buckley | March 14, 2003

The Iraqi question is bringing about a change in perspectives at a screeching speed. Conventions we have lived by and plighted our troths to are simply emptying out, lacking in muscle, or spirit.

Joel Mowbray | March 14, 2003

Following a series of meetings with Libyan officials that has intensified in recent months, the State Department is close to re-legitimizing Moammar Gadhafi, according to senior administration officials and other sources close to the talks.

John McCaslin | March 14, 2003

With a single constitutional amendment to be filed next week, an Oklahoma congressman will seek to protect the Pledge of Allegiance, the Ten Commandments and school prayer.

Rich Lowry | March 14, 2003

In keeping with the new vogue for pre-emption, Democrats would be well-advised to try an unprecedented, pre-emptive flip-flop on North Korea.

Bruce Bartlett | March 14, 2003

With many states now running large budget deficits, legislators are looking anew at higher cigarette taxes.

Thu, Mar 13, 2003

Ann Coulter | March 13, 2003

Since new competitive media have forced liberals to confront opposing points of view, they seem to have abandoned emotionalism as their main argument.

Thomas Sowell | March 13, 2003

A San Francisco sports writer has joined the chorus of those who argue that Pete Rose should be admitted into the Baseball Hall of Fame, despite being banned from baseball for violating one of its cardinal rules, against betting on ball games.

Larry Elder | March 13, 2003

"Bush is a baby-killer," screamed the signs during an anti-war rally in London.

Tony Blankley | March 13, 2003

There is one other tradition being overturned: the inadmissibility in polite company of questioning the patriotism of Jews.

Cal Thomas | March 13, 2003

A long time ago, in a country that now seems far, far away, the United States of America was feared and respected, especially by its enemies.

Suzanne Fields | March 13, 2003

Ridiculing the French is the new national pastime, with the focus on cowardice in the line of fire rather than cowardice in love. David Letterman's remark is typical: "The last time the French asked for 'more proof,' it came marching into Paris under a German flag."

Linda Chavez | March 13, 2003

Despicably, a Democratic congressman recently blamed Jews for the impending war with Iraq.

Emmett Tyrrell | March 13, 2003

The resolute man in the White House is of course mounting a vastly larger strike against Saddam today than President Reagan mounted against Libya's tin pot colonel. Yet he has more of the world on his side.

Robert Novak | March 13, 2003

As the Pentagon prepared to go to war, it was considered a 100 percent certainty there in the middle of last week that Thomas White would be sacked forthwith as secretary of the Army.

George Will | March 13, 2003

War precipitates clarity as well as confusion, and the war against Iraq already has clarified this: The United Nations is not a good idea badly implemented, it is a bad idea.

Alan Reynolds | March 13, 2003

A stock market commentator recent noted "the commonly held view that stocks will rally and oil prices will plunge as soon as bombs start dropping."

Wed, Mar 12, 2003

Thomas Sowell | March 12, 2003

While Senate Democrats are filibustering against the nomination of Miguel Estrada to the federal appeals court, liberals in the media are filibustering against conservative judges in general.

Michelle Malkin | March 12, 2003

Much fun has been had by American politicians and pundits who are rightly taking France to task for its wimpish, pro-appeasement ways.

Walter E. Williams | March 12, 2003

There's a little known law called the Davis-Bacon Act of 1931. It remains on the books today. Before saying what the law is and its effects, let me run by you some of the language used, in the early 1930s, to push the law through Congress.

Brent Bozell | March 12, 2003

As war against Saddam creeps ever closer, anti-war partisans are feeling powerless and underappreciated. To them, the media seem dominated by a White House war machine that is intimidating sheepish reporters.

Jonah Goldberg | March 12, 2003

Last Saturday, I hung out with a couple hundred homosexuals.

David Limbaugh | March 12, 2003

Since the New York Times editorial page is the political Left's "paper of record" and thus fairly representative of the liberal anti-war sentiment in America today, I thought I'd analyze its recent missive "Saying No to War."

Ben Shapiro | March 12, 2003

A few months back, I received a magazine in the mail. I hadn't ordered it, but there it was. "The American Conservative," the title blared in white-on-blue lettering.

Terry Jeffrey | March 12, 2003

Would he ever speak candidly, Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei just might admit to some ambivalence on whether he wants the United States to invade Iraq.

Debra J. Saunders | March 12, 2003

In the seven-page letter FBI agent/whistle blower Coleen Rowley sent to FBI Director Robert Mueller -- via the front page of The New York Times -- Rowley parroted the antiwar corner's oft-made assertion that a U.S. attack on Iraq "will, in all likelihood, bring an exponential increase in the terrorist threat to the U.S., both at home and abroad."

