Sat, Feb 22, 2003

Jonah Goldberg | February 22, 2003

For nearly five years I've been bandying about a funny ethnic slur -- borrowed from "The Simpsons" -- and just when I was about to abandon it, the rest of the world discovered it.

David Limbaugh | February 22, 2003

While watching Hannity & Colmes recently, I learned of a lawsuit involving the refusal of medical care on the basis of religious beliefs. No, the case doesn't involve Christian Scientists refusing treatment for their children, but something entirely different.

Chuck Colson | February 22, 2003

Last week I listened to a group of Christians talking about the "American empire." War with Iraq, they said cheerfully, will secure that empire and is part of our ordained role to secure peace in the world. Wait a minute — that is pure hubris, a terrible attitude.

William F. Buckley | February 22, 2003

The pope moves in impenetrable seclusion; not so the president of France. The cameras were dead on him when Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, 39th of the 42 African chiefs of state in town, filed by.

Robert Novak | February 22, 2003

Lobbying by the nation's governors for more federal funds at their annual Washington conference Sunday and Monday has been blunted by a Republican revolt against what they call liberal Democratic control of the National Governors Association (NGA).

Fri, Feb 21, 2003

Thomas Sowell | February 21, 2003

Liberals have been throwing money at problems for so long that it should not be surprising that they are now ready to throw money at the problem they have with the predominance of conservative talk show hosts on radio.

Michelle Malkin | February 21, 2003

No one can deny that the plight of Jesica Santillan, the sick teenager who mistakenly received organs at Duke University from a donor with a different blood type, is a sad one.

Jonah Goldberg | February 21, 2003

Last month, in an editorial headlined "The War Against Women," The New York Times declared, "As the 30th anniversary of the Roe decision approaches, women's right to safe, legal abortions is in dire peril."

Mona Charen | February 21, 2003

The demonstrators thronged the streets of Europe's major cities. Mothers pushed toddlers in strollers, teen-agers dressed up in death masks, men carried huge placards reading "Better Neutral than Dead" and "You Can't Hug Your Kids with Nuclear Arms."

Oliver North | February 21, 2003

The fiasco with Iraq is playing out like a bad soap opera that never ends. And the "write up" could even fit in one of those soap opera digests one sees in a checkout line at the supermarket.

Jacob Sullum | February 21, 2003

The New York Times reports that Robert Matsui was "surprised by (the) fine print" in the McCain-Feingold campaign finance law. Matsui, the California representative who heads the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, confesses, "I didn't realize what all was in it."

Charles Krauthammer | February 21, 2003

Chirac's outburst made headlines. It was clumsy, impolitic and revealing. But the bullying of New Europe by Old Europe is not new.

John McCaslin | February 21, 2003

President Bush didn't flinch Tuesday when a reporter asked, "What do you make of the fact that millions of people across the globe have taken to the streets to protest your approach to Iraq?

Rich Lowry | February 21, 2003

Supporters of racial preferences have a new argument why the University of Michigan should be permitted to maintain a discriminatory admissions policy -- it's necessary to win the war on terror.

Thu, Feb 20, 2003

Ann Coulter | February 20, 2003

Rich liberals are planning to fund a talk radio network because they believe – as The New York Times put it – they have been "overshadowed in the political propaganda wars by conservative radio and television personalities." If liberals think they are losing elections because of the conservative bias in the media, they may as well give up right now.

Thomas Sowell | February 20, 2003

It is a painful reminder of human folly, irresponsibility, and exhibitionism that millions of "anti-war" demonstrators have somehow convinced themselves that they have some special aversion to war. No sane human being wants war.

Larry Elder | February 20, 2003

Bill Clinton, four years ago, took to the airwaves and explained his authorization of non-U.N.-approved missile strikes against Iraq, using the very same arguments now advanced by President Bush. Yet the silence was deafening.

Cal Thomas | February 20, 2003

Washington was buried under two feet of snow last week. That's nothing new for this town, which gets snow jobs year round from the politicians of both parties (and the independents, too).

Suzanne Fields | February 20, 2003

One man's jihad can be another man's mission of distortion. The Islamist terrorists who attacked America on Sept. 11 cited their murderous rampage as a "jihad."

Ben Shapiro | February 20, 2003

Since I was too tired this week to raise my gun to shoulder level, here's a collection of shots from the hip:

Emmett Tyrrell | February 20, 2003

The administration's nomination to the U. S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia of Miguel Estrada is now paralyzed by the Senate Democrats' refusal to entertain a vote for him on the Senate floor and by the White House's insistence that the vote take place.

Bruce Bartlett | February 20, 2003

One of the critical differences between conservatives and liberals is that the former think the overall level of taxes and spending is important, economically, whereas the latter think only the difference between the two matters.

Robert Novak | February 20, 2003

The capture and murder by narco-guerrillas of U.S. intelligence operatives in Colombia was a disaster waiting to happen.

Joel Mowbray | February 20, 2003

When the soft-on-Saddam crowd—from France and Germany to the millions of street protesters across Europe and the United States—chants “give inspections a chance,” what these doves really mean is “give tyranny a chance.”

Alan Reynolds | February 20, 2003

When the homeland security alert level was recently raised to orange (high risk) from yellow (elevated risk), the announcement was accompanied by advice to run out and buy some plastic sheeting and duct tape.

George Will | February 20, 2003

Whatever happened to the Hanseatic League? A medieval trade association of some northern European cities, it flourished, then conditions and interests changed and although it never formally dissolved, it disappeared.

Wed, Feb 19, 2003

Michelle Malkin | February 19, 2003

Thank goodness for conservative college student journalists. They bravely blow the whistle on the cultural rot plaguing the nation's institutions of higher learning.