Bill Murchison | March 12, 2003

For a born-again Southern Baptist, Jimmy Carter might make a terrific pope, what with his knack for reporting to us what's on the mind of the Almighty these days. We may yet bestow on our ex-president a miter and a moniker -- James Earl I.

John McCaslin | March 12, 2003

Continuing a legacy of putting out a daily newspaper during every major conflict since the Civil War, Stars and Stripes, an independent daily distributed to U.S. military personnel and their families, is gearing up for another war.

Charles Krauthammer | March 12, 2003

Walk away, Mr. President. Walk away from the U.N. Security Council. It will not authorize the coming war. You can stand on your head and it won't change the outcome. You can convert to Islam in a Parisian mosque and it won't prevent a French veto.

Joel Mowbray | March 12, 2003

Although many believe that President Bush’s steadfast determination to disarm Saddam has made France and Germany’s “peace” actions irrelevant, the peaceniks have actually managed to make a certain outcome more likely: war.

Armstrong Williams | March 12, 2003

President Bush admits that he begins each morning by reading a book of evangelical sermons. Faith has long been an integral part of his life.

Kathleen Parker | March 12, 2003

Once again it seems America has been deceived by her own better angels. We have assumed, incorrectly, that our enemies can be reasonable.

Tue, Mar 11, 2003

Mona Charen | March 11, 2003

War Never Solves Anything. So say dozens of callers to C-SPAN and left-leaning radio programs (yes, there are some).

Cal Thomas | March 11, 2003

In George Bush's plans to oust Saddam Hussein and liberate the Iraqi people from years of murder and oppression, the president has left out something he might like to consider.

Dennis Prager | March 11, 2003

Let it be said before we know the outcome of the war in Iraq that America and the world are inordinately lucky to have George W. Bush as America's president.

Matt Towery | March 11, 2003

The first and arguably best "reality" TV show was called "Survivor." Now, the reality shows that have overloaded the prime-time airwaves for the last few years may soon be struggling to survive.

Diana West | March 11, 2003

This is a tale of two news stories. They both pertain to Islam and culture clash in the post-9/11 world, but they take place in parallel universes.

Phyllis Schlafly | March 11, 2003

The liberals have been going all out to protect the privacy of individuals against government efforts to ferret out al-Qaeda sleeper cells that might be plotting to kill us.

Larry Kudlow | March 11, 2003

Every time some genius says the stock market bubble "had to burst," the following comes to mind: Between 1996 and 2002, commodity prices dropped by an incredible 30 percent.

Bruce Bartlett | March 11, 2003

As then-Minority Leader Dick Gephardt, D-Mo., said on "Meet the Press" last year (Jan. 27), "The purpose of tax cuts ... is to get the economy to grow. If you can get the economy to grow, you will start having more money coming into the government."

Marvin Olasky | March 11, 2003

The impending U.S.-Iraq explosion will not be sudden -- for 12 years Iraqi officials have done all they could to evade the agreement they desperately signed after the rout of Gulf War 1 -- but it will bring many evil things.

George Will | March 11, 2003

A state tradition from the early 20th-century, plebiscitary democracy, is being fueled by the synergism of two late 20th-century developments, talk radio and the Internet.

Jack Kemp | March 11, 2003

I've just returned from an extraordinary pilgrimage to Selma, Montgomery and Birmingham, Ala., celebrating and commemorating the struggle for the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and other vital civil rights legislation for America.

Rich Lowry | March 11, 2003

Memo to liberals: Black single mothers living in the inner city are people too.

Mon, Mar 10, 2003

Pat Buchanan | March 10, 2003

Can torture -- the infliction of intolerable, even excruciating, pain to extract information from war criminals -- ever be justified?

Suzanne Fields | March 10, 2003

Robert Kagan, who cites the popular sexual metaphor to explain the fundamental differences between nations in his new book "Of Paradise and Power: America vs. Europe in the New World Order," writes that "Americans are from Mars and Europeans are from Venus."

Debra J. Saunders | March 10, 2003

While news accounts have portrayed appellant Gary Ewing as a "petty" or "small-time thief" sentenced to 25 years to life for stealing three golf clubs, Ewing is not harmless. He's a career criminal.

Robert Novak | March 10, 2003

It defies credibility that FBI Director Robert Mueller did not reply to an e-mail letter from agent Coleen Rowley, whose previous whistle-blowing earned her Time's person-of-the-year status.

William F. Buckley | March 10, 2003

A postmortem on President Bush's press conference, conducted with a friend who has been intimately involved in the past, reminds us that what's important to every president is to get said what he wants to say.

John Leo | March 10, 2003

Europe's appeasement of Hitler in the 1930s is similar to the sad performance of France and Germany today.