Walter E. Williams | February 19, 2003

If you're a poor adult in America, for the most part, it's all your fault. That's true, at least today, whether you're black, white, brown or polka dot.

Brent Bozell | February 19, 2003

ABC hosted a fascinating "Nightline" a few weeks ago on the subject of patriotism and the press in times of war. They should have called it "A Night on the Defensive."

Jonah Goldberg | February 19, 2003

Now, I've long been a critic of what I call "arguments ad Hiterlum" -- by which I mean the drafting of that infamous Adolf into debates where he has no place.

David Limbaugh | February 19, 2003

Intended or not, the antiwar protesters in the United States and around the world brought great comfort to Saddam Hussein. The CNN headline reporting the latest protests literally said, "World Antiwar Rallies Delight Iraq."

Tony Blankley | February 19, 2003

Many Americans have mischaracterized the French recently. We have accused them of being overly sophisticated, of using subtle, clever and high-sounding language to undercut us in the United Nations.

Cal Thomas | February 19, 2003

If ever there was a "time for war " (Ecclesiastes 3:8), surely this is it. If the United Nations is to be taken seriously, the time is now for it to act.

Terry Jeffrey | February 19, 2003

Rep. John Conyers of Michigan is leading five other representatives in a lawsuit that will live in the annals of idiocy if not infamy. The six, all Democrats, have sued President Bush contending he has no constitutional authority to wage war against Saddam.

Linda Chavez | February 19, 2003

The only way to bring any lasting peace to the Persian Gulf is to give war a chance. We've had 12 years of "peace" since the last Gulf war, which Saddam Hussein has used to rebuild his military infrastructure, stockpile weapons of mass destruction, and starve and oppress his people.

John McCaslin | February 19, 2003

"I seldom think about what I'd do as president of the United States," McCain answered.

Kathleen Parker | February 19, 2003

Watching war protests around the world punctuated by vandalism and '60s rhetoric that sounded off-key and out of context, I was grateful for grown-ups in higher places.

Armstrong Williams | February 19, 2003

Our society is very utilitarian. The buildings are mostly shaped like a square. Things fall at right angles.

Tue, Feb 18, 2003

Mona Charen | February 18, 2003

The Bush administration has been diligent in conveying its friendliness toward Muslims and for this the president is to be commended.

Dennis Prager | February 18, 2003

With millions of Europeans demonstrating against America, many Americans, raised to regard Europe as an ally, must be wondering what is happening.

Pat Buchanan | February 18, 2003

"May your enemies live in interesting times," runs the old Chinese saying. Our times become more interesting by the day.

Matt Towery | February 18, 2003

Here's a tip for the Bush administration: If you are going to wage war without totally debilitating longstanding international relationships and the world economy, cast aside your over-regard for the opinions of other nations, and get moving.

Diana West | February 18, 2003

When asked about Code Orange, America's elevated terror alert level, an attendant at Disneyland's Haunted Mansion in Anaheim, Calif., responded: "I thought the air was cleaner now, and we didn't have to worry about that ozone stuff anymore."

Phyllis Schlafly | February 18, 2003

Smuggling illegal drugs into the United States has been a big moneymaking scheme for years, but the industry of smuggling people may be getting even more profitable than marijuana or cocaine.

Bill Murchison | February 18, 2003

Saddam Hussein's new best friends, several million in number, paraded around the world Saturday, various of them provoking questions about security arrangements at nearby places of confinement for the mentally challenged.

Frank Gaffney | February 18, 2003

President Bush has characterized the choice to be made in this war on terror: "Either you are with us or you are with the terrorists."

Bruce Bartlett | February 18, 2003

As with everyone, my view of a potential war with Iraq is shaped by my experience. For those in my generation, Vietnam was the defining experience.

Rich Lowry | February 18, 2003

America's prisons are often depicted by left-wing critics as a big business ("the prison-industrial complex") profiting on the basis of racism and cruelty.

Jack Kemp | February 18, 2003

Ralph Waldo Emerson's observation, "The field cannot be well seen from within the field," never applied more apply than in Iraq. We need to get above the field to see how to deal with Iraq.

Marvin Olasky | February 18, 2003

Now that American reporters increasingly are covering Islam, will most be able to get beyond press releases and provide context for what they are told? A little test I've just done raises questions.

Mon, Feb 17, 2003

Suzanne Fields | February 17, 2003

Poets and politicians go together like ham and lox, like teachers and truants. They simply don't see the world from the same perspective. That's why it was brave - if a bit naïve - for Laura Bush to invite poets to the White House and expect them to act like poets.

John Leo | February 17, 2003

Here in the mainstream media, we are so good at cloaking the news in decorum that it's often hard to figure out what people are really thinking.

George Will | February 17, 2003

The start-up's whimsical name--Song--is intended to promise something other than the routine grimness that passengers experience nowadays.

Chuck Colson | February 17, 2003

Let’s be honest. Why would anyone want to watch a race between a human and a giraffe, or eavesdrop on a blind date between annoying strangers, or listen to terrible singers wail like banshees?

Robert Novak | February 17, 2003

The Senate is enjoying a scheduled recess this week, thanks to a decision by its Republican majority not to engage in heroic measures to bring pressure toward confirmation of judicial nominee Miguel Estrada.

William F. Buckley | February 17, 2003

The whole world, it seems, hangs on the future within NATO of the current dispute.

Rich Lowry | February 17, 2003

The Bush administration's advice to Americans to protect their homes with duct tape and plastic sheeting has been roundly ridiculed. Is this, critics ask, our only line of defense against a dirty bomb or a biological or chemical attack? Tape